Super School Student Chapter 593-594

Chapter 593

“That’s dead!”

“This is a ‘Seventh Tribulation’ old monster!”

“That’s too easy.”

“Who the hell is that woman?”

“Can’t afford to mess with it, really can’t afford to mess with it!”


This scene shocked everyone, after all, the opponent was a “Seventh Tribulation” expert, so in an instant, without any fighting back, died in front of their eyes, ask who would not be afraid?

So, everyone started to retreat.

And Ye Lu quickly said.

“Listen, people from the Dan Tower hurry up and withdraw from this siege, or else I will take down all of your strongholds one by one.”

In the end, the first “Dan Tower” gave in and withdrew from the siege.

Then, Ye Lu, Qin Shiyu and Liu Mei quickly threatened the other siege groups as they had done, which had several advantages: firstly, it could make them retreat from the siege, secondly, it could sharpen their fighting skills against the “Nine Tribulation Realm” experts, and thirdly, they could seize the opportunity to grab some materials and resources.

For Ye Lu and the others, because the secular world did not have so many resources for the “Nine Tribulation Realm” to improve, many resources had to be obtained here.

In this way, one by one, the forces began to retreat one by one, and Ye Lu and the three of them gradually began to spread their fame in this “ancient battlefield”, and everyone was spreading a few things.

The first one was of course “Qin Siyu”, who now had a new name, “Death Candle Girl”, which was basically the same as being a “God of Death”.

Whoever hears the name “Death Candle Girl” will be horrified, and from what we know so far, this person’s ability is simply insurmountable.

The second is the terrifying “Sunset Bow” and “Sunset Arrows”, Ye Lu’s combat power is simply overwhelming, nine arrows in a row, it is simply a case of no false shots, the key is that the power of these “Sunset Arrows” is so great that low level practitioners in the “Nine Tribulation Realm” are simply powerless in front of Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrows”.

At present, the “Sunset Bow” had become Ye Lu’s trump card.

The third one was Liu Mei’s “Nine Dragons Chariot” and “Five Coloured Stones”, whose single attack was obviously easier and faster than the “Mountain, River, and Social Land”.

There were already an unknown number of experts who had been killed by Liu Mei.

Of course, there was another terrifying legend, that was, it was said that a terrifying beast had appeared in this “ancient battlefield”, a brand new species that no one had ever seen before, and according to the legend, it could devour everything.

According to the legend, this beast could devour everything. Someone once saw it swallow and eat hundreds of experts of the “Nine Tribulation Realm” in one breath.

This legend directly increased the horror of the “Star Beast”, but people did not suspect that this creature was Ye Lu’s doppelganger.

Most people thought that this new terrifying beast was “Di Jun”, because the “Di Jun” who ruled the entire “secular world” had lost control of it, as if it had evaporated into thin air.

No one knew where he had gone because he had cruelly killed all the doppelgangers from the Ancient Battlefield, and it seemed that he had a way of distinguishing between doppelgangers and the body.

It seemed that “Di Jun” had a way to tell whether it was a split body or the original body. All in all, many people thought that “Di Jun” had already arrived at the “Ancient Battlefield” and that the terrifying beast was “Di Jun’s” original body, because no one had ever seen what “Di Jun’s” original body was like.

In fact, Ye Lu was also very curious about where Di Jun had gone. According to his judgment, Di Jun would definitely not stay in the secular world without fear, and only after entering the Ancient Battlefield did Ye Lu finally understand that the Ancient Battlefield was the heaven for cultivation.

The reason why Ye Lu had asked all the besieging forces to leave was also to raise his cultivation level as soon as possible.

The reason was that he had once again reached the stage where he could “fill his ducks”, and the things he filled his ducks with were the corpses of “gods” and “immortals” scattered all over the “ancient battlefield”.

These corpses are all full of spiritual energy and are truly beyond the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

They were probably all dead because of the “Battle of Extinction”.

This also made Ye Lu very curious about the so-called “Battle of Extinction”, what had happened at that time, what had led to such a battle, and who were the two sides fighting?

Anyway, all that was known was that all the superpowers had died in that battle, and the “Ancient Battlefield” had only appeared since then, and after that, there were all sorts of things that everyone could only do in the “Ancient Battlefield”.

In fact, Ye Lu had always felt that this “Battle of Extinction” was very strange, and he vaguely felt that it was mostly related to the appearance of the “Immortal Mansion”, the “Nuwa Clan” and the “Heavenly Demon Palace”.

However, before entering the Immortal Mansion, Ye Lu could not figure out what was going on.

Moreover, what puzzled Ye Lu was the corpses that seemed to be prepared for him.

Not only could he absorb the corpses of these so-called “immortals”, but Liu Mei and the Starry Sky Beast could also absorb them, but Qin Siyu was the exact opposite of these corpses.

