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Winner Takes All Chapter 101-103

Chapter 101

This night.

Outside the Taishan Hotel, it was pouring with rain, thunder and lightning.

Inside the presidential suite, however, Wang Nan Nan had a long, long beautiful dream.

It was as if she had gone back to her childhood days when she went to the amus*ment park, finished riding the bumper cars and then went on a roller coaster.

Happy and sweet, like a princess being pampered and held aloft.

She realised that the TV drama of Prince Charming falling in love with Cinderella was based on reality.

As the rain receded, the sunrise spilled over.

Wang Nan Nan, wearing her natural shirt, walked to the huge floor-to-ceiling window and drew back the curtains.

The soft, warm sunlight enveloped her whole body.

As if she were a kitten, she lazily stretched out and smiled knowingly.

Looking at the slowly rising sun, she suddenly felt a sense of renewal.

All the suffering had ended from the moment she and Tien Tien met last night.

What was Chen Dong?

Tian Sheng was now her true love.

Moreover, she was certain that with Tiansheng’s family background, when she brought him home, her parents would never speak to her the way they had before.

“Up so early?” Behind her, Born’s voice was full of tenderness.

Wang Nan Nan yawned, “Still a bit tired.”

After saying that, she turned around and went back to bed.

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong arrived at the company early in the morning.

The decision last time to open three properties for sale at the same time was now on the agenda, and he had to go all out.

However, the good thing was that the acceptance of sixty percent of the shares of Zun Long Real Estate had created a lot of momentum for Din Tai.

If he took advantage of this wave of wind, the impact of pre-selling three properties at the same time, which Xiao Ma and the others were worried about, might be completely discarded.

In this way, the pressure on him was also much lessened.

Nearing noon, Chen Dong put down the work in his hands and leaned back in his chair to rest, his gaze deep as he gazed out of the window at the sky.

A few seconds later, he picked up his mobile phone and gave Gu Qingying a call.

The phone kept ringing until the system hung up, and there was no answer.

He frowned, opened WeChat and found Gu Qingying: “How are you over there?”

Soon, Gu Qingying replied back, “Very well.”

The two simple words made Chen Dong feel distant and cold.

It was as if two pieces of red-hot iron were suddenly poured through by ice water.

Chen Dong rubbed the bridge of his swollen nose, had Gu Qingying still not gotten over the last incident by now?

This kind of thing, he does not know how to make Gu Qingying relieved, the only thing he can do, perhaps only wait.

In the world of adults, there is both sunshine and darkness.

He and Gu Qingying had grown up in different environments, and naturally had differences when it came to dealing with some things.

He had crawled out of the darkness and would indeed not be as sunny as Gu Qingying, who had grown up in a privileged environment, in dealing with that last incident.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Dong sent a WeChat again.

“Do you need me to come over?”

This time, after waiting for ten minutes, Gu Qingying did not reply either.

Chen Dong smiled helplessly, put down his phone and continued to be busy.


Inside the Presidential Suite of the Taishan Hotel.

Wang Nan Nan finished her shower and changed into the long black Chanel dress that she had naturally asked the hotel staff to help her go out and purchase.

Standing in front of the mirror, she admired the shapely figure in the mirror that was trimmed by the Chanel long dress.

The light in Wang Nan Nan’s eyes shone and she smiled faintly, no longer in the same dishevelled despair as before.

A new lease of life!

Yes, a new life!

That was how she defined the beautiful encounter she had last night.

This was the life she wanted.

And she believed that Born could give it to him, as the Lamborghini alone proved.

Heavenly walked into the bathroom.

Wrapping his arms around Wang Nan Nan’s waist from behind, he smiled and poured hot breath into Wang Nan Nan’s ear, “You’re so beautiful ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face flushed red and she snapped, “Nasty, isn’t that enough?”

Tiansheng smiled, “Let’s go, go out for a walk.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled and nodded her head, her eyebrows were full of flavour, as if she was a good girl, being held by Tiansheng’s hand and quietly following along.

After checking out of the room, they got into the Lamborghini.

