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Winner Takes All Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141

Chen Dong received a call from Wang Nan Nan.

Work was simply out of order and he was in a bit of a trance.

Even he himself did not know how he left the company.

By the time he came back to his senses, he was already standing outside the Blue Siren Western Restaurant.

A familiar scene, but things had long since changed.

A faint smile, with a strong bitterness.

Chen Dong walked into the western restaurant and saw Wang Nan Nan sitting in the corner by the window from afar.

The breeze, the warm sun, everything was just right.

A long white dress, Wang Nan Nan sat quietly, her long hair draped over her shoulders, serene and breezy.


Seeing Chen Dong, Wang Nan Nan smiled faintly.

Chen Dong nodded and, after taking his seat, asked calmly, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m moving today.”

Wang Nan Nan stretched out and smiled sweetly, “Leaving this city, there’s too much sadness here.”

“It’s good, a change of place and a change of life.” Chen Dong said calmly.

“I’m sorry.”

Wang Nan Nan suddenly said, “Leaving you, I realised all the good you once did for me, it was me who didn’t deserve you, it was me who lost you.”

Chen Dong was stunned, somewhat unexpectedly.

Wang Nan Nan had been spoilt since she was young, and her arrogance was engraved into her bones, so it was hard to imagine that these words would come out of her mouth.

Moreover, they were so sincere and honest.

Time seemed to stop as he and Wang Nan Nan stared at each other.

Half a long time.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “Everything can’t go back to the past.”

After saying that, he got up and headed out.

Wang Nan Nan sat on a chair and watched Chen Dong leave, gradually tears appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She raised her hand, wiped the corners of her eyes, and murmured, “Nan Nan, don’t cry.”

And during this brief meeting between the two, a figure was holding up a mobile phone in the corner of the alley outside the restaurant, capturing the scene between them.


The two of them are in the same room, and the two of them are in the same room.

Wang Nan Nan is just a pa*sing cloud.

Those who abandon me cannot stay, and those who mess with my heart are much troubled.

He had been extremely humble, and all he got in return was the Wang family gaining an inch.

The end of the Wang family today is all just a matter of blame.

The latter three days.

The entry of Qing Ying International and Yike Group continued to ferment and build momentum in the city.

House prices were even more upwardly mobile amid such momentum.

Dingtai, on the other hand, was still undergoing purchase restrictions, with a daily transaction volume of just fifty units, which made home buyers almost mad with anxiety.

What’s more, those who had previously withdrawn from their homes were left pounding their chests with regret.

Everyone knows that this is Din Tai delaying the price of the property, and is trying to wait until the price of the property has risen to a high point, and then proceed with the ma*s pre-sale.

But here’s the weird thing.

The public opinion that the ponies were worried about before, did not appear.

It’s not that it didn’t spread among the population in the city, but …… couldn’t form an opinion in the media.

For three days, all the reports in the city’s major media outlets focused on the entry of Qing Ying International and Yike Group.

As for Dingtai and the property prices in the west of the city, on the contrary, there was very little coverage!

That night.

Chen Dong got off work early.

When he walked downstairs to the company, the Rolls Royce was already waiting at the curb.

Getting into the car, Chen Dong asked, “Elder Long, are all the gifts ready?”

“As the young master ordered, everything has been prepared.” Elder Long smiled faintly.

Kunlun, who was driving the car, snickered, “Young master, such a grand and thick gift, are you trying to propose marriage?”

“Cut the crap.”

Chen Dong smiled and said, “Little Shadow’s father has helped me so much this time, no less than a life-saving gift, what is a mere gift worth?”

Tonight, it was time for him to set up a banquet to thank Gu Guohua for saving his life.

Dingtai was in crisis this time, the building was already tumbling.

Even if his father had finally suppressed Mrs Chen and allowed Yike Group to re-enter the city.

But Gu Guohua was able to help him when he was languishing and about to die, a kindness for which he must be grateful.

He must be grateful for this kindness.

Not to mention such a life-saving favour!


Elder Long smiled faintly and said with deep eyes, “However, if young master really wants to propose a marriage, old slave can prepare a generous gift for young master, and this generous gift will definitely make the Gu family happy.”

“What kind of gift?” Chen Dong was puzzled.

Elder Long smiled noncommittally and turned to Kunlun, “Kunlun, still not driving? It seems that the young master already has plans to propose marriage to the Gu family?”

With a single word, it made Chen Dong’s old face flush.

Kun Lun, who was driving, even laughed out loud.

The Four Seals Clubhouse.

Inside the small bamboo forest courtyard, the lights were bright.

The sound of the zither echoed and the fragrance of sandalwood lingered.

In the dining room, Gu Qingying’s family and Lord Meng and Zheng Guote took their seats.

From time to time, Gu Qingying looks out and casts her head in anticipation.

Li Wanqing was beside her, holding her hand and listening quietly to the conversation between the three Gu Guowans.

