Super School Student Chapter 547-548

Chapter 547

She said as she shook the bottle in her hand.

“Okay, the blood is in hand.”

After that, Ye Lu began to fuse the bloodline of this “Dao De Zhenjun”, and then Ye Lu took out the “Saint Grade” magic treasure, the “Heart Saving Nail”.

It was a white nail seven inches and five minutes long. Ye Lu found that in order to increase the power of this “magic treasure”, the person who made it had fused his own blood on it, which was also known as “blood refinement”, a trick used by the Gan Shou Mo Xie couple when they forged the supreme sword.

However, this man’s “Heart Saving Nail” relies more on the power of his bloodline, so this “Heart Saving Nail” is a “magic treasure” with a limit on the number of times it can be used, and it can be used three times at the moment.

“Looks like I’ll have to call Silk Rain to help me.”

Ye Lu sighed helplessly.

Then, he asked the “Yunlu Palace Master” to wait for a while, saying that he had to find helpers to come over.

Then, Ye Luo asked “Hong Luan” to help him get Qin Siyu to come over.

As a result, when she saw “Qin Siyu”, the “Yunlu Palace Master” suddenly revealed an extremely horrified expression, as if she had seen some terrifying beast.

Then, she respectfully saluted and said.

“Greetings, Lord Candle Dragon!”

As expected, for some unknown reason, this “Lord of Yunlu Palace” knew what Qin Siyu’s true identity was.

Qin Siyu was a little embarra*sed and hurriedly waved her hand and said.

“Palace Master, you are too polite.”

Ye Lu didn’t have time for such formalities, he looked at the “Four Generals of the Demon Family” and said with a smile.

“Alright, there’s plenty of time to be polite later, let’s hurry up and get to work.”

After that, Ye Luo once again took out three “Heaven Reverse Pills”, at present, without using the Heaven Reverse Pills, Ye Luo could not bring out his “God Transformation Realm” cultivation, then, he stepped into the “Formation”‘s forbidden system and activated the “Heart Saving Nail”.

After three strikes, the “Four Heavenly Kings” were left with a mouse in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

However, the “Heart Saving Nail” had also disappeared.

“What a powerful magic treasure!”

However, the next thing was the most troublesome. Qin Shiyu wasted no time in quickly lighting the “Candle of Life” for the “Heavenly King of Many Wonders”, while Ye Lu quickly withdrew from the battle circle, because he understood that he had to help Qin Shiyu last longer.

When he saw the Candle of Life appear, the Cloud Lu Palace Master’s mouth opened wide in surprise, while Ye Lu had already released all the combatants available to him, this time even the Seventy-two Demon Gods were also released.

This time, even the “Seventy-two Demon Gods” were released. Ye Lu could use very few of these “Seventy-two Demon Gods”, but, without exception, these Demon Gods were all “God Transformation Realm” experts.

However, these guys released by Ye Lu were all very valuable to Ye Lu, so this time Ye Lu didn’t just let them go on the field, but used all the treasures he had just found that could be used on these guys.

This time, Ye Lu did not use the “Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers” because the opponent’s cultivation level was too high and the “Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers” were not as effective as Qin Shiyu’s “Candle of Life”.

When he did so, the “Heavenly King of Many Wonders” revealed a horrified expression, as he found that the “Candle of Life” in his chest was burning rapidly due to the indiscriminate attacks of this group of people, burning so fast that he felt the urge to escape, but the problem was that he had no way to escape, and the place was so small that it was difficult to dodge, not to mention escape.

In fact, it was no problem to block them down, the problem was that with each block the candle was burning so violently that in no more than a few moments a small section of the candle was already left.

In the end, there was no surprise, as the candle burned out and the “Duo Wen Tian Wang” finally collapsed, thanks to the persistence of Ye Lu and Qin Siyu.

“It’s done.”

Ye Lu finally let out a sigh of relief, and then laughed out loud, “Haha”, this floor was full of “Spiritual Treasures”, each of them was worth a lot of money, but they were not easy to find.

“Well, Lord Palace Master, do you know who this ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ really is? I mean, is he still alive, how could he have collected so many things?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s question, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” thought for a moment and said.

“That’s actually hard to say.”

“Because there are many ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’, including himself, his doppelganger, and his bloodline inheritors, this should be said to be something collected by all the ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ together.”

At this time, Ye Lu then said.

“Then if one has the bloodline of ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ is it possible to open this place?”

As a result, the “Yun Lu Palace group” shook their heads and said.

“Here’s the thing, firstly, we don’t have the bloodline of ‘Daoist Duo Bao’ because he is not from our ‘Kunlun’, and secondly, things are different from what you think, this place is not the same for ‘ Daoist of Many Treasures’ descendants is also a place of entry and no exit, except for breaking the seal, which can only be opened by ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ himself.”

