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Super School Student Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93

“Boss, what’s wrong with you? Got beaten up by someone?”

Seeing the injuries on Feng Biao’s body, Lao San then asked with some worry, the relationship between their several brothers was quite good, just like close brothers, moreover, they had all come from fighting and killing, so of course the first time they saw their brothers being bullied, they were anxious.

However, Feng Biao glanced at Scarface who was standing beside Old Three with a cold face.

Seeing Feng Biao’s look, Lao San then smiled and said.

“This is Brother Sun from the capital, he is here to attend the ‘puja’ and also to discuss with us about integrating our organisation, so just say what you have to say, none of them are outsiders.”

When he heard about the integration of the organisation, Feng Biao looked at Brother Sun with some confusion and asked.

“Brother Sun, I don’t know what organisation you represent, and what exactly do you mean by incorporating the organisation?”

Brother Sun gave Feng Biao a cold look before saying indifferently.

“Our organisation is the ‘Chakai Gang’ in the capital, and the meaning of incorporation is that I will help you to settle all your opponents, but you have to pay us a tribute every month, do you understand?”

Hearing Sun’s words, Feng Biao began to ponder.

He knew very well that this gang of his was actually considered a very small gang in the city, after all, there wasn’t even a single real cultivator, so it was simply insignificant.

Besides, he actually didn’t really think that Lao San could deal with Ye Lu because the Zhang family had produced a person who ate immortal pills, and everyone knew about this, moreover, Feng Biao also knew that Zhang Yang of the Zhang family had a grudge against Ye Lu, but he found out that Ye Lu was still alive and well, so he suspected that the Zhang family could not deal with Ye Lu either.

Since the Zhang family couldn’t handle it, then Lao San was probably difficult too.

“There is a give and take.”

In the end, Feng Biao gritted his teeth and said.

“Good, we agree to be incorporated, there just happens to be another matter to ask for Brother Sun’s help, the matter is like this ……”

Following that, he then told Brother Sun what had happened before.

Brother Sun nodded and said.

“There is indeed something odd, however, I feel that most of your guesses are not quite accurate, because if he really had the Immortal Pill, he would have eaten them all, no one would be stupid enough to take that kind of hot potato, without strength and still taking the treasure, that is undoubtedly asking for death, judging from what you said, that Ye Lu should not be such a fool.”

“So, I’m afraid that the matter that he ate an immortal elixir and became stronger is true, but the fact that he still has a whole bunch of such immortal elixirs, this matter is very far-fetched, I reckon that most of him still has some immortal elixirs with auxiliary effects, such as the breast enlargement elixir you mentioned or something like that.”

Hearing Sun’s words, Feng Biao thought about it, he also felt that it seemed quite reasonable, there were actually many dark jin powerhouses in this city secretly, if Ye Lu really had a treasure, he indeed might have died long ago.

However, Sun went on to say.

“But there is a saying that ‘it is better to kill a thousand by mistake than to let one go’, let’s collect the gangs in your city first, then I will help you to take care of him, I heard that the ‘Wild Wolf Gang’ is around here, is that right, let’s go and collect Let’s go and collect them first.”

After saying that, Sun took the lead and walked over.

The others followed closely behind.

While Brother Sun was collecting the messy gang, Ye Lu was taking out a bottle of “Beauty Pill” and giving it to Liu Mei.

“What’s this? It’s so beautiful! Is it a pearl?”

Ye Lu found that most people would mistake the elixir for a pearl, but, to be honest, the elixir and the pearl were quite similar in appearance.

So, Ye Luo explained to Liu Mei, and then took out another small gadget that was specially used to grind up medicines and said.

“This can be used to grind the powder, try it sometime.”

Seeing how thoughtful Ye Lu was, Liu Mei smiled and put the things away, however, she didn’t care much about them, after all, she usually didn’t study cosmetics much and used ordinary popular brands.

At this time, Hua Lao’s phone call arrived and he told Ye Lu that all the things he wanted were ready, and that he had prepared ten more copies of each item than Ye Lu had said.

Ye Lu did not expect Hua Lao to be so generous, as there were quite a few medicines in there that still seemed to him to be full of preciousness.

The blue manjushala was of course not available, so Ye Lu had to use real manjushala instead, but the performance of the pills refined this way would be greatly reduced.

