Super School Student Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the entire courtyard was in an uproar.

Even Gu Yanqiu couldn’t help but sit up straight, as he had heard Gu Shiqi talk about Ye Lu more than once, especially during the recent days when Gu Shiqi was grounded by him.

He looked Ye Lu up and down for a moment, then nodded in his mind.

“It’s true that he’s so handsome, no wonder Shiqi likes him, but what’s the use of just being handsome? It can’t be a meal either, I’m quite handsome too, but I’m a philanderer.”

However, he did not remember that he had sent Ye Lu an invitation, and he was still afraid to avoid him, so how could he get him over, so he waved his hand at the uniformed man.

The guy immediately walked over.

“How did he get here? Was the invitation sent by mistake?”

The uniformed man shook his head and said.

“I checked, he did have an invitation, and the invitation was real, it said ‘Ye’s Pancake Group’ on the invitation, I don’t know what the hell is going on?”

Gu Yanqiu couldn’t figure it out either, but he didn’t bother to think about it, let’s see what Ye Lu wanted to say first.

Ye Lu waited for the hubbub to end before he smiled and continued.

“I’m afraid not many people know about our famous ‘Ye’s Pancake Group’.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone muttered from the stage.

“‘A big name’ and not many people know about it, isn’t that a contradiction?”

“But I really haven’t heard of it.”

“I think it’s the one who runs the pancake stall in the ‘night market’.”

“Don’t say, it looks like the truth.”


At this time, Zhang Yang suddenly shouted loudly.

“Ye Lu, what kind of big garlic are you pretending to be, a pancake stall is a pancake stall, and what a group, laughing to death.”

The triangle-eyed old monkey also followed suit.

Ye Lu ignored them, but continued to laugh and said.

“But, speaking of, the investor of our ‘Ye’s Pancake Group’, that one is really famous, he is the famous entrepreneur Mr. Su Can, I think everyone should know him, today Mr. Su also came to the scene oh.”

Su Can, this name is almost unknown in the rich circle, he is also involved in a wide variety of enterprises, of course, more importantly, he is a real practitioner, and it is said that the level is not low.

When he heard that Ye Lu’s so-called “Ye’s Pancake Group” was actually funded by that Su Can, even Gu Yanqiu was surprised and almost lost his temper.

Others were even more so.

“It can’t be a bluff, right?”

“Would Big Boss Su look at him?”

“Didn’t he say that Boss Su Can was here too.”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, a hale and hearty figure slowly walked out from the crowd, it was none other than Elder Su Can Su who had just arrived here not long ago.

He had been wanting to return the favor to Ye Lu since he was saved by Ye Lu, and also wanted to get in touch with Ye Lu, others were not sure, but he was clear about Ye Lu’s value, this divine healing ability, and divination ability, not to mention the future, even now as long as everyone knew about his skills, his influence would far exceed that of Master Hua, what reason was there not to make friends with such a person.

So, Su Lao started to send valuable gifts to Master Yun, Ye Lu’s teacher, but there had been no movement from Master Yun’s side, and he did not understand what Master Yun really meant, but this time, Ye Lu suddenly asked for his help, saying that he was helping to save a person, and seeing that Ye Lu was quite anxious, Su Lao felt that his chance had come.

He slowly walked to the front of the crowd, then looked at everyone and said.

“Master Ye is right, the ‘Ye’s Pancake Group’ is fully supported by me, Su Can, and all the expenses for Master Ye’s marriage proposal this time, our Su family will also bear you in one go, I think Yin Nephew Yanqiu should have no more questions.”

Hearing Su Can’s words, Gu Yanqiu could only nod mechanically, because at this moment he had not understood why someone with Su Can’s background would come out to support Ye Lu, although compared to the current Zhang family, Su Can might still be at a disadvantage, but compared to the Gu family, the Su family was not a star and a half stronger.

Therefore, Gu Yanqiu thought for a moment then politely said.

“Elder Su, I certainly won’t question your financial power, but the Zhang family’s child is indeed too good, so I guess it’s not entirely about money.”

