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Winner Takes All Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

Wang Nan Nan returned to the Wang family in despair.

At this moment, she was like a phoenix that had lost its hair, her dreams shattered and the sky collapsed, even worse than before.

The door opened.

She was greeted by her parents’ cheerful smiles, and Wang Hao, who had already dressed up in a suit and was spotlessly clean.

“Sister, let’s go, let’s go with brother-in-law to buy a car.” Wang Hao said excitedly as he pulled Wang Nan Nan’s hand.

He hadn’t slept all night last night, and the words Chen Tiansheng had said were always in his head.

“Don’t consider a car that is less than one million!”

A million dollar luxury car, Wang Hao had never dared to dream of driving one in his life, but it was the appearance of his future brother-in-law that gave him this opportunity.

After tossing and turning all night, Wang Hao finally finalized the few models he wanted to see.

The thought of driving a million-dollar luxury car and waving it around made Wang Hao’s heart thump wildly.

As for his Audi car, he also thought about it and gave it to his dad as a substitute car.

“By the way, Nan Nan, where is Born?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows to look behind Wang Nan Nan and said with a smile, “Can you talk to Tiansheng later and let us tag along to help Xiao Hao choose a car?”

“Mom, why are you guys going along, you don’t know anything about cars.” Wang Hao was a bit disgusted.

“Mom doesn’t know anything about cars, but can’t she go along and join in the fun?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows and said, “My baby daughter has made it big, she found a golden turtle son-in-law and is buying a luxury car for my son.

It was true that she didn’t know anything about cars, but she loved to save face.

The thought of going to a luxury car shop and being flattered by the salesperson made Zhang Xiuzhi feel a little fluttery.

She had only seen such images on television before.

Wang De, who wanted to say something, tried to persuade her but held back, knowing that it was impossible to stop Zhang Xiuzhi from making a splash.

But, none of the three noticed how downcast Wang Nan Nan looked at the moment.

The laughter, when it reached Wang Nan Nan’s ears, was like a red-hot knife poking at her heart.

Luxury cars?

The limelight?

She looked at her mother with red eyes, suddenly disgusted by her mother’s face, the face of the poor and the rich who want to save face.

Without more words, Wang Nan Nan lowered her head, directly swept past her parents and Wang Hao, and walked into the bathroom.

Clattering ……

Inside the shower head, the water flowed like a waterfall falling down.

The slightly cold water instantly wet Wang Nan Nan’s entire body.

Wang Nan Nan was in a trance as she slowly took off her wet black Chanel long dress and applied shower gel all over her body, then she picked up the brush she normally used to brush her clothes and brushed her body fiercely.

Swish swish swish ……

While brushing fiercely, her red eyes cried and she murmured softly, “Dirty …… so dirty …… so dirty ……”

The delicate skin was soon dripping with blood as the brush swished out a trail of blood.

Just by the water, the crimson blood also faded.

Wang Nan Nan’s willow brows were furrowed, as if she was unaware of the pain, and while brushing, she murmured hysterically.

Outside the bathroom.

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De and Wang Hao were all dumbfounded.

Listening to the sound of the rushing water in the bathroom, the three were all at a loss.

“Didn’t we say we were buying a car? Why is it that as soon as sister returns early in the morning, she takes a shower?” Wang Hao puzzled.

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De looked at each other.

Knock, knock!

Zhang Xiuzhi slammed the door twice, “Nan Nan, when are you going to finish washing? Xiao Hao is still waiting to buy a car.”

Inside the bathroom, the sound of water running echoed, but there was no answer from Wang Nan Nan.

Zhang Xiuzhi frowned tightly and was about to continue tapping on the door, but was stopped by Wang De.

Wang De frowned and called out softly, “Nan Nan, is something wrong?”

The words had not yet fallen.

In the bathroom, there was a sudden cry of misery from Nan Nan.

This was followed by heart-breaking cries of pain.

“Fake, everything is fake!”

“There’s no luxury car, there’s no luxury car!”

“Born to cheat me, he doesn’t want me anymore.”


Along with the painful sobs, Wang Nan Nan spilled the truth.


Outside the door, an explosion went off in Wang De Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao’s heads.

How could it be?

Wasn’t it all fine yesterday?

How could it turn out like this overnight?

“Sister ……” Wang Hao was the first to react, “Did you mess with my future brother-in-law, he won’t buy me a car anymore, what am I going to do in the future?”

A word that instantly made Zhang Xiuzhi explode.

Wang Hao had not slept all night, why hadn’t she?

The thought of living a luxurious and wealthy gold worshiping life soon, Zhang Xiuzhi was so excited that she couldn’t bring herself to do it, how dignified should she be in front of her friends and family in the future?

