Winner Takes All Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

Lin Xue’er tossed and turned, and stayed up all night in annoyance.

She really couldn’t imagine that she had been carefully dressed up and sent to the door, but Chen Dong’s words made it seem as if she had gone to the wedding to ask for a red packet.

She prided herself on being able to grasp the mind of a man and knew how to force him to give in.

However, facing Chen Dong, she had a strong sense of frustration.

What’s more, all the goodwill she had shown to Chen Dong was based on the night she made amends.

It was also because of the night of reparation that she chose to show Chen Dong affection again and again.

She was also clear that even if she could not enter Chen Dong’s life, as long as she had intercourse with him, with Chen Dong’s financial power, even if a little bit leaked out of her teeth, she would definitely get more than what she would get if she married Wang Hao.

She did want to find Wang Hao to take over, but if she could get more, she didn’t mind holding what she could get in her hands first, the big deal would be to find another takeover.

On the contrary, Chen Dong’s reaction drove her crazy!

This also led to the fact that when Lin Xue’er received Wang Hao’s wake-up call early the next morning, there was no more of her usual sweetness and tenderness.

There was only thick anger and a shrill shout, “Wang Hao, early in the morning, are you annoying?”

“Xue’er, I, isn’t this the wake up call service we, agreed on?” Wang Hao was a little alarmed.

“What are you screaming for? I haven’t slept all night!” Lin Xue’er scratched her hair in annoyance.

“What? You haven’t slept all night, I’m going upstairs, Xue’er you’ve been working so hard, either that or don’t go to work today.” Wang Hao was distressed.

As soon as she heard the word “work”, Lin Xue’er exploded, she was really fed up with Wang Hao’s helpless care.

“Not going to work? Are you going to support me if you don’t go to work? If you have the time, you might as well care about the bride price, do we still want to get engaged and get married? If you really don’t want to, then let’s break up!”

Wang Hao hurriedly said, “Xue’er, don’t be anxious, our family is already thinking of ways to get you enough money for the bride price on the day of the engagement!”

“What are you thinking? Your brother-in-law Chen Dong is so rich, don’t he know to ask for it?”


Without waiting for Wang Hao to speak, Lin Xue’er hung up the phone.

She couldn’t eat Chen Dong, if even I, Wang Hao, couldn’t take over, then wasn’t it a waste of youth to be with Wang Hao for so long?

Under the apartment building where Lin Xue’er lived, Wang Hao, who was sitting in the Audi car, was confused.

He didn’t know why Lin Xue’er was suddenly so angry.

But when Lin Xue’er hung up the phone, he clearly heard the word “break up”.

Wang Hao was completely panicked and rushed to call home with red eyes.

As soon as the call was answered, he wailed and said to Zhang Xiuzhi on the other side, “Mom …… Xue’er said that if we don’t get engaged, she will break up with me.”

“Xiao Hao, don’t be anxious, aren’t we trying to figure out what to do?” Zhang Xiuzhi also panicked.

“Thinking of what way? Chen Dong is so rich, just ask her sister to ask for it, she is a sister, she doesn’t even care about her brother’s wedding?” Wang Hao yelled offhandedly.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Xiuzhi’s shrill whistle rang out over the phone, “What? Chen Dong has money?”

“I don’t care, I’m about to get engaged to Xue’er anyway, if you guys can’t get the money together, I’ll, I’ll die!” Wang Hao even cried and roared, and hung up the phone straight away.

The Wang family.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Xiuzhi also exploded, kicking open Wang Nan Nan’s door with red eyes.

“D*mn girl, what the hell are you still sleeping for?”

Wang Nan Nan looked at Zhang Xiuzhi with sleepy eyes and a bewildered look on her face, “Mom, today is my day off.”

“What the hell, your brother is dying and you’re still sleeping like a sister?” Zhang Xiuzhi pulled Wang Nan Nan out of the blanket like a madman.

Wang Nan Nan screamed in fear and wanted to resist, but when she heard that something had happened to Wang Hao, she shouted, “What’s wrong? What happened to my brother?”

“The bride price! Xiao Hao and Xue’er will be engaged soon, and if they don’t get the bride price together, Xue’er will break up with Xiao Hao, and Xiao Hao will have to kill himself!”

Zhang Xiuzhi was so anxious that she slapped Wang Nan Nan’s face, crying, “How did I give birth to such a useless daughter like you, who won’t even help her own brother to get married?

Wang Nan Nan froze, her face burning with pain.

Her beautiful eyes instantly filled with tears as she yelled, “But I’ve tried everything I can think of, what more do you want from me?”