Su Can was indeed a cultivator, but, due to Zhang Tian getting the Immortal Pill, at this moment, it was said that a powerful cultivation sect had taken a fancy to Zhang Tian and had clearly stated that they would support the Zhang family, the man in the moon white daoist robe was proof of that, so Gu Yanqiu was still clearly leaning towards the Zhang family in this matter.

Upon hearing Gu Yanqiu’s words, Ye Lu smiled as he gestured to Su Lao that he did not need to get mad.

Seeing Ye Lu’s gesture, Su Lao then smiled before returning to his seat.

However, Elder Su’s stance had changed everyone’s opinion of Ye Lu, everyone no longer felt that Ye Lu was clamouring for attention, at least this teenager had a background.

Next, everyone started to look at Ye Luo, who was standing on the stage, with the mood of watching.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, said without panic.

“Mr. Gu said that the Zhang family’s child is outstanding, and to be honest, I really didn’t see it.”

As soon as his words left his mouth, the entire courtyard was once again in an uproar, Ye Lu’s words were clearly provocative, talking like that without putting the Zhang family and Zhang Tian in his eyes at all.

Zhang Tian, who was on one side of the room, did not say anything, but his fingers were already white and the cup in his hand shattered into pieces with a “bang!” The cup in his hand shattered into a ball of shards with a bang.

He was already displeased with a handsome man like Ye Lu, and now he was already moved to kill.

For them, it was easy to kill a person silently. As long as they put dark energy into the person’s body, the dark energy that was constantly running was like a chronic poison, destroying the person’s internal organs or directly destroying the nervous system, causing the person to collapse or die.

And from the looks of it, the person might look like he or she had some kind of strange disease.

At this point, the people below began to talk.

“Isn’t this kid too arrogant, who is he to say something like that?”

“That’s right, big talk, young people nowadays are really hopeless.”

“Ai! Pulling hatred like this will lead to an ugly death sooner or later.”

However, before everyone could finish speaking, Ye Lu coughed on stage and continued.

“Child of the Zhang family, don’t misunderstand, I’m not actually targeting you, I’m saying that in fact, the children in everyone’s family here are all rubbish!”

At this point the whole courtyard exploded, almost everyone who had come to propose was P*ssed off by Ye Lu’s remark, and everyone started pointing at Ye Lu and swearing, looking close to rushing up to beat someone up.

For his part, Ye Lu clapped his hands loudly and said in a loud voice.

“Everyone be quiet, be quiet, I am certainly not talking nonsense when I say this, because without comparison there is no harm, compared to me, you are nothing at all.”

The crowd once again clamoured, however, Ye Lu waved his hand to stop everyone, then smiled and continued.

“As the saying goes, ‘A cow’s hide is not blown and a train is not pushed’, I certainly can’t talk such nonsense, I have proof and I also have relevant witnesses.”

“First of all, I am a master antique appraiser, I think at this point Miss Gu and I are the most compatible, on the first day of my career, I helped the goddess of your hearts, that is Miss Gu Shiqi, to buy four antiques, four items costing less than forty thousand dollars, but two of them were official kiln porcelain, the whole search process did not take more than two hours, the place was the ground stall in the antique market.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the crowd once again debated.

Obviously, for an antique family, a son-in-law who knew about antiques must have more common language, and from what Ye Lu said, he should be quite good at it.

However, at this time, that triangle-eyed old monkey led the way by shouting violently.

“Holy f*ck! Ye Lu, who knows if you’re bragging? Anyone can talk big, who can prove this matter?”

As soon as his words fell, someone from the third floor of the villa was heard shouting loudly.

“Old man can prove this matter.”

Everyone raised their heads, followed by the sight of the Gu Family’s old master, Gu Mingyue, standing at the window as he looked at the crowd below and said.

“What little friend Ye Lu said, old man and my third son can both prove it.”

Having said that, he then brought his third son along to the courtyard and looked at Ye Lu with some excitement and said.

“So you are Master Ye Lu?”

As things had come to this stage, of course Gu Mingyue and the third uncle had already guessed that the so-called “Master Ye” who was helping behind Gu Shiqi’s back was Ye Lu.

Ye Lu waved his hand with a smile and said.

“I don’t dare to call myself a master, I just know a little bit about it.”

Then, Ye Lu turned to look at the crowd and continued.