Wang Nan Nan suddenly raised an eyebrow: “Can you take me to the Tianmen Mountain villa area for a spin? I’ve heard people say that the scenery there is beautiful.”

Of course she was not trying to go see any beautiful scenery.

Rather, it was because Chen Dong lived there.

In the past few days, the drastic changes in her family had caused all her previous arrogance to crumble and disappear, and she was always humble and low to the dust when facing Chen Dong.

Now that she had met Tiansheng, she naturally wanted to go and show off in front of Chen Dong and lift up her formerly high and proud head again.

However, this was obviously something she could not say to Tiansheng.

Because Wang Nan Nan knew that it would affect her relationship with Tiansheng.


Tiansheng started the car.

The Lamborghini let out a blood-curdling engine roar, like a yellow lightning bolt, and roared towards the Tianmen Mountain Villa scenic spot.

Looking at the beautiful view of Tianmen Mountain outside the car, Wang Nan Nan was laughing coldly in her heart.

“Chen Dong, you can live here, one day, I can also live in such a high-end place.”

Beside her, Tiansheng glanced at Wang Nan Nan and asked in a soft voice, “Do you like it?”

“The view is really beautiful.” Wang Nan Nan smiled sweetly.

“The villa area is just ahead, do you want to go over and have a look?” Tiansheng asked.

Wang Nan Nan shook her head, “Forget it, I heard that the security of the Tianmen Mountain villa area is very strict, don’t kick us out then.”

“Is it very strict?”

Tiansheng smiled blandly, but the throttle under his foot was pressed to the bottom, the Lamborghini roared and sped directly towards the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes flashed, too late to react, and the gate of Tian Men Mountain Villa District was already imprinted in her eyes.

Tiansheng drove the Lamborghini with a whistle to the gate of the villa area.


The villa security guard stood straight at once, incomparably respectful: “Welcome home!”


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning, and her jade hand covered her red lips, almost screaming out.

My God!

Heavenly Born lived here too?

In the line of sight, the gate of the villa area slowly opened.

The speed of the Lamborghini slowed down a lot and slowly drove into the villa area.

Wang Nan Nan covered her mouth with her jade hand the whole time and had a feeling like she was dreaming.

The luxurious and atmospheric villas on both sides of the road were like a heavy hammer blasting in her mind.

It was only when the Lamborghini came to a stop in front of a villa halfway up the hill.

Wang Nan Nan finally could not restrain the shock in her heart and screamed out in excitement, “Tiansheng, you, you live here?”

“Or what?”

Tiansheng raised his eyebrows, his eyes under his gla*ses flashing shrewdly, “Get off, my little princess.”

With a single word, it gave Wang Nan Nan a feeling of going straight up to the clouds.

A princess?

Her pretty face was scarlet and she lowered her head shyly, her heart bursting with warmth.

Only when Born was a gentleman and opened the car door for her did she slowly get out.

“Did you like it?”

Tiansheng asked.

Wang Nan Nan nodded her head unabashedly.

At this moment, she was so excited, ecstatic, and her heart was beating so wildly that her mind was blank.

Was this a dream?

If it was a dream, I hope I don’t wake up for the rest of my life!

“Then from now on, this will be the little princess’ home.”

Tiansheng smiled and gave Wang Nan Nan’s back a pat, but his gaze was angled towards another villa not far away, his eyes glowing with a cold light.


Chapter 102

An encounter in the rain last night.

It changed Wang Nan Nan’s life completely.

It was as if she had stepped from hell, one foot into the clouds.

She also wanted to live a luxurious life, she also wanted to live the life of a human being.

But at one time, she was only wishing for luxury.

After her divorce from Chen Dong, Chen Dong changed and lived in the Tianmen Mountain villa area, which made her heart ache with remorse.

Yet, she never thought that now she could become the mistress of this Tianmen Mountain villa area as well.

“Thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west, what are you, Chen Dong? I am just as well off after leaving you!”

This was the thought in Wang Nan Nan’s heart.

The Mid-Levels Villa, that was a real top-notch luxury house, the ceiling of the city’s house prices.

