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Winner Takes All Chapter 111-113

An icy huffy voice.

It instantly made everyone look over.

Li Lan, supported by Fan Lu, looked sulking and her body was trembling a little.

Behind her, to her left and right, were Elder Long and Kunlun respectively.

They all knew exactly what had happened outside the party, but Li Lan had already decided to spill the beans.

Chen Dong had already divorced Wang Nan Nan and the two had nothing to do with each other.

Wang Hao was looking for Chen Tiansheng, not Chen Dong.

However, Chen Tiansheng’s words were clearly meant to throw dirt on Chen Dong, intending to “divert water from the east” and falsely accuse Chen Dong of something that had nothing to do with Chen Dong.

As a mother, Li Lan could not stand by and watch her son being falsely accused!

What’s more, Li Lan knew how the Wang family behaved and how they acted.

If Chen Dong was really subjected to this dirty water, the Wang family would still be pestering Chen Dong to death, right?

The King of Hell is easy to mess with, but the little kids are hard to deal with. Li Lan was already tired of worrying about Chen Dong, and she would never want these little kids from the Wang family to pester him.

“The old immortal! Where is Chen Dong, let that dog B*****d Chen Dong come out!”

Wang Hao, who had been trampled underfoot, saw Li Lan and instantly burst out in anger, shouting at the top of his voice.

“Shut up!”

Li Lan glared at him and said angrily, “When will your Wang family let my son Dong go? You have climbed up the ladder of power, and now you are being played as a monkey, yet you still want to accuse my Dong’er?”

Because she was so angry, when she said this, Li Lan’s breathing became rapid and she was gasping for air.

Fan Lu was startled and hurriedly rubbed Li Lan’s chest, “Auntie, calm down, take care of your health.”

Li Lan raised her hand to indicate that she was fine.

“Yo …… haven’t seen you in years.”

Chen Tiansheng looked at Li Lan playfully, “Back then, if you dared to drop me to death on the wall, wouldn’t you have to be buried with me?”

Li Lan’s eyebrows knitted together and she was silent.

It was Elder Long who stood out smilingly, “Chen Tiansheng, today’s matter has nothing to do with us, and even less to do with my young master, if you keep throwing my young master’s dirty water, Kunlun should be about to clean up.”

Before the words left his mouth, Kunlun stepped out and stood in front of the three.

His lofty tower-like body gave people a strong sense of oppression at all times.

Since following the Chen family’s senior, Kun Lun, the former mercenary king, had been specifically responsible for optimising the fighting skills of the Chen family’s elite generation.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the master of the younger generation of the Chen Family.

Chen Tiansheng’s pupils tightened for a moment, his surface still wearing a teasing smile, “Elder Long, that is too serious of you to say, besides, would Kunlun dare?”

With a disdainful gaze, he looked askance at Kun Lun.

No matter if it was Elder Long or Kun Lun, they were merely Chen family slaves.

In the Chen family, a family slave would have to bow down in front of an ordinary clan member, let alone one of the heirs like him!

“You try?”

Elder Long raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Although I am a household slave, it is not as if I had never beaten an heir to death back then when I followed the master!”

Although his words were light, there was an incomparable killing intent between his words and laughter!

Even Chen Tiansheng’s face changed slightly.

He laughed, got up, and moved his foot away from Wang Hao’s face.

Wang Hao climbed up angrily, glaring at Chen Tiansheng and then glaring at Li Lan.

He had come to look for trouble!

Why was it now a matter between Li Lan and Chen Tiansheng?

However, the conversation they had just had between Li Lan and Chen Tiansheng made Wang Hao sure of one thing.

That was …… Chen Tiansheng and Chen Dong knew each other!

Since they knew each other, then these things that happened in the family must have been designed by Chen Dong!

In his anger, Wang Hao didn’t think carefully at all, and with a roar in his rage, he rushed towards Li Lan.

“Old man, hand over that B*****d Chen Dong of your family, he has caused our family so much suffering!”

Li Lan’s face was gloomy to the extreme, raging with anger and depression.

Wang Hao, why was he so stupid?

“Auntie, you take care of your body, don’t get angry, don’t get angry ……”

Fan Lu was constantly aware of the change in Li Lan’s face, so anxious that her heart was racing and she scolded fiercely to Kunlun, “Brother Kunlun, Auntie can’t be angry and hurt her body now!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wang Hao had already rushed closer.

Kun Lun took a step across the room, lifted a foot and kicked out fiercely.


Wang Hao was unable to resist, and was directly kicked three metres away.

This scene made the dozen or so security guards present suck in cold air and their backs chilled.