“Old Meng, really, really want me to bow my head and apologise?” Zheng Guote’s face was torn, still somewhat reluctant.

He was a master of Chinese painting, internationally renowned and of superlative status.

In ordinary times, even in the homes of powerful and wealthy people, he was a guest of honour, standing tall and enjoying the flattery of those around him.

To ask him to bow down and apologise to a young man of 20 years of age, he could not bear to do so in his heart.

Even if he knew that he was wrong.

At the sound of his voice.

Gu Guohua also frowned at Lord Meng: ”Old Meng, it shouldn’t be that serious, right? Big deal, Xiao Ying and I will help Old Zheng to say something.”

Gu Qingying nodded back and said, “Right Uncle Meng, Chen Dong is very generous.”

She knew that Zheng Guodian’s age and position was such that it was indeed too much of a stretch to ask him to apologise to Chen Dong.

Lord Meng sat loftily and smiled faintly, “That’s all I have to say, old Zheng, I am thinking of you, weigh it yourself, the Qian Tang Journey can indeed be given away casually with Chen Dong’s wealth, but there are some things that you see that are not necessarily true.”

Zheng Guohan’s face reddened and he bowed his head in contemplation.

Gu Guohua looked odd and said, “Old Meng, I said what the hell is wrong with you and Old Liu? One is hiding in the shadows, what can’t be put on the table?”

Lord Meng gave Gu Guohua a sidelong glance and smiled noncommittally.

Put it on the table?

If you really put it on the stage, I dare say, do you dare to believe it?

If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have dared to believe Chen Dong’s identity and family history.

In fact, with Lord Meng’s energy, it was as easy as pie to investigate.

But what the information showed was that Chen Dong had been an orphan since birth, living with his mother, poor and destitute, and climbing step by step to where he was today.

An unfortunate marriage almost killed Chen Dong’s mother.

The transformation that he underwent during this period was so great that even Lord Meng could not help but smile.

Not waiting for Gu Guohua to continue to ask questions, Zheng Guojia sighed, “I, I’ll try.”

At that very moment.

Outside the door, there came a voice.

“Boss, Chen Dong has arrived.”

At the sound of the voice.

Lord Meng stood up in a tentative manner, as if he had been electrocuted.

This scene made several people present all startled.

Wasn’t this reaction …… a little too big?


Chapter 142

When Chen Dong walked into the hall.

He happened to see Gu Qingying and the others standing in the hall room waiting.

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly and greeted her, holding Chen Dong’s arm, “Big fool, coming so late, my father and the others are waiting.”

It seemed to be a complaint, but in reality she knew clearly that Dingtai had just survived a big crisis, and it was the time when Chen Dong was working heavily.

Saying so was also a direct way to find a step for Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled apologetically at Gu Guohua and the others, “Sorry uncle and aunt, uncle Meng, uncle Zheng, the company had too many things to deal with, so I came a little late.”

“No harm no foul, now that everyone is here, let’s all sit down.”

Gu Guohua smiled bashfully and glanced at Lord Meng suspiciously.

A moment ago, Lord Meng had walked quickly to the hall to greet them, which allowed several of them to follow suit.

A few pleasantries were exchanged.

Only when Lord Meng saw Gu Guohua let take his seat did he come forward and give Chen Dong a faint smile, extending his right hand, “Chen Dong, we meet again.”

“Uncle Meng.”

Chen Dong smiled and shook Lord Meng’s hand.

This greeting alone caused Gu Guohua, Li Wanqing and Zheng Guote to all be confused.

Lord Meng’s greeting seemed to be unobtrusive.

But those who knew him well knew that there were really very few people who could make Lord Meng greet them like that.

Zheng Guote, in particular, looked at Chen Dong and Lord Meng with an even more complicated look.

Chen Dong, however, said, “Uncle and auntie, last time I came in a hurry and was not prepared enough, so I have prepared a small gift tonight to apologise to uncle and auntie.”

The crowd paused in their steps.

Li Wanqing smiled gently, “You child, I told you last time that it was fine if you came, so why go to the trouble of preparing any gifts?”

Chen Dong smiled warmly, “You have to, you are Xiao Ying’s parents, all the courtesies have to be there.”

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing looked at each other, and no longer argued.

Chen Dong had a heart for them, and they couldn’t brush it off.

Slap ……

Chen Dong clapped his hands.

In an instant, footsteps sounded in the small courtyard outside the hall.

A crowd of people entered in a single file, and the sound was not too loud.

And behind the crowd, Elder Long and Kunlun also stepped forward quickly.

Holding the gift list, Elder Long read aloud.

“A pair of thousand-year-old ginseng!”

“A pair of thousand-year-old blood corals!”

“One eighteen-eyed dzi bead!”


In the small courtyard, the sound of Elder Long reciting the gift list echoed.

As the attendants opened the boxes carried into the courtyard, the dazzling array of gifts were instantly imprinted into everyone’s eyes.


Even Gu Guohua and the others in the hall, who had seen a lot of the world, were struck by lightning and froze like wooden chickens.

