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Super School Student Chapter 597-598

Chapter 597

This guy was also familiar to Ye Lu, it was the sea god “Poseidon” from the “Olympus Gods”, but this was not the inheritor of “Poseidon”, this terrifying giant man was “Poseidon” himself, moreover, Ye Lu could feel that the “spiritual power” flowing in his body was also the same as Ye Lu’s.

“A true god!”

To be honest, although Ye Lu had seen this god and many of that god’s gods before, they were all “bloodline inheritors”, and this was the first time he had seen a real god.

However, Ye Lu was not surprised because, from a certain point of view, Ye Lu was born at the level of a “true god” because he was a spirit body after he was “born”, but of course, it was possible that what flowed in his body before that was spirit power, because before he became a cultivator, Ye Lu could not figure out what was inside his body.

If Ye Lu was not worried, Di Jun and the others were even less worried. Who was Di Jun? He was a “Lord of Laws” who had surpa*sed the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, and what was in his body had already been transformed into “spiritual energy”.

“But if the true gods are not dead, that means the rumours must be wrong.”

After seeing Poseidon, Ye Lu began to mutter to himself, because, according to legend, all the gods had fallen after the Battle of Extinction, but now it seemed that this was not the case.

Moreover, Ye Luo could see that this “Poseidon” seemed to be mentally abnormal, and he was rushing towards Ye Luo and the others like a madman.

It was as if Ye Lu and the others were not people, but food.

“Do you think this place is more like a prison?”

Seeing Di Jun fly over and stop Poseidon, Qin Shiyu looked at the two people fighting in front of her and said thoughtfully.

This was a reminder to Ye Lu.

He felt that this was really the case. This place looked more like a prison, because only a prison would be so desolate and cold.

However, if this was really a prison, who was the one being held?

“Poseidon looked like a prisoner, but if he was a prisoner, then who was the prison governor? And where were the guards?

At this moment, Ye Luo’s heart is full of questions, he feels that this is not a simple trick, let everyone here must have some purpose, and since grandmother left a note, it means that here can be seen grandmother, but the time has not yet come.

Maybe we should ask Poseidon for some information, but Ye Lu knew very well that “Di Jun” was not a fool, and he would definitely ask for the information we needed since he had made the move.

As expected, the Poseidon was no match for Di Jun and was quickly killed by him.

And Di Jun flew back in style.

“Well, does he know anything?”

Ye Luo looked at “Di Jun” and asked.

“Di Jun” shook his head and said.

“Not very sure, because, he seems to have gone crazy, moreover, he is full of thoughts of eating people, so it is hard to communicate, in addition, the level is too high, I can’t use ‘soul search’ on him, however, one thing is for sure, he is the real legendary ‘Poseidon’.”

“It’s a ‘true god’.”

“Only, he seems to have become much weaker, so, although the realm is higher than the corpse outside, his real fighting power is rather lower, so I guess he has paid a great price to survive here.”

As I said that, Di Jun threw the corpse of Poseidon to me, and I unceremoniously released the Star Beast and let it swallow the corpse, without the Other Side Boat, the fastest way for me to improve was to rely on the Star Beast, and these refined corpses of True Gods were undoubtedly the best ingredients.

Other ingredients, the “Star Beasts” still need to be transformed and so on, these corpses can be digested directly.

The reason why I am in such a hurry is that Qin Siyu and the girls are upgrading too fast.

However, with the Star Beast and the resources I carry, this should not be a problem. There is no bottleneck in the Star Beast’s advancement, and it is not afraid of the various “tribulations”, but it will take some time.

I, on the other hand, will just wait for the glory.

“It looks like all the human gods have been captured and locked up in this prison.”

Someone looked at the seemingly endless “Purple Haze Immortal Palace” and sighed, while others sighed at the same time.

“Yes, it seems that most of them are just like us, they were tricked into this.

“It sure looks that way.”

“We’re not going to end up like this guy just now, are we.”

“Not likely, he’s a true god, what are we? Probably all get eaten if we don’t turn out like that, you saw how crazy that guy was just now.”


After this battle, everyone’s mood turned a bit low.

And “Di Jun” smiled and said.

“Don’t be discouraged, there is no such thing as a hurdle you can’t overcome, it’s a big deal to die, we have even broken the barrier of space, it’s a big deal to break this ‘Purple Haze Immortal Mansion’ as well.”