Bang Bang Bang ……

I order you to apologize to Tien-Tien immediately!”

The words were sharp and harsh.

There was no more of the kindness of last night or earlier.

“Why does it have to be my fault? You’re my mother, just because he’s rich and he abandoned me, it’s my fault?”

In the bathroom Wang Nan Nan let out a cry of pain.

“Hey yo, I’m educating you, and you have a point?”

Zhang Xiuzhi did not have the slightest idea of stopping, crossed her arms and shouted, “A person born with the intention of giving away millions on his first visit would abandon you? You must have done something wrong to provoke him, you get my good son-in-law back to me, or I will die at home today!”

A threat!

At this moment, Zhang Xiuzhi’s thunderous fury exploded.

All the longings that would have been dreamed of without her birthright would have been shattered.

She loved face the most and had everything ready to show off after living in the Tianmen Mountain villa, and now she had no chance?

“A few million? A few million is a bullSh*t thought! He doesn’t care about a few million! Mum, do you care about me, or do you care about money?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows, “Of course I care about the money, I gave birth to you, do you really want to lose money?”

“That’s enough, you’re going too far!” Wang De couldn’t stand it and spoke out to stop it.

But Zhang Xiuzhi slapped Wang De on the chest: “Now it’s Wang Nan Nan who has done wrong, and I can’t teach her as a mother?”

“Wrong? It is wrong! Blame me for not licking well enough and not letting him play comfortably, do you think that’s the reason?”

In the bathroom, Wang Nan Nan suddenly stopped crying, “This life, I’ve had enough!”


There was a loud bang and the only sound left in the bathroom was the sound of running water.

“Nan Nan ……”

Wang De was startled and hurriedly yanked Zhang Xiuzhi out of the way and yelled to Wang Hao, “Wang Hao, bang the door open!”

Wang Hao had long been stunned by his mother’s reaction.

In a panic, he fought to kick the door open with a bang.

On the ground, the water flowed mixed with faint fresh blood.

And Wang Nan Nan was covered in blood, and her head was gurgling with blood.


Wang Hao was so frightened that his face turned white and he couldn’t help but scream out.

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were also startled at the same time, and when they came up to take a look, their faces changed dramatically.


The house echoed with the family screaming in terror.


Chapter 108


Chen Dong was busy in his office.

Xiao Ma walked in, “Brother Dong, a man sent a note from the security guard.”

Chen Dong took the note, opened it and frowned at once.

The content of the note was simple.

“Meet me at the cafe downstairs.”

What really made Chen Dong frown was the person who addressed the note: Chen Tiansheng.

“Brother Dong, who is it?” Xiao Ma asked curiously when he saw Chen Dong’s ugly face.

Chen Dong tore off the note and threw it into the trash, “A dog.”

After saying this, he got up and headed out.

It was not a good thing that Chen Tiansheng suddenly wanted to see him.

The weasel was worshipping the chicken, no good intentions.

However, Chen Dong did not have the idea to avoid seeing him, the two of them were going to walk into the ring after all, it was a battle of either you die or I die.

It was at the end of the day at noon.

The cafe downstairs was full of people.

When Chen Dong walked into the cafe, he caught a glimpse of Chen Tiansheng who was sitting in the corner by the window.

Chen Tiansheng sat quietly in his chair, his eyes deep as he looked out at the flow of people on the street outside, his right hand holding a spoon as he gently stirred the steaming coffee in his cup.

It was just like the crowd around him.

But who would have thought that such a man would be a candidate for succession to the Chen family, which holds all the power and wealth in the world?

“You’re looking for me?”

Chen Dong walked over and sat down directly.

Chen Tian vividly did not move, calmly looking out, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, “I found that there are quite a lot of beautiful women in this part of your company.”

Chen Dong frowned.

Following closely, Chen Tiansheng raised his finger and pointed outside, “Look at that one, long legs and thin waist, tsk …… not bad.”

Saying that, he shook his head, “It’s just not challenging, I’ll spend a couple of million and I’ll be able to smash her lying down.”

“That’s all you’re saying?” Chen Dong was impatient.

Chen Tiansheng turned his head, smiled at Chen Dong and took a mouthful of coffee, before revealing an apologetic look.

“Sorry, I didn’t know beforehand that Wang Nan Nan was your ex-wife.”


Chen Dong snorted a laugh.

Chen Tiansheng leaned back lazily in his chair, “So, to show my apologies, I’ve chucked her out.”

“And then what?” Chen Dong frowned at Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes flickered for a moment, before returning to calm in an instant.

Suddenly, he smiled, “You’re right, she’s a broken shoe, no screwing around, and too much of a fall from grace for me.”

Chen Dong looked calm and looked at Chen Tiansheng in silence.