This …… was a small gift?

Which of the gifts on the gift list were not extremely expensive?

If this is a modest gift, then what is Tang Yin’s Qiantang Traveling Picture that he gave last time?

The long list of gifts echoed endlessly.

And, the further it went, the more precious the gift became.

“An authentic copy of the ‘Peaceful Post’ by the Calligraphy Saint Wang Xizhi!”


When Elder Long read out the last gift.

Its sound was like heavenly thunder, rolling and exploding.

In the hall room, the three members of Gu Qingying’s family and Lord Meng were frozen as if they were wooden chickens.

The moment Zheng Guote heard the Peaceful Post, his face even turned fiercely red and he shivered.

“The authentic ‘Peaceful Post’? Back then, it fetched a heavenly price of three hundred million!”

A low voice exclaimed, but it fell clearly into the ears of everyone present.

Three hundred million dollars for a piece of calligraphy?

What kind of gift is this?

“The gift is over!”

Elder Long’s voice echoed, closing the gift list and turning around to leave.

The group of people quickly left the small courtyard, leaving only a large box and a dazzling array of gifts.

The time it took to recite the gift list was neither long nor short.

But even after Elder Long and the others had left, none of the people in the hall had returned to their senses.

Half a day.

Zheng Guote, who was trembling, was the first to rush to the gift box and picked up the topmost bite of the small box.

Inside was the “Peace Post”.

After carefully examining it for a while, Zheng Guote’s body trembled even more, breathing heavily: “Really, it’s really that 300-million-dollar sky-high calligraphy post!”

A startled cry caused Gu Guohua and the others to finally come back to their senses.

Gu Qingying covered her mouth with her jade hand, her face full of shock.

The two Gu Guowas and Lord Meng, all looked at Chen Dong in astonishment.

“Child …… this, how many of these gifts are there? What kind of thin gift is it?”

Gu Guohua’s voice was trembling a little, a pair of character posters was 300 million, plus other gifts, that was simply a sky-high price!

With his wealth, a few hundred million was a small target, but it wasn’t like giving a small target out for a gift to someone.

Four hundred and eighty million!

Chen Dong had a number in mind, but he did not care in the slightest and was satisfied with the gift prepared by Elder Long this time.

He was not short of money, and the Chen family was even less short of money!

A mere four hundred and eighty million dollars was nothing compared to the oil fields that his father would send out at the drop of a hat.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were Gu Qingying’s parents, in his mind, a mere $400 million to $80 million was not enough.

The gift had a price, but the sentiment was priceless!

Chen Dong smiled faintly and said calmly, “Uncle, it’s not much money, it’s just a small token of my appreciation.”

The corners of Gu Guohua’s eyes jumped wildly, and the way he looked at Chen Dong changed.

Li Wanqing even hurriedly said, “Chen Dong, we appreciate your feelings, but this gift is too expensive, you just started your career now, you can’t be so generous.”

A few hundred million was nothing to the Gu family.

But in Li Wanqing’s mind, this money was big money in Chen Dong’s hands.

Instead of giving it to them, it would obviously be better spent on business!

“Uncle and aunt’s love for me is a life-saving gift, a small gift, Chen Dong would only be too little, not too much.” Chen Dong shook his head.

Qing Ying International’s entry into the city was entirely run to save his Ding Tai.

The value of the gift he sent was just a drop in the bucket compared to what ClearShadow International had given.

“You’re such a big fool!” Gu Qingying woke up with a start and the way she looked at Chen Dong changed.

“Little Shadow, no nonsense!” Li Wanqing’s beautiful eyes glared, scaring Gu Qingying into spitting out her tongue.

Seeing that Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were still going to retort, Lord Meng spoke out, “Old Gu, the man Chen Dong has the intention to pay his respects to you, just accept it.”

“But ……” Gu Guohua’s lips mumbled.

Lord Meng looked solemn: “You have spent billions, get a few billion back from Chen Dong, it won’t be a problem.”

At these words, Chen Dong and Gu Guohua laughed at the same time.

Waving his hand, Gu Guohua sort of accepted the gift, but the look in Chen Dong’s eyes changed.

Such an expensive gift, this kid must have something else going on tonight!

However, Gu Guohua turned his gaze to look deeply into the courtyard outside the hall, his brows furrowed.

The figure reciting the gift list just now made him feel familiar.

But because of the distance and the light, he never saw it clearly.

“Dad, what are you standing there for? Let’s go in and take our seats together.” Gu Qingying’s shout brought Gu Guohua back to his senses.

“Where exactly have I seen it before?” Gu Guohua smiled bitterly as he turned around and walked towards the restaurant.

Zheng Guohan, on the other hand, was walking at this moment while carefully clutching the box of the “Peace Post” in his arms.

At this moment, he even felt as if his heart was about to beat out of his chest.

As he walked into the restaurant, he jerked his eyes up to look at Chen Dong, his gaze incomparably determined!