“Anyway, let’s not dwell on this, let’s hurry up and check out the treasure.”

“The Yunlu Palace Master said with some impatience.

Following that, she was the first to run in.

Ye Lu also smiled, and then said to Qin Siyu.

“Come on, let’s go in and have a look too, I guess there are a lot of good things inside, let’s see if there is anything suitable for you. There should be quite a few things here that are much more powerful than the ones you used before.”

On this floor were “Spiritual Treasures” of the “Mortal”, “Xuan” and “Earth” ranks, while the “Athena” Holy Garment Qin Shiyu was wearing earlier was only a “Saint” rank “Magic Treasure”.

The spear that Ye Lu made from the World Tree was of a very low level, and there was a big difference between it and the Eternal Gun Gargantua, not to mention these “spiritual treasures”.

As expected, Ye Lu and Qin Siyu soon found a spear with a terrifying aura, the name of which was “Black Moon Sky Spear”, also a spear used by the ancient dragon race, and it happened to be a “dark attribute” weapon.

“Use it, you can keep this spear.”

Ye Lu gave the “Black Moon Spear” to Qin Shiyu, but what he wanted more than this was the “materials” that the “Daoist of Many Treasures” had collected, that is, the various materials for alchemy, because the “Underworld App” had long been unable to provide the various materials that Ye Lu needed.

Previously, Ye Lu had relied on the “spiritual fields” reclaimed in the “One Leaf Bodhi” and the various seeds collected from everywhere, mainly from the “Pill Alliance” and the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”, to maintain the refining of pills, but as his cultivation level continued to increase, he also found that the problem of material shortage was becoming more and more obvious.

For example, after Qin Siyu and the other women had reached the “YuanYing realm”, Ye Lu had no unlimited supply of pills if he wanted to improve his cultivation, which caused Ye Lu a headache.

Without the support of unlimited pills, it would be difficult for everyone to improve rapidly, and it was obvious that the cultivation level of the “YuanYing realm” was far from enough, so YeLu needed all kinds of materials for refining pills too much.

As a result, Ye Lu really found something on the fourth level, something that belonged to the Shennong Clan, but it had been lost from the Shennong Clan for a long time, and Ye Lu had heard Jiang Wu Ya say that it was the seeds of the world’s “divine seedlings” that he had collected after the Shennong had tasted the hundred herbs.

However, according to Jiang Wu Ya’s words, this item was later stolen by a rat-shaped demonic beast, and just now Ye Lu thought of the rumour that the “Daoist of Many Treasures” was actually a “Many Treasures Rat” bred by the heaven and earth, as mentioned by the “Lord of Yun Lu Palace”.

“Hundred Gra*s Spirit Seeds!”

Ye Lu held a bag-like “spiritual treasure” and laughed.

“With this, I don’t have to worry about running out of heavenly treasures anymore!”


Chapter 548

Ye Lu’s “One Leaf Bodhi” had already reclaimed four spiritual fields, one of which was planted with the “World Tree”, while the other three were planted with other plants. Ye Lu planned to spend more spiritual energy to reclaim another spiritual field, and then focus on planting these heavenly treasures left behind by the “Divine Farmer”.

According to the legends Ye Lu had heard, these so-called “gods”, “devils” and “immortals” had all existed in the past, and although he did not know their true level, they must have been quite powerful.

Anyway, what Ye Lu knew was that after the Battle of Extinction, all the experts seemed to have mysteriously disappeared, and that was why there was a cliff-like discontinuity of experts.

So, if these seeds were really left behind by the ancient “Divine Farmer”, I’m afraid that there would be goodies inside that would far exceed Ye Lu’s imagination.

Ye Lu found several other good things, among which was a heaven-defying elixir that Ye Lu had always wanted to make but was unable to do so.

Once the pill was in hand, Ye Luo gave it to Di Qi and Hong Luan.

In fact, Ye Luo had always wanted to make a pill that could raise him from the Origin Infant Realm to the God Transformation Realm, but he had never had the right ingredients.

This way, there would be no need to delay Qin Siyu’s advancement.

However, there were too many treasures on the fourth level, and Ye Lu did not have time to check them out one by one, as there would be plenty of opportunities later anyway, so he discussed with the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and divided the items.

“However, the “Yunluo Palace Master” made a condition that she would also share some of the items on the upper tower level.

Of course, Ye Lu did not hesitate to agree, but he looked at the “Yun Lu Palace Master” with some curiosity and asked.

“Lord Palace Master, there is one thing I am curious about, such a good treasure place, why don’t you talk to the people of ‘Kunlun’, if they come, I think although they may not be able to open the uppermost layer, but, certainly can go up several layers, then you get more things, or better? ”

As a result, the “Lord of the Cloudy Palace” said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about this matter, although I am nominally a member of ‘Kunlun’, in fact my relationship with ‘Kunlun’ is not very good, how should I put it, it’s bad.”

