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Winner Takes All Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

The night went on without a word.

Early the following morning, long queues once again formed in front of Din Tai’s four sales centres.

The media, who had already been waiting, had even set up their long guns early.

The exit crisis at Din Tai was attracting the attention of the whole city.

This was big news that couldn’t be missed by half!

Inside the Longting Garden sales centre, a group of Din Tai employees looked sadly at the long queue outside.

They could even foresee that the last 30% of the purchasers left yesterday would also be checking out today.

Thinking back to the previous day when Longting Garden was sold out, all of them could not hide their sadness and loss.

After today, Din Tai will not only be knocked back to its original form, but will also completely fall into the abyss of ten thousand feet!

“Hey, when are you guys going to open?”

Before it was even time to go to work, the people in the queue were impatiently urging.

“People are already here, what are you still dawdling about? You Din Tai aren’t going to back out, are you?”

“Mr. Chen of Din Tai promised to give us a refund, and now he still won’t do it?”

“Media friends, film this, expose the crimes of Din Tai, they are not going to give us a refund.”

Faced with a crowd of waiting returnees, the media reporters burst into bitter laughter.

What is this?

It wasn’t time to go to work and people’s staff had come to do preparatory work in advance.

How come they are not checking out?

At the front of the queue was a big bald man.

When he saw that the staff in the sales centre were unmoved, he became furious.

He quickly stepped forward, threw up his fist and started to smash the door.

Knock knock ……

“Are you all dry eaters? How long do you want to keep us people waiting? If you don’t want to check out, just say so, and we’ll go straight to the legal process!”

A single word was uttered, which immediately drew all those in line to chant and echo.

Inside the sales centre of Long Ting Garden.

Several sales and staff members were all looking at a young man.

“Chief, what should we do?”

The young man bowed his head and sighed, “Let’s open it up, anyway, Mr. Chen has ordered that all those who are willing to return it should do so, all of our sales at Long Ting have made a large amount of money thanks to Mr. Chen’s blessing, now that Mr. Chen is in such a situation, all we can do is this hard work now.”

The two male salesmen nodded and quickly stepped forward to open the door.

As soon as it was opened, the bald man walked in with an air of dignity and gave the two salesmen a sidelong glance: “Do you really think we are all honest people when we don’t give you some heat?”

The words had barely left his mouth.

Behind them, the people who had withdrawn from the sale swarmed in.

There was a lot of noise and pushing and crowding.

The sales centre was instantly like a morning food market.

Soon, the bald man completed the withdrawal procedure and, with the withdrawal contract in hand, he struggled to push his way out of the crowd.

As he walked out of the sales centre, he took a deep breath and said with an excited smile, “D*mn, I’ve saved it, I’ve finally saved it. It’s also that Mr. Chen of Din Tai is stupid, so much stupider than those real estate bosses!”

It was also just when the four major sales centres started to conduct the retreat.

Inside the Din Tai company, it was a miserable scene.

All the employees were listless and depressed.

Some of them were even full of bloodshot eyes, obviously having not slept all night.

Xiao Ma, was one of them.

He had been brought up by Chen Dong, and it was because of Chen Dong that he had become what he was today.

Xiao Ma’s feelings for Dingtai and Chen Dong were very strong.

But now, with such a big crisis at Din Tai, his level of grief was perhaps only a little lower than Chen Dong’s.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Ma walked into Chen Dong’s office.

What Xiao Ma didn’t expect was that Chen Dong was sitting in front of the computer as he did yesterday looking at the real-time feedback data, no sorrow, no joy, no ripples in the ancient well.

“Dong ……” Xiao Ma shouted in a low voice, “you can talk to me, always carrying alone, it’s not good for your health.”

Obviously, Xiao Ma did not think that Chen Dong was still as he was before, having already had a plan, which was why he was acting like he was on cloud nine.

What he was showing now was just to stabilise the army’s heart, suppressing all by himself.

“There is still ten percent left.”

Chen Dong pointed at the computer screen and smiled bitterly.

Xiao Ma said firmly, “It’s alright Brother Dong, big deal, let’s rise again in the east, I’m still with you!”

“What are you talking about?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and pointed to the chair next to him, “Sit there and play with your phone yourself.”

Xiao Ma looked bewildered.

This was a big change of heart from Dong’s repression, right?

This kind of example is not unheard of, after people have repressed to the limit, their state of mind is likely to change.

To put it in layman’s terms, it was a case of breaking the jar.

But after being glared at by Chen Dong, he still obediently sat aside, took out his phone and swiped up the news.

The more he watched, the deeper the frown on Xiao Ma’s face, the more indignant he became.

Without exception, all of them were related to Dingtai!

Not only the local media, but also the national social media such as Weibo, had all featured Dingtai.

There were mockers, ridiculers, gloaters, and even people who called Dingtai’s boss a fool.

