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Super School Student Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

In fact, these divine doctors had wanted to come over for a long time, only that the previous seats had been occupied by Miss Shen, so they didn’t have the chance, and now that a seat was vacated, everyone walked over.

“Grandmaster Ye, you are young and talented, I, Hu Hai, would like to toast you.”

“Old man He Yishan also toasts you.”

“And I, Zhu Minghe.”


These so-called divine doctors were not young, and it was not convenient for Ye Lu to set aside their faces, so he could only smile and raise his gla*s in return and exchange pleasantries with everyone.

However, what I didn’t expect was that after seeing this, more and more people ran over.

Seeing this situation, Ye Lu hurriedly pretended to have something to do and dragged Qin Siyu away from the table, then he greeted Shen Lao and left the villa with Qin Siyu.

“Ye Lu, thank you for what you just did, I have to go back to make up for my exams, so I’ll leave first.”

Outside, Qin Siyu looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile, just now the scene of Ye Lu disliking that big cow back made her heart still quite painful.

Ye Lu also nodded, he actually had gra*s growing in his heart for a long time, he had been thinking of going to buy some Chinese herbs and refining a potion first, so after parting from Qin Siyu, he headed towards the pharmacy in a breeze.

And in the courtyard of Elder Shen’s villa, quite a few people were discussing the same thing.

“Do any of you know where Granny Yun lives? I want to go and see her old lady.”

“Yes, we want to go together, I’m thinking of going to see it too.”

“Count me in too, I’ll go and see her too.”


Everyone’s thoughts were similar, since Ye Lu was Granny Yun’s disciple, then finding Granny Yun and getting on good terms with her would definitely make things much easier for her to do in the future.

It’s a pity that Principal Liu Qingshan didn’t come because he was shopping for the “puja”, otherwise he would have been amazed and secretly glad that he knew Ye Lu one step earlier.

The address given by Granny Yun was not difficult to find, so soon everyone found the coordinates of the shop and began to work out what would be the best thing to send.

Outside the cram school, Qin Siyu received a call from her grandmother.

“Silkyu, did something happen at the party today? Why did someone from the Shen family just send so many expensive things that I can’t even not want them.”

“Right, there was also an old gentleman surnamed Su who came during the day, saying that my apprentice saved his life and must repay me, also leaving a lot of things, what is going on ah?”

Qin Siyu was also a bit baffled by the question her grandmother had asked, because she could understand people from the Shen family giving things away, what exactly was going on with that old gentleman Su, she had no idea.

So, she thought for a moment and said.

“Grandma, I’ll talk to you when I go back after cla*s ah, you have an amazing disciple now, I’ll go to cla*s first, I still have to work harder if I want to get into a good school.”

After saying that, Qin Siyu hung up the phone.

Grandma Yun then muttered in wonder.

“A remarkable disciple? Could it be the kid who helped tell someone’s fortune last time, but the energy is too great, actually Old Shen even took the initiative to send me a gift, and Mr. Su too, it looks like it’s hard for me to keep a low profile even if I want to.”

The last time Liu Qingyun’s matter Grandma Yun did want to ask about it with Qin Siyu, but then there were so many things that she forgot about it, after all, there was no beginning or follow-up to this matter, and she didn’t even get the money, so she didn’t care.

Now that she thought about it, it seemed that she had missed something.

The small shop was still as cold as usual, and Grandma Yun took out a pack of cards and began to divine the fortune while fiddling with it.

However, before she could place a few cards, there was a clamour outside, followed by the sound of several people carrying large boxes and those carrying suitcases all walking in.

“Are you guys trying to tell fortunes here?”

Grandma Yun asked with a smile as she looked at the few people across the room.

These people should not be ordinary people by the looks of their clothes and their style, or at least their families should be well-off and have some family money.

“You are Master Yun, right?”

Someone looked at Granny Yun and asked with a smile.

Grandma Yun smiled and stood up and said.