Zhang Xiuzhi slapped Wang Nan Nan’s face again, “You’re bullSh*tting! Your brother clearly said that Chen Dong still had money, you didn’t let him take it, and you even divorced him.


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning and looked at Zhang Xiuzhi with teary eyes.

At this moment, she broke down.

With red lips, she cried, “He really doesn’t have any money, after the marriage, all his bank cards are in my hands, I know how much money he has, the last 200,000 has already been given to you guys ah, if he had money, how could I, as a sister, not help Xiao Hao?”

“Xiao Hao said he had money, could he still lie to us?” Zhang Xiuzhi lost her senses and sat on her buttocks, crying and wailing, “My life is miserable, I have a daughter who became a second-hand goods, and now my son can’t even get married.

“Yes, I’ll die! If Xiao Hao wants to kill himself, I’ll die too!”

Suddenly, Zhang Xiuzhi got up and rushed out of the bedroom.

Wang Nan Nan was terrified and rushed out to tug Zhang Xiuzhi: “Mom …… you shouldn’t do anything stupid.”

At this time, Wang De, who heard the commotion, also rushed out and hugged Zhang Xiuzhi in panic: “What kind of stupid thing are you doing about your son’s wedding?”

“I can’t even help my son get married, my daughter won’t even help her brother, I might as well be dead as a mother!”

Zhang Xiuzhi struggled desperately, her features twisted up, “I married into your family and became a yellow-faced woman, you useless thing, you can’t even afford to marry your own son!”

Wang De’s face was hard to see and he roared at Wang Nan Nan, “Wang Nan Nan, are you going to watch your mother die?”

“I ……”

Wang Nan Nan froze, her mind going blank.

Suddenly, she thought about buying a house.

Maybe …… Chen Dong really did have money left?

Right! He was the vice president of Din Tai, he should still have money!

Wang Nan Nan broke down and stomped her foot, crying, “Stop it guys, I won’t let you die, I’m Xiao Hao’s sister, I’ll help him! I’ll go find Chen Dong, I’ll ask him for it!”

After saying that, she ran out.

Dingtai Real Estate Company.

After giving his mother breakfast, Chen Dong came to the office.

Although the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city was already on track, all aspects of specific construction matters were still sloppy, and some things had to be done personally by him, the boss.

However, not long after sitting down.

A phone call came in.

Chen Dong picked up the phone and the opposite party said directly, “Mr. Chen, it’s not good, your ex-wife just came to see your mother in the hospital, your mother knows that you have divorced and has been stimulated, her situation is now very dangerous and she is being resuscitated, you should come over quickly.”


Chen Dong’s body stiffened and the signature pen in his hand was broken in two by pressing his thumb.

His eyes, in an instant, became fierce as never before.

It was as if a beast that wanted to eat people!

Chapter 20

When Chen Dong arrived at Lijin Hospital, his mother was still in the resuscitation room.

The first priority was his mother’s well-being.

If his mother was fine, then everything was fine.

Otherwise, with his character, he could not guarantee what he would do.

With a sullen face, Chen Dong squatted outside the resuscitation room.

Gritting his teeth, he sent a WeChat message over to Wang Nan Nan.

The tone of his voice was almost pleading.

“You put my mother’s life at risk last time, do you want to harm her a second time this time? I beg you to let her old man go.”

Five minutes later, Wang Nan Nan’s WeChat reply arrived.

But after seeing the content, a wave of anger that could not be suppressed exploded out of Chen Dong’s chest.

Wang Nan Nan replied with, “Chen Dong you liar! You’re a scum! You said that the $200,000 was the last money you gave to your mother to save her life, then how come your mother is not dead? You’re still in recovery, you’ve got money! Shouldn’t I help my brother and ask your mother for some money as compensation for our divorce?”


Chen Dong slammed his fist on the wall, his face as cold as frost, gritting his teeth, “Wang family, Wang Nan Nan …… you are forcing me!”

The door to the resuscitation room opened.

Chen Dong hurriedly went forward and pulled Dr. Zhang, asking with red eyes, “Dr. Zhang, how is my mother?”

Dr. Zhang took off his mask and smiled with relief, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chen, fortunately the resuscitation was timely and your mother is fine.”

“Thank you, thank you Dr. Zhang.” A huge stone fell from Chen Dong’s heart and he almost knelt down to Dr. Zhang in gratitude.

This scene frightened Dr. Zhang’s face and he hurriedly held Chen Dong back.

What kind of joke is this?

Even the dean could not afford Chen Dong’s kneeling, not to mention that he did not dare to do so.