This one house would cost over 100 million!

Following Tiansheng, touring everything inside the villa, Wang Nan Nan was nothing but surprised or surprised, she even felt like she was suffocating at one point, her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Happiness had come so suddenly!

A mere car accident that almost happened last night had changed her life!

It had all left her floating.

When she and Tiansheng walked to the roof terrace, Wang Nan Nan finally couldn’t restrain herself and jumped straight into Tiansheng’s arms.

“Tien Tien, you really love me too much, thank you, I’m really too lucky to have met you.”

Tiansheng pushed his gla*ses and said tenderly, “You’re my woman, I’ve never seen such a charming woman, so I’m going to give you everything I have.”

The breeze brushed.

The two gazed at each other and their lips met.

Only after a long time did the two part.

“Born, can you take me home? I, I want to take you to see my parents.”

Wang Nan Nan clutched Tiansheng’s hand in excitement and ecstasy, afraid that if she let go, Tiansheng would disappear in front of her in thin air.

Since Tiantian was willing to give her everything, the only thing she wanted to do now was to take Tiantian to her parents.

If Mum and Dad knew that Tiansheng was living in the Tianmen Mountain villa, and that it was also a mid-level villa, they would be very happy.

More crucially, now she could finally help her brother out!

She was sure that even Tiansheng could take her to live in the Tianmen Mountain Villa, so she must be willing to help support her brother Wang Hao as well.


Tiansheng agreed dryly, and after thinking about it, took out a bank card, “I only have one million in this card, would it be rude to take it as a meeting gift for my uncle and aunt?”

Oh my God!

A million dollars out of the blue?

What kind of rude gift is that?

Wang Nan Nan’s heart was beating wildly and she shook her head in a calm manner, “How is that possible? Our family is very nice.”

If she hadn’t been blackballed by Chen Dong at this moment, she would have been eager to call or WeChat to show off to Chen Dong immediately.

What the hell was Chen Dong?

To take 200,000 from him in the first place and have to divorce her, and to deliberately set it up, was simply disgusting.

When compared to Tiansheng, Chen Dong was not even worthy of mentioning Tiansheng’s shoes.

Chen Dong is simply a scum!

The two walked down the stairs hand in hand and after getting into the Lamborghini, the car slowly started and drove out of the villa garden.

Along the road, they drove towards the outside of the villa area.

At that exact moment, two figures walked out from another villa.

The Lamborghini happened to rub shoulders with the two.

These two people were none other than Elder Long and Kunlun.


Elder Long’s eyebrows instantly tightened, even though he was brushing past them, his gaze still glanced at Born in the driver’s seat.

Kunlun also revealed a hint of consternation, “Elder Long, is it because we look blurry?”

“I can be blurry-eyed, can you, a young man, still be blurry-eyed?”

Long Lao looked pensive and murmured in a deep voice, “Chen Tiansheng has really come to the city, but ……”

The old man looked in the direction of the Lamborghini, his expression cold and stern, with a faint flicker of fierce light in his eyes.

This scene made Kunlun’s face change greatly.

The impression was that Elder Long had always been as warm as the spring breeze, and rarely appeared with such a fierce look.

“Chen Tiansheng and Wang Nan Nan are together?”

“And living next door to the young master?”

“Is he playing with fire?”

Elder Long’s voice was like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Secrets, causing Kun Lun to feel like he had fallen into an ice cave for a moment.

Kun Lun asked with trepidation, “Elder Long, what the hell does Chen Tiansheng mean by this? Should we tell Young Master immediately?”

“Chen Tiansheng’s scheming mind is far from that reckless man Chen Tianyang can compare to… I’m afraid that he has an ulterior motive for this move, apart from disgusting young master.”

Long Lao pondered for a moment and said, “Tell or tell young master, in addition, from now on, when madam goes out, you must follow at all times, never let madam go alone, even if there is Xiao Lu following.”

“Understood.” Kunlun nodded his head.

Among the Chen family’s elite generation, there were quite a few standouts.

Chen Tianyang was the elite, and his twin brother Chen Tiansheng that was the elite of the elite!

