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Super School Student Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

Following that, Wu Yifei then told what had just happened in a divine manner.

“Big brother, you just hurry up and go, that high person I also just saw today, I can’t guarantee when he will come back, don’t worry, this time is absolutely reliable, after it’s done, I still have something to ask you here.”

After hanging up the phone, the bar owner thought about it, he had nothing to do anyway, so he simply went over to take a look.

Inside the shop, Qin Siyu was already surprised by Ye Lu who didn’t know what to say, she originally just wanted to get rid of that annoying yellow hair, who thought that Ye Lu could really tell fortunes.

“Ye Luo, how come you still know this hand? It’s so unexpected.”

Qin Shiyu looked at Ye Lu with a surprised face, besides not expecting Ye Lu to know divination, she also didn’t expect Ye Lu to be so manly, and not reckless at critical moments, and to make people feel safe.

Ye Luo also did not know how to explain this matter, so he could only smile and said.

“It’s not that I know how to do it, I just know a little bit, my grandmother taught me when she was alive.”

Hearing Ye Lu finish, Qin Shiyu then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Then you can tell my fortune, I asked my grandmother to tell my fortune since I was little, but she just wouldn’t.”

Ye Lu had just been able to divine, and was so playful that he looked at Qin Siyu and said.

“Fine, then I’ll help you to tell your fortune and see how your fate is, for the sake of us being cla*smates, I won’t charge you the hanging money, you ……”

Speaking here, Ye Lu suddenly froze, then looked at Qin Siyu in surprise and said.

“Qin Siyu, I understand, it’s not that your grandmother doesn’t tell your fortune, it’s that she can’t tell your fortune, and the same goes for me, your fortune is unpredictable.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu also froze.

Only after a long time did she ask.

“What does it mean that you can’t calculate my fate?”

Ye Lu shook his head, as he didn’t understand either.

At this time, there was once again a clamour at the door.

“Principal Liu, I don’t think there’s any need to go in, what can a countryside village woman be capable of?”

“No, Mr. Yang, you must go in, I’d like to see if the person Elder Yu said is that godly or not.”

“That’s right, if she’s just a waste of time, we’ll definitely smash her shop.”


Ye Lu thought to himself, “Oh, come on, what kind of day is it today, how come another shop smasher is here.

Just as he was muttering darkly, a large group of people had already walked into the shop.

The person at the head of the group looked quite elegant, around 50 years old, wearing gold-rimmed gla*ses, with a jade Buddha around his neck and a bodhi string on his wrist, followed by a few people in Tang costume who looked to be 40 or 50 years old.

After entering the shop and seeing that there were only two people, Ye Lu and Qin Siyu, the jaded middle-aged man at the head of the group asked in a somewhat strange manner.

“I am Liu Qingshan, please, is Grandmaster Yun in, I am taking up my post tomorrow and would like to ask Grandmaster Yun for an auspicious test.”

The middle-aged man looked very modest, however, a man behind him looked at Ye Lu and Qin Siyu very nonchalantly and said.

“I told you, a village woman from the countryside, probably heard that we were coming, so she hid in advance and got two children to cover for her.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Qin Siyu was really annoyed, she was brought up by her grandmother and could not stand anyone insulting her grandmother the most, she said sternly.

“How old are you? How dare you talk about my grandmother like that? My grandmother has the best reputation in this area, if you slander my grandmother again, get the hell out.”

It was also the first time that Ye Lu saw Qin Siyu lose such a temper, and suddenly he felt that such a Qin Siyu seemed to give people a more cordial feeling.

However, the other party was obviously not sold, the middle-aged man in the Tang suit said coldly.

“If you’re not capable, you hide and rely on your granddaughter’s loud voice to hold up the show, did I say anything wrong about your grandmother?”

Seeing that Qin Siyu still wanted to say something, Ye Lu reached out to stop her, then looked at the middle-aged man in the Tang suit and said with a smile.

“I am Granny Yun’s disciple, originally with my status I didn’t care to compete with you, however, since you said so, then I can only compete with you once, the two of us will compete in divination, if I lose, you are welcome to smash this shop, however, if you lose, please kowtow and apologize to Granny Yun, do you dare?”

After saying that Ye Luo then looked at the other party’s eyes for a split second.

That middle-aged man in Tang costume gritted his teeth and said.

“Good, I am still afraid of you even though I am the vice president of the Zhou Yi a*sociation, what do you say, how do we compete?”

Seeing this scene, the interest of the people in the room was raised, including that elegant middle-aged man who also looked at Ye Lu with interest.

Ye Luo thought about it slightly and said.

“Let’s put it this way, I don’t know this gentleman, right? However, I trust this gentleman.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the elegant middle-aged man, Liu Qingshan, who smiled and nodded, while Ye Luo continued to look at the middle-aged man in the Tang suit and said.