“I don’t dare to be a master, my wife has no other skills, she just reads fortunes, tells fortunes, and so on, are you interested?”

Hearing Granny Yun’s words, the visitor immediately said with a smile.

“Master Yun, you misunderstood, we are not here to trouble you, we are here to give you some gifts, to talk about our feelings, we have neglected you for so many years, please include more.”

“Yes, yes, in case there are any difficulties in the future I hope Master Yun will help us out in his busy schedule.”

“What are you still waiting for, hurry up and put your things down.”

Following that, everyone put their things to the side with all hands and feet.

In fact, at this moment, Granny Yun was still confused inside, because she didn’t know these people, and although she was also slightly famous, she didn’t really like to deal with other people, so she didn’t know many of them.

“Excuse me, is it because of that disciple of mine?”

Grandma Yun asked with a frown.

The people all nodded and said.

“Yes, Grandmaster Yun has taught a good disciple, he simply has a great future, having such a disciple in his life would be enough.”

“Who says otherwise, but even a good disciple needs a good master to lead him, without Grandmaster Yun, Grandmaster Ye wouldn’t be where he is now!”

“That’s the truth, a famous master makes a good disciple.”

She originally wanted to ask about it from the beginning to the end, but, when they complimented her, she had to say it instead.

“That disciple of mine hasn’t caused any trouble outside, has he?”

A few people were quick to say.

“How could it be, such an excellent apprentice, he can’t wait to make you look good.”

Only then did Grandma Yun feel a little more at peace, it was best if she didn’t cause any trouble.

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, they quickly said goodbye, leaving behind only a pile of things. Grandma Yun opened one of the boxes, and what was inside was actually a hundred year old mountain ginseng, which was worth quite a lot of money.

“You’re really willing to spend a lot of money!”

Looking at this item, Grandma Yun was also taken aback.

She then opened another smaller box, and in it was a full green bracelet, which also cost at least a hundred thousand dollars.

The more she looked through it, the more unnerved Grandma Yun became, because these gifts were not just bought by hand on the side of the road, each one was something very heartfelt, and some of them were worth a lot of money. In addition, next to each item was a homemade card with their contact details and so on.

It was clear that these people wanted to hang around for a rainy day and didn’t ask for anything right now.

Before Grandma Yun had fully finished reading it, someone else knocked on the door outside and entered the shop, still giving things away again, and not asking for anything from Grandma Yun, only saying that they had come here in admiration to meet a high achiever like Grandma Yun.

However, from the chatting, Grandma Yun also learned that these people did not come because the apprentice called Ye Lu had told their fortunes, but because of Ye Lu’s medical skills that could bring back the dead.

“So my apprentice is a medical student! I can’t believe he can make such a big fuss, I must see what he really looks like sometime.”

After the people left, Grandma Yun muttered somewhat mockingly as she stroked her flowery white hair.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already returned home with a large pile of things on his back and various tools, he put the potion furnace “Burning Heaven” on the kitchen floor, because the potion refining method had clear instructions on fire, so gas could not be used, he had to light a pile of mulberry wood fire himself.

He had to light a pile of mulberry wood himself. After he had weighed the various herbs and placed them in the furnace, he lit the small pile of mulberry wood.

Soon, the flames rose, but the smoke from the mulberry wood also rose, and despite turning on the hood, it didn’t help much because it was in the wrong place, but Ye Lu couldn’t care less as he quietly watched the ingredients slowly melt into juice and swirl in the furnace.

This time, Ye Luo’s elixir was a relatively easy to find material, and Ye Luo thought it would be relatively popular.

In fact, the melting process was relatively easy, but the trouble was the process of congealing the pill.

“Sh*t! Ye Lu, are you going to set fire to the house? But la!”

Hearing this voice, Ye Lu laughed, it seemed that the person who was testing the medicine had come.


Chapter 56

Ye Lu didn’t turn around but said with a smile.

“Sister Ye Yan, you’re back, didn’t you say that you planned to open a shop next to the school where I went to study, have you thought about what shop to open?”

