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Winner Takes All Chapter 145-146

Chapter 145

“How long has she been missing?”

Chen Dong asked in a deep voice.

Li Lan pondered for a moment and said, “About ten minutes.”

Chen Dong immediately said, “Kunlun, Elder Long, you guys look around the district first, I’ll go find the property and transfer the surveillance.”

“Dong’er, I’ll go with you.”

Li Lan quickly followed Chen Dong, her hands clutching the phone, her face full of panic, “Xiao Lu, don’t let anything happen to you.”

“Mom, it’s fine.” Chen Dong soothed.

However, he also knew that such rea*surance would not be of much use to his mother.

Fan Lu was very capable and hardworking, and since she had taken care of her mother in every way, her mother was treating Fan Lu like her daughter.

The property office.

The property manager was informed of the situation and immediately pulled out the surveillance video, but the result, however, was disappointing.

In the surveillance video, there was no sign of Fan Lu at all.

This meant that Fan Lu had not gone out through the front door at all.

In fact, the security factor of the Tianmen Mountain villa area was so high that it was difficult for outsiders to enter if they were not residents of the area, or if they were guided by the residents of the area.

The Wang family was the best example of this back then!

“In the villa area, is there another way?” Chen Dong asked, frowning.

Just as the property manager was frowning and pondering, Kunlun and Elder Long arrived at the same time.

“Young Master, Fan Lu’s mobile phone.”

Kun Lun handed a broken and damaged mobile phone to Chen Dong: “It was found over by the villa lake in the Mid-Mountain area.”

The moment the words left his mouth.

The property manager awoke instantly, “Right! When that lake was first developed, it was not cost effective, so it was specially reserved as a landscape lake outside the villa area, such a large lake surrounded the villa area, so we usually skipped that area when patrolling!”


Without more words, Chen Dong turned around and led his men out of the property office.

A wild lake that had been skipped over for patrol, it was true that serious people would not think of finding a way to enter the villa area from there, but the one who took Fan Lu was obviously not a serious person, otherwise Fan Lu would not have asked her mother for help.

After sending his mother home.

Only then did Long Lao say, “Young Master, now that Fan Lu has been taken out of the villa area, our search is undoubtedly like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“Even if it’s finding a needle in a haystack, we still have to find it for me!”

Chen Dong’s tone was firm and full of anger, “If Fan Lu has entered my house, then she is my family’s person, I won’t allow her to be in danger, transfer the whole city’s surveillance for me, even if that person has disappeared into the ground, dig it out for me!”

The words were resounding and incomparably firm.

The Rolls Royce left the villa area.

As Elder Long sent out Fan Lu’s photo, one surveillance video after another was pa*sed back to his phone.

As the car drove down the hill, Elder Long suddenly my eyes lit up.

“Young master, there’s an image of the man who took Fan Lu, it’s a man.”

Chen Dong took his phone and took a look at the image, and instantly his brow furrowed.

The video happened to be captured by the road camera at the bottom of Tianmen Mountain.

In the video, a middle-aged man with a dry and thin build looked left and right, appearing cautious.

And Fan Lu was following behind him.

There is not the slightest tug between the two, and Fan Lu gives him the impression of being submissive instead.

And there was not much disparity in their stature. Fan Lu was even a retired sparring athlete, so if there was really danger, she was strong enough to get away.

On the contrary, she was asking her mother for help!

“With Xiao Lu’s strength, what danger could this man pose to her?”

The same doubts lingered in Elder Long’s mind.

“Follow this video and find the man first!” Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

Since he was asking for help, then Fan Lu must be in danger, and the first priority was to see the person.

As for Fan Lu’s past, Chen Dong had never delved into it.

Even when Fan Lu had suddenly run to the construction site and was surrounded by Zhou Hao and the others together with Kunlun, he had not continued to pursue deeper after resolving the matter.

But it had only been a short time since then, and this had actually happened again!

On the way, the Rolls Royce drove fast.

Inside the car, there was a silence that could hear a needle.

Kun Lun, who was driving, looked grave, his gaze looking at Chen Dong and Elder Long through the rear-view mirror every now and then, but he could not help but grip the steering wheel tightly in his hands, and slowly increased the throttle under his feet.

“Found it, it’s in Matian Village, west of the city!”

Long Lao suddenly let out an alarming cry, “That dry and thin man’s car took Fan Lu and didn’t come out again after entering Matian Village.”

Ma Tian Village?

Chen Dong frowned, he vaguely remembered that when he first recruited Fan Lu to join the company, the information given by the agency said that Fan Lu’s hometown was in Matian Village!

Crunch ……

Almost simultaneously, the Rolls Royce let out a sharp braking sound.

Kunlun jerked the steering wheel and froze the Rolls-Royce in a tail-drift.

Chen Dong and Long Lao, who were caught off guard, directly fell onto the seats with their bodies lurching.

“Kunlun ……” Long Lao got up and immediately wanted to scold.