Hearing his words, I suddenly felt a stirring in my heart.

Going to all this trouble to get us here couldn’t be a plan to break this place and release all the great powers trapped in the prison.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was possible, but the one thing I didn’t understand was that, according to my understanding, the news of the “Immortal Palace Key” came before “Di Jun” left the small world, so if that was the case, it wouldn’t make logical sense.

However, it then occurred to me that the last “Immortal Palace Key” was found by “Di Jun”, so perhaps there is a possibility that “Di Jun” had a “Immortal Palace Key” in his hand all along, but he was just waiting for the right time, and when the time was right, he took out the last key, creating the “Nine Stars in a Row” and “Nine Heavens in a Row” situation.

All in all, there were still many mysteries, and at least one person who knew what was going on in the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” was needed to find out what was going on.

So, the group continued to search for the “Immortal Mansion of Lok Ha”, and found that, as expected, there was no “Immortal Mansion” at all, and the place was deserted.

Moreover, there were traces of battles all over the place.

At this moment, the group also deeply appreciated the trouble of the depleted resources, that is, the decline of the body, all activities and attacks require energy, and in this hellish place, any energy consumed cannot be replenished, so it is no wonder that the “Poseidon” we met before was crazy and weak.

Along the way, the group met several other “true gods”, all of whom were, without exception, mad as hell and quite famous, including the god of Kunlun and the Nanji immortal from Penglai, also known as the Old Longevity Star.

In short, it seems that the “gods” are in trouble en ma*se.

Finally, we found one guy who seemed to be a bit sober, “Daoist Lu Zhui”.

“This is not an immortal palace, this is actually hell.”

These were the first words that the “Daoist Lu Press” said to us.

The people who trapped us here were really from the Heavenly Demon Clan, and it was after the War of Extinction, and the Ancient Battlefield was the main battlefield of the War of Extinction, and everyone did not want the war to spread to the Mundane Realm, so they set up a boundary that only the Nine Tribulation Realms could enter.

This is the origin of the “ancient battlefield”.

Afterwards, we learned that one side of the battle was the “Gods”, including the “Gods” of China and other parts of the world, led by the “Nuwa Clan”, while the opponents were the clansmen of the “Heavenly Demon Clan” and the teams they led.


Chapter 598

According to Daoist Lu, the two sides in the real battle of annihilation were far more than the Nine Tribulation Realms, and the Heavenly Demon Race was so powerful that the Gods eventually joined together to launch a suicide attack to seal off the Heavenly Demon Race and form this independent “space prison”.

However, for the safety of the seal, this “space prison” was not only a prison for the Heavenly Demons, but also for the Gods, so these self-sacrificing Gods also became prisoners of the “prison”, which is why they have become like this.

To be honest, his words were so miserable that everyone felt sympathy for him, but now Ye Lu and the others had limited resources, so they could only share some of them with this “Daoist Lu”.

Then, according to the instructions of the “Daoist Lu Zui”, everyone marched towards the gathering place of the “Heavenly Demon Race” in the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion”.

According to the words of Daoist Lu, the Heavenly Demons were not as powerful as before, they had been sealed for so many years, and there was nothing to replenish their magic power, so it was a good time to kill the Heavenly Demons while Ye Lu and the others were full of vitality, and release everyone from the Immortal Mansion of Lok Ha.

This point was accepted by most people, but Ye Lu and Di Jun did not think so.

Ye Luo’s reasoning was that before he saw the grandmother, the truth of the matter had not been revealed, and before that, no one could be trusted, and moreover, Ye Luo had fought with the so-called “gods” many times before, so he knew the style of the “gods” very well, which made him more and more unable to trust the words of these people.

The reason for “Di Jun” was much simpler: he was essentially a member of the “Heavenly Demon Race”, and according to this “Daoist Lu,” he was an unforgivable villain, although “Di Jun” had never considered himself a good person, but he did not consider himself a devil either.

Therefore, both of them felt that they should be prepared.

After flying for a long time, Ye Lu found that it looked like the same everywhere, so it was hard to tell the north from the south.

“There’s light, is it the exit.”

“It looks pretty, but, don’t want it to be the exit yet.”

“Are we going somewhere?”


“Lucian” shook his head and said.