“What kind of dog or cat dares to come near my lady?”

Kun Lun’s voice was as thick as a beating drum, “My young master is kind-hearted and doesn’t bother with you Wang family members, I, Kun Lun, am not someone who doesn’t bother!”

An undisguised threat, warning Wang Hao not to come near.

And after Wang Hao spat out blood, he didn’t think of getting closer.

Instead, he fell to the ground, fluttering his arms and legs, spilling and rolling, crying out to the heavens.

“There’s no justice! Killing people, is there any king’s law left in this world?”

The cries were ear-splitting.

Chen Tiansheng frowned and gave a disgusted glance at Wang Hao on the ground, “Noisy.”

Then, he looked up at the security guards, “Do you want me to throw him out?”

A dozen of security guards instantly snapped back to attention and pounced in front of Wang Hao, forcibly lifting him up.

“Let go, let go of me, you, you bunch of dogs, let go of me.”

No matter how much Wang Hao struggled, the dozen of security guards had no intention to let go, and even the middle-aged security guard in the lead punched Wang Hao’s stomach fiercely: “Shut the hell up!”

Wang Hao’s features were twisted and he took the punch hard, feeling that his internal organs were all stirred together and he couldn’t say anything because of the pain.

After the security guards racked Wang Hao and left.

Only then did Chen Tiansheng look at Elder Long and Kunlun, slowly giving a thumbs up, “Elder Long and Kunlun, you two as dogs, is this!”

The undisguised humiliation caused Elder Long and Kunlun to frown at the same time.

However, both of them forced down their anger, the difference in status made them only tolerate it for the time being.

Even if Elder Long had killed the Heir, it wasn’t something that could just be done!

Back then, the situation was special, he could kill it and be safe, now in this situation, if he really killed Chen Tiansheng, then even the lord couldn’t protect him!

The Chen family rules are the “Heaven’s Way” for everyone in the Chen family!

“You, you can go now!”

Li Lan suddenly spoke in a deep voice, squeezing a sentence out of her teeth, “Chen Tiansheng, if you dare to touch my son, I dare to take you to the Yellow Springs even if I have to risk my life!”

“Yo! You’re really joking!”

Chen Tiansheng snorted and pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, “Your life is not cheap at all, it’s more valuable than mine.”

After saying that, his eyes flicked around and suddenly seemed to remember something, smiling to himself as he slapped his head.

“Oh oh oh, I forgot, after all those incidents back then, your life was indeed cheap, that’s why you gave birth to such a wild child as Chen Dong.”

“Shut up!”

Hearing the word “B*****d”, Li Lan’s face turned red and she roared.

But as soon as the words left her mouth, her face turned white violently.

Then her body stiffened, her blood and Qi went to her head, and she fainted in Fan Lu’s arms with a roll of her eyes.

“Auntie ……”

“Madam ……”

In an instant, Fan Lu and Elder Long and Kunlun were all shocked.


Chapter 112

At the time of his mother’s accident, Chen Dong was in a meeting at the company.

When he received the call from Elder Long, Chen Dong slapped his palm on the table with a bang.

The teacup on the table was also shattered with a slap, and the shards pierced Chen Dong’s palm, dripping with blood.

The sudden scene frightened the audience.

The entire conference room was terribly quiet.

At this moment, Chen Dong was like a raging lion, his eyes were red.

“Xiao Ma, you preside over the meeting, I have to leave.”

Chen Dong turned around and left.

Xiao Ma was shocked for a moment, “Brother Dong, this is about pre-sales, three properties were pre-sold at the same time at the beginning of the month, I, I’m afraid I can’t get it right!”

“You have to do it even if you can’t!”

Chen Dong’s voice came from the corridor outside the conference room, with a raging anger.

The money could be earned again if it was gone, but if something happened to his mother’s health, that was the biggest thing in the world!


Lijin Hospital.

Chen Dong got out of the car and hurriedly ran towards the hospital.

The people around him looked horrified and hurriedly dodged to the side.

“Doctor Zhang, that, that man is so fierce, he wouldn’t be here to cause trouble, would he?”

A nurse looked nervous, there had been many medical disturbances over the years, making the medical staff extremely scared.

Dr. Zhang was no other than Li Lan’s attending doctor at the beginning.

“Don’t talk nonsense, that’s Mr. Chen.”

Dr. Zhang said solemnly, then stopped Chen Dong who was running wildly, “Mr. Chen, your mother is no longer in serious condition.”

“Doctor Zhang, where is my mother now?”

Chen Dong grasped Dr. Zhang’s hand and breathed a sigh of relief at once.