Having been in the Chen Family for many years, Kun Lun knew how powerful Chen Tiansheng was.

Elder Long had made this arrangement because he was also afraid that Chen Tiansheng would be detrimental to Li Lan.

With Chen Tiansheng’s fighting skills, Fan Lu was no match!

Five o’clock in the afternoon.

Chen Dong was having a meeting with various people in charge of the company for the pre-sale of the property when he received a WeChat from Elder Long.

When he saw the content of the message.

Chen Dong’s face instantly turned icy cold and his anger surged.

It made the air in the entire meeting room seem to freeze.

Xiao Ma and the others were all dumbfounded, no one knew what was happening, but everyone could feel that Chen Dong was pent up with a monstrous rage at this moment.

This tense state lasted for more than ten seconds.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a long breath and reappeared with a smile, “Continue the meeting.”

Xiao Ma and the others were instantly relieved, but everyone was wondering in their hearts, what had happened to Chen Dong?

The meeting ended.

Chen Dong did not stay much longer, but left the company directly and took a car home.

On the way, his fists were clenched tightly and the veins on the back of his hands stood out.

There was even a torrent of anger raging in his eyes.

Was it humiliation?


Although he was completely over with Wang Nan Nan, Chen Tiansheng was clearly using Wang Nan Nan to slap him directly in the face by doing so.

As for saying true love?


If Chen Tiansheng really likes Wang Nan Nan, that’s weird!

It was true that the rich second generation fell in love with the Cinderella.

But the rich kid was Chen Tiansheng and the Cinderella was Wang Nan Nan, was it possible for them to be together?

Finally, the taxi arrived outside the villa.

When Chen Dong got out of the car, he saw Elder Long and Kunlun waiting at the entrance.

“Young master, they live in that villa next door.”

Kun Lun pointed to the villa next to him.

Chen Dong let out a cold laugh, “Got it.”

After saying that, he walked straight into the villa.

Kun Lun looked dumbfounded, “That’s all?”

Elder Long smiled, “Then what do you think, should you immediately go and demolish someone’s house? Or finish off Chen Tiansheng and Wang Nan Nan?”

Kunlun scratched his head, gave a naive laugh and said no more.

After returning home and making sure that there was nothing unusual about his mother, Chen Dong then breathed a sigh of relief.

He walked alone to the roof terrace and sat down on a chair, looking across the terrace.

Honestly, he had long been prepared in his heart to deal with Chen Tiansheng’s arrival.

He had even planned for the worst.

But how could he have not expected that Chen Tiansheng would actually live next door to him in such a way, and …… bring his ex-wife with him!

And while Chen Tiansheng was raging with anger, the Wang family, was a very different light.


Chapter 103

At this time, the Wang family was full of joy and laughter.

When Wang Nan Nan and Chen Tiansheng left Tianmen Mountain Villa in the afternoon, they did not go home immediately, but went shopping around first.

In Wang Nan Nan’s opinion, this was the first time that Tiansheng had visited her home.

She couldn’t meet her parents without being solemn.

Luckily, Chen Tiansheng was also extremely generous, spending generously.

A hundred-year-old mountain ginseng, a hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum, aged wine, and a jade bracelet for Zhang Xiuzhi.

All together, the gifts cost more than a million.

This made Wang Nan Nan smile, and she was even more certain that an encounter had led her to true love.

And when Chen Tiansheng roared into the Wang family’s neighbourhood in his Lamborghini, it immediately drew the attention of the whole neighbourhood.

When Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi saw Wang Nan Nan get out of the Lamborghini, they were stunned.

Although the couple did not know anything about cars, Wang Hao did.

At that time, Wang Hao said, “This car is at least five million dollars!” Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were so shocked that their brains buzzed.

Afterwards, Chen Tiansheng and Wang Nan Nan entered the house with a generous gift, placed the dazzling array of gifts on the table, and handed Zhang Xiuzhi a million dollar bank card.

One after another, like a big thunderbolt, boomed Wang De Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao in disbelief, with a sense of unreality as if they were dreaming.