Ye Lu was also very happy that the herbs had arrived so quickly, and he thanked Elder Hua at first.

However, the other side of Hua Lao felt that what he had given away was too little, after all, compared to health, this was nothing compared to health.

“Hey, finally, I can refine it first and try it out.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel a little eager to try his hand at alchemy, he had to practice more in advance to have a good idea of what to expect so that he could be sure of making more “Marrow Cleansing Pills” at once.

So, he quickly said goodbye to Liu Mei. He originally had a “Beauty Pill” that he was going to give to Qin Siyu, but Qin Siyu had gone to a tutorial cla*s, so after thinking about it, Ye Lu decided to make the pills first and give them to Qin Siyu when he had the chance, as Qin Siyu’s skin was already very good anyway.

However, he was still delayed by other things, because just as he got the stuff and was about to leave to make the potion, Mo Wen called and insisted that he had to go and help with two more cases.

Having no choice, Ye Luo had to carry a big bag of herbs to the criminal police brigade.

“Ye Lu, you’re carrying such a big package, there’s not a corpse inside, is there?”

The first words he said to Mo Wen made Ye Lu almost vomit blood and collapse on the ground, this woman’s occupational disease was too serious, who dared to carry a corpse around in broad daylight and come to the police station.

“It’s some medicinal herbs la, Captain Mo Wen, how’s the case of Zhang Tian?”

Ye Luo put the huge pocket down, then looked at Mo Wen and inquired.

“Go, go inside and talk.”

Mo Wen waved his hand, then said as he walked.

“His case is a bit of a non-starter at the moment, because all those victims are clear that they volunteered, and said that they were acting out in the video at the time because they thought it was funny.”

“Because there’s no dead person and the victims have this kind of attitude, there’s no way to convict.”

Ye Lu did not expect the Zhang family to be so powerful, but he and Mo Wen nodded and said.

“Well, it looks like there’s still a bit of work to be done, so tell me first, what other cases do you want me to work on?”

As a result, Mo Wen immediately put all kinds of prepared files on the table in one go, Ye Lu took a cursory look, there were actually cases from twenty years ago, it looked like this Mo Wen was lifting out all the old bottoms of the entire police department.

He could only smile bitterly and said.

“Captain Mo Wen, I’m just a consultant, a temporary worker, and you’re not paying me, are you trying to tire me out?”

As a result, Mo Wen said with a heated smile.

“Those who can work more? Don’t worry you won’t be treated badly, when you are in college, I will let our Xiaomi make you a girlfriend, how about that? My Xiaomi is so pretty, she’ll fall for you wherever you go.”

Hearing Mo Wen’s words, Ye Lu silently recited the word “Convince” in his heart, with such a mother, the degree of difficulty of this daughter could be imagined, so I guess it was better to stay away.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“I’m not fooling you, look if it’s beautiful?”

Ye Luo looked at the photo, not to mention, this girl is really beautiful, the front convex back, rich breasts, thin waist and buttocks, big eyes and double eyelids S*xy mess, tempting crime, ah, but what is this white hair, or this body weird clothes, boots, there is actually a weird tattoo.

This is not a good bird to look at, is it?

Guess Mo Wen also saw something from Ye Lu’s expression, she said with a little embarra*sed smile.

“Alternative is a bit alternative, but beautiful, right?”

Ye Luo nodded, then he suddenly understood why Mo Wen had told him to take care of Mo Xiaomi earlier, looking at this look was a troublemaker, it was better to stay away.

So, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Well, Officer Mo Wen, I’m really busy too, how about this, I’ll take the time to help you solve two cases every day, as for your daughter, you’d better keep it to yourself.”

Not being able to sell out her daughter made Mo Wen a little hurt, however, she also knew that Ye Lu had to take the entrance exams, so she nodded and agreed to do so.

With that, Ye Lu helped to solve two cases before he took a taxi to the foot of Phoenix Mountain and started to refine the pills.

The pills were refined until the early light of day.

Seeing that there were less than ten finished pills in his hand, Ye Lu shook his head, it seemed that this “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was really difficult to refine.

After returning, Ye Lu called Ye Yan over.

“Older sister, come quickly, there’s a pill for you to eat.”

