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Super School Student Chapter 87-88

Chapter 87

Sure enough, the move was very effective, as Gushiki stopped grinding against the coffin board and began to squirm back and forth on top of Ye Luo, whose body was currently suspended in the air to match hers so that it wouldn’t make the sound of hitting the coffin board, while at the same time, a woman’s voice outside said in a gloomy voice.

“Heh heh heh heh! It’s been a long time since so many living people have come to me, what luck today, playing hide and seek with me right, then I’ll play with you ……”

Then, Ye Luo heard footsteps walking next to them not far away, followed by a “bang!” The sound of a coffin slab being thrown to the ground.

“What bad luck, there’s no one inside.”

The voice muttered, and then moved on.


There was another sound, followed by the woman’s voice saying with some regret.

“Pity, no guesses again, but I’m sure I can guess this time ……”

As she said that, she moved towards the coffin where Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi were.

“Don’t open our coffin, don’t open our coffin, don’t open it ……”

Ye Lu began to pray silently in the coffin, dealing with ghosts, Ye Lu had no bottom in his heart, that thing Ye Lu had seen in TV and movies, it was completely insurmountable ah.

However, at this moment, Gu Shiqi suddenly went crazy, she kissed Ye Lu desperately, followed by biting Ye Lu’s mouth, tensing her small waist violently, her body stiffened, and then she was caught off guard and let out a long cry.

At the same time, he felt that somewhere in Gushiki’s skirt was already wet, and the sound of footsteps outside stopped violently and came towards Ye Luo.

“Sh*t! I’m dead this time.”

Ye Luo muttered darkly in depression, but, to Ye Luo’s some surprise, at this time, Gushiki actually came to her senses, and she said with a trembling voice.

“Ye …… Ye Lu …… what have you done to me? I feel …… so …… weird …….”

And Leaffall said quickly.

“None of this matters, run for your life later, play for your life, understand?”

After saying that, Ye Luo then violently “Boom!” With a bang, he kicked the coffin lid out and stood up, and then he saw the ghost laughing strangely.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, this was not a hideous, grimacing guy, but a long-haired girl with a beautiful face, but her face was pale, her body exuded a cold aura, and there was blood on the corners of her mouth, so she was not a soft girl to talk about life with.

“All of you, run away!”

Ye Luo shouted fiercely, followed by lunging towards this girl and hugging her.

The moment she was hugged by Ye Lu, the ghost girl seemed extremely surprised, looking at her expression, as if she had seen a ghost instead of Ye Lu.

Ye Lu thought to himself, “Am I so handsome that I’m that scary? What are you doing with such big eyes?

However, after hearing Ye Lu’s shout, all of them “Boom!” No one likes to stay here and play games with female ghosts. At the same time, everyone saw that those guys who had entered the woods before were now bloody corpses.

Gu Shiqi also stood up, but she looked at Ye Lu somewhat bewildered but did not run.


Once again, Ye Lu shouted viciously, and only then did Gu Shiqi grit her teeth and run after everyone else towards the outside of the cave.

While the female ghost being held in Ye Luo’s arms looked at Ye Luo and laughed.

“You’re really a funny guy.”

She said as she looked at Ye Luo.

Ye Lu thought to himself, “I didn’t think I was that funny, but then, right after that, Ye Lu received a hard knee in the stomach.


This blow knocked Ye Lu to the ground, followed by another punch to his chest, which caused him to take several steps backwards and then “bang!” The coffin was knocked over with a bang.

“You don’t look like a ‘Xiantian expert’, you actually managed to touch me, let me taste your blood, hehehehehehe ……”

After knocking Ye Lu down, this female ghost looked at Ye Lu with glowing eyes and laughed, listening to what she said, it seemed that only when she reached the realm of “innate” could she touch them, but Ye Lu did not want to be romantically involved with her, Ye Lu saw that Gu Shiqi and the girls had already run to the door and turned around and ran.

Ye Lu had just seen the fighting power of this ghost, so fighting her was just asking for death.

Qing Songzi and the others were already running out of the cave, wishing they had more legs so that they could run faster.

Only after they had rushed into the woods did they stop in their tracks.

“Holy Sh*t, they finally made it out alive!”