What flowed in Qin Siyu’s body was neither Yuan Power nor Spiritual Power, but a different kind of power, which Ye Lu felt was the same as that of the “Heavenly Demon Race”, as Ye Lu had seen the real “Heavenly Demon Race” before.

In other words, Qin Siyu should be a “Heavenly Demon” by nature.

This made Ye Lu feel quite incredible.

However, Ye Lu could sense that Qin Siyu did not have any malice towards him, so he did not pay any more attention to this matter.

Eventually, all the attackers withdrew, and after these guys had withdrawn, the people in the “Other Side of the Boat” could finally start moving.

Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue led the people with stronger cultivation inside and started to deal with the black stuff outside the “Other Side of the Boat”, which could be eliminated by some of the equipment inside the “Other Side of the Boat”.

At this moment, Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue are also experts of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

After disposing of these black things, Ye Lu and the three of them also rushed back and re-entered the “Other Side Boat”. After such a long time of recharging, the power of the “Other Side Boat” was now very sufficient and it was the right time to act.

Ye Lu’s plan was to transform the spiritual body.

In fact, Ye Lu already knew all the secrets of cultivation in this “Small World”.

At the end of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, that is, after a successful tribulation, everyone’s body would change from a mortal body to a “spirit body”, which was the kind of body Ye Lu had at the moment.

The so-called “gods” and “immortals” of this small world, such as the legendary “Pan Gu”, “Eastern Emperor Taichi”, “Yuan Shi Tian Zun” and “Tai Shang Lao Jun”, are actually practitioners who have succeeded in “transmigration” and have reached the peak of this “small world” and become transcendent beings, which is why they are called “gods and immortals”, while the gods of Europe, the gods of ancient Egypt and so on, are also the same.

The descendants of these superpowers were also the “bloodline inheritors” that Ye Lu had seen earlier.

Since the “Nine Tribulation Realm” was the peak of the “Small Thousand Worlds”, those who had truly pa*sed the “Nine Tribulation Realm” could not go any further in their cultivation, so these people changed from training their cultivation to controlling the laws of heaven and earth, and that was how the term “Lord of Laws” emerged.

In fact, “Lord of Laws” had nothing to do with cultivation, but only with the laws of heaven and earth that a person controlled.

What Ye Lu wanted to know was what kind of existence he would become if he succeeded in his “tribulation”, since he was originally a “spirit body”.

The hatch under the “Other Side Boat” opened and the huge corpse was sucked into the “Other Side Boat” and then put into a bottle-like object to be decomposed, while Ye Lu and the others were also soaking in other bottles to receive the transferred spiritual energy.

At the same time, a vision began to appear in the sky above the “ancient battlefield”.

Countless stars appeared in the sky, forming a vast starry sky, and above the starry sky, nine clearly shining stars glowed and formed a straight line.


Chapter 594

It was only after Ye Luo had digested this sentence of the god’s body that he saw the vision in the sky as he rushed to a new body again.

“Nine stars in a row, the first sentence of Grandma’s prophecy has finally appeared.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

At the same time, he also knew clearly that this vision should also indicate that all the “Star Destiny People” had arrived at the “Ancient Battlefield”, and that as soon as the “Nine Heavens are united”, the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” would be opened.

The only thing that is missing for the Nine Heavens to be united is that the “Star Destinies” of Kunlun, King Solomon and the Ancient Egypt alliance are all in Ye Lu’s possession, one being Miao Fengling and the other being Jasmine.

As long as these two “Star Destinies” were paired with the “Immortal Palace Key”, the “Nine Heavens Together” would be complete.

At present, the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace do not know that the “Miao Fengling” they have captured is a puppet, so the people of Kunlun still think that their “Star Destined One” is in the hands of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

As for the “Ancient Egyptian Gods” and “King Solomon”, of course they knew that Jasmine was here with Ye Lu.

Therefore, as Ye Lu walked towards the second corpse, the “King of Solomon” and the “Ancient Egyptian Gods” started to act.

“The Ancient Egyptian Gods were also a very powerful force in the Ancient Battlefield, and they were the ones who had the “Law Lords”, which could be called “gods” in essence, or at least the same level as the “gods” mentioned in the legends.

This was also the first real duel Ye Lu had faced since entering the Ancient Battlefield.

The first reason was that there were too many people surrounding the boat and the forces were too complicated, so there was no need to fight to the death, and the second reason was that the situation was obviously different then and now.

The “Nine Stars in a Row” has already appeared, can the opening of the Immortal Palace be far away?

Of course, what Ye Lu didn’t know was that three of the four sentences his grandmother had left behind were openly stated: “The nine stars will link up with the pearl, the nine heavens will merge, and the Immortal Palace will open”.

Therefore, everyone knew that the “Nine Stars in a Row” was the first condition for the “Immortal Mansion to open”.

By the time Ye Lu learnt about this, the Other Side of the Boat was already surrounded, and it was not the right time for the Heavenly Demon Race to make the Other Side of the Boat visible again.