“And you haven’t seen her before, have you?”

He pointed at Qin Shiyu again, and then said.

“We’ll compete to test the past, I’ll divine Liu’s past, you divine Qin’s past, whoever is right will count as the winner, that’s fair, right?”

After Ye Lu’s words, the crowd nodded, projecting the past and predicting the future were the most basic elements of divination, so the middle-aged man in Tang suit also nodded.

Ye Luo then looked up at Liu Qingshan and said.

“Your father had an illegitimate son who now holds a high position. When you were seven years old, you almost died from a serious illness and were saved by a Taoist priest, and when you were thirty years old, you studied under Daoist Master Yun Lan and were considered a named disciple, right? Also, you were twenty-one years old ……”

In fact, there was quite a lot of information about Liu Qingshan, such as the situation of his children, etc. However, Ye Lu felt that these should go without saying, after all, he could tell that this middle-aged man was quite a big deal, so if he only gave his basic information, others would think that he had looked it up from the internet.

At the beginning of Ye Lu’s speech, Liu Qingshan still looked like he was smiling, but the more he listened, the more alarmed he became, because all these things Ye Lu said were extremely secretive matters, many of which he had hardly mentioned to anyone.

Finally Ye Luo concluded by asking.

“Mr. Liu, are these things I have said correct?”

Seeing that Ye Luo was asking him, he then nodded mechanically with his mouth open.

In fact, he didn’t fully believe in the so-called “Master Yun” when he was recommended to come to him, but he had to come because of the special status of the recommender, but he never expected that even the disciple of this Master Yun was an amazing person, not to mention the “Master Yun”.

They were also members of the Zhou Yi a*sociation, but they had never seen anyone who did not use any props and did not ask for the birth date, but simply “snapped” a person’s past.

The middle-aged man in a Tang suit who had made the bet with Ye Lu immediately saw sweat on his forehead, but he could not show his weakness either, so he looked at Qin Shiyu and said.

“Little girl, tell me your birth date and eight characters, then hold out both your hands.”

Qin Siyu cooperated and told the other party her birth date, and then stretched out her white jade hands.

The general fortune telling was a few essentials, for future calculations basically relied on divination, such as with the help of the eight trigrams, tortoise nails and the like, while for the past calculations were mainly the four pillars and eight characters, there was also face reading, there were also many secret arts pa*sed down from the Zhou Yi lineage, Qi Men Dun Jia, Zi Wei Dou Shu, all very profound and inscrutable, so Ye Lu actually did not suspect that this Tang suit man did not know how to tell fortunes.

But the problem was that even if he could tell fortunes, most of them could not be done for Qin Shiyu.

Sure enough, the middle-aged man was chanting with his fingers, but his frown grew tighter and tighter, and soon twisted into a lump that could not be melted.

Following that, under everyone’s gaze, the beads of sweat on his face gradually turned into streams, and finally, he said with a helpless sigh.

“No, I can’t count anything.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“You’re such an old grade, you should know the saying ‘there are people outside of people, there is a heaven outside of heaven’, don’t go too far in everything, apologise to ‘Grandma Cloud’, I can also help you hide what happened the night before last. ”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, this guy’s hand immediately shook, he didn’t expect that his sleeping with a female student who worshipped him the night before last was also known by Ye Lu, he was kind of convinced this time, he quickly knelt down and kowtowed.

Ye Luo then looked across at Liu Qingshan, a jaded middle-aged man, and said.

“You must have come here for something, I can help you measure it, just hang the money at your leisure.”

Ye Luo could tell that the other party was a man of honor, even if he gave it casually it would not be a small amount.

Sure enough, Liu Qingshan nodded and said.

“In fact, the thing is this, I am going to take up my new school tomorrow, but I always feel a bit restless, as if something will happen, you know, I originally studied Taoism, but what I studied is not the direction of divination, so I asked the masters of the Zhou Yi a*sociation to help, the masters also measured that this trip will be dangerous, but, it seems that the other party has the help of high people, so They could not divine the exact way to avoid the risk, so I would like to ask the masters to help me with some guidance, and as for the hanging price, it will definitely satisfy you.”

In fact, while Liu Qingshan was speaking, Ye Lu had already started divination, and when he finished, Ye Lu continued.

“As you know, the more distant the matter of divination, the greater the possibility of variables, and the more difficult it is to predict accurately, so I can only tell you one recent danger now, at a banquet in three days, you must not enter room 618, otherwise you are bound to be in great trouble, and in five days, a woman will ask to see you, never meet with her. Remember.”