“No, that should be the centre of this ‘Lixia Immortal Mansion’, but it is not the gathering place of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’, the gathering place of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ on the other side.”

However, after seeing the bright light, Ye Lu and Liu Mei exchanged glances.

This was because both of them noticed that the light was very familiar, it was the light emitted from the “Five-coloured Heaven Mending Stone”, and Liu Mei had such a stone in her hand.

“Nuwa’s clan, the Heaven Mending Stone, the Battle of Extinction, what is this all about?”

Ye Luo felt a bit of his head rise.

At this time, the group had already flown in another direction, but before they could go far, “Daoist Lu Zu”, who was leading the way, suddenly laughed and said.

“Here we are, up ahead is the gathering place of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’.”

After saying that, everyone looked in the direction he pointed, but they didn’t see anything, followed by the “Daoist Master Lu Press” who suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed a man beside him.


“There’s a trick!”

“Do it!”


It was only then that the crowd realized that something was wrong, but the “Daoist Master Lu Press” was already laughing wildly, and as he was laughing wildly, countless terrifyingly shaped experts suddenly emerged from all directions.

These guys were all dancing like mad, similar to the “evil gods” we had encountered before, and there were more of them than we could have imagined.

“How could there be so many ‘evil gods’ and how could these guys be united together?”

After seeing so many ‘Evil Gods’, everyone was astonished.

“Sure enough, Daoist Lu Zhui is harming us.”

“What the hell is going on with this guy?”


However, while everyone was muttering, “Di Jun” had already made his move. He smiled and raised his hand, and with a single blow, he blasted “Daoist Lu Press” into pieces.

However, they only stopped for a moment, and then they all surged towards this side again.

“Ye Lu, it’s time to fight, and it’s time for you to break through, break through the final barrier, otherwise, all of us will be in trouble.”

Ye Luo nodded, but he did not really understand what Di Jun meant. Although he had previously fused the “Tai Yin True Fire”, which ranked second among the “Ten Great Origin Fires”, it was unlikely that he could break through so many realms at once, and even if the “Nameless Technique” was powerful, he could not break through so many realms so quickly.

However, immediately afterwards, Ye Luo understood what “Di Jun” meant.

Thinking that, he smiled and waved his hand.

A familiar figure appeared not far in front of Ye Lu, it was the woman from the Heavenly Demon Clan, Mo Trang, the woman with the Nirvana Flame.

Then, another woman appeared, this time a woman familiar to Ye Lu, this time it was the woman from the Pill Alliance, “Pill Shu”.

In her hand, she was holding a flame, another of the Ten Great Originals, the Samadhi Flame.

He had already fused six origin flames, so of course he understood the benefits of origin flames to himself.

“My ‘three true flames’ have been put together, so hurry up and fuse them.”

After all, he was already a “Law Lord” of the Law of Flame, and with the six Great Origin Fires, who could have such a level?

And “Di Jun” looked at the gods who had gathered around him and said with a smile.

“Even a small group of people dare to come and fight us, Thousand Faces, let’s give them a good show.”

With the words of “Di Jun”, all the demonic beasts roared and formed various formations and began to counter-attack.

However, to be honest, although those “evil gods” were weak, they were after all “true gods”, while those who followed “Di Jun” were all “nine-destiny realm” except for the demonic beasts at the head, so they basically had to rely on various kinds of cooperation to block the opponent’s attacks.

So, these people became the rescue team, and with everyone working together in an orderly manner, these “evil gods” were immediately blocked from the outside.

After all, it was a flame that had a strong connection with people, so it was easier to fuse.

At the same time, the clouds of tribulation began to hover above Ye Lu’s head. No one had ever seen such a large cloud of tribulation, covering the sky.

After this fusion, Ye Lu would, without any surprise, cross the “Nine Tribulation Realm” and become a true super expert.

At this time, the crowd suddenly saw another force rushing towards this side, led by a man wearing endlessly glowing armour and a demonic beast under his feet that Ye Lu had never seen before.

Following Zhang Tian were countless experts from the “secular world”, as well as various forces from the “ancient battlefield” that had connections with these experts.

Everyone was obviously benefited, as everyone had several “supreme treasures” on them, and many of them were wearing the same supreme armour, looking more like an army.

What puzzled Ye Lu was that there were more “Evil Gods” following behind Zhang Tian, as if Zhang Tian was the leader of these Evil Gods.