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Winner Takes All Chapter 14-16

Chapter 14

The night breeze was slightly cool.

The sky was drizzling with rain.

Wang Nan Nan looked at her phone lost in thought, Chen Dong’s reply letter seemed like a sharp knife stabbing at her heart.

“Sister, go inside, people are still waiting.” Wang Hao didn’t know about the WeChat and urged.

Wang Nan Nan raised her hand, wiped away the tear traces from the corners of her eyes, walked towards the restaurant, slowly tilted her head to look at the hazy drizzly night sky, and smiled in despair, “Am I carrying it all alone after all?”

The dining room was a bit dim.

The hazy and dim lighting, with soothing and melodious music, made the restaurant the best place for couples to date.

In the corner, Old Li leaned lazily on the sofa, stroking a handful of Mediterranean hair every now and then, looking at the picture of Wang Nan Nan with a lustful smile.

At his age, marriage was already considered super late.

But he didn’t mind, and he didn’t want to get married because he hadn’t had enough fun.

His sister had married a rich brother-in-law, and the help of his sister and brother-in-law had made his living conditions very privileged.

Before, when he was the boss of Din Tai, he used his power and didn’t stop sneaking around female subordinates. Even when Din Tai was sold by his brother-in-law, he hid the sky-high contract from his brother-in-law and went to his brother-in-law’s other company the next day to continue as management.

Marriage means responsibility, he can obviously play with women without any fear, so why should he give up the whole forest for a tree?

The reason why he agreed to the blind date tonight was also because he looked at the woman in the photo and was beautiful enough to have strange thoughts.

If he could spend some money and have a night of fun, why not?

“Hello, may I ask if you are Mr. Li?”

Wang Nan Nan frowned at the old Li in front of her and felt a strong disgust.

Older, balding, with an extremely poor image of his figure, she had just witnessed Old Li smiling like that at her picture.

What’s more, the old man in front of her was also Chen Dong’s top boss.

All this made her resist beyond measure.

“You’re Wang Nan Nan?” When Old Li saw Wang Nan Nan, he instantly lit up and was lost in thought for a while.

Wang Nan Nan was indeed beautiful, no matter her figure and appearance and age, she was at her prime moment as a woman.

Still, Old Li quickly returned to his senses and pretended to be a gentleman as he got up and pulled out a chair for Wang Nan Nan: “Please have a seat, Miss Wang.”

Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face was indifferent as she settled down and returned a faint “thank you”.

In response, Old Li didn’t mind and smiled as he took his seat, “Let me introduce myself first, my name is Li Dabao, Miss Wang is much prettier in person than in her photos.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled politely.


Old Li snapped his fingers, “Waiter, order.”

After receiving the menu from the waiter, he handed it to Wang Nan Nan and then stubbed out the waiter.

“Feel free to order whatever Miss Wang likes, I’ll pay the bill.”

Wang Nan Nan picked up the menu and didn’t have the heart to order, casually browsing through it, she just didn’t want to look at Old Li’s greasy and lustful old face, while thinking of ways to manoeuvre.

Suddenly, a large hand touched the back of Wang Nan Nan’s hand.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and she was so frightened that she hurriedly leaned back, “Mr Li, what are you doing?”

“Miss Wang’s hand is so tender and smooth.” Old Li smiled lecherously and withdrew his right hand, placing it on the tip of his nose and sniffing it, not caring about Wang Nan Nan’s exclaiming, but saying blandly, “Say, what’s the price?”


Wang Nan Nan was stunned.

“Name a price!” Old Li didn’t bother to cover it up any further, “I want you tonight!”


Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face turned white as if she had been struck by lightning.

Wasn’t this a blind date?

A strong sense of humiliation exploded.

She slammed the menu on the table and said in a cold voice, “Mr. Li, are you insulting me? If you come with such sincerity, I don’t think there’s any point in going on with this blind date.”

“Don’t F**king pretend, do you think it’s polite for me to call you Miss Wang?” Old Li gave an odd smile.

Wang Nan Nan snapped to attention, Miss …… had another meaning!

Her expression was abruptly cold to the extreme, and a surge of anger rose up.

“Women like you, I’ve seen a lot of them, doing things in the name of matchmaking when I don’t know?”

Old Li chuckled to himself and said, “That old B*tch surnamed Zhang is a pimp, right? When she introduced you to me, the word “money” was in every sentence, as if she would send you to my house as soon as I paid.

Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face changed greatly, her beautiful eyes instantly flooded with mist.

How on earth did Mom introduce me?

I’m her daughter! How could she say that?

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan’s heart was like a knife and her mind was blank.