This feeling lasted for a whole afternoon.

It was only now that the sky had turned dark that the three finally accepted the reality.

That was …… Wang Nan Nan had found a super rich second generation!

Their Wang family, was going to get rich!

On the dining table, there were all kinds of mountainous and sea food laid out.

A table of dishes was a month’s salary for Wang De.

But no one in the Wang family felt anything wrong.

Just kidding!

The gifts from Chen Tiansheng added up to over two million, so what was wrong with spending a month’s salary to treat someone to a meal?

Whether it was Wang De, Zhang Xiuzhi or Wang Hao.

Their hearts were beating wildly with excitement and ecstasy.

Ever since Wang Nan Nan and Chen Dong divorced, the whole Wang family seemed to be in a state of turmoil, with chickens flying and bickering.

Now, with the arrival of Chen Tiansheng, it was as if the clouds had been lifted and the sky was clear.

Wang De and Wang Hao, and even Zhang Xiuzhi, drank a lot of the old wine Chen Tiansheng had bought.

The family held Chen Tiansheng in high esteem, and their words were full of flattery and praise.

The happy atmosphere made Wang Nan Nan’s eyes well up with tears and her heart was incomparably moved.

The family that had been so noisy had now finally settled down.

She was now able to do something for the family, honouring her parents and helping her brother.

And all of this was given by Chen Tiansheng!

Thinking of this, Wang Nan Nan’s body was weak and boneless as she rubbed into Chen Tiansheng’s arms, her jade hand clutching Chen Tiansheng’s hand as she softly whispered in Chen Tiansheng’s ear, “Tiansheng, thank you really, you are the best gift God has ever given me.”

“You are too.” Chen Tiansheng smiled tenderly.

Soft and tender.

Looking at Zhang Xiuzhi, her eyebrows were raised and her mouth was grinning to the roots behind her ears, and her eyes were narrowed into slits.

Wang De also sighed repeatedly and smiled softly with his head bowed.

Even Wang Hao, as if he had forgotten the grief of losing Lin Xue’er just now, was full of excitement.

They believed that after Wang Nan Nan married Chen Tiansheng, their Wang family, would definitely go to the top of their lives.

Chen Tiansheng was able to give out a gift of over two million dollars on his first visit, and even if Wang Nan Nan casually helped the Wang family in the future, it would definitely be enough for them to live a lifetime of luxury.

“Tiansheng, don’t blame your aunt for talking too much, when you drove into the neighborhood this afternoon, the commotion was huge.”

Zhang Xiuzhi asked with a deliberate smile through her drunkenness, “At that time, I heard Xiao Hao say that your car was worth at least five million, is that true?”

“Auntie, you are Nan Nan’s mother, how could I blame you?” Chen Tiansheng smiled and shook his head.

This scene made Zhang Xiuzhi even happier.

Compared to Tiansheng.

What was that beast Chen Dong?

Only Tiansheng is my Zhang Xiuzhi’s good son-in-law!

In the next second, Chen Tiansheng said, “But that car is indeed not more than five million, but more than seven million.”


Zhang Xiuzhi was struck by lightning and looked shocked.

Wang De, Wang Nan Nan and Wang Hao, did the same.

Chen Tiansheng smiled calmly and explained, “After all, there’s a bit of an addition or something, it’s not expensive.”

More than seven million, and it’s not expensive?

My goodness!

“My God, Brother Tiansheng, this is still not expensive?”

Wang Hao couldn’t really control it anymore, his lips trembling as he said, “That car of yours is enough to buy dozens of my Audis.”


Chen Tiansheng frowned, his eyes a little gloomy, “How much is it?”

This scene made Wang Hao’s heart twitch, did I say something wrong?

But he still said, “Over three hundred thousand.”

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi also looked bewildered.

But Zhang Xiuzhi was quick to react and gave Wang Hao a fierce punch on the arm, “You kid, what are you talking nonsense about?”

Wang Hao was dumbfounded.

Wang Nan Nan even hurriedly tried to explain to Chen Tiansheng.