“In fact, I am not just saying that you are all rubbish because of this matter, in fact, I am also a divine doctor.”


Chapter 66

When Ye Lu finished speaking, someone else immediately questioned it, especially the triangle-eyed old monkey, who said blindly with his eyes open.

“You said you are a divine doctor, I don’t believe this one either, who can prove it?”

“That’s right, who can prove it?”


Just as everyone was discussing, Su Lao raised his hand first and said.

“This matter, I can prove that it was Ye Lu who saved me from the ghost gate.”

When Elder Su finished speaking, there was a moment of silence at first, but then someone followed and said.

“Elder Su, it’s not that we don’t believe you, but, you are the financier of Ye Lu’s company and also the financier of his marriage proposal this time, you should avoid suspicion in this matter, so even if what you say is true, it doesn’t count.”

After this person finished speaking, everyone else chimed in.

“Yes, you have to avoid suspicion even when testifying like this in court.”

“Yeah, you can’t be a witness.”


At this time, a voice suddenly came from outside.

“Su Lao can’t be a witness, I wonder if I can be this witness.”

Following that, Elder Shen walked in from the outside.

Seeing Elder Shen walk in, many people got up and gave him a salute, because Elder Shen’s position was very special, and many people would use him for various reasons.

Therefore, everyone immediately nodded and said.

“Since Elder Shen said that Ye Lu was a divine doctor, then he is a divine doctor.”

However, emotionally, everyone seemed to be a little reluctant to this conclusion, and even Elder Shen could see that, so he looked at the crowd and smiled and said.

“It looks like you guys don’t trust me very much, but don’t worry, I’ve brought other witnesses with me, Elder Hua, you guys come too.”

With Elder Shen’s words, the large group of divine doctors from before, led by Elder Hua, walked in from outside.

If Elder Shen and Elder Su were merely respected by everyone, then these divine doctors were more than just respectful to everyone, these people were truly able to heal and save people, especially Elder Hua, many people were saved by him from the ghost gate, so when Elder Hua and the others appeared, everyone showed respectful expressions.

These people also basically represented the explicit medical community of this city.

Elder Hua said solemnly.

“Although little friend Ye Lu is young, the exquisite medical skills are simply unprecedented, the word ‘master’ is well deserved.”

This time no one questioned it anymore, even the people from the Zhang family did not say anything, however, the killing intent in Zhang Tian’s heart increased by a few more points.

While in the main seat, Gu Mingyue, Gu Yanqiu and Third Uncle were wide-eyed with surprise at this scene, they really didn’t expect that Ye Lu was not only a connoisseur of appraisal, but also a master of healing.

However, it wasn’t over yet, after Master Hua and the others had all taken their seats, Ye Lu smiled once again and said.

“It’s not all because I can cure diseases that I say everyone here is rubbish, besides, I’m also an academic bully, at least in our school I can easily get first place.”

This time no one questioned it anymore, as everyone was already baffled by Ye Lu.

However, even if people didn’t question it, proof was still needed, so Ye Lu continued.

“In this matter, our school’s Principal Liu Qingshan can prove it, and it just so happens that he is free and here today.”

Sure enough, as soon as Ye Lu’s words fell, Liu Qingshan, who had long been ready to appear, coughed and walked out into the courtyard; Ye Lu had asked him to help, so of course he was obliged to do so.

“Hello everyone, I am the headmaster of the fourth middle school, Liu Qingshan, I think many of your children should know me, I am here to prove Ye Lu’s words, everything he said is true, this high school mock exam, he scored 710 points overall, the first in the whole school, and he has both good character and good studies, he also got rid of several black sheep for the school ……”

Liu Qingshan, of course, praised Ye Lu a lot.

Now Ye Lu has just turned into an elite figure with good studies, good moral character, high medical skills and high appraisal level.

However, the matter was not yet finished.

After Principal Liu Qingshan stepped down from the stage, Ye Lu continued with a smile.

“It’s not all because I’m an academic bully when I say that everyone here is rubbish ……”

He had only just said this half sentence when the following were completely nonplussed.

“And! What else does he know?”

“How can people live with this?”

“That’s right, there’s no end to it.”


Ye Lu ignored all this and instead continued.