“Sorry, I’ll go first.” What was left of her sanity made her drop a cold sentence, turn around and leave.


Old Li suddenly stormed up and yanked Wang Nan Nan’s wrist: “What are you leaving for? The prey I’ve F**king set my eyes on, you still want to run away?”

“Ah! Let go of me.”

Wang Nan Nan was completely panicked, her mind suddenly thought of Chen Dong and she screamed out loud, “Li Dabao, I am your company Chen Dong’s wife!”

“Don’t F**king scream, what’s the point of you being reserved? Don’t you just want money?”

Old Li was still unrelenting, once he heard that Wang Nan Nan was Chen Dong’s wife, his eyes instantly lit up, “Good, that Chen Dong kid still dares to be bold with me, his wife does this kind of thing, his head is all green and prairie, right?”

Before this, he didn’t know much about Wang Nan Nan, and for the three years Chen Dong had worked at Dingtai, Wang Nan Nan had never been to the company, so Old Li didn’t know Wang Nan Nan at all.

However, now that he had this connection with Chen Dong, it reinforced his idea that he had to get Wang Nan Nan tonight.

This was also considered revenge against Chen Dong!

Old Li laughed wildly and backhandedly took out three piles of thick banknotes from his satchel and smashed them into Wang Nan Nan’s arms, “Here’s 30,000, all for you!”

“B*****d, beast!”

Wang Nan Nan exploded, her features almost twisted as she struggled desperately to get up, viciously picking up the banknotes and smashing them into Old Li’s face.

All the humiliation, all the anger, all the aggression, this moment exploded with a bang.

Old Li was caught off guard and was smashed in the face with three piles of banknotes, and stumbled backwards with a scream, while letting go of Wang Nan Nan.

Wang Nan Nan cried out and ran out of the hotel as the crowd watched.

In the Audi, Wang Hao, who was playing King’s Glory, raised his eyes and saw Wang Nan Nan running out in tears, and was immediately shocked.

He hurriedly got out of the car and rushed up, “Sister, what happened?”

“Don’t F**king follow me!”

Wang Nan Nan cried out and ran away, leaving Wang Hao in a daze.

It was raining even harder, and every now and then there were explosive thunderclaps.

Wang Nan Nan ran and cried all the way, letting the rain wet her whole body, incomparably wretched.

Everything tonight had humiliated her, ruined her confidence and pride, and made her so desperate that she wanted to kill herself.

Finally, she got tired of running and sat down on her butt on the side of the road.

Looking at the empty road, she suddenly didn’t know where to go, as if she had been abandoned by the world.

Suddenly, a glimmer of light came into her eyes.

Hastily pulling out her mobile phone, she dialled Chen Dong’s number.

Duh ……

As soon as the phone rang, it was hung up by the other party.

Undeterred, Wang Nan Nan continued to dial, but after one ring, it was hung up again.

After repeating this several times, teary-eyed Wang Nan Nan finally couldn’t take it anymore and found Chen Dong’s WeChat and sent a WeChat over.

“Chen Dong! Are you so heartless? At least we are a couple, don’t you have the courage to call me? I need you, I want you to stay with me!”

After waiting for five minutes, there was still no reply from WeChat.

Wang Nan Nan kept sobbing, her delicate body trembling, looking at the phone screen, gritting her teeth and sending another WeChat.

“Stay with me, okay? Answer my calls, too. Do you know who my blind date is tonight? It’s your company boss Li Dabao, he wants to insult me, he treats me like a lady!”

There was another long wait, and when Wang Nan Nan was about to break down completely, WeChat finally replied.


“What a mother F**ker!”

In the rental room, after replying to Wang Nan Nan’s WeChat, Chen Dong’s face was ugly to the extreme, his chest oppressed.

His eyes were narrowed, glowing with a cold light, and his right hand was clacking his phone.

“Is this a humiliation?”

As he murmured, he picked up his phone and dialled Elder Long’s number.

Chapter 15

Hang up the phone.

Chen Dong’s gaze deepened into silence.

A cold frost still covered his face.

He didn’t know how Wang Nan Nan had gone on a blind date with Old Li, but Old Li still insisted on treating Wang Nan Nan as a lady after he knew that she was his ex-wife.

That was humiliating him!

Chen Dong was not a character who dragged his feet, after being humiliated like this, was it hard to put up with it?

Looking at Wang Nan Nan’s avatar on WeChat, he sent back another WeChat.

“If you guys haven’t bought a house for Wang Hao yet, I suggest you go to the shantytown west of the city early tomorrow morning and buy a set, maybe you can help Wang Hao get enough for the bride price.”

The shantytown in the west of the city was an old town, and property prices had not been high, and had even been on the decline in the last year.