Ye Lu smiled and handed the eight perfectly refined pills to Ye Yan, who was not polite and took them and ate them, but not long after she finished eating them, she suddenly covered her stomach and said.

“Ye Lu, what the hell did you give old sister to eat, no, my going to the toilet, it’s killing me.”

With those words, she dashed into the bathroom.


Chapter 94

Seeing Ye Yan’s performance, Ye Lu was also a bit confused, but he felt that there should be no problem, the dosage was correct, the refining process was also fine, and the pills smelled good.

Although these pills were no match for the real “Marrow Cleansing Pills”, they weren’t so bad as to be poison.

In the bathroom, not only was Ye Yan’s stomach upset, but her body also seemed to be reacting badly, with black mud starting to ooze out from the roots of her sweat.

“What the hell is this brat giving me to eat?”

Ye Yan muttered in some depression.

“Older sister, are you alright?”

Ye Lu asked a little worriedly from outside.

“I’m fine.”

Ye Yan hurriedly and quickly replied, because she felt that the bathroom stank to high heaven, and she didn’t dare let Ye Lu come over, so she quickly said.

“Ye Lu, hurry up and go review your homework, I need to take a shower first.”

Ye Luo heard Ye Yan speak with a strong mid-air, not like there was any problem, so he sat on the sofa and waited quietly.

It took a while to finish squatting on the toilet, Ye Yan hurriedly flushed the toilet and then turned on the tap, it looked like the clothes she was wearing had to be washed together.

After that, she quickly rinsed up.

Half an hour later, Ye Yan then walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe.

“Older sister, is there any change?”

Ye Lu looked at Ye Yan and asked with concern.

Ye Yan shook her arm, then clenched her fist again and said.

“It feels much more refreshing, how can I put it, I feel ‘as light as a swallow’ and ‘as strong as an ox’ now, but I don’t know if it’s just my illusion.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu immediately became excited, it looked like what he had refined should be effective.

However, exactly how effective it was, Ye Luo certainly had to test it out.

Ye Yan usually liked to dance with swords and guns, and also liked to exercise, so there were all kinds of exercise equipment at home, and there were even two nunchaku.

After thinking about it, Ye Lu took a tensioner, usually he saw Ye Yan using four springs to exercise, this time he hooked up the other one as well, then handed the tensioner to Ye Yan and said.

“Come on, old sister, try this.”

Ye Yan also looked like she was eager to try, she quickly took the tensioner then stretched her arms and actually pulled the five springs apart with ease.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu’s eyes instantly lit up.

You know, five springs, even a young man with good strength would find it hard to pull them apart so easily and still stretch his arms straight out to the maximum.

Following that, Yeyan then said as she gave several quick pulls.

“This one is also too unchallenging, is there a heavier one?”

Following that, she reached out with one hand and picked up a barbell, then she lifted it up with one hand, looking like she was more than twice as strong.

“Ye Lu, what kind of elixir is this that you gave old sister, it’s so awesome, hurry up and refine some more and give it all to old sister.”

Seeing such an obvious effect, Ye Yan also got excited.

This time Ye Lu did not refuse, he said with a smile.

“Sure, I’ll refine some more for you tomorrow, there’s enough pills to go around this time.”

Ye Luo still needed to refine many more times this time in order to practice before he could do so, so he should be able to have a lot of pills for Ye Yan to use this time.

Ye Yan was of course overjoyed to hear this news.

At night, after Ye Yan had fallen asleep, Ye Lu stopped his cultivation and then opened the window and jumped out, he wanted to warn the people of the Zhang family so that they would not think of making any more trouble.

The method Ye Luo used was also very simple, he directly sneaked into the Zhang family’s villa in the city and then left a printed letter by the bedside of the Zhang family’s residence.

He then went to the homes of the girls who had been victimized and did not dare to tell the truth. On the one hand, Ye Lu left them enough money, and on the other hand, he told the victims not to be afraid of the Zhang family, the law would give them justice, and at the same time, Ye Lu also told each other all the contact information of these victims.

What one person does not dare to do, once it becomes a group of people, everyone will be emboldened. As a matter of fact, the victims soon joined together as one, and with this alliance, everyone had the courage to expose Zhang Tian’s crimes together.

After all this was done, Ye Lu returned home once again to cultivate.