“Just now there were certain people saying that they were some kind of ‘dark jin strong’, I don’t know what exactly that means, but what I want to say is that I am also very good in fights, Old Monkey and also Zhang Yang, you are the two who should be able to help me prove it.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, he looked at Old Monkey and Zhang Yang.

As a result, both of them were silent, because both of them knew that they couldn’t beat Ye Lu, and if they talked nonsense, if they really had to PK a bit, they would still have to admit to themselves, so it was better not to take the fight.

However, just at this time, Zhang Tian suddenly stood up.

He looked at Ye Luo and said calmly.

“Ye Lu is it, I won’t say anything about what you said earlier, but I don’t agree with this, unless you can beat me, let’s have a match right here, do you dare?”

The scene where Zhang Tian had just destroyed the internal structure of the table into pieces with a slap was still fresh in everyone’s mind, so when they heard Zhang Tian’s words, they all looked at Ye Lu with some gloating.

“You’ve lifted a stone and smashed your own feet this time.”

“That’s right, blindly fooling around, let’s see how he ends up.”

“It’s true to the saying ‘if you don’t do it, you won’t die’!”


While the crowd was talking, Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Fine, but whoever loses out of the two of us will meekly go back and never hit on Miss Gu Shiqi again, do you dare?”

Ye Luo had expected that most of Zhang Tian would be enraged, so he quickly took the opportunity to propose a condition.

Zhang Tian was originally of a high and arrogant nature, when he heard Ye Lu’s words, of course he nodded coldly and said.

“Good, since you want to die so badly, then I will make it happen for you.”

After saying that, he walked to the podium position.

Some attendants came over and quickly cleared out a bigger space to facilitate the two people to fight against each other.

Seeing this scene, Elder Gu Mingyue looked at Ye Luo with some concern and asked.

“Little Friend Ye, be very careful.”

Ye Luo nodded solemnly, to be honest, he had never fought a “dark power strong man” before, and he didn’t know what level he was at, but today, this fight had to be fought, and he had to win.

“It’s a pity that these gla*ses don’t unlock any fighting style abilities, so I can only fight according to my own fighting experience.”

Ye Lu muttered somewhat depressedly in his heart.

The gla*ses only unlocked the ability to strengthen, medical and elixir abilities, except for the auxiliary function, but there were no moves, even if it was some “Taijiquan”, “Taizu Long Fist”, “Wing Chun Ye Man” or something.

However, the fight had to be fought even though he was complaining.

So, Ye Liao set up a stance and waited for Zhang Tian to come at him.

When he saw Ye Lu’s flawed stance, Zhang Tian understood that Ye Lu was a complete amateur.

Unlike Zhang Yang, Zhang Tian had studied traditional Chinese martial arts since he was a child, and his family had money and had invited masters from many sects to teach him, so he considered himself to be a master in his own right.

Therefore, he looked at Ye Lu with some disdain and said.

“I thought you could be so powerful with your big words and big lies, but you turned out to be a straw man who can’t do anything, I really feel sad for you ……”

The guy in the moon white daoist robe who was watching the scene from the side also shook his head disdainfully, he could see even more clearly than Zhang Tian, Ye Lu was indeed a complete layman.

“Sh*t! If you want to fight, just fight, what are you bleeping about there, are you trying to talk me to death?”

Ye Luo hooked his palm with some impatience.

“Fine, then I’ll make you whole.”

With those words Zhang Tian rushed forward and punched at Ye Lu’s face, Ye Lu didn’t panic, he waited until the punch was very close and the move was old before he swung his head to dodge the blow, then he kicked Zhang Tian in the vitals.


Zhang Tian did not expect Ye Lu’s move to be so vicious, but what he did not expect was that although Ye Lu did not have any moves, his speed was much faster than he thought.

As the saying goes, “the only martial art in the world is fast”, he clearly saw his opponent’s attack, but it was already too late to dodge it, and the kick landed solidly on his vitals.

“Holy f*ck!”

The pain made him burst out a foul mouth as well, and he followed it by crouching on the ground covering his vitals.


Ye Luo said as he clenched his fist and struck a victory pose.


As a result, there was a hush from the surrounding crowd who were watching.