Being asked by me like this, Ye Yan didn’t say anything for half a day, obviously most of her didn’t think about it, and then Ye Lu heard her say.

“Anyway, it’s just a small ordinary shop, like what sells coffee, accessories, selling wine is fine, anyway, just don’t sell people.”

Hearing her words I then laughed and said.

“I knew you hadn’t thought about it, so ah, I’ll help you arrange it, I’m helping your future shop in preparing the products, then you’ll sell the things I made.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Yan smiled and said.

“What is this thing you are making, can you eat it, don’t eat it to death, that would kill me.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“How is that possible, don’t worry, it will definitely be a best seller.”

He said as he began to control the fire, not unlike cooking, the key point of alchemy is also the fire, if the fire is too heavy, the medicinal effect will be lost, if the fire is not enough, the medicinal effect will not come out, only the most appropriate fire can make the medicinal effect to the maximum effect.

Seeing how serious Ye Lu looked, Ye Yan came over and looked at the cooker and said.

“The cooker is quite beautiful, it is estimated to be worth a lot of money, what exactly is the effect of these medicinal soups that you have made, can you tell me about it?”

Hearing Ye Yan ask about it, Ye Lu said with a smile.

“This medicine can make women bigger, do you think it’s popular?”

As a result, Ye Yan skimmed her lips and said.

“Che! It’s only really popular if it can make men bigger.”

He suddenly realized that what Ye Yan said seemed to make sense, if he could develop a medicine to make men bigger perhaps it would really sell better.

So, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I didn’t expect you to know so much about men.”

As a result, Ye Yan immediately kicked him and said.

“Sh*t, what do you mean by that, saying your old sister is flirty?”

Ye Lu hurriedly stopped his mouth, he didn’t dare to mess with Ye Yan, a powerful woman, so he quickly confessed and said.

“Alright, alright, old sister, wait for me patiently for a little while longer, it’s time to condense the pills, we will discuss this after I have condensed this ‘Breast Enhancement Pill’.”

Hearing Ye Yan speak quite seriously, so she stood aside and watched quietly.

Ye Lu stretched out his two hands and held the handles on each side of the dan furnace, then began to slowly inject spiritual qi into the furnace, and these injected spiritual qi began to slowly operate as described on the alchemy instructions.

To be honest, this method was somewhat similar to using spiritual qi to cure a disease.

What made Ye Luo feel miraculous was that despite the flames churning beneath the furnace, this furnace was not warm at all, while the medicinal liquid in the furnace was tumbling endlessly as it was hot.

However, Ye Luo did not have so much time to study this, his spiritual energy was limited, so he had to coalesce the pills before his spiritual energy ran out.

Following this, the medicinal liquid in the potion furnace began to swirl and gradually began to coalesce and fuse.

Ye Lu could already smell the faint fragrance.

“Huh! It smells good, does it look like your elixir is still quite reliable.”

Ye Yan also smelled the fragrance and she said with a smile.

Ye Luo didn’t have time to pay attention to Ye Yan, it was a crucial time now, he didn’t dare to distract himself for a moment, all the aura fused in, followed closely by a flash of light from the dan furnace.

“It’s done!”

Ye Luo said somewhat happily, while quickly reaching out and opening the lid, round and white pills appeared in the furnace, the colour looked a beautiful mess, just like pearls.

Seeing these glittering white pills Ye Yan was also surprised, she had just thought that Ye Lu was talking for fun and was actually decocting pills or something, but to her surprise, he was really refining pills, and it had worked.

“Can this thing really get bigger?”

Ye Yan grabbed out a few capsules and asked somewhat skeptically.

At this time, Ye Lu realized that the pills he had actually refined were not 100% successful, on the lower layer there were some pills whose were black, and yellow, obviously flawed pills too, he reached out and looked at them, only to find that the further down he went the more faulty pills there were.

It looked like he was still not good at controlling the fire and aura.