“Forget it, I won’t talk to you about these messy things anymore, anyway, I will share the benefits I get here with you, and I won’t screw you over either right?”

“Besides, I have to thank you sincerely, because without you helping me to repair my dantian, I wouldn’t have today, at that time, in fact, I had almost given up on even living, I just wanted to die in the mountains, it was you who gave me hope to live again, this, I am forever grateful to you.”

For his part, Ye Lu waved his hand and said.

“Okay, okay, let’s not talk so much about uselessness, let’s go to the upper level and see what’s going on.”

He felt the summoning getting stronger and stronger, but when he reached the fifth floor he found that the thing that was summoning him was not on this floor, it was also on the tower floor further up.

“What on earth is so powerful.”

He found that on the fifth level were already “Heavenly” and “Saint” ranked “Spiritual Treasures”, that is, the top level of “Spiritual Treasures”, and those above that should be “Heavenly Spiritual Treasures”, and perhaps there were also things that were about the same level as the “Blazing God Blade”, one of the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments”.

However, after seeing the five demonic beasts guarding the fifth level, Ye Lu’s thoughts changed, because those five “Second Grade Medium God” level guys were of the five attributes of “Gold”, “Wood”, “Water”, “Fire” and “Earth”, which were exactly a group of “Five Element Demonic Beasts”.

“The higher the tower level, the higher the level of the demon beasts! And the larger the number is too!”

Ye Lu muttered secretly.

He had just dealt with the four below because he happened to have the “Save Heart Nail” to kill three of them first, and finally he had worked with Qin Shiyu to get rid of them, but now these five Ye Lu was completely helpless.

“What is it that is calling me from above?”

Ye Luo looked up at the tower level where the summoning feeling was getting stronger and stronger and muttered secretly.

He felt that he feared that after getting the summoned thing, his own combat power would develop by leaps and bounds, but it was just a pity that even now, he could only do nothing about it.

“It looks like we can only go so far, let’s go.”

Ye Lu said helplessly.

“She found that Ye Lu’s pills were even more powerful than those of Kunlun, especially the one that could directly raise the YuanYing realm by one small realm, which was simply unbelievable.

The harvest of less than a day was simply too big, too big to imagine.

“Ye Lu, why don’t you stay in ‘Yun Lu Palace’ for a day or two, so that I can do my best as a host, how about that?”

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No need, I appreciate your kindness, however, I have other things to do, the ‘Multi Treasure Secret Realm’ is a good place, we need to take care of this place as soon as possible to avoid a long night.”

If the “five levels” and its contents were taken away, Ye Lu would be heartbroken, not to mention that the “five levels” were filled with “heavenly” and “holy” ranked “spiritual treasures”, which were “spiritual treasures”, not to mention “magic treasures”, “holy” ranked “magic treasures” such as the “Eternal Gun” Gungnir was already a legendary weapon in the “secular world”, so how strong would a real “holy” ranked “spiritual treasure” be, it was exciting to think about it.

Of course, the presence of these items made it even more important to improve one’s cultivation level, as several women were still at the YuanYing realm, and many of the “spiritual treasures” could not be used, including the “spiritual treasures” in YeLu’s hand, such as the “Black Moon Spear”, which Qin SiYu could not bring out the power of the spear now, even though she had the bloodline of the “Candle Dragon”.

Therefore, after leaving the Mysterious Realm of Many Treasures, Ye Lu told Qin Siyu to go back to the Mysterious Realm of Abyss, which was definitely a good place for cultivation.

“Siyu, cultivate well, when I finish planting the plants in the ‘Spirit Field’, I will help you guys refine another batch of pills, so your improvement should be faster by then.”

Qin Shiyu nodded obediently, then led by a Vermillion Bird, she returned to the Abyssal Secret Realm.

He felt that it was time for him to enter the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm” to improve his cultivation, or at least raise his cultivation level to the “YuanYing Realm”, although he could almost sweep away any opponent in the “YuanYing Realm” by challenging them across levels, his true cultivation level was still too low.

In addition, Ye Luo also really missed Liu Mei.

On the way over, Ye Lu sorted through all the treasures he had obtained this time, and then picked out all the ones Liu Mei could use.

Ye Yan and the other women had all changed their equipment, and now Liu Mei was the only one who hadn’t. Moreover, Ye Lu was going to take Liu Mei with him when he entered the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm” this time.

Soon, he flew to the secret realm where the Hundred Flowers Sect’s branch was located.

“Something’s wrong!”

Ye Lu immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Basically, outside the secret realm of every “sect”, there would be a small village like place to cover people’s ears, and also for the border, but Ye Lu found that the village at the entrance of the secret realm was empty.

He cautiously and quickly approached the entrance of the secret realm and then dug in.