With the Wang family’s financial resources, it was enough to buy a suite.

Moreover, he believed that once tomorrow pa*sed, the property prices in the west of the city would definitely go up against the market.

It was true that Lin Xue’er asked Wang Hao for a lot of bride price, but if the Wang family was smart enough to buy a suite in the west of the city and wait until the price of housing rose before making an offer, it would almost be enough to get the bride price together.

However, after sending this WeChat, Chen Dong smiled to himself, “With my previous status in your Wang family, perhaps you will take this statement of mine as a fart?”

He didn’t bother to care anymore, he got up and headed out, to this extent, even if the Wang family didn’t listen, it was still his benevolent duty to do so.

The rain was falling even harder.

When Chen Dong walked downstairs, the black Rolls Royce Phantom was parked on the side of the road.

After getting into the car, Chen Dong glanced at Elder Long and said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

“Young Master, when is the release tomorrow?” As the Rolls Royce drove up, Elder Long asked calmly, but the look he gave Chen Dong carried a few moments of appreciation.

To be able to think of such a high-handed move, making a deal that was originally a blood loss, turn into a steady profit.

Such ability and boldness was proof enough of Chen Dong’s excellence.

Even those members of the family who had grown up with an elite education might not have been able to think of this move.

Leaning on a big tree is a good way to ride on the coolness, and it was proven in Chen Dong’s case.

But those younger members of the family still grew up with their backs to the big trees all the time!

“Evening.” Chen Dong smiled, “Will doing so make the entire city, sleepless tomorrow night?”

Elder Long froze for a moment, and then laughed oddly, “Young Master, that’s a bit damaging.”

Half an hour later.

The Rolls Royce Phantom pulled up on the road outside a clubhouse.

The famous clubhouse had always given people the impression that it was high-end, and those who could enter and leave it were either rich or noble.

But the so-called high-end also means that some aspects of the quality and service are also high-end, which is what attracts some of the rich and powerful outside of business transactions to flock here.

Old Li, for one, is one of them.

During his three years at Din Tai, Chen Dong knew very well that Old Li spent at least seven out of ten days at the prestigious clubhouse, coming more often than he even went home.

After waiting for five minutes.

Chen Dong, who was sitting in the car, then saw through the rain curtain that several people had racked Old Li out of the prestigious clubhouse.

Under the lights, Old Li was wearing a bathrobe and looked terrified, screaming and struggling at the same time.

But the security guards at the entrance of the clubhouse were ignoring all this.

“Long Lao wait a moment, I will be back soon.” Chen Dong got out of the car.

When he walked into the alleyway next to him, Old Li’s pig-killing screams and a muffled sound that sounded like a sandbag hitting were echoing inside.

“Don’t fight, please don’t fight, who the hell did I P*ss off? Who the hell are you?” Old Li wailed in pain.

The five men who were beating him also stopped, gathered around Old Li and did not make a sound.

The invisible pressure made Old Li’s fat, greasy body curl up into a ball and shiver.

But he was still in a daze.

After his failed blind date with Wang Nan Nan, he had a lot of anger in his stomach, which was why he had turned around and come to the prestigious club.

He was in the middle of a shower when these five strong men rushed in, wrapped him in a bathrobe and took him outside.

What was even more frightening to him was that from the beginning to the end, no one from the club had intervened.

This was a disaster!

He knew exactly who the owner behind the clubhouse was, and a big shot like that didn’t dare to intervene in such a matter that would damage the clubhouse’s reputation?

“You’ve messed with me!”

The familiar voice caused Old Li’s body to tremble, and he looked incredulously out into the crowd, thinking he had heard wrong.

Chen Dong pushed aside the people and slowly walked up to Old Li: “There is a price to pay for humiliating me.”

“Chen Dong?!”

Old Li’s eyes rounded in shock as he pointed at the five people in front of him, “This, this is all your doing?”

Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and twisted his head, “Make him believe believe.”

The five men instantly pounced on Old Li and punched and kicked him again.

Screams of misery echoed.

Five minutes later, the five men stopped and Old Li was already bruised and swollen into a pig’s head.

“Believe it now?” Chen Dong asked.

Old Li nodded, but immediately afterwards he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood froth and laughed: “Hahaha …… paralyzed, I really saw you off, after three years of being a dog by my side, you actually managed to buy Dingtai out.”

Regarding the purchase of Din Tai, Lao Li asked his brother-in-law afterwards, but what he got was his brother-in-law’s secrecy.

However, he was clear about Chen Dong’s ability, so it was definitely impossible for Chen Dong to buy Dingtai, but it made sense that someone high up saw Chen Dong’s ability as a dog and secretly supported him.