“Here, old sister, take one and try the efficacy.”

Ye Lu looked at Ye Yan and said with a smile.

Ye Yan did not eat it, but said as if she was holding the pill and studying it.

“Ye Lu, are you sure this won’t have side effects? I feel like I’m already big enough, what if I eat this and get smaller instead?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“How can I say this, the instructions say there’s no problem, but, to be honest, I’m not sure if there’s a problem.”

However, to Ye Lu’s slight surprise, Ye Yan actually smiled and said.

“Alright, then I’ll take one and see what the effect is, consider it an investment for my own business.”

After saying that, she dropped a pill into her mouth.

Ye Lu stood by the side and watched quietly, of course, while turning on the “primitive mode”, because he also wanted to see if Ye Yan would really have a change.

However, Ye Yan had already turned around and left the kitchen and walked towards the bathroom, as there was a large mirror in the bathroom, so he could see his own changes.

“Hey! Looks like there’s no more hilarity.”

Seeing Ye Yan leave, Ye Lu turned off the “primitive mode” and slightly disappointed, he started to select the pills in the pottery furnace.

In the end, Ye Lu counted that he had made a total of twenty-three intact pills this time, one of which was taken by Ye Yan.

“Wow! It’s really gotten bigger.”

Following that, Ye Luo heard Ye Yan shout out happily from the bathroom.

“Hey, hey, it looks like there’s a show!”

Ye Luo put the medicine away and ran over with a smile, only to, see Ye Yan in the bathroom was grabbing one side of the hemisphere with both hands and gesticulating, followed by her looking up and seeing Ye Luo, followed by a high decibel shout.

“Ah! Ye Luo, you rascal!”

However, to be honest, Ye Lu’s attention was more focused on Ye Yan’s two rabbits flying up and down at the moment.

Ye Yan was busy throwing things but forgot that she hadn’t buttoned her dress yet, so it was exactly the way the middle door was wide open.


Only when she finished throwing the shampoo did she suddenly realise this, and then she “bang!” The door snapped shut.

“This kid, I’m so angry.”

Ye Yan cursed as she hurriedly fastened the buckle, but her face was already as red as an apple.

So, she waited a little longer to calm herself down before she pushed open the bathroom door.

“Did it really work?”

Seeing Ye Yan open the door, Ye Lu rushed over and asked, this was his first time refining pills, of course his heart was still full of expectations.

Seeing Ye Lu’s appearance, Ye Yan gave him a blank look, but then said with a smile.

“Yeah, it really worked, I felt it when I just ate it, so I measured it, I was C+ before, I was just about D away, but it can never just fit when you buy that …… that hood, so I’ve been keeping an eye on myself, I just measured it, I’m now D Oh!”

Ye Yan immediately got carried away after she spoke, her eyebrows flying as she forgot all about that scene just now.

Following that, she stretched out her slender little hand and said.

“Alright, bring the elixir.”

Ye Luo immediately played dumb as he pretended not to know what Ye Yan was talking about and turned around while walking towards his room.

“I almost forgot, my hurry up and revise my homework, I still have to get into a good university.”

Seeing Ye Lu play dumb, Ye Yan darted over and grabbed him by the ear and said.

“Don’t play dumb with me, hurry up and bring me the ‘Breast Enhancement Pill’, I can’t be your guinea pig for nothing, hurry up, you little brat.”

Seeing this situation, Ye Lu had to confess and said.

“All right, all right, let’s split it in half when we meet, I’ll give you eleven, how about that?”

As a result, Ye Yan shook her head and said.

“No good, you’re a big man who needs ‘breast enlargement pills’ for nothing, just give it all to me.”

In the end, after bargaining, Ye Yan took sixteen of the twenty-two pills.

After taking them away, she laughed happily.

“Haha, now your old sister is going to start a different life, right, that elixir that can make men bigger is also being developed in a hurry, old sister I’m going to make money.”

After saying that, Ye Yan walked back to her room with the medicine as if it was precious.