Liu Qingshan nodded, then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Thank you, Master, I, Liu Qingshan, hereby thank you, whatever happens in the future, black or white, you can find me, I will definitely repay the kindness of Master’s guidance ……”

However, before he could finish his words, a voice came from the doorway.

“Holy f*ck! Ye Lu you B*****d why are you here?”

Following that, the bar owner’s fat face appeared in the doorway.


Chapter 8

In fact, when the barman walked into the rundown street, he didn’t quite believe Wu Yifei’s words, after all, this place was really too remote.

However, he suddenly thought of a very pretentious phrase called “the great hidden in the city”, so he found the shop with great expectation, only to find Ye Lu sitting inside.

“Ye Lu, you must not be able to pay back the five thousand dollars you owe me, I am a very reasonable person, you don’t have to pay for your things, just work at my place for three months for nothing.”

The bar owner looked at Ye Lu with a smile in his mouth and said.

“This little brother, it sounds to me like you’re blackmailing Master Ye!”

Although Liu Qingshan was not sure exactly what was going on, he was very clear that this was a good opportunity to make friends with Ye Lu.

And a bar owner, he didn’t even put it in his eyes.

Only then did the bar owner notice Liu Qingshan, and he looked at Liu Qingshan and then at Ye Lu with some confusion and said.

“What did you say? Grandmaster Ye, who is Grandmaster Ye? You can’t be talking about him, right?”

He looked at Ye Lu somewhat incredulously and said.

“Are you kidding, just this little yakuza is some kind of Master Ye, you ……”

However, before he could finish his words, a man in black clothes already walked over and slapped him severely, “cracking” a few slaps and knocking him completely dumbfounded.

After the beating, Liu Qingshan said with a smile as he sipped his water.

“You just said that Master Ye owed you five thousand dollars, is there such a thing?”

The bar owner had seen a lot of experience, he certainly understood what Liu Qingshan meant and he quickly said.

“No matter, I must have misremembered, it seems to be Ah Long from the Promenade, yes it was Ah Long who broke my stuff, I remember it all, at that time Ye Lu even helped me to clean it up.”

“Yes, it was my mistake, I was wrong ……”

Seeing the bar owner’s performance, Liu Qingshan smiled, then turned his head to look at Ye Lu and said.

“Master Ye, in a temporary hurry, I didn’t bring so much cash, this 300,000 will be used as hanging capital, in the future, if you need to find me, I will try my best to help.”

After saying that, Liu Qingshan left the small shop with his people.

Only the shocked bar owner was left in the shop, he swallowed his saliva and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, when did you kid find such a strong backer, I guess you won’t come to work in my shop again in the future, right?”

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“You don’t have to worry about that, also, that murder case that you can’t let go of in your heart, actually you don’t have to worry about it, you didn’t kill that person at all that day, it was someone else who killed him afterwards, so you can sleep easy, you came to me to ask about this matter, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the bar owner let out a long sigh of relief, in fact, he had been worried about this matter, the matter had pa*sed for some time, and the police had not looked for him, but, he had been unsure in his heart, and did not dare to inquire, so he superstitiously wanted to find a guru to ask about the fortune, but found several gurus were not reliable, this time a stone in his heart finally fell to the ground.

“By the way, there is one more thing.”

Ye Lu looked at him and continued.

“You go and tell that Brother Long that he better not bother me again, or else it will be his bad luck.”

The bar owner nodded, however, he sighed again and said.

“I can talk to him about this, but I’m afraid he might not be willing to listen!”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about this, just get the message across, you’ve just been beaten up too, I won’t charge you any more hanging money, you can go.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the bar owner then covered his mouth and left with a happy face, after all, the heartache that had plagued him for a long time had finally been lifted.

“By the way, just now Wu Yifei did seem to say that the other party was a teenager, look at this brain of mine, this is the real ‘great hidden in the city’ ah!”

In fact, the barman had made a mistake, the usual expression was “small hidden in the wild, medium hidden in the city, big hidden in the dynasty”, but it didn’t matter, the barman was satisfied now anyway.

“Ye Lu, how do you know everything? How can you be so good at divination?”

In the shop, Qin Shiyu looked at Ye Lu with admiration, he had just seen everything in his eyes, it was all too incredible in her opinion.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m here to help you look after the shop, of course I need to be somewhat competent to do so!”

Following that, Ye Luo then put all the money in his hand in front of Qin Siyu and said.

“Here, we’ll have money for a good snack later.”

When Qin Siyu saw that Ye Lu actually put 300,000 yuan in front of her without even thinking about it, she was really shocked, because although she was not short of money, she had never arrived at such a large amount of money.

“I can’t take this, you earned it.”

Qin Shiyu quickly returned the money again.

Ye Lu couldn’t help but feel a little sad in her heart, how could the gap between people be so big? Qin Siyu didn’t even want to give so much money, while Ren Xue Ying was deliberately trying to squeeze herself dry of even a single penny.