Immediately following, Dr. Zhang barked with a solemn expression, “However, Mr. Chen, there is something I would like to say as your mother’s attending doctor, since you and your ex-wife have divorced, I understand that you are hiding your hall because you do not want your hall to be stimulated, but your ex-wife is too careless of the old man’s life.”

“It was lucky for your tang that the resuscitation was timely this time, but what if your ex-wife comes back? The old man is in such a state that he really can’t take a single bit of stimulation.”

With a sigh, Dr. Zhang turned to leave.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and was replaced by a seeping coldness.

His hands were clenched into fists, veins protruding and clicking.

Last time, Wang Nan Nan had taken away his mother’s last 200,000 dollars of life-saving money for her brother’s down payment on a house.

This time, again, for the sake of her brother, she had almost made her mother step into the door of a ghost.

This eating disgusted him!

“To support your brother, treating my mother’s life with disregard, playing with my mother’s life?”

A cold light flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes, “Don’t you all want that trash Wang Hao to get engaged to Lin Xue’er with a heart of gold? Then I will play with you!”

On the other side, Wang Nan Nan sat on the road in fear and confusion.

The sun was blazing hot, but she couldn’t feel the slightest bit of temperature all over her body.

She was not stupid, the first few times she contacted Chen Dong, Chen Dong’s ruthlessness made her understand that even if she approached Chen Dong again this time, the response she received would definitely be the same.

That was why she had thought of looking for Li Lan.

During the years when Li Lan was seriously ill, she had very little time to accompany her to the hospital to visit.

But Wang Nan Nan knew very well that Li Lan liked her very much as her daughter-in-law, and if she could get Li Lan’s help, it would be easier to get the money out of Chen Dong.

But when she arrived at the hospital, carrying fruit, she was stunned to see Li Lan, who was not yellow and thin and dying.

When she asked the nurse, she learned that Li Lan had already undergone a liver transplant and was recovering.

Wang Nan Nan exploded.

This further convinced her of Wang Hao’s idea that Chen Dong still had money.

Moreover, she suddenly realised that the divorce with Chen Dong was most likely designed by Chen Dong on purpose, using 200,000 yuan to cheat the divorce, which was much less expensive than an agreed divorce!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, Wang Nan Nan immediately found Li Lan, crying and screaming.

Since she was divorced, there was no way that she would lose any of the compensation that Chen Dong should give her.

Even if she gave up her face, she had to grab what belonged to her, at least it would help her family’s urgent needs and help her brother.

If she was unable to help her brother get married because of her impulsive divorce with Chen Dong, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

But what she didn’t expect was that Li Lan, who was originally lying in a hospital bed, suddenly took a sharp turn for the worse and was soon sent to the resuscitation room by the doctors and nurses who rushed in.

This scared Wang Nan Nan so much that she couldn’t be bothered to make amends and ran away in a panic.

“It’s not my business, it’s not my business, Chen Dong, you’re the one who killed your deadbeat old mother.”

Wang Nan Nan shook her head with a dull gaze, but tears slowly flowed from the corners of her eyes, “Chen Dong, you B*****d slag, why did you lie to me? Back then, I disobeyed my parents’ advice and married you even though I was desperate to do so, and lived with you in a rented room, so what’s wrong with me helping my family? What’s wrong with me helping my own brother?”

“Because of this, you actually designed such a big trap and deliberately divorced me. I’ve treated you with my heart for so many years, but you fed it to the dogs, you’re simply wolfish!”

The more she cursed, the louder Wang Nan Nan’s cries became.

She felt aggrieved to the extreme.

She broke down and sat down on the road, burying her head and crying bitterly.

As proud as she was, she couldn’t care less about the astonished stares of the pa*sers-by around her.

At that moment, a phone call came from her mother, Zhang Xiulan.

“Where’s the money? Have you got it yet?”

“Mom …… No, I didn’t get it.” Wang Nan Nan forced down her sobs, she had chosen her marriage with Chen Dong back then, and she was the one who went for the divorce, if she let her mother know that Chen Dong had cheated her at this time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Her mother was already tired enough over her brother’s marriage, and she, as a daughter, did not want to add to her mother’s heart at this time.

“I was right, you’re a useless dead nun!”

Zhang Xiulan cursed and scolded, “Fortunately, your father begged and sued his relatives and got 200,000 yuan, plus the family’s savings of 400,000 yuan, this leaves the last 100,000 yuan, you, as a sister, should help Xiao Hao now, right?”

“Really?” Wang Nan Nan was instantly surprised, wiping the tears from her face and saying, “Mom, I’ll definitely find a way to help Xiao Hao get the money together.”

But when she hung up the phone, Wang Nan Nan was stumped.

One hundred thousand yuan was still too much for her.

