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Super School Student Chapter 589-590

Chapter 589

Then, “Void” looked at the crowd gathered and said again.

“‘Pill Alliance’, right? I am responsible to say that I treated you well in the ‘secular world’, right? Moreover, I also saved your clan in the ‘secular world’ ‘ of everyone.”

After saying that, “Void” turned his head to look at the other forces around him and said.

“And you all, all of you in the ‘Secular World’ were also saved by me, otherwise these people would have either become food for those ‘demonic beasts’ or turned into those ‘demonic beasts’ ”As a result, not only did you not help me, but you also aided the evil-doers, what kind of heart did you have in mind.”

In response to Ye Lu’s accusation, these people did not say anything.

Only the leader of the “Pill Alliance” stood out and looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, what’s the use of talking about such grand principles now?”

“That’s how things are in this world, a king is a king and a knave is a knave, you have to do whatever you can to achieve your goal. Those in the mundane world are nothing but floating clouds, ants in general exist now, there is no pity in dying more or less.”

“Only a fool like you would really want to save these people.”

Following that, he then said with a sigh.

“You are still too young, you still can’t think about many things, when you reach my age, you will understand what is the most important.”

At the man’s words, everyone nodded their heads, expressing their deep understanding.

“Void”, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Actually, you are wrong, you should wait until you reach my age, then you will understand that what you are pursuing now is not as important as you think, but, unfortunately, you do not have this opportunity anymore, everything you have will be fixed at this moment, there will be no more tomorrow.”

“When “Void” finished speaking, everyone, including the super expert of the Pill Alliance in front of him, was stunned.

Because he was not a rookie, he was already a super expert who had already pa*sed through six great tribulations, even in the “ancient battlefield” where there were many experts, he was also an expert. He did not think that Ye Lu had the ability to kill himself, the “nine tribulation realm” was extraordinary, one tribulation was one life and one death, so the difference between combat power was far beyond imagination.

Even if the terrifying “Heavenly Treasures” could fight across one or two realms under the power of a lower cultivation level, it would not be possible to fight across so many realms, which made no sense.

Unfortunately, what he did not know was that the “Other Side Boat” was not an ordinary boat, nor was it an “innate treasure”, it was technically a machine, or a product of high technology.

The ship is now controlled by the Tartar, which has almost all the powers, so there is nothing it can’t do.

“Before the Void could do anything, the others laughed and said.

“You may have been able to travel freely in the mundane world, but you are not so lucky here, we have powers that can ‘imprison’ space. ”

“That’s right, you still think you’re in the ‘mundane world’ that bullet of a place, your eyes are really too narrow, here, you’re nothing.”

“Ai, it’s a pity, young people are just too arrogant.”

“Being too arrogant can kill you.”


While the crowd was talking, “Void” had already raised his hand and waved it.


There was no sound, after a light, there was nothing in the area in front of “Void”, because everything was emptied.

With just one strike, all the people, even most of the weapons in their hands, had disappeared.

This shows how terrifying this blow was.

At this point everyone stopped talking because, it was useless to say anything else, the facts spoke louder than words, Ye Lu did possess an attack power that was terrifying to the extreme.

The people present were all old monsters, of course, many of them should have guessed that such an attack would definitely not be sustainable, otherwise, Ye Lu would have swept away all the forces in the “ancient battlefield” with this ship.

The reason why Ye Lu did not do so was that he thought that the ship he had was not yet at that level.

However, the question is, who is not afraid of death.

“Void” also saw through this, and he said with a smile.

“What about this blow?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have the ability to launch such attacks all the time, why don’t we all go together and see who is unlucky and who is lucky, maybe it won’t be you who dies, right?”

“The Hollow’s words were quite encouraging, but no one stepped forward.

Seeing this scene, “Void” smiled and said.

“Since no one dares to come forward, then let’s all go.”

But, to the surprise of “Void”, some people did leave, but many more were hesitant to go.

However, while everyone was hesitating, “Void” spoke again.

“Oh, you don’t want to go, do you? Then let’s see who is lucky and who is unlucky.”

With that, he waved his hand once again.

Again, it was another silent strike.

Everyone in a large area disappeared, no matter what kind of expert was inside.

This time, there was no need for Void to say anything else, as countless teams quickly withdrew and surrounded the space from afar, while some great powers began to “imprison” the space, but they did not set up “boundaries” or “formations”, because this “Other Shore Boat” could even cross the “ancient battlefield”, not to mention a “formation” or “boundary”, and many people’s doppelgangers saw the scene of the instantaneous movement in the countless small worlds.

In fact, everyone was sceptical about the usefulness of “confined” space.