Someone couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, and Qing Songzi also let out a long breath.

“This time, thanks to that master named whatever Ye Lu, otherwise we’d all be finished.”

Someone said with emotion, followed by others who echoed the sentiment.

“Yeah, I wonder what happened to that Ye Lu?”

“What else can he do, he must be dead.”

“Yes, that ghost is so fierce, even a ‘Xiantian expert’ who has just crossed into the Xiantian realm can’t handle it, right?”

“Principal Liu, thanks to you for finding this Master Ye Lu!”

However, at this moment, Liu Qingshan was running back fiercely, as he saw the stunned Gu Shiqi actually turn her head and run towards the cave again after thinking for a while.

“Don’t you want to die!”

Liu Qingshan quickly yanked Gushiki and then, regardless of Gushiki’s struggle, desperately dragged her back into the woods.

“I’m going to save Ye Lu.”

Gu Shiqi said anxiously.

Liu Qingshan, on the other hand, shook his head and said.

“Who are you to save Ye Lu, with your flesh and blood? Save your breath, Ye Lu is lucky, I think he will be fine.”

And at this moment, Ye Luo, he was being kicked hard behind the buttocks by that female ghost.


Without any surprise, he fell to the ground in a vicious dog pounce, while the female ghost behind him laughed heatedly.

“Still want to run, don’t dream, ‘innate expert’ ah, if I eat one, my cultivation will definitely increase greatly, then I might be able to break through.”

The female ghost said as she walked next to Ye Luo.

Ye Lu clenched his teeth and quietly put the dagger made from the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” into his hand, and then he felt that the female ghost was already close at hand, and her cold breath was already at his ear.

“Hey, you can’t hurt me with these two strokes.”

The female ghost said with a smile.

This was something that Ye Lu had actually noticed, he had felt that the other party’s body was extremely hard when he was just holding the female ghost, at least for now his own aura would have a hard time handling the other party.

Following that, he felt a pain in his neck, the female ghost had already bitten his neck and started drinking blood.


After hearing this sound, he poured all his aura into the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, as Su Lao had said before that this dagger would become incredibly sharp once it was filled with true aura, and Ye Lu felt that the aura should be the same.

Following that, he swung the dagger and stabbed at the female ghost violently.

However, the female ghost seemed to be prepared or not worried about Ye Lu’s attack at all, and at the same time as Ye Lu’s dagger was thrust out, she had already darted out her hand. She had already grabbed Ye Lu’s wrist with a snap.

However, she did not know that Ye Luo’s move was just a false move, as she grabbed Ye Luo’s wrist, Ye Luo’s fingers flew around, just like he usually played with a pen, the dagger drew an arc at his fingertips and cut the female ghost’s wrist.

“Hiss hiss!”

Like a red-hot iron falling into the ice, the female ghost’s wrist made a horrible sound, while a black smoke rose up.

The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” seemed to have suddenly activated and began to absorb the flesh and blood of the female ghost, and Ye Luo saw the wound of the female ghost shrink instantly.


He quickly gripped the short hilt of the dagger and poked the female ghost in the chest again.

The female ghost was a little dazed by the blow she had just received, but she was still fast and turned sideways to dodge Ye Lu’s attack, but she suddenly felt a little weak, as a result, she actually failed to dodge it completely this time, “Hiss!” The Sunset Arrow cut a gash in her chest, following which it flickered again, while the female ghost felt a few more points of power being drained from her body.


Seeing this scene, the female ghost let out a strange cry, followed by turning around and running towards the outside, she realized that if she was poked by Ye Luo one or two more times she would probably be finished.

Of course Ye Lu couldn’t just let her go, Gushiki and the others were probably outside, so he roared and followed after her.

The crowd outside was currently advising Gushiki to be grateful for her loss.

“Miss Gu family, don’t worry, our brothers’ lives were saved by Ye Lu, he died for us, we, the Ren family, will definitely protect your Gu family.”

“Yes, your boyfriend saved us, we will definitely repay you.”

“People can’t come back from the dead, let’s just hurry up and leave this place of right and wrong.”


Just as everyone was talking, someone suddenly said in surprise.

“Holy F**k, you guys, look.”