Facing Chen Dong’s gaze, Chen Tiansheng still smiled on the surface, but the thumb holding the spoon was unconsciously harder.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath, “If that’s all that’s being said, then I’ll take my leave first.”

After saying that, he got up and was about to leave.

“What do you think, what will her family be like when she returns home?”

Chen Tiansheng smiled, his eyes shrewdly flashing, “Look, how much I take care of you, at first you couldn’t do something so crisp and decisive to their family, right? I did, I’m showing you a demonstration.”


Chen Dong paused in his steps.

He looked furious.

The fierce light in his eyes flashed.

He and Wang Nan Nan had long since severed their ties, and they were not to blame.

Even if the Wang family had repeatedly pestered him, he had not pursued the matter, not because he was soft-hearted, but because he felt it was unnecessary.

It was only when it hurt his mother that he fought back angrily.

But what about Chen Tiansheng?

Just to humiliate him, he had outlined a dream of paradise for the Wang family.

Killing a man is but a headache, and a broken dream and a collapsing sky are even more deadly.

If you don’t ever intend to give each other light, don’t bring people out of the darkness and see the light.

What’s more, with the way the Wang family was eating, such a move by Chen Tiansheng was simply more ruthless than lynching their family!

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong forced down the anger in his heart and took a step towards the outside.

Looking at Chen Dong’s back, a confident smile finally surfaced on Chen Tiansheng’s face as he murmured softly, “I …… thought you wouldn’t be angry.”


He snapped his fingers and called for the waitress.

Looking at the petite, pretty-looking waitress, Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and put the purple and gold flower bank card into the waitress’s tray.

Then he gestured for the waitress to come closer and whispered close to his ear, “Stay with me for one night and I’ll give you one million!”

The waitress’s delicate body trembled, and her fair and pretty face was steeply red to the point of oozing blood.

But she did not make a sound, looking at Chen Tiansheng with a terrified expression.

“You’re a fledgling, I can see that, one million won’t do, two million.” Chen Tiansheng leaned back in his chair, his eyes full of askance, as if he was an emperor sitting on a throne.

The waitress’s eyes flashed, her hands clenched, and her teeth clenched her red lips.

“Three million!” Chen Tiansheng said.

The waitress’s delicate body trembled and she lowered her head, saying in a voice as low as a mosquito’s, “…… good.”


Chen Dong, who had left the cafe, did not have lunch.

Instead, he returned to the company office in a distraught state.

Chen Tiansheng’s sudden arrival was like a thorn in his heart.

He was not a character who dragged his feet, nor would he have been haunted by the incident with Wang Nan Nan.

Rather, after what he experienced last night, it had shown him the city of Chen Tiansheng.

So, he was distracted by the purpose of Chen Tiansheng’s visit!

This state of affairs continued until three o’clock in the afternoon.

When Xiao Ma walked into the office, Chen Tiansheng glanced up and noticed that Xiao Ma’s face was extremely ugly.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dong asked.

Xiao Ma looked gloomy and frowned: “Brother Dong, do you still remember the foreign material supplier that Zhou Yanqiu helped to hook up with?”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

“They called just now and will stop supplying us and are willing to compensate for the breach of contract.” Xiao Ma said.

Chen Dong’s distraction calmed down instantly.


The pen in his hand was broken by his thumb.

“Is the purpose of your visit, to declare war?”

Chen Dong laughed coldly, “Mr Zhou is so quick, to fall back on you, how much benefit did you give him?”

“Declare war? Turning against you? Brother Dong, what exactly has happened?”

Xiao Ma was full of doubts, and with Chen Dong’s words, it was obvious that he knew the original story.

“Nothing, you can go out first, Yingli building materials side will continue to supply us.” Chen Dong waved his hand and said.

Even Zhou Yanqiu had fallen on his sword, and he did not doubt for a moment that the city would again stage the kind of drama that had occurred when all the material dealers had joined forces to boycott Dingtai.

But the good thing was that Gu Qingying was the boss of Yingli Building Materials, and with Yingli Building Materials around, Dingtai’s project would not come to a halt.

“But then, we’ll have to slow down the progress of the project.” Xiao Ma said.

Several material dealers are supplying together, which has allowed Dingtai’s shantytown renovation project in the west of the city to take off.

It’s like several water pipes filling a pond together, and now that only one pipe is left after being pinched off, it’s slow going trying to fill the pond.

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and gestured for the pony to go out.

When the pony left, a helpless look suddenly appeared on his calm face.

The word “birth” could really crush people na!

At that very moment.

The mobile phone WeChat rang.

Chen Dong picked it up and took a look, his helpless and frustrated mood suddenly lifted.

The WeChat was from Gu Qingying.

“Chen Dong, I will be returning to China next month, in addition, my parents also want to meet you.”