Early the next morning, he went to the foot of Phoenix Mountain with a large parcel on his back to continue refining the low-quality “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

At Zhang Tian’s house, the Zhang family head woke up in the morning and saw the letter on his bed. It was obvious that if Ye Lu wanted to do something to them, they would not be able to prevent it.

In the letter, what Ye Lu wrote was also very simple, just one line.

“There is a way to heaven, but there is no way to hell.”

In fact, Ye Luo felt that the feud between him and the Zhang family was originally not a big deal, at first it was only because Zhang Yang made a fool of himself by treating himself as a love rival and then Zhang Tian struck out at him out of jealousy, but it was only when it came to the point where Zhang Tian actually hijacked Gu Shiqi and was ready to commit misdeeds that Ye Luo felt that this matter had to be taken seriously.

“Where is Tian’er? Quick, go find him, we can’t afford to mess with this Ye Lu!”

After seeing the letter, Zhang Haoyu’s wife then said with a look of horror.

Zhang Haoyu’s face also changed, in his opinion, Ye Lu was nothing but a bachelor, no parents and no close siblings, such a person was extremely dangerous and not afraid of death at all, while he himself was different, he had money and there were many beautiful juniors and seniors outside waiting for him to pamper him, he could not afford to die.

So, after thinking about it he went to find Zhang Tian.

And while Zhang Haoyu was looking for Zhang Tian, Mo Wen was receiving the girls who had come back to take statements, she was a little confused as to why all these girls had figured it out after one night, and everyone told the truth at that time.

“Action, arrest.”

Mo Wen gave the order quickly and the police cars started moving at the same time.

In the Zhang family, Zhang Tian looked at his dad and mum and said with a smile.

“Alright, I know about this matter, you guys don’t need to worry about it, I have my own way, since he released the envelope, I guess the police will be here soon, so I have to go first, you two remember, just don’t get involved in this matter anymore, just leave the rest to me, my clan will sort everything out.”

Zhang Tian spoke confidently and followed and left the villa straight away.

And it didn’t take long for Mo Wen to surround the Zhang family’s villa with his men, but of course, the man could no longer be found, Mo Wen quickly issued a wanted notice and blocked all the intersections, but, to a clan, this matter was not even a child’s play, Zhang Tian had already left unnoticed.

“Ye Lu, just wait, we’ll meet again at the ‘puja’ and I’ll make you regret it.”

Zhang Tian looked at the direction of his home in the city and said coldly, the feeling of not being able to return to his home made him very depressed, but instead of reflecting on himself, he counted this hatred on Ye Lu.

And at this moment, Ye Luo was playing hard to refine his pills.

One furnace, one furnace, another furnace ……

He found that even though his techniques were getting more and more pure and his fire was getting better and better controlled, the finished rate of the pills did not improve much, still there were only one or two perfect pills in a furnace.

“It looks like without a good flame, everything else is just a floating cloud!”

Ye Lu found that for alchemy, the flame was very important, relying on this ordinary flame, no matter how hard one worked, it would be a waste of effort.

“Alright, let’s call it a day.”

Ye Luo looked at the darkening sky then packed up his things and prepared to go back.

However, on the way back, Mo Wen told him that all the girls had flipped their confessions, however, Zhang Tian had not been caught as it seemed that Zhang Tian had escaped early.

Ye Lu nodded, and to be honest, he hadn’t thought that he could solve this time by relying on the world’s power.

Back at home, Ye Yan was waiting there in her bathrobe.

“Hey, I’m ready, today will definitely not be as messy as yesterday, come on, hurry up and give me the elixir.”

Ye Yan said as she reached out her hand.

Ye Lu had to smile and took out another eight pills and gave them to Ye Yan, of course he had more than these pills in his hand, but with Ye Yan’s character, he was worried about how much he would give her to eat, so it was safer to give them in batches.

On the other side of the city, Feng Biao was discussing with his group of minions about dealing with Ye Yan.

“The collection is almost done, I didn’t expect Brother Sun to be so powerful, he decided to go after Ye Lu tomorrow, but I want to have a taste of it before he does, tomorrow everyone will rob a woman with me, I want to do that beautiful sister of Ye Lu, that’s a superb one!”

After saying that Feng Biao he laughed with a lewd expression.