Although neither knew exactly what was wrong to make Tiansheng have such a look.

But since Tiansheng had revealed such a look, then it must be that Wang Hao was wrong!

But, not waiting for her to speak.

Chen Tiansheng suddenly laughed, “Xiao Hao, you are Nan Nan’s younger brother, we are also a family in the future, you are also my younger brother, driving a 300,000 plus brother is too much for you, come with me tomorrow to buy a car, don’t consider anything less than a million.”


Big thunder exploded in the Wang family’s head.

One, one million?

Don’t consider anything less than a million?


Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, her body was burning, and her body wanted to rub into Chen Tiansheng’s body.

Wang De’s face was dumbfounded, his heart beating wildly, but the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up.

Zhang Xiuzhi even put her hand under the table in excitement, scratching several bloody marks on Wang De’s thighs fiercely.

The look she gave Chen Tiansheng was even more shining, and she could almost see the flowers.

“Brother Tiansheng, no, brother-in-law, are you, are you telling the truth?”

Wang Hao simply jumped up and grabbed Chen Tiansheng’s arm, asking excitedly.

Perhaps it was too hard, causing Chen Tiansheng to frown slightly.

Zhang Xiuzhi looked cross and picked up a chopstick and threw it at Wang Hao: “B*****d boy, what are you doing?”

If it was the old Chen Dong, Zhang Xiuzhi would never have bothered with Wang Hao’s behaviour like this.

Even if Wang Hao had directly fought with Chen Dong, the Wang family would have definitely helped Wang Hao.

But now it was different, Chen Tiansheng was the golden tortoise son-in-law in Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes!

And the super rich kind at that!

“Auntie, it’s alright.” Chen Tiansheng’s eyebrows were stretched and he said to Wang Hao, “Tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, I’ll pick you up, think about what kind of car you want to buy first, remember, nothing less than one million is allowed to be considered, it’s not worthy of you.”

“Okay, okay brother-in-law, thank you brother-in-law.” Wang Hao was so excited that his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

After having enough wine and food, Chen Tiansheng got up, “Uncle and auntie, it’s getting late, so I’ll take my leave.”

“Mom and Dad, Xiao Hao, I’m also leaving with Tiansheng.” Wang Nan Nan followed and stood up.

Zhang Xiuzhi hurriedly said, “Good, good, drive carefully on the road, Nan Nan you have to take care of Tiansheng.”

As she said this, she also winked at Wang Nan Nan.

Wang Nan Nan seemed to understand what was going on, her pretty face was scarlet and she scolded, “Mom, Tiansheng has been drinking and can’t drive, let’s take the car and go back.”

“Fine, fine, it’s getting late, go home now.” Zhang Xiuzhi urged.

“By the way, Mom and Dad, Tiansheng lives in the Tianmen Mountain villa area, I’ll pick you up sometime to play there.” Wang Nan Nan suddenly remembered and happily said to Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi.


Wang De, Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao were once again struck by lightning and stood in place as if they were wooden chickens.

Thinking of the last encounter at the gate of the villa area, Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly I had a feeling of raised eyebrows.

Those dog security guards, now that my good son-in-law is living inside, next time I go there, I’ll see who else dares to touch me?

With this in mind, Zhang Xiuzhi nodded with a smile on her face, “Good, good.”

After Wang Nan Nan and Chen Tiansheng left.

Wang De suddenly spoke up, “Nan Nan has only known Tiansheng for a short while, so it’s not good to let her go along like this, is it?”

He was a teacher, so he would also consider the issue of saving face.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Xiuzhi gave Wang De a fierce pinch, “What the hell do you know? I’ve always dreamed of such a golden son-in-law, but should I not let Nan Nan watch him closely? What if he runs away?”

“Mom and Dad, I feel like I’m dreaming.” Wang Hao suddenly said.

“I feel like I’m dreaming too.”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows and asked Wang De, “Are you in pain?”

Wang De nodded his head.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes glittered with longing, “Our family, it’s really going to be lucky, Nan Nan will definitely make our family rich and prosperous, Nan Nan is really my good daughter.”