“She has just come out of the resuscitation room and I have arranged for her to be admitted to the ward.”

Doctor Zhang’s brow furrowed as he said, “What happened this time? Your mother’s body is recovering, and if she hadn’t been stimulated by the thunderclap, she wouldn’t be in this situation today.”

“I’ll go and see my mother first.”

Chen Dong was also puzzled in his heart, and Elder Long did not elaborate on what exactly had happened during the phone call.

At his words.

Doctor Zhang hurriedly led the way ahead.

Inside the VIP ward, Li Lan was still in a coma, with various monitoring instruments covering her entire body.

Fan Lu was sitting beside the bed with a sad expression, holding Li Lan’s hand.

Long Lao and Kun Lun were standing by with sullen faces.

Chen Dong pushed open the door and rushed into the ward.

“Mr. Chen.”

“Young master.”

As soon as they saw Chen Dong, Elder Fan Lu and Kun Lun shouted at the same time.

Chen Dong nodded his head and walked quickly to Li Lan’s side, seeing that he was still unconscious, his eyebrows tightened into a Sichuan frown.

Fan Lu said with a sobbing voice, “Yes, I’m sorry Mr. Chen, I ……”

“This has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to blame yourself.”

Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt Fan Lu’s words.

Fan Lu took care of her mother, he saw it in his eyes, and it was as if her mother treated Fan Lu as her daughter.

Obviously this time, it was something uncontrollable that had irritated his mother.

After saying that, he looked at Elder Long and Kunlun with a sullen expression.

“Young master, let’s talk outside.”

Elder Long sighed and took the lead in walking towards the corridor.

Outside the corridor, Chen Dong looked at Elder Long and Kunlun huffily, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Chen Tiansheng.” Kunlun said.

Chen Dong instantly clenched his fists and clicked them together, killing intent raging in his eyes.

Elder Long said slowly, “Today Wang Hao drove into the villa area and was looking for Chen Tiansheng to settle their accounts with the Wang family, originally we weren’t even going to care, but Chen Tiansheng gave Wang Hao a cheque for five million, saying that he gave it for your sake.”


An explosion went off in Chen Dong’s head and he couldn’t help but laugh fiercely, “Chen Tiansheng, really sinister enough!”

Elder Long continued, “So at that time, Madam was furious and brought us out to say that, in the end, Wang Hao was driven away, but Chen Tiansheng made Madam so angry that she fainted and was hospitalised.”

“What did he say?” Chen Dong asked with narrowed eyes.

The chill emanating from his body was so cold that even Elder Long and Kunlun felt as if the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

“He said that the lady’s cheap life gave birth to a wild seed!” Elder Long said.


The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up, his monstrous anger could no longer be suppressed, but his expression became exceptionally calm between this laugh.

This scene saw Elder Long and Kunlun in a moment of consternation.

Immediately following.

Chen Dong slowly spat out a sentence.

“Kunlun, come with me!”


Elder Long and Kun Lun were struck by lightning.

“Young Master, do not be impetuous, he is trying to deliberately provoke you and draw you into breaking the family rules!” Elder Long hurriedly tugged at Chen Dong.

But Chen Dong brutally shook off Long Lao’s hand, “He made my mother lie in the hospital, and you’re telling me not to be angry? This joke, it’s not funny at all!”

“A mere family rule, a mere heir to the Chen family is not as good as my mother by a single point!”

“If he comes at me, I can hold back, but if he touches my mother, even the king of heaven will have to lie down for me!”

The words were filled with intense killing intent and anger.

A dragon has a rebellious scale, if it touches it, it will die!

His mother was everything to him.

If his mother was humiliated and he did not stand up for himself as a human son, would he not be a disobedient son?


Chen Dong strode out the door with giant strides.

Kun Lun hurriedly followed.

“Kun Lun, keep an eye on the young master!”

Elder Long hastily reminded, waiting for the two to disappear at the end of the corridor before he sighed grimly, “Young Master …… must not let the old master’s heart and soul be lost in one go.”

He knew that Chen Dong and Li Lan’s mother-son relationship.

Anyone else would not be able to bear it if their mother was humiliated.

What’s more, it was the same mother and son who had been attached to each other for more than twenty years.

In such an involvement, even the most sensible person would ignore all the things he had previously scorned.

Therefore, he did not forcefully discourage it, knowing that he could not.

Asking Kunlun to keep a close eye on Chen Dong was already the best solution that Elder Long could think of at this time.

As long as that red line was not crossed, the young master would still be one of the heirs!

