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Winner Takes All Chapter 159-160

Chapter 159

Hearing Gu Guohua’s angry voice.

Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing hurriedly ran out of the house.

Mother and daughter were seeing Gu Guohua who was cupping the photo in one hand and was full of rage.

“Dad ……”

Gu Qingying’s heart sank violently, the familiar envelope and photo brought an extremely terrifying thought to her mind.

It had been poked!

She had been muddled and teared up for the past two days, and had indeed been irritated by the photo, but she had refused to tell her parents, just because she was afraid that things would be pushed to the point of no return in an instant.

However, the scene before her now made her feel like the sky was spinning.

“What’s wrong, getting so angry?”

Li Wanqing’s willow brows knitted together as she quickly stepped forward.

“Look, this little B*****d Chen Dong, does he think our daughter is easy to bully?” Gu Guohua handed the photo to Li Wanqing in annoyance.

When Li Wanqing took a look at the photo, her charming face was instantly covered with a layer of cold frost.

She had just entered Gu Qingying’s room very briefly and had not really started asking questions yet.

But the photo in front of her told her the answer!

No wonder her daughter had looked like this for the past two days!

If it were her, she couldn’t stand it either.

There was no parent under the heavens who didn’t care for their child?

What’s more, Gu Qingying was the only daughter in the family, the jewel in the crown of both of them!

Ever since they were young, the couple had always treated Gu Qingying with care, fearing that she would melt in their mouths and be held in their hands, fearing that she would fall.

If Gu Qingying hadn’t insisted on being with Chen Dong, the couple would never have given Chen Dong a second glance, even with Lord Meng’s guidance.

A second marriage!

It was simply impossible to ignore!

“This brat, we don’t mind his second marriage, the old man is falling over himself to help him, but he is so good, he actually turns around and goes on a rendezvous with his ex-wife.” Gu Guohua’s body trembled and his eyes were on the verge of spitting fire, “Does he think that I, Gu Guohua, have no temper? D*mn it!”

Li Wanqing’s brows were locked and her face was as frosty as she flipped through the photos one by one, but her anger was getting stronger and stronger.

Hearing her father’s angry rebuke, Gu Qingying came back to her senses and quickly stepped forward and said, “Mom and Dad, calm down, maybe …… maybe things won’t be like we think.”

“What kind? No matter what we think, since this boy has decided to propose to you, he shouldn’t have gone on a rendezvous with his ex-wife!”

Gu Guohua was filled with righteous indignation and his anger was unquenchable, “Xiao Ying, you’ve been treated like a donkey with good intentions, you want to be with him with all your heart and soul, but he still went to meet his ex-wife.

Gu Qingying’s face instantly paled.

Her red lips mumbled, but she was powerless to refute.

It was Li Wanqing who put down the photo and glared soberly at Gu Guohua: “Old Gu, watch your mouth.”

“I ……” Gu Guohua wanted to argue.

His status, his position, and his temper would not allow something like this in the photo to happen.

He loved his daughter and could not mind Chen Dong’s second marriage.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t have a fire in him!

When his daughter was hurt, he had to take out a bite of anger for her even if he exhausted his power and money!

Therefore, Gu Guohua exhaled fiercely, turned around and left, “I’ll go find that boy!”

“Dad ……” Gu Qingying was startled and hurriedly stepped forward to stop Gu Guohua: “I, I forbid you to go find him!”

She knew her father’s character, if she let him go, the matter would be a complete mess!

“Silly girl, are you going to let daddy watch you suffer?” Gu Guohua’s face was red.

“Old Gu, calm down first!”

Li Wanqing followed, her gaze softly looking at Gu Qingying: “Little Ying, you have lost a lot of weight in the past few days because of this matter, you have not been able to eat or drink, and you have lost a lot of weight.

Gu Qingying nodded in silence, her eyes were red and holding tears.

“So, tell mum and dad what you think!” Li Wanqing asked openly.

The photos were ironclad evidence, and even if she was being gentle, her anger was hard to quell.

The only thing that was sensible was that she would choose to take her daughter’s opinion into consideration.

Gu Qingying’s eyebrows knitted together, her beautiful face hesitant.

Her hands were clasped together, but her mind was in a mess.

She had been thinking about this matter for two days.

At first, she was just as angry and indignant as her parents.

But after she calmed down, she felt that Chen Dong did not seem to be such a person.

She had seen how Chen Dong had treated Wang Nan Nan step by step after he had divorced her.

Even, she had left Chen Dong temporarily in the first place because of what Chen Dong had done to the Wang family.

Moreover, on the photo, it was only the two of them sitting opposite each other, Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan, and there was no overkill.

After taking a deep breath, Gu Qingying said seriously, “I want to wait until the end of the month to see.”

“The end of the month?”

Gu Guohua raised his thick eyebrows: “Silly girl, do you still want to wait until the end of the month for that boy to propose to you? This photo, your father even suspects that the two of them are going to remarry at the end of the month!”