Chen Dong, however, raised his hand to stop it and looked at Kunlun who was driving with an odd smile.

“Sorry Young Master and Elder Long.”

Kun Lun apologized as he accelerated hard.

An hour later.

The Rolls Royce arrived at the entrance of Matian Village in a blaze of speed.

Chen Dong asked Kun Lun to stop the car and the three of them walked together towards the village.

Ma Tian Village was still some distance away from the city, and although the transportation was convenient, the village was old-fashioned and the young people had all gone out to work, leaving only the elderly or some idle middle-aged people behind, so that the village had become closed.

Under the big banyan tree at the entrance of the village.

Several elderly people were sitting together, chatting idly.

Long Lao quickly stepped forward and said with a bow and a smile, “Old sisters, I want to ask you about someone, do you know where Fan Lu’s family is?”

“Fan Lu? At the end of the village, in the one-room house.”

The simple old woman raised her hand to point the way, but her expression was a little odd: “She has just returned with her father, if you want to find her, go quickly, it will be a problem if you go late.”

Whether it was Elder Long, or Chen Dong or Kunlun not far away who heard this, they were all stunned for a moment.

The man who had taken Fan Lu away was her father?

What did that plea for help …… mean?

Kunlun’s face was sunken and he immediately ran towards the village.

Chen Dong and Kunlun also quickened their steps towards the village, and behind them, came the voices of the old crone’s chatter.

“That child Xiao Lu has had a hard life, having fallen victim to such a family.”

“Yes, how brilliant was that child before? He was dragged down by his family.”

“I hope these guys can help her out, seeing as that car is very expensive, these guys should be rich too.”


“Young master.” Long Lao looked at Chen Dong, wanting to say something.

“Are you trying to say that this is a family matter?”

Chen Dong snorted, his eyes shining, “For a human daughter, who has asked for help from outsiders, you think this is merely a family affair?”

Elder Long’s expression choked as he suddenly reacted.

Fan Lu’s home was said to be a single courtyard.

In reality, it was a black tiled mud house with a small courtyard surrounded by mud outside, the courtyard was overgrown with weeds and in a dilapidated state, even the old wooden door had collapsed on one of the doors.

When Chen Dong arrived, the three of them were also shocked by the scene.

Normally, Fan Lu was all cheeky and didn’t even mention the family’s affairs.

Who would have thought that her family would be poor to such an extent?

It was also just as the three walked to the entrance of the courtyard.

“Ah! Don’t come over, don’t you come over …… me, I’m your daughter!”

Fan Lu screamed and cried, suddenly coming out of the mud room.


Chapter 146

“Xiao Lu!”

Kunlun let out a roar, and his lofty pagoda-like body blatantly collapsed the only other remaining door, rushing straight in towards the mud room.

The sudden scene caused even Chen Dong and Elder Long’s faces to turn pale.

By the time the two of them ran into the courtyard, Kunlun had already rushed to the mud room.

Bang Teeny!

With a kick that collapsed the old wooden door, Kun Lun rushed straight in.

With that.

“Ah! You scum!”

Kun Lun’s furious roar came from within the mud room.

Chen Dong’s heart sank, as far as he could remember since he had known Kun Lun, this was the first time Kun Lun had been so furious!

Rao Long also looked shocked.

The next second.

There was a miserable scream.

A man, like a broken sandbag, flew straight out of the mud room and fell heavily to the ground, right in front of Chen Dong and Elder Long.

It was the man who had taken Fan Lu away.

Her father!

“You, who the hell are you?”

The man fell to the ground, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth as he roared in terror.

“Someone you can’t afford to mess with!”

Chen Dong kicked the man with a bang and rushed into the mud room with Long Lao.

When they entered the mud room, they were stunned by the scene before them.

The dilapidated and disorganised room looked like a rubbish dump, with cigarette boxes and wine bottles all over the floor.

There was also a disgusting stench of decay in the air.

The bedroom was somewhat dimly lit.

The old-fashioned wooden frame bed, the quilt was blackened and clumped together, full of soot.

Was this really a place where people lived?

And Fan Lu, at this moment, was curled up on the bed, her hands tied behind her back, her face covered in bruises, her delicate body shivering, sobbing in a low voice, her face full of tears.

“Xiao Lu, don’t be afraid …… I’m here, I’m here.”

Kunlun’s eyes were like he was about to eat someone, soothing Fan Lu’s emotions while untying the rope for her.

Chen Dong and Long Lao stood in place, their faces tumbling with raging anger.

Thinking of the screams Fan Lu had heard outside earlier, it wasn’t hard at all to guess what had almost happened.

Rao Long also clenched his fists, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding as he gritted his teeth and said, “A tiger’s poison doesn’t eat its son, a tiger’s poison doesn’t eat its son yet …… Lao Fu has seen such a beast for the first time in his life!”

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he spat out a sentence from his teeth.