“It looks like we’re surrounded.”

Ye Luo said as he looked out of the other side of the boat.

However, he did not care, because all these things were going to happen sooner or later, he could not always have smooth sailing, he still had to fight the battles that needed to be fought, and he could not hide from them.

Moreover, Ye Lu had long wanted to experience the power of the “Lord of Laws”.


Then, a heaven-shattering roar rang out, someone had launched a terrifying attack, a strike that was stronger than anything Ye Lu had seen before.

This time, the attacker was Tefnut, one of the Nine Pillar Gods of the Ancient Egyptian Gods, who had obviously reached the level of “Lord of Laws”, and the law he controlled was the “Law of Water”, one of the several great laws of heaven and earth.

However, to her disappointment, the “Other Side Boat” did not react to this blow.

It was obvious that it was unrealistic to break the boat by brute force, as the boat was obviously far stronger than anyone could imagine, and far stronger than all the Heavenly Treasures.

This blow was ineffective, and it made you “Rain God” Tefnut depressed, followed by another super expert, it was the wolf-headed Anubis, but it was obvious that his attack was of no use either.

Of course, Ye Luo was not well off either.

“The boat could not be invisible and the outside was wrapped in layers, so it was difficult for him to make a move, because he did not dare to open the hatch, and if it was closed, no one from outside could get in, but if he opened a gap, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Prepare to shell.”

Ye Lu looked at “Tatar” and said.

“Tatar” looked outside and said.

“Firstly, I don’t have all the rights to use the ship yet, because, there are so many features that are so terrible that it would be easy for this ship to destroy a galaxy, and secondly, the energy we replenish is actually limited, because a large part of it is used to feed the humans inside.”

Of course, there were already enough people saved on Earth, more than 5 billion, but there were more people brought out from the secret realm, which were not only larger in number, but also consumed more because they were all cultivators.

“The boat was already struggling to maintain the livelihood of these people.

There was no choice, so Ye Lu had no choice but to nod his head.

As expected, after the barrage, the “Rain God” Tefnut blocked the blow with a rotating “water shield”.

This meant that the attack was ineffective and everyone was trapped.

“Silky Rain, can you light a candle at this distance?”

Ye Lu looked outside and said.

Qin Siyu also looked outside, then shook her head and said.

“The distance is too far, moreover, the opponent’s level is very high, even if it is lit, he should have a chance to escape.”

In fact, Qin Siyu’s attack range was very wide, because, as long as the Candle of Life was lit, even if the opponent ran far away, the candle flame would still continue to burn, but of course, if the distance was too far, the burning speed would slow down or even stop.

So, for particularly tough opponents, they still had a chance to escape.

Ye Lu nodded once again, it looked like, this time, it was indeed a bit troublesome.

“You guys guard this place, I’ll go out and try.”

After thinking about it, Ye Lu decided to take the plunge himself.

He had not made such a decision out of feverishness, at this moment, Ye Lu had already pa*sed the First Three Tribulations, moreover, he was actually a “Law Lord” now, he controlled the “Law of Fire”, so this was the right time to try it out.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually come out, Tefnut, the Rain God, was also a bit surprised.

“You’ve got a lot of guts!”

She said with some emotion.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, I’ve always been known for my boldness, come on!”

As he said that, around Ye Lu, four colours of flames soared up, it was the four origin flames, “Ghostly Inferno”, “Red Lotus Flame”, “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” and “Sun True Flame”.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually unleashed the four origin flames by himself, Tefnut, the Rain God, was also a little surprised.

“Not bad, no wonder you are so confident, but unfortunately, your cultivation level is still too low.”

As he said that, endless streams of water attacked Ye Lu like waves of terror, while Ye Lu quickly fused the four types of flames and formed a huge protective fire wall around him.

At the same time, his body was also covered in flames.

“Transforming into flames, you have actually mastered the ‘Law of Fire’.”

Seeing this scene, Tefnut, the Rain God, was also surprised, “Lord of Laws” is already at the top of this “Small World”, an existence that can no longer be surpa*sed.

However, he wasn’t surprised for a while, and then he said with a cold smile.

“Unfortunately, even if you have mastered the ‘Law of Fire’, your own cultivation level is too low, and the power you can exert is limited.”

In fact, he was right, there was still a huge gap between me, a ‘Law Lord’ and the real ‘Law Lords’, and also, I was a spirit body and also had the Four Great Origin Fires, so I wasn’t easily defeated by him.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

The flames around me and the water flow made a terrible sound once they met, but the circle of water flow was shrinking at a super fast speed, and it looked like I would soon be wrapped up.

At that moment, a huge claw suddenly appeared from the sky, and with a single blow, the “Rain God” Tefnut was smashed to pieces.

Then, a familiar face appeared in the air, that of Nidhogg, the “Devil Dragon of Hell”.

He looked at me with strange eyes and said.

“Hey, these guys will be my gift to you, and there will be another one coming later.