However, until the Void took action, no one was sure what the result would be, and the Void would not make a move anytime soon, because it wanted to buy more time for Ye Lu and the Starry Sky Beast.

At this moment, Ye Lu is feeling the benefits of the Starry Sky Beast’s devouring, this guy can really devour anything.

It was like a bottomless pit.

No matter what it saw, as long as it could be eaten, it opened its mouth and swallowed it into its stomach, and then began to digest it rapidly, live, dead, and all kinds of heavenly materials and treasures.

Moreover, this one upgraded super fast, especially when it devoured various things from a village, it actually raised a small realm, of course, if it swallowed all the people in the village as well it was estimated that it would raise even higher, however, Ye Luo was not that cruel yet.

On his side, he had already started to enter the trading system of the “Ancient Battlefield”.

In the “Ancient Battlefield”, of course, everyone had to exchange with each other, so the “Chamber of Commerce” was born, and this “Chamber of Commerce” was not a completely independent organization, because there were people from all kinds of forces in the “Chamber of Commerce”.

In particular, organisations such as the Medicine League and the Dan Tower need a neutral organisation to sell and buy goods.

After a long period of circulation, the Ancient Battlefield had its own currency system, the “Ancient Coin”, which was unique to the Ancient Battlefield and had an amazing effect, as it could help with the “Transition”, so it was a useful and rare hard currency, and people traded through this “Ancient Coin”.

Although many of these treasures were raw materials, they were large enough, just like food, and although they were not expensive, they were needed by everyone.

Ye Lu changed his identity and began to ship large quantities of goods through the Chamber of Commerce, as he prepared to buy the Devouring Combo Set for the Starry Sky Beast.

This was also the information provided in the Star Beast’s heritage, according to this combination of devouring was the most efficient and fastest growing, but of course the consumption was also unimaginable.

What Ye Luo didn’t know was that an operation against him was also underway.


Chapter 590

Of course, this time, the people who acted were not the clans or the various forces, this time it was the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace.

“After so many years, that ship has reappeared, and it looks like there are three most likely people, one is that guy called Ye Lu, he is too weird, and the other is Zhang Tian, he is just as capable, and the trouble is that we don’t have any spies around Zhang Tian.”

Seeing that the crowd was somewhat confused, the fellow who spoke then said once again.

“It is true that we have planted many of our people in the ‘Xuantian Clan’ and those clans they have conquered, but, they don’t know what means they have used to find out about our ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’ people, and those who are under our ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’ control, so now we don’t know exactly where the people from the ‘Xuantian Clan’ have gone.”

“Therefore, there is a high possibility that Zhang Tian of the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ has a problem.”

Everyone nodded, and then this fellow from the Heavenly Demon Clan continued.

“Another suspicious person is that ‘Di Jun’, because it is very difficult to say if it is really the legendary ‘Di Jun’, the original ‘Di Jun ‘ is a suspicious character, plus this time, this guy actually managed to break through the barrier of the ‘small world’, no one has ever been able to do that, so the extent to which this person can be is even more than the other two.”

As he spoke, none of the other Heavenly Demon people said anything, but waited for this man to continue speaking.

The man continued.

“At present, of these three extremely suspicious people, the one from the ‘Xuantian Clan’ has disappeared and is beyond our control, so we can no longer find them.”

“And although that ‘Di Jun’ has obtained the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, he has learned that if the nine ‘Immortal Mansion Keys’ cannot be gathered together then the ‘Purple Haze Immortal Mansion’ cannot be opened, so I’m afraid that he will have to bring everyone from the entire ‘secular world’ along with him and rush into this ‘ancient battlefield’. ”

“Therefore, there is no way for us to take action against these two people at the moment, and the only one who can take action now is that fellow called ‘Ye Lu’, but first, we have to quickly take that ‘Other Shore Boat’ without the other side taking full control ‘, and even if we can’t take it down, we still have to make it impossible for people to enter and exit the ‘Other Shore Boat’.”

After he finished speaking, everyone nodded once again.

This guy then continued.

“Now that everyone is besieging the ‘Other Shore Boat’, we just need to push the envelope a bit and let everyone know the location of the ‘Other Shore Boat’, and I think those clans and various powers can do the next thing for us. ”

This suggestion was immediately approved by everyone.

Ye Luo didn’t know about this, he was now in a merchant house talking business with the owner of the merchant house.

“Mr. Tatar, it’s true that it’s not difficult for you to offer and exchange these things, indeed, there are also many aborigines in the ‘Ancient Battlefield’, as well as descendants of gods, and they do have a great demand for ‘God Transformation Realm’ things. However, the elixir ‘Transmigration Pill’ that you said can help with ‘Transmigration’, we definitely need to test it out before we can do so.”