At this time, Fan Lu’s rope was finally untied by Kunlun.

Fan Lu got up and howled “wow”, hugging Kunlun directly: “Brother Kunlun …… I’m scared, help me, help me ……”

The cries were ear-splitting and heart-breaking.

As a human female, experiencing such a thing, suffering the pain, ordinary people simply can not imagine!

Kunlun’s thick arms, held Fan Lu tightly, his thick voice was full of heartache: “Not afraid, with me, with the young master, with Elder Long, it will be fine, you are safe now ……”

The words had not yet ended.

The man who had just been thrown out by Kunlun suddenly rushed into the house.

“Who the hell are you guys? Breaking and entering, that’s against the law!”

As soon as he entered the house, the man roared at the top of his voice, while trying to rush towards Fan Lu.

The sight scared Fan Lu, causing her to let out a scream and cower tightly in Kunlun’s arms.


Chen Dong raised his hand, grabbed the man’s collar and directly lifted him into the air.

With his physical quality, it was not difficult to pick up a man who was so dry and thin that he was skin and bones.

Chen Dong spoke slowly, his voice as cold as the cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries: “This is a pigsty, a beast’s cave, what kind of law have I F**king broken?”

The man’s face turned white with fear and he punched Chen Dong’s right hand desperately while gnashing his teeth, “Let go of me, let go of me, this is a F**king family matter, this B*tch Fan Lu is my daughter, I gave birth to her and raised her, what I do with her is my business, it’s not up to you outsiders!”

Just because he gave birth to her and raised her, he could do as he pleased with her?

Chen Dong suddenly laughed, his smile cold and harsh, and his eyes gradually narrowed.

He was truly amused by this man’s logic.

A tiger does not eat its own son, this man actually had such thoughts about his own daughter, and he still could not let bystanders interfere?

If the three of them hadn’t come in time, if Fan Lu hadn’t asked her mother for help from the elf earlier, then what would have happened to Fan Lu at this moment, Chen Dong simply didn’t dare to imagine!


Without warning, Chen Dong grabbed the man’s collar with both hands and threw him over the shoulder.

Under the huge force, the man’s clothes were torn apart and his body hit the ground heavily, spurting out a mouthful of blood.

He didn’t wait to get up.


Chen Dong stomped on his back and said in a cold voice, “If you dare to get up, I will kill you!”

The tone of his voice was so gruesome that the temperature in the room seemed to have plummeted by a few degrees.

The man looked terrified, his heart beating wildly, but he did not dare to resist again.

Instead, he growled at Fan Lu in Kun Lun’s arms, “Fan Lu, you cheap hoof, do you still have me as a father? Is there still a father like me?”


Chen Dong lifted his foot and landed brazenly.


The force was strong.

It caused the man to let out a pig-like scream of misery.

Fan Lu burst out of Kun Lun’s arms in snotty tears, tearing her heart out and crying, “You’re my father, but I’m your daughter, how many times have I helped you? How many times have I helped you? I even threw away my future to help you! This time you’re gambling again, but why do you have to use me to pay off your gambling debt?”


A thunderstorm of words.

Chen Dong, Kun Lun and Elder Long all froze.

The scene just now was not what Fan Lu’s father was trying to do to Fan Lu?

Rather, it was ……

man had tied Fan Lu up, was he trying to give Fan Lu to someone to pay off his gambling debts?

In the room, Fan Lu’s cries echoed, and the desperate look on her face made Chen Dong’s heart clog.

How cruel did this have to be?

In his mind, he recalled the little moments with his mother, from childhood to adulthood, even in the most difficult times, mother and son had always depended on each other for survival.

But almost the same situation, falling on Fan Lu and her father, had evolved into something else!

“D*mn it! You’re my daughter, a father’s debt is paid by a daughter! You’re still a young girl, using your first time to pay off that half million dollar debt, we’re getting a great deal!”

The man on the ground shamelessly yelled, “Once I pay this debt, when I get lucky tomorrow and win a lot of money, I will definitely give you money to spend.

“Shut up!”

Kunlun rose in anger, his face fierce, his eyes red as if he were a man-eating beast.

His lofty pagoda-like body instantly exerted a tremendous oppression on the man.

It made the man shut up in fear.

It was at this moment.

Outside the courtyard, a laughing sound rang out.

“Hahahaha …… Old Fan, have you made your F**king preparations yet? I’ve brought four brothers with me, one of them counts for 100,000, once tonight is over, we’ll be clear!”

The lust-filled rampant laughter.

It made Kunlun, who was furious to the core, unable to contain it any longer.

Chen Dong’s face was cold and his words were as cold as frost, “Kunlun, do it!”

Seeing Kun Lun walking towards the outside with killing intent.

Elder Long frowned, “A few things that don’t know how to live and die.”

However, Chen Dong’s reply caused Elder Long’s face to freeze.

Chen Dong said coldly, “If you die, I’ll pay for it!”