She still had some friends, but if she were to borrow it, wouldn’t she be telling everyone that she was living a miserable life after her divorce from Chen Dong?

When she had just divorced Chen Dong, she had even laughed at him in front of her friends.

Shaking her head, an odd thought suddenly occurred to Wang Nan Nan.

“It’s already 400,000, maybe if I go beg Xue’er for the remaining 100,000, I’ll write her an IOU and make it up to her subsequently, she should be able to agree to the engagement first, right?”

It was indeed a bit of a reluctant request.

But compared to the other options she could think of now, for the sake of her brother, she would rather commit herself to begging her future sister-in-law than tell everyone about her misery.

Even if she lost face, it would be at her own people’s expense.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Nan Nan got up and went to find Lin Xue’er.


Lin Xue’er was distracted by Chen Dong’s affair, plus she hadn’t slept all night last night and was absent-mindedly working her shift, and had already made several mistakes.

In the morning, she had been complained about several times by customers, but it was good that her manager was protecting her.


The phone rang with a text message.

Lin Xue’er absentmindedly picked up her phone and took a look.

The text message read: Your bank card with tail number 3827 has arrived at 5,000,000.00.

A series of zeros made Lin Xue’er’s eyes dizzy, so she didn’t care about the crowd’s astonishment and hurriedly checked her account through the banking system.

There was really 5 million in the bank!

Oh my God!

Lin Xue’er was completely dumbfounded, and at that moment, a message rang on her mobile phone WeChat.

She picked it up and saw that it was from Chen Dong.

The message read: “I’ll give you five million dollars and promise to get engaged to Wang Hao, but you have to do me a favour!

Lin Xue’er’s pretty face turned abruptly scarlet and her heart beat faster.

The tension of the actual five million made her lose the ability to think long ago.

What Chen Dong gave, was much more than what Wang Hao’s family had, much more!

Lin Xue’er quickly replied, “Xue’er is willing to serve Mr. Chen. (Love, mua-da)”

Then, she quickly helped the client with her business, her jade hand resting on her chin, her mind floating.

Chen Dong waved his hand and gave her five million dollars, although he was asking for her help, but with five million dollars so much money, in her mind, perhaps there was another possibility?

To verify, Lin Xue’er sent a message to Chen Dong.

“Mr. Chen, can you come to my house tonight? I’m even getting engaged tomorrow (commiserating).”

Soon, Chen Dong sent a message back.


Looking at the word “yes”, Lin Xue’er’s face turned red and her heart fluttered.

It was just as she had suspected!

There was no comparison between Wang Hao and five million, let alone Chen Dong himself.

Tonight, she had to behave herself!

At 8pm, the lights were on.

When Chen Dong arrived at Lin Xue’er’s house according to the location she had given him, on the dining table, there was already a delicious meal set up and a few candles standing.

The lights were charming and there was a strong fragrance in the air.

Chen Dong frowned slightly, when he saw the WeChat from Lin Xue’er, he thought it was to discuss the engagement party plans for tomorrow, so he simply agreed to it.

But the scene in front of him …… this former younger sibling really owed it!

“Mr. Chen, sit down.”

Lin Xue’er’s face was full of charm and her eyes contained water as she invited Chen Dong to take a seat.

Pouring the red wine that had been woken up earlier, she then turned around and turned off the lights.

In the dark restaurant, there were only a few candles waving the firelight.

Chen Dong frowned at all this, how could he not know Lin Xue’er’s purpose?

Suddenly, Lin Xue’er ripped off her apron and jacket, and under the dim candlelight, she was wearing a black lace sarong with a graceful figure.

“Mr. Chen, Xue’er would like to toast you.” Lin Xue’er charmingly lifted her red wine gla*s and said in a delicate voice.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up and he smiled, and with a gentle clink of his gla*s, he drank the wine in his cup in one go.

Lin Xue’er poured wine again and clinked gla*ses with Chen Dong.

Chen Dong also came to the table, smiling lightly as he drank the wine once and for all.

No words were spoken, and no meal was served.

Just pouring wine and drinking, but the atmosphere between the two was slowly charming.

When the bottle of wine was about to reach the bottom, Lin Xue’er was already flushed and a little bit drunk.

Boldly, she pinched and shook her wine gla*s, got up, and walked towards Chen Dong.

Then, sat down on Chen Dong’s lap.

In an instant, Chen Dong felt like falling into a tender place, the aroma was overwhelming and the visual was even more impactful.

Even if he had known that Lin Xue’er was planning to do something wrong, he could not help but be distracted.

In the line of sight, Lin Xue’er’s eyes were slightly closed, and her red lips were rapidly approaching ……