When he walked out of the hospital, Chen Dong sent a WeChat to Lone Wolf when Kun Lun stopped the car.

When he got into the car, Kunlun asked suspiciously, “Young master, what’s the point of calling Lone Wolf?”

Chen Tiansheng was personally taught by him, even if he remembered Elder Long’s words and did not allow Chen Dong to make a move, he alone would be enough to put down Chen Tiansheng!

A strange smile suddenly appeared on Chen Dong’s frosty face, but his eyes sent chills down Kun Lun’s back.

He said slowly, “Is Lone Wolf a house slave?”

Kunlun raised his eyebrows and snapped to attention.

But immediately afterwards, he suddenly frowned and said, “Young Master, I know what you’re thinking, but this won’t work.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

Kun Lun said, “According to what Elder Long said about the family rules, even if Lone Wolf is not a family slave, he is still one of your people, and with this connection, he will be dealt with according to the family rules all the same!”


Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, “I called Lone Wolf to avoid the family rules as much as possible, but if there is no avoiding it, then there is no need to avoid it anymore!”

Kun Lun’s expression froze and he was about to speak.

However, Chen Dong stared at Kun Lun with a stern gaze, “Tell me, if your mother was killed and your life was to be exchanged for the life of your enemy, would you exchange it?”

Kunlun was frozen.

Immediately afterwards, he said fiercely, “Exchange!”

Chen Dong smiled, gazed out of the car, and murmured in a low voice, “Everyone is the same.”


Chapter 113

It was clearly three o’clock in the afternoon.

But the sky was dull and dreary.

Dark clouds loomed over the city.

Heaven’s Gate Mountain, which offers the most beautiful view of the day, is getting darker and dimmer in this weather.

The wind and rain were about to come.


The black Rolls-Royce stopped outside the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Under the cover of darkness, the Rolls-Royce was like a dormant beast, locking onto the gate of the villa area.

The security guards at the gate frowned in confusion.

But no one came forward.

As security guards, they could ignore Wang Hao who drove an Audi A4.

But they did not dare not to scorn the Rolls Royce.

Everyone knew that the owner of a car with such a price tag was a rich man or woman!

If they were not careful, there might not be any trouble at Tianmen Mountain Villa.

But their security guards, on the other hand, would definitely be in big trouble.

Inside the car, Chen Dong tilted his head and looked at the sky.

He smiled coldly, “Black clouds are pressing down on the sky, the storm is coming, it’s fitting.”

Kunlun looked solemn, keeping his eyes on the Tianmen Mountain villa gate at all times, his gaze blazing, as if he was a ferocious beast that was choosing people to devour.

As a mercenary king, his killing intent had long been refined in the battlefield to the point where it was like substance.

Either he does not do it, or he does it, then he goes all out!

“Young master, if you really want to kill, you don’t need to show yourself, Kunlun will do it himself.”

Suddenly, Kun Lun spoke in a deep voice, “In this way, under the blessing of the old master, it should also be possible to pluck you out of this matter, young master, the big deal is to lose Kun Lun’s cheap life.”

“What silly words?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

“This life of Kunlun was saved from the torture chamber by Master single-handedly back then, I only acknowledge Master, not the Chen family.”

Kunlun’s voice was low and resolute, as if he had already made up his mind, “You are the son of the old master, and even more so, the future successor of the Chen family, Kunlun is willing to die.”


Chen Dong slapped a slap on the top of Kun Lun’s head.

“I am not in the habit of sending my brothers to their deaths.”

“But ……” Kun Lun was moved inwardly and wanted to argue.


“Shut up!”

Chen Dong slapped the top of his head again, “I will personally avenge those who insulted my mother, there is no need for you to go to your death!”

The tone of his voice was resounding, not to be refuted.

At that moment, the lights of a car came from the distance.

A BMW sped up and stopped next to the Rolls Royce.

The car window was lowered and Lone Wolf’s scarred face poked out, slightly grim.

“Mr. Chen …… I could have done it alone.”

Not the same words, but coinciding with Kunlun’s thoughts.

As Chen Dong’s follower, it was sometimes necessary to lead the way.

Even if it meant giving one’s life, it would be a no-brainer.

This thought was already in Lone Wolf’s mind when he was ready to follow Chen Dong.

Taking a deep breath, Lone Wolf looked at Chen Dong with a deep gaze, “I have a few lives in my hands, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill him.”


Chen Dong inside the Rolls Royce merely glanced at Lone Wolf indifferently.

Then turning his head to look ahead, he calmly said, “Drive!”

The Rolls-Royce started up and drove towards the villa area.