He pointed one hand at the photo in Li Wanqing’s hand.


Gu Qingying stomped her foot, “Can’t you consider my feelings? I said the end of the month is the end of the month, I want to see if he will keep his promise!”

After saying that, she cried and ran towards the house.

Gu Qingying was the one involved, and she was more apprehensive than anyone else.

But she was clear that if her parents stepped in, the matter would definitely turn upside down.

She was still holding on to a sliver of luck, so she was unwilling to let the sky fall out.

Stubborn as she was, for the sake of Chen Dong, she had to gamble on this one too!

“Little Shadow ……”

Gu Guohua was so angry that he turned back and shouted.

“Alright, don’t be annoyed.”

Li Wanqing suddenly advised, “Respect your daughter’s decision, if things go beyond our expectations at the end of the month, then let’s make that boy pay with interest!”

The voice was cold and piercing, resounding.

It was hard to imagine that it was coming from the mouth of such a charming, gentle and virtuous woman like Li Wanqing.

Anger tumbled in Gu Guohua’s eyes as he clenched his fist: “Good! Then we will wait until the end of the month to see, if it is really this kid who cheated on me, then don’t blame me for being ruthless, my Gu family’s daughter is not something he can bully!”

“Bullying my Gu Guohua’s baby, I will let him know what it means to have the sky fall!”


Chen Dong returned to Dingtai Company.

Wang Nan Nan’s calculations made his heart depressed and suffocated.

At the same time, he was also apprehensive whether this matter would be known by Gu Qingying.

The more cherished he was, the more frightened he was, and the more he suffered from caution.

Chen Dong dialed Gu Qingying’s phone number.

But after one ring, it was hung up.

Chen Dong frowned and dialed twice more in quick succession, but without exception, all of them were hung up immediately after one ring.

“Is there something wrong?”

Just as Chen Dong was about to dial again, a message from Gu Qingying was sent on WeChat.

“Why aren’t you answering my calls?” Chen Dong asked, “Are you free tonight? Join us for dinner, I haven’t seen you for a long time and miss you.”

“I’m doing my makeup, I need to prepare a beautiful makeup, otherwise how can I afford your proposal at the end of the month?”

Gu Qingying replied, and soon another message came through.

“Big fool, I won’t see you for a few days, I’ll have to wait until your proposal at the end of the month, and you’re not allowed to come see me!”

When Chen Dong saw this, he relaxed and smiled.

The essence in his eyes flashed with incomparable determination, “At the end of the month, I will definitely give you a proposal of a lifetime!”


Chapter 160

The sun is shining brightly.

Even if it was a hot summer day, the Tianmen Mountain villa area was permeated with a refreshing coolness because of the forest cover.

Long Lao sat comfortably on the garden swing, swaying gently.

Kunlun is still in hospital, he has finally woken up, but it will be a while before he can be discharged.

Fan Lu is in the hospital taking good care of him.

Li Lan had also left home after lunch at noon.

Long Lao knew where Li Lan had gone, but as a slave, he was in no position to stop it, nor did he dare to tell Chen Dong what had happened, as he had no doubt that Li Lan was pushing to death.

In the large villa, he was the only one left.

It seemed a little cold.

However, Elder Long did not care and was relaxed.

Milling the purple sand pot in his hand, Elder Long leaned back comfortably on the swing seat.

But a phone call put an end to his leisurely and relaxing time.

When he saw the word “Master” on the caller ID, he looked solemn.

“What can I do for you, Master?”

“You said that Dong’s son will propose at the end of the month?”

After Chen Dong had decided on this matter, Elder Long had already reported it to Chen Daolin.

Now, counting the days, the end of the month was not far away.

“Master, it will be on the last day of the month.” Elder Long said.

“Well, I am Dong’er’s real father, I should have done something about it.”

On the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice had a bit of guilt in it, “As a father, I missed Dong’er’s growth and his first marriage event, now that he’s getting married for the second time, I’ve finally caught up and have to make up for it.”

“Master, the old slave will arrange for this matter, you are constrained in every way in the Chen family, if you get close to the young master, I am afraid that the old lady ……” Long Lao was a little worried.

But, the words were not finished.

On the phone, there was a cold snort from Chen Daolin.

Long Lao’s expression was solemn.

Immediately after, Chen Daolin’s voice was cold and stern, “They all still think that I am the Chen Daolin of that year, but they don’t see who is in charge of the Chen family today! If the old woman dares to stir up trouble, then I will invite her into the ancestral shrine as the head of the Chen family, to be worshipped by the incense of the Chen family!”

The murderous intent was so strong that it was bone chilling.

Even Elder Long’s face was sunken and his back was shivering.

“You need not advise further, you do your best to arrange for Dong’er’s marriage proposal, and you need not worry about my preparations.”


The phone hung up.

Long Lao smiled bitterly, but his eyes were full of longing, “Even the old master is ready to help the young master propose, how grand should the proposal ceremony be on the day at the end of the month?”