So, once again, Ye Lu pushed the money to Qin Siyu’s side and said.

“Although it was my divination, the customer was recruited by grandma’s shop, so it is right to give it to grandma.”

Thus the two pushed back and forth several times, and finally, under Ye Lu’s strong demand, Qin Siyu then agreed to accept half of the hanging money.

“Then today is my treat, I’ll order a big meal, just a big portion of spicy hotpot! By the way, you said that the headmaster is going to be leaving soon, he’s not going to our school, is he?”

Qin Siyu said happily.

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I don’t know, I didn’t just count this again.”

While Ye Lu and Qin Siyu were eating spicy hotpot, on the outskirts of the city, on top of a high mountain, an old lady with silver hair was answering the phone.

“What did you say? My disciple helped that Mr. Liu with his divination and the other party was very satisfied.”

The silver-haired old lady was of course Grandma Yun, who was also baffled at the moment, she never remembered taking on any disciple, could it be Qin Shiyu, but she hadn’t taught Qin Shiyu any divination skills!

At this moment, a lightning bolt suddenly lit up on the top of the mountain and illuminated the surroundings.

As for the matter of her apprentice, most of it had to do with Qin Shiyu, so it would be good to ask her granddaughter when she returned.

Ye Lu and Qin Siyu in the shop didn’t know this, they both ate to their heart’s content, a large pot of spicy hotpot was eaten up by them, however, no new business came in after that, the two of them reached twelve o’clock, then closed the door and went home.

He didn’t want to disturb her, so he quietly went into the bathroom and prepared to wash up and go to bed.

As a result, he saw Ye Yan in the bathroom, who was covered in the smell of alcohol, and didn’t expect her to fall asleep while sitting on the toilet.

“How much wine has this been consumed!”

Ye Lu said with some emotion.

“Just like you, there are ten of them and you can feed a distillery.”

However, he could not leave Ye Yan alone, so Ye Lu began to help Ye Yan put on her clothes. As a result, he found that Ye Yan looked very mature but was wearing underwear with cartoon bears painted on it, which did not match her temperament.

After putting on the panties, Ye Lu took off her trousers, which were already dirty from Ye Yan’s vomit, and then he took off Ye Yan’s soiled top and carried her into Ye Yan’s bedroom, which was actually originally her grandmother’s.

While carrying Ye Yan, Ye Lu found that he had indeed become stronger, although Ye Yan was not fat, she was still over ninety pounds, and he actually carried her very easily.

“Gotta find a chance to have a good talk with this sister, it’s not a good idea to always drink like this all day!”

Covering Ye Yan with the blanket, Ye Lu muttered somewhat helplessly, after that, Ye Lu went to the bathroom and washed all of Ye Yan’s clothes before going to bed, as a child who was brought up by his grandmother, he was still very good at these basic skills.

When Ye Lu woke up the next day, he found that Ye Yan was still sleeping in bed, so he had no choice but to tuck her in before going to school.

At the top of the corridor, thanks to his stronger hearing, Ye Lu heard Ren Xue Ying talking to the other girls in the cla*sroom before he even entered the room.

“You’re saying I like Ye Luo? How can any girl like him? He looks good, but he doesn’t have any parents, he doesn’t have a house, he can’t even go to university, only a blind person would like him.”

Another woman said.

“But he was so good yesterday, he made the question so quickly and dared to go against Mr Li.”

As a result, Ren Xueying said with some disdain.

“He thinks he’s great just because he knows a bit of other people’s secrets, going against Teacher Li will bring him bad luck sooner or later.”

Following that, presumably seeing that Ye Lu was walking far away, she quickly stopped her mouth and looked up to flash a charming smile at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu thought to himself, if he didn’t have the hearing of an overachiever now, and had known Ren Xue Ying’s mind long ago, he might have really been fooled by her.

Ye Lu ignored Ren Xue Ying and went straight to his seat. Chu Wen Xuan, the school bully, looked at him with a puzzled look on his face, guessing that he still hadn’t figured out what was going on yesterday.

Just at this time, a silver bell-like voice suddenly came from the doorway.

“Master Ye …… Master Ye, please come over here for a moment, I’m looking for you for something.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Lu jerked his head up, only to see that almost everyone in the cla*s was looking at him, while at the entrance quite a few people had gathered, and everyone was looking at a smiling Gushiki.

“Holy Sh*t! Isn’t this the big school beauty? Why is she running to cla*s 8.”

“Master Ye, is calling for Ye Lu? What is this all about?”

“Huh! It seems like they are really looking for Ye Luo hey.”


After a moment of silence, the entire cla*s was in chaos, and Ren Xue Ying even froze on the spot.