Lone Wolf frowned, but still drove closely behind.

Boom click!

A lightning bolt ripped through the night sky in the dark clouds that had accumulated for half a day.

The wind, rising.

It swept through the leaves on the ground in front of the gate of the villa area.

There was a crash ……

Heavy rain followed.

In front of the villa.

The Rolls Royce and the BMW stopped at the same time.

Chen Dong got out of the car and let the rain wet his body as he walked indifferently to the villa gates.


A foot kicked open the gate.

Chen Dong took the lead and rushed towards the villa.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s faces were sullen as they hurriedly followed.

Bang Teeny!

Without the slightest pause, Chen Dong kicked the villa door open with another powerful kick.


Behind him, thunder cracked the air.

It illuminated the inside of the villa with a dazzling light.

“Chen Tiansheng, come out!” Chen Dong bellowed angrily.

Throughout the villa, there was dead silence.

After a few seconds, a calm voice only came from the living room.

“Something wrong?”


The lights came on, illuminating the living room.

Chen Tiansheng sat lazily on the sofa, looking out at the thunderstorm outside and shaking his head in disgust, “D*mn this weather!”

“You’re the one who deserves to die!”

Chen Dong’s eyes turned red in an instant, and he rushed straight towards Chen Tiansheng like a raging beast.

“Young master!”

“Mr. Chen!”

Kun Lun and Lone Wolf’s faces changed drastically at the same time.

Kun Lun’s heart even beat wildly.

D*mn it!

Why did the young master suddenly take action?

Wasn’t he clearly running towards breaking the family rules like this?

But if Chen Dong were to fight Chen Tiansheng alone, Chen Dong would never be a match!

In a flash of lightning, Kun Lun had just left Elder Long’s admonition behind.

“Lone Wolf, let’s go together!”

Almost simultaneously, Kun Lun and Lone Wolf rushed towards Chen Tiansheng.

“Oh, three against one, so shameless?”

In the face of the charging Chen Dong and Lone Wolf Kun Lun, Chen Tiansheng was calmly pushing the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, a meaningful smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.


Before the words left his mouth, Chen Dong, who had rushed closer, directly blasted Chen Tiansheng with a fist.

Chen Tiansheng jerked his body and leapt up, yet he stiffly failed to resist.


A fist landed and Chen Tiansheng’s face turned violently white, then red, his throat welling up.

He was able to dodge, but did not, and did not even resist.

Such a bizarre scene would seem completely incomprehensible to ordinary people.

But to watch Kunlun’s jaws of anger, his brain buzzed – it was over!

“Oh …… this first punch was thrown by you, breaking the house rules.” Chen Tiansheng forced himself to resist the urge to spit blood and laughed strangely Jie Jie.

He was in no way like his younger brother Chen Tianyang, who only knew how to kill directly at the drop of a hat.

Even if he knew that his younger brother Chen Tianyang had come to the city in the first place to kill Chen Dong in a desperate attempt to break the family rules and make him a brother.

But the way his brother acted, in his heart, was still no different from a brainless reckless man.

He didn’t have much gratitude, all he had was a feeling of disgust at Chen Tianyang’s stupidity.


The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth suddenly turned upwards, and a brilliant light bloomed in his murderous eyes, “I know you will definitely not dodge the first punch.”


Chen Tiansheng’s gla*ses narrowed, and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly with veins.

Before he could react, Chen Dong suddenly twisted around and threw a whip kick with an ear-breaking sound, directly towards his head.

Having received the first punch, he was now a known offender of the family rules.

Chen Tiansheng, however, no longer held back, but in a flash of lightning, jumped directly onto the sofa and slammed a knee into Chen Dong’s whip leg.

Bang Teen!

There was an explosive sound.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, revealing a look of pain, accompanied by a muffled grunt from his mouth as he staggered back.

“Young Master.”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who were following closely behind, simultaneously held Chen Dong up.

Lone Wolf’s face was white as he looked at Chen Dong in some disbelief.

The bone structure of the human body, the kneecap was extremely hard, and it was definitely the leg bone that would suffer more damage even if it was blasted against it.

Such a simple truth, how could Chen not know?

“The taste of cracked bones is very comfortable, isn’t it?” Chen Tiansheng smiled fiercely.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong, however, exhaled, the sharp pain of the bone fracture in his leg causing dense beads of sweat to seep out of his forehead.

He broke away from Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s support and staggered backwards, sitting down on the sofa.

While panting heavily, he revealed a sneer as hideous as a fierce beast.

Slowly, he raised his right hand and casually pointed at Chen Tiansheng.

“Give me a fight!”