Rubbing his chin, Elder Long’s smile intensified, “Gu Guohua is determined to enter the Chen family’s threshold, praying for the Chen family’s help to expand his business empire again, if he knew that the goal he had been fighting for half his life was directly married to the Chen family heir after his daughter had waited for three years, what kind of reaction would that old boy have?”

Thinking about it, Elder Long even had a mental image of how Gu Guohua would look when he learnt the truth of the matter.

The smile on his face became more and more odd as he leisurely leaned back in his chair and swayed gently, “Karma …… is wonderful!”

At this time.

The door of the villa yard opened.

Li Lan had come home.

Long Lao subconsciously looked over and instantly his brows tightened and his heart twitched.

After entering the courtyard, Li Lan walked forward with her head down and her steps flying.

But Elder Long still vaguely saw the red finger marks on Li Lan’s face!

“Madam, you’ve been beaten?”

Elder Long got up and quickly stopped Li Lan who was returning home.

“It’s none of your business.” Li Lan bypa*sed Elder Long and continued to walk home, “Elder Long, please don’t tell Dong’er, I will be able to handle this matter.”

“But the marks on your face ……” Long Lao was upset.

“I said, don’t tell Dong’er!”

Li Lan snapped her head up, but her eyes were a little red and swollen, obviously from crying!

She gritted her teeth stubbornly and said slowly, “I have dragged Dong’er down for so long, it was so easy for the family to get up smoothly, I don’t want to drag Dong’er down again because of this matter, he is my son, I feel for him, he is already tired enough!”

Long Lao looked gloomy and said helplessly, “But old slave thinks that madam may not be able to handle this matter, it was said at the beginning that a big tree attracts the wind, now the young master the big tree has grown up, even madam has to be sheltered under the shade of the tree, how can madam solve it?”

“That’s enough!” Li Lan gave a firm rebuke, where was the usual semblance of gentleness and kindness.

Looking at Li Lan who entered the room, Long Lao’s original good mood was swept away.

He sighed helplessly and said, “How can wolves and tigers and leopards know the goodness of the heart? It is their nature to eat flesh and drink blood, to crack bones and suck marrow, why does Madam still not understand?”


Time pa*sed slowly.

For Chen Dong, the days were calm but extraordinarily fulfilling.

On the one hand, he was busy with Din Tai, and on the other hand, he was preparing for his proposal ceremony at the end of the month.

With fermentation and momentum building, property prices in the western part of the city have been climbing, rising by 50% in just half a month, and still showing no signs of declining.

This is great good news for Din Tai.

When house prices are solid, it will be time for Din Tai to transform itself and soar to the clouds.

Chen Dong has full confidence that when the transformation of the western part of the city is completely completed, his strength may not be worth mentioning to the Chen family.

But it would never be the same as when he was strangled by the Chen family and had to sit and wait for his life and death!

As long as he was free from the constraints, and with the support of his father and Elder Long, that would be the time for him to truly rise to the top!

The marriage proposal ceremony was steadily being prepared under Chen Dong’s careful planning.

For this proposal, Chen Dong had even spent more energy than Dingtai.

He wanted to make this proposal ceremony perfect and become one of the best things in Gu Qingying’s life.

Everything was done, everything was done.

When a person gives everything they love, they give everything they have.

The fact that Gu Qingying could come back to him when he was at his most desperate, such a feeling was worth anything Chen Dong could do.

Every day when he was busy and exhausted, he would come home.

Chen Dong would also tirelessly chat with Gu Qingying on WeChat.

Although Gu Qingying replied very little, mostly Chen Dong “talking to himself”, but in Chen Dong’s heart, this was just Gu Qingying building up a sense of anticipation, building up momentum for her to be proposed to at the end of the month.

He also told Chen Dong earlier that the reason he hadn’t seen each other was to be more surprised.

In this regard, Chen Dong had no doubts.

In the blink of an eye.

It was the last day of the month.

On this day, Dingtai did not go to work.

Even the four sales centres were closed, leading to speculation.

Under Chen Dong’s call, all the employees gathered at the Tianmen Mountain scenic spot early in the morning.

The Tianmen Mountain villa area is just a corner of the Tianmen Mountain scenic area.

As a scenic spot, the top of Tianmen Mountain, which had also been developed long ago, could be considered to have the best view of the whole city.

It is high above the city and overlooks the whole city.

And early in the morning, with the arrival of Chen Dong with his staff, the Tianmen Mountain scenic area was closed.

The move drew the city’s media in droves.

You know, since the establishment of Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, there has never been a precedent of closing it to visitors!

However, no matter how much the media pried, the scenic area was kept under wraps.

Gradually, public opinion was directed to the whole city.

The eyes of the city were focused on the Tianmen Mountain scenic spot under the guidance of the media.

Nightfall, gradually, fell.

Chen Dong stood on the mountain path and looked down, just in time to see the road below the mountain and, further away, the night view of the whole city.

He held up his phone and smiled faintly, “Little Shadow, have you arrived yet?”