Chen Dong looked at Old Li indifferently and did not make a sound.

Old Li swept a glance at the surrounding people and sneered: “A dog is a dog, just turned over a new leaf, but you’re still taking the tone up, hiring these five bodyguards cost a lot of money, right? You really think highly of yourself!”

With that, he pointed at the five men and sneered, “You guys, what kind of dogs are you playing for this son of a B*tch? I’ll give you double the money he’s paying you, so beat him to death!”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, this B*****d’s wife is out for sale, and that Din Tai company he took over is about to go bankrupt and close down after I signed a sky-high contract, you guys follow him, be careful you won’t even get paid!”

“Wang Nan Nan and I are already divorced, but you used him to humiliate me, that’s how you deserve to die!”

A cold light flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes and his tone was icy, “Besides, with your waste, you might think that Dingtai will definitely go bankrupt, but let me tell you, with me, Chen Dong, Dingtai will only get stronger and stronger!”

Old Li froze.

Chen Dong, however, did not pay any attention and got up to leave.

Behind him, Old Li came back to his senses and sneered loudly, “Hahahaha …… you’re F**king laughing my a*s off, a 30 million dollar contract with a blood loss, you think you’re a god and can turn the tide? You’re dead! You wait for me, when your Dingtai bankruptcy collapses, you become a dog in the streets, I will find someone to break your legs, let you live worse than death!”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, once tomorrow arrives, we’ll see if I can turn the tide!

He slowly walked out of the alley with his hands in his trouser pockets.

Immediately afterwards, the alley once again resounded with Old Li’s pig-like screams.

Chapter 16

Wang Nan Nan returned home disoriented, drenched and in a terrible mess.

As soon as he entered the house, his parents and his brother Wang Hao in the living room all stood up.

“You’ve finally given up and come back?” Zhang Xiuzhi said in a deep voice, “I let you go on a blind date, and you actually have a temper?”

Wang Nan Nan’s body trembled as she looked at Zhang Xiuzhi in shock, “Mom, do you know what happened?”

“Yes, Xiao Hao told me as soon as he came back.”

Zhang Xiuzhi pointed at Wang Hao, but her next words caused Wang Nan Nan to hold back her tears no longer, “What’s wrong with a little touch? If you don’t come back tonight, I’ll be able to save my mind, and if the blind date is successful, we’ll have our bride price for Xiao Hao.”

“Mom, what do you take me for?” Wang Nan Nan cried out.

Wang De’s face sank and he glared at Zhang Xiuzhi, “Why are you saying this in front of the child?”

“She was born to me, how come I can’t say it?” Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was full of colour as she crossed her arms and said, “If she messes up this matchmaking thing, what about Xiao Hao’s bride price? She can’t even help her brother with such a small task, and she won’t let me talk about it?”

A series of questions left Wang De speechless.

But Wang Nan Nan also heard out that Wang Hao must not know what really happened in the restaurant, after she ran away, Wang Hao must have heard Li Dabao’s evasive side of the story.

Secretly chagrined, Wang Nan Nan was about to explain.

“Sister, are you going to help me or not?”

Wang Hao suddenly cried out in anguish, “I’m your own brother, if you can’t help me, Xue’er and I can’t get married, what’s the point of living? I might as well die!”

“If Xiao Hao dies, there’s no point for us to live, we might as well die together!” Zhang Xiuzhi echoed and cried out.

The family was in an uproar.

Faced with a brother and mother who were looking for death, Wang Nan Nan simply broke down, grabbing her hair and squatting on the floor, crying loudly.

“Nan Nan, Dad has to advise you, look at your mother and brother like this, can’t you as a sister be a little more resigned?” Wang De said in a serious tone, “You were supposed to be dating Li Dabao, Dad knows you’re resistant, but it’s not like you ran away when someone accidentally touched your hand, right?”

“Dad ……” Wang Nan Nan was aggrieved to the extreme, was that really just a touch?

I’ve been treated like a lady!

She was also clear that it was too late to explain anything now, she was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, she thought of Chen Dong’s WeChat, and with the idea of curing a dead horse, she said with a sobbing voice: “Dad, why don’t we buy Xiao Hao a suite in the west of the city? Maybe if the price of housing in the west of the city goes up, Xiao Hao’s bride price will be there!”

Wang De’s face sank.

Zhang Xiuzhi directly cursed: “Buying a house in the west of the city, are you blinded by lard? How can the price of a house go up? It can’t go up even if the sky is falling! I’d be a fool to buy a house there!”