Following the direction this person pointed, everyone saw that the female ghost and Ye Luo actually ran out of the cave one after the other, moreover, it looked like the situation was just the opposite of what everyone thought, instead of the female ghost chasing Ye Luo, Ye Luo was holding up a dagger and chasing the female ghost, who was feeling very panicked.

“Day, what the hell is this Ye Luo?”

Someone couldn’t help but mutter with emotion.


Chapter 88

“No way, this is too fierce.”

Seeing the scene of Ye Lu holding up his sword and running wildly after the ghost, everyone was petrified, why was the plot different from what everyone had imagined? Everyone showed expressions of shock and disbelief.

However, Ye Lu had already chased after the female ghost and burrowed into the woods.

“Miss Gu, your boyfriend is a bit fierce!”

Ren Yao said with an incredulous look on his face as he looked at Gu Shiqi.

He had never dreamed that Ye Lu would actually make such a mess of that ghost.

The others also nodded their heads.

Liu Qingshan straightened his back at this time and said.

“What did I say, Master Ye Lu is exceptionally gifted, he is no ordinary person, such a person would be feared even by ghosts when they encounter him.”

This time there was no one to refute Liu Qingshan’s words, because the iron-like fact was already in front of everyone.

Even Qing Songzi could not help but frown and think.

To be honest, he was indeed a bit confused about Ye Lu, the terror of that ghost was very clear to him because he had once got rid of a ghost with his own master, Daoist Nun Yun Lan, and this ghost was something that even his own master could not necessarily handle, no, I should say most of them could not handle, but yet it was beaten by Ye Lu, which was absolutely unscientific.

In addition, he felt that Ye Lu should not even be a dark jin strong person, but the fact was right in front of his eyes, and he could not help but believe it, and there was also the matter that Ye Lu had killed those monsters with a single slap earlier that made him extremely puzzled.

“Maybe it’s a cultivation wizard.”

He muttered, and then made a decision in his mind to hurry up and talk to his teacher about the situation here, he was clear about the significance of highly qualified and young cultivators to the sect.

Moreover, he had heard that one of the rival clans had found a genius here who had taken an “Immortal Pill”, and the Wuji Clan had been jealous for a long time.

Eating the “Immortal Pill” was tantamount to reshaping one’s body and forging a foundation for cultivation, so that future cultivation would be almost unimpeded.

“I didn’t expect to have a windfall, Master will definitely reward me, and perhaps even help me break through.”

Thinking of this, the gloom in Qing Songzi’s heart was swept away, and he looked at the direction where Ye Lu had disappeared and smiled.

At this moment, Ye Luo was chasing the ghost through the woods, and to the ghost’s depression, she felt her body getting weaker and weaker, as the wound caused by the falling sun arrow was not only hard to heal, but it was also like a gaping hole in a balloon, causing her ghost energy to emanate out.

“This can’t go on, I’ll have to die.”

The female ghost muttered in her heart, then turned around fiercely and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“This little brother, listen to me, don’t kill me, I’ll give you a treasure.”

As soon as he heard that there was a treasure, Ye Lu stopped and smiled, it looked like this ghost wanted to buy himself, so of course he couldn’t let it go.

So, he shook the dagger in his hand and said with a smile.

“So tell me, what’s the treasure?”

The female ghost then said with relief.

“Follow this direction, there is a cave under an old acacia tree, and in the depths of the cave is a blue ‘manjushala’, or the other side flower.”

“That flower is poison to us ghosts, but it is extremely beneficial to you humans, especially those with a relatively low cultivation level like you.”

After hearing the female ghost finish, Ye Lu thought about it, he felt that this female ghost should not be lying, however, this female ghost had just killed so many people, it was definitely not a good ghost, so Ye Lu did not think about letting it go.

He looked at the female ghost and asked.

“Are there any other benefits?”

The female ghost then shook her head and said.

“No more, if there were that many good treasures, I wouldn’t have been stuck unable to break through.”

When he heard her say that there were no more, Ye Lu laughed heatedly, then he charged forward towards the female ghost with his dagger, he was already determined to get rid of her.

However, as he rushed over, a smile appeared on the female ghost’s face.

For she had just used what was only a delaying tactic, and at this moment her seal had already been quietly completed, followed by a flash of black light, and the female ghost had already disappeared quickly in place.