As he refreshed the news, Xiao Ma gritted his teeth.


The phone refreshed the news once again.

Xiao Ma’s body shook violently and his eyes instantly widened to the limit!

On the phone screen, among the new news that came out, there was a news item that was topped and floating in red.

“Qing Ying International Group has released an official announcement that Chairman Gu Guohua, mindful of his hometown, wants to invest in the western part of the city!”

This, this couldn’t be right?

Xiao Ma’s face changed greatly and his heart was beating wildly.

Qing Ying International, that’s a big international company!

If it wasn’t for the fact that the news headline directly mentioned the name of the chairman of ClearShadow International, Xiao Ma even suspected that this ClearShadow International was not the ClearShadow International he knew!

In his excitement, Xiao Ma quickly clicked on the news.

The light in his eyes flashed as he quickly browsed through the news content.

The more he read, the brighter the light in his eyes became, and his breathing became more and more rapid, his face flushed red.

Even at the end, his body started to tremble.

“Xiao Ma, what happened to you?” Chen Dong noticed Xiao Ma’s abnormality and asked with a frown.


Xiao Ma’s body trembled and his phone fell to the ground.

But he did not care to pick up the phone, but stood up with a start.

Excited and ecstatic, he said, “Dong, Brother Dong …… we, our company is saved!”


Chen Dong was puzzled, now the Chen family’s side had not yet come out with results.

He was all desperately trying to stall for time.

How could Dingtai be saved?

Seeing Chen Dong’s confusion, Xiao Ma hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and ran to Chen Dong in excitement.

“Look, it’s Qing Ying International …… them, they intend to invest in the west of the city! And it’s still the same as when Yike announced its move in, it’s to build a large CBD commercial complex, the price of our west of the city …… is stable!”

Because of too much excitement, Xiao Ma’s voice was trembling and stuttering.


Chen Dong was struck by lightning.

In a flash the brain went blank.

Qing Ying International, that was a super company!

But when he saw the name of the chairman on the news headline, his face instantly became complicated and odd.

This …… seems to be eating soft food again, huh?


Chapter 138

Clearshot International, that is a big international company.

It was also engaged in international trade and big infrastructure projects.

But Chen Dong had never thought that Gu Qingying’s boss was actually the chairman of Qingying International!

Moreover, he did not think that Gu Guohua had really decided to invest because he was mindful of his hometown, as the news had said.

If Gu Guohua could keep Yingli Building Materials, he was already thinking of his feelings.

If he really wanted to invest in the city, with the volume of Qingying International, what would he have done long ago?

The city is full of good locations, with the energy of ClearShadow International, if they wanted to invest, what locations in the city could they not pick?

Why would he pick the western part of the city, which has just started to undergo redevelopment?

This is clearly a deliberate attempt to boost his Dingtai!

What Yike had failed to do, it had done directly.

Moreover, Qingying International could definitely lift up Chengxi.

“It’s stable, we’re stable now!”

Xiao Ma couldn’t restrain himself and laughed like a madman: “Brother Dong, I, I’ll go out and tell the guys!”

Not long after Xiao Ma rushed out, cheers rang out from outside the office.

No one doubted that Qing Ying International could hold the west side of the city steady.

And the way things were going, as long as we could stabilise the property prices in the western part of the city, Din Tai would be able to hit glory again!

Listening to the deafening cheers, Chen Dong’s face was complicated and odd, wanting to smile, but a little unable to do so.

With his character, he had never liked to rely on women.

But this time ……

Chen Dong smiled as if he was relieved, the stone in his heart settled and rubbed his nose: “This soft rice …… really smells good.”

With the news release of Qing Ying International, it was placed on top and floated red.

Within a short period of time, it set off a big storm in the whole city.

It was as if a nuclear bomb had smashed the city.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

No one expected that Qing Ying International would suddenly announce its investment in the west of the city!

Moreover, it was a project that had been shelved by Yike.

Everyone knew that the property prices in the western part of the city would not plummet!

With the energy of Qing Ying International, even Yike could not match it.

After all, one is playing internationally and the other is just a domestic leader.

The difference is clear to see!

And those home buyers who were still celebrating the success of the withdrawal in their front feet were bombarded by this heavy bombshell, their brains buzzed and they couldn’t come back to their senses for half a day.

After the departure of Yike, here comes Qingying International, are all these big companies so good at playing?

The house price will not fall, then the withdrawal contract in hand?

For a while, the buyers who had successfully withdrawn from their homes were all repentant, beating their chests.

Some of those who reacted quickly even went back to the sales centres, only to find that the four sales centres of Dingtai were already locked.

In fact, at the time the news broke.

In fact, at the time the news broke, there were still about 10% of the purchasers at the four sales centres combined who had not gone through the withdrawal procedures.

And when the news broke, all the remaining withdrawals were immediately dispersed in a heartbeat.