“Sister, are you crazy? How can Xue’er agree to us buying a house there in a dirty and messy place like the shantytown in the west of the city?” Wang Hao echoed, “I’m your own brother, you’re my own sister, even if you don’t help me, you don’t have to harm me, right?”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were hazy with tears, and her silver teeth were biting her red lips so tightly that blood was oozing out.

She knew what the shantytown west of the city was, and even doubted the authenticity of Chen Dong’s weibo.

But this is also a solution to a pressing problem, the price of housing in the shantytown west of the city is cheap, and the money left over after buying the house can make up for part of the bride price.

What else could she do?

Could she not really sell it?

“That’s enough! You two have no end to this, you’re making a big fuss over a nice home!”

Wang De couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “If it doesn’t work, we can think of another way.”

“Then you think of one? You’re just a teacher, why don’t you give us a lot of money to marry Hao? Otherwise, do you still want to be extinct?”

Zhang Xiuzhi shoved Wang De, and his words made Wang De’s face turn white.

Wang De was a teacher and believed in the great principle that there are no descendants for unfilial children, and such a thing was even worse than killing him.

Scratching his hair in annoyance, Wang De slapped himself hard: “Then I’ll go out of my way to borrow from my old friends, and I can’t scrape together a bride price?”

“You don’t have to pay back what you borrowed?” Zhang Xiuzhi yelled at the top of her lungs.

Wang Nan Nan looked at her mother with red eyes, her face pale, and she was suddenly in a trance.

Borrowed money to be repaid?

So you can let your daughter go out and sell it?


The next day, Wang De went out early in the morning to borrow money, the events of last night made his head spin, but Zhang Xiuzhi’s words poked him where it hurts, so he could only pull down his old face and borrow money everywhere.

Wang Nan Nan didn’t sleep all night and her eyes were puffy from crying, but she still left home full of fatigue and went to work.

After three years of marriage to Chen Dong, she did not become a housewife, but found a very easy job as a receptionist in a company, working from 9 to 5 and earning more than 3,000 yuan a month.

With Chen Dong taking care of the family, she earned all her wages as pocket money.

However, after the divorce with Chen Dong, this $3,000 is all she earns.

After what happened last night, Wang Nan Nan was still in a trance as she walked down the road, looking at the flow of people coming and going, she sobbed a little and took out her mobile phone to post a friend circle: After all, I carried it all alone.

Soon after, this message received a succession of likes and various words of comfort.

This calmed down Wang Nan Nan’s mood a little.

And at Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong looked at the dynamic posted by Wang Nan Nan in his circle of friends and suddenly felt a little funny.

Putting down his phone, he focused on the matter of the renovation project of the shantytown in the west of the city, the news was going to be released tonight, and he would not allow any mistakes to be made.

In the blink of an eye, it was six o’clock in the evening.

People who had been busy all day were in front of the TV in the living room, watching the local news and relaxing and resting their bodies after a long day.

“The latest news from Yike Group is that it is ready to move into the city and establish a large urban commercial complex plaza, the initial site is in the old city west of the city, which will boost the city’s economic development, and subsequently around the urban commercial complex, Yike Group will have more detailed plans, which this station will track and report.”

A short piece of news, but revealing a heavyweight news.

It was as if a heavy bomb had bombarded the whole city.

Yike Group, that is now the number one leading real estate company in the country!

Its presence in the city, everyone knew what it meant.

The shantytown west of the city …… is going up in price!

As the news played, a miserable scream suddenly rang out from all over the place as far as the prestigious club was concerned.

“D*mn it, why is this happening? Why is this happening? Ah ……”

And at the Wang family.

When Wang Nan Nan dragged her tired body back home, she found both her parents and Wang Hao sitting in front of the TV.

The three watched the TV in stony silence, and the whole house was silent enough to listen to a needle.

“Is something wrong?” Wang Nan Nan asked.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly whistled shrilly, “Billion, Yike Group is going to run to our place to repair the square, the place is chosen in the shantytown in the west of the city, the house over there …… there is definitely going to increase in price!”

The more you say, the more angry you get, Zhang Xiuzhi’s face is blue.

Wang De even covered his face and sighed repeatedly.

If they had listened to Wang Nan Nan last night, this morning instead of going around licking his face and pretending to be a grandson to borrow money, he would have gone straight to the west of the city to buy a suite.

Then it would be a different scene for their family now that they were reading this news.


Wang Nan Nan’s mind suddenly exploded, her pretty face changed drastically, and she almost screamed out as she raised her hand to cover her mouth.

She took out her phone in a panic and opened Chen Dong’s WeChat, and every word on it hit her eyeballs hard as if it were a heavy hammer.

Really, really he was right?