The “Nine Tribulation Realm” expert on the other side, who was also the head of this “merchant”, looked at Ye Lu and said cautiously.

Because he was very clear about what this “Transmigration Pill” would mean if it was true.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“That’s for sure, with my cultivation level, I wouldn’t dare to fool you, would I, unless I don’t want to live anymore, but you also know how hot such a thing is, and it might kill you if you don’t get it right, the reason I came to you is because you are rea*suring and trustworthy enough, and I believe in your reputation.”

“Although the Chamber of Commerce has a large number of people and everyone comes from various forces, it seems to be rather loose, but in fact they are an organization that all forces do not want to move, because communication is a very necessary part for everyone, of course, forces like the Heavenly Demon Palace are not included in this.

Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce was still a relatively safe organization.

Moreover, Ye Luo felt that this matter would not be revealed in the short term, and by the time everyone really knew it was him and was on to him, both the “Star Beast” and himself would have grown up, and there would be nothing to fear at that time.

However, the guy opposite was still pondering, because it was quite a risky thing to find someone to test. If what Ye Luo said was true, it would be fine, and everyone would be happy, but if Ye Luo’s pill did not have the effect he said it had, the person “crossing the tribulation” would probably be struck dead by the “tribulation thunder”.

So, he thought for a while, and then found eight people who were on the verge of “crossing the tribulation”.

“What I am going to say next, you must keep it a secret.”

He looked at the people and said.

After that, he explained the significance of the matter, and then said again.

“I know that none of you are sure that you can survive the current calamity, and you are not even a third sure, are you?”

Several people nodded, while he continued.

“We will leave no stone unturned and use three pills at once, each one increasing the chance by twenty percent, that is, increasing the chance by sixty percent, provided, of course, that what he says is correct, do any of you dare to take that risk?”

Hearing him finish, everyone looked at each other with blank faces.

It sounded like a good thing, but if it wasn’t so good they would be dead, and there was no second way out.

This is the same reason why many people are afraid to fly in an aeroplane even though the safety margin is extremely high.

It’s because everyone feels that if they fall off, it’s all over.

Therefore, many people looked at Ye Lu with suspicion.

Finally, one person stood out and said.

“I can try, however, I have a request, if I succeed, can the ‘Chamber of Commerce’ give me another such elixir as payment?”

Ye Lu did not expect this kid to be quite bold, while the leader of the ‘Chamber of Commerce’ nodded and said.

“Okay, if you have enough guts, I will give you two pills if you can live through the robbery.”

As soon as he heard this, the kid decided to take the three “Transition Pills”.

In fact, this was not the limit for Ye Lu to refine a “Transition Pill”, a real top quality “Transition Pill” could increase the chance of transiting the tribulation by 30%, but of course, no matter which one it was, like the “Heaven Reversal Pill”, the maximum limit was only three pills.

In fact, three pills were enough, even for those who were not at all sure, three pills would give them a 90 percent chance of success.

It was a waste to let a person who had just pa*sed the Lightning Tribulation and was preparing for the Fire Tribulation use it.

However, Ye Luo also knew that this part was inevitable, because the other party had to make sure that the pill was really useful, and Ye Luo also knew that the price he wanted was quite high.

Soon, the “Fire Tribulation” came.

For people in the Nine Tribulations realm, the most frightening thing was that each of the Nine Tribulations was different, and each person had only one attribute, so it was difficult to avoid this one and avoid that one.

For this reason, the pills Ye Lu had made were even more important, as they could clearly make up for the shortcomings of the tribulation.

There were no surprises, and soon afterwards, this guy succeeded in crossing the tribulation.

Seeing this guy come out of the flames, everyone showed an expression of disbelief, because every time you pa*s a tribulation, you are walking from the edge of life and death, a feeling that only people who have truly experienced a “great tribulation” can experience.

“You’ve made a fortune.”

The head of the merchant said with a smile as he looked at this guy.

Indeed, not only had he raised his level by one realm, but he had also obtained a “Transmigration Pill” that was enough to raise his level by 20 percent, which was a great profit.

After that, this person in charge sent all these guys away and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Okay, we can start trading, give me the rest of the pills, and to show our sincerity, we will add 20% to the various materials you want.”

Ye Luo of course happily smiled and accepted.

These materials were very important to the Starry Sky Beast, but not so important to these Nine Tribulation Realm experts, after all, the Starry Sky Beast was still only at the God Transformation Realm, and although its combat power could already compete with experts who had crossed the Thunder Tribulation, the materials it devoured were still at the God Transformation Realm.

The next day would be the day when the “Starry Sky Beast” would advance by leaps and bounds.

However, Ye Luo did not know that the appearance of the “Transmigration Pill” would turn the “Ancient Battlefield” upside down.