Even those who were in the process of withdrawing from their homes forcibly tore up their contracts and turned around and left.

Those who did not complete the withdrawal process were secretly delighted.

They knew clearly that once Clear Shadows International moved in, the house in their hands was not destined to drop in price, and they had earned what they should have earned!

After sending the last customer away, all four sales centres closed their doors and went out of business.

This made those who wanted to buy back their houses, but had no way to do so, so they had to beat their chests and cry out in regret.

In just one morning.

The arrival of Qingying International was like a big earthquake, pulling the hearts of people all over the city to tremble viciously.

And all the public opinion, from the previous slander of the west side of the city, has once again evolved into touting a good view.

This, coupled with the fact that the news media squatted at the four major sales centres in the morning and released the video of the home buyers who didn’t back out of their homes cheering at the end, made the public opinion bullish on the west side of the city even more intense.

Zun Long Real Estate.

The a*sistant excitedly pushed open Zhou Zun Long’s office door.

“Mr Zhou, it’s gone up, our company’s share price has gone up!”

Zhou Zun Long had a complicated expression and did not show too much shock.

At this moment, he suddenly had some clarity on what Elder Long had said when he came to him earlier.

He waved his hand and let his a*sistant go out.

Zhou Zun Long rubbed his face, smiled bitterly in despondency and murmured, “The same breath, I am really tied to Chen Dong ah …… fate this kind of thing, really make people inscrutable oh.”

On the other hand, inside the huge office.

Zhou Yanqiu face sullenly staring at the computer screen, not moving.

But his fluttering eyes showed the ups and downs of his heart at this time.

On the computer was the news of ClearShadow International moving into the west of the city.

With his sense of smell, he naturally understood what this meant.

Half a day.

Zhou Yanqiu picked up his cigar and slowly lit it, but after taking a puff, he felt the incomparable bitterness of the smoke in his mouth.

He put down the cigar smoke and murmured in a deep voice, “Gone is Yike, come is Qingying International, it really is the gods coming down to earth, a Chen family, a Qingying International, Chen Dong ah Chen Dong …… how many gods are standing behind this true dragon of yours?”

The city is a small place, how can you be such a real dragon? What exactly is the origin of the Chen family and you? I took land in the west of the city to lift you at a time of crisis, will you erase that last incident because of this land?”

A series of questions made Zhou Yanqiu’s expression more and more despondent.

Once Chen Dong was just the vice president of a small real estate company under him, and that was the place where he gave his wife’s brother a pension.

How could he have ever imagined that Chen Dong would give him surprise after surprise?

Or …… scares!

Several families are happy and several are sad.

A news story that swept the city.

It made the whole city shake.

In the afternoon, the voice of public opinion became more and more violent.

Some people had even started to be certain that the property prices in the west of the city would rise again.

Such claims made those who had successfully withdrawn from the property want to die, and some even went straight to the Dingtai Company, intending to buy back the property immediately.

But Chen Dong had let the company go on holiday early.

He let Xiao Ma take the company’s staff to have a good relaxation.

In these two short days, everyone at Din Tai was someone who had followed him on a trip through hell!

Now that Qing Ying International had entered the market and Din Tai had come back from the dead, it was time for everyone to celebrate.

As for himself, he went to the Four Seals Club alone.

Soft food was good, but thanks were due.

If Gu Guohua hadn’t helped him out at this critical moment, he really wasn’t sure that he would have been able to last until his father and Old Lady Chen had split the difference.

When he saw Gu Qingying, Chen Dong gave Gu Qingying a direct and fierce hug.

He knew clearly that it was Gu Qingying’s fault!

After having a meal with Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua’s couple to express his gratitude, Chen Dong left, he still had to arrange the follow-up plan for Dingtai.

The incident had happened so suddenly that he had not prepared what he should have prepared, but he was sure that he would solemnly host a banquet to thank Gu Guohua.

The couple didn’t find anything wrong with this.

By the time Chen Dong left, night had fallen.

Gu Guohua and his wife looked at Gu Qingying, who was all smiles, and smiled along with them.

“This girl, we’ve finally seen a smile for once in the past two days.” Li Wanqing said heartily.

Gu Guohua nodded: “Alas …… women are too big to stay, ah, to talk about a boyfriend and come up and spend billions on dad.”

Hearing this, Gu Qingying smiled happily and gave her parents a hug: “Thank you mum and dad, I love you guys the most.”

Gu Guohua and his family laughed out loud.

“I’m going to check the news.” Gu Guohua got up and walked towards the computer.

He would watch the news every morning and evening to keep up with international current affairs.

But when he clicked on the webpage, his body shook violently and his face changed abruptly.

At the same time.

Another heavy bombshell, like a meteorite falling to the ground.

It appeared silently but with enough momentum to shake the heavens and earth, bombarding the city once again.