However, of course, with Ye Lu’s eyesight, he could see clearly that the female ghost had not really disappeared, but had used some kind of method to make her speed soar by a large margin.

“Sh*t! Running really fast.”

Ye Lu shook his head somewhat helplessly, then thoughtfully turned his head towards the big acacia tree that the female ghost had mentioned.

“Most of that female ghost isn’t so kind, there might be some kind of trap too.”

He had to go because the blue “Manjusri” that the ghost had mentioned, which he had seen in the recipe, was an extremely rare herb, especially on this earth where spiritual energy was scarce, and Ye Lu did not want to miss it.

In another corner of the woods, the female ghost was rubbing its chest in shock, just using the Ghost Transport Technique had consumed it greatly, this time she was considered to have suffered a major injury.

“Kid, just wait until you are eaten by those ‘ghost bats’ that killed me.”

The female ghost said with some resentment.

What she had just said about the blue Manjushri was of course true, but she did not say that the treasure was guarded by something, that was the dense “ghost bats”, these “ghost bats” even the female ghost did not know what exactly they were, anyway, she knew that these things were full of evil energy, definitely not good.

At this moment, Ye Luo had already walked to the vicinity of the big acacia tree, he had just called Gu Shiqi and Liu Qingshan and told them to hurry back first, with the protection of Long Fei Xue, I think Gu Shiqi would not be in any trouble.

Of course, he wasn’t too worried about Zhang Tian at the moment, because Zhang Tian was also in trouble. Ye Lu had used his gla*ses to discover a lot of secrets when he entered the villa, including various small videos recorded by Zhang Tian, which was also a pet peeve of Zhang Tian’s, he liked to record all his activities with the beauties in the secret room, and then keep them to enjoy them slowly.

Of course, some of these beauties were drugged, while others were threatened and seduced to finish the job. All in all, these videos should be enough for Zhang Tian to drink.

Moreover, the person in charge of this case was none other than Senior Captain Mo Wen.

She was currently searching Zhang Tian’s villa with a search warrant.

“Where is your young master?”

Mo Wen looked at that Zhang Long butler and said coldly.

“Go and find him, he’s in trouble this time, he better be able to say what these videos are all about, otherwise I won’t let him off the hook.”

“Right, we also need to take him for a full examination to see if his injuries are directly related to Ye Luo or not.”

Hearing Mo Wen’s words, this butler Zhang Long also had a bit of a headache, he had also heard things about Mo Wen and knew that this woman was very difficult to deal with when she was soft and hard.

“Okay, okay, I will immediately try to find our young master, don’t worry, we will definitely cooperate with the investigation.”

Zhang Long said with a smile on his face.

At this moment, Ye Luo had already taken a deep breath and walked towards the cave under the big acacia tree, however, he kept his guard up and was ready to pull his legs out and run if anything went wrong.

Soon, he walked in silently.

Once inside, Ye Luo felt as if the temperature inside had plummeted by several degrees, causing him to shiver as well.

Another thing that surprised Ye Lu was that he found that there was actually a bright light in the cave, although it was a bright blue light, he could indeed probably see things, and this bright light was coming from the depths of the cave.

“Maybe there really is a treasure.”

When Ye Lu saw that the cave was actually so magical, he believed seven or eight percent of what that female ghost had just said. Following that, he slowly walked towards the depths of the cave, which was actually very large and deep, with stalactites and stalagmites everywhere, and after turning a few corners, Ye Lu finally saw the source of the light.

It was actually a blue flame, emitting a luminous glow at the end of the cave, while the surrounding temperature was as cold as winter, it was not an ordinary flame at first glance.

At this moment, there was a sudden “hoo-la-la!” At the same time, the arrow of the Sunset Arrow in Ye Lu’s hand lit up, and he felt a dark cloud pressing down from the top of the cave.

“Holy Sh*t!”

Ye Luo looked up and saw countless black bats flying up, each of these bats had a hideous face and a mouth full of sharp teeth that looked exceptionally terrifying, however, they were not rushing towards Ye Luo, but as if they were frightened they flew towards the outside of the cave.

Following this, Ye Luo saw the blue manjushala plant that was so beautiful that it was the ultimate.