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Winner Takes All Chapter 203-204

Chapter 203

As Kunlun spoke.

Inside the Heavenly Pavilion, the atmosphere froze abruptly.

“This is in the Heavenly Pavilion, how can there be the smell of blood?”

Elder Zhang harrumphed and cast a sidelong glance at Chen Dong, secretly delighted in his heart.

Now that the water was ready, all that was missing was the proverbial kick in the pants.

Chen Dong’s dizziness was getting heavier and heavier, and he felt the sky spinning.

He shook his head, and the remaining shred of sanity made him speak, “Go and see, believe Kunlun.”

Kunlun was once the king of mercenaries and was now the “chief instructor” of the Chen family, so he was more sensitive than anyone to the smell of blood.

Lone Wolf immediately walked towards the gate in a stony manner.

Kun Lun, on the other hand, subconsciously moved a step to protect Chen Dong’s side.

This scene.

It caused Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan to frown slightly, a little bored.

On the opposite side, Chu Reed was frowning, her jasper nose wrinkling slightly twice.

She was considered to be the most sober person within this Heavenly Pavilion, apart from Kunlun Lone Wolf, but after a careful sniff, she did not smell the smell of blood.

Just as the lone wolf walked to the main door.


A black shadow flew straight over from outside.

Lone Wolf’s face changed greatly, and caught off guard, he had no time to dodge.


With a roar, Lone Wolf directly raised his hands to block out.


With a muffled sound, Lone Wolf staggered back and only then did he see that the person he was grabbing in his hands was actually a person.

A dead man!

The neck was slashed open, blood was like a fountain, long gone.

The smell of blood instantly filled the entire Heavenly Pavilion.

At this moment, even Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan’s drunkenness disappeared and they sobered up violently.

“Lone Wolf be careful!”

Kun Lun bellowed angrily.

Lone Wolf’s body shook as another black shadow suddenly flashed in his line of sight.

At the same time, there was even a flash of cold light against the light.

In an instant.

Lone Wolf’s sweat and hair trembled, and his experience in life and death struggles made him instantly feel a strong threat of death.

Completely instinctively, he kicked the corpse in his hand with a thud.

The corpse flew out and crashed into the black shadow.

But as if he had expected it, the black shadow dodged easily with a dodge.


The cold, sharp dagger sliced through the chest of the lone wolf.

Blood flew out.

The Lone Wolf staggered back, staring in horror at the wound on his chest.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly and backed up while throwing the corpse, this dagger would have been enough to slice his chest completely open.


Accompanied by a shout of killing as cold as bone marrow.

In an instant, more than a dozen a*sa*sins, oozing with power, rushed into the Heavenly Pavilion.

Quick as lightning, their killing intent soared.

Directly towards the dazed Chen Dong, they came around to kill him.


The sudden scene caused Zhang Yulan to scream out in alarm.

In a panic, Zhang Yulan and Elder Zhang rolled and crawled to the side to dodge.

However, as if they did not see them, the dozen or so a*sa*sins directly swept past the two grandparents and ran towards Chen Dong.

Obviously, the dozen or so a*sa*sins all had Chen Dong as their target!

Kun Lun’s face changed greatly, and his lofty and sturdy body took a step forward, copying the chair beside him with his hand and smashing it against the killers in front of him.

“Young master, run!”

Bang Teeny!

The chair exploded in response.

The two hit a*sa*sins staggered backwards.

But the remaining a*sa*sins, still like wolves, pounced straight at them.

Kunlun roared in anger and fought directly with a dozen of killers.

The wounded Lone Wolf also returned to his aid extremely quickly and fought alongside Kunlun.

Both of them were not good fighters, and both had honed their fighting skills between life and death.

For a time, they froze a dozen killers in place.

But what made the two anxious was that Chen Dong remained frozen in his chair, gently shaking his head, his gaze drifting.

“D*mn it, move, can’t move ……”

Chen Dong cursed, his remaining sanity making him clear how dangerous his current situation was.

He wanted to run too, but he couldn’t!

His body was weak and numb, and his consciousness was even more blurred, so he could not control his limbs at all.

“Take the young master and run!”

Kun Lun kicked a killer away and rushed to Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf’s expression was hostile: “You can’t stop me if I run!”

If it was all bare hands and empty fists, even if it was a dozen armed ordinary people, Lone Wolf would never have said a word or two.

But he knew very well how terrifying a dozen armed professional killers really were.

If Kunlun alone faced these dozen armed killers with his bare hands and fists, the final result would definitely be miserable!

“It doesn’t matter if I die, I want the young master to live!”

With a fierce expression, Kun Lun yanked up Lone Wolf by the collar and was about to throw him out of the encirclement.

“Watch out!”

Lone Wolf shouted and at the same time, his hands fiercely wrapped around Kunlun’s arms, lending his strength in the air and kicking the a*sa*sin behind Kunlun’s surprise attack.

Kunlun’s pupils tightened as he felt the cold wind slice through the back of his head.

Lone Wolf landed on the ground, but in a deep voice, he chided, “You three, take the young master away!”

Obviously, it was shouting at Zhang Yulan, Elder Zhang and Chu Reed.


The scene was in chaos.

Zhang Yulan and Elder Zhang had already curled up in a corner.

Zhang Yulan’s eyes flickered and instinctively wanted to approach Chen Dong, but was pressed down by Elder Zhang with one hand.

Just at that moment.

“Not good!”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf let out a simultaneous cry of alarm.

An a*sa*sin had quietly bypa*sed both of their defences, holding a dagger and stabbing directly at the dazed Chen Dong.

It was a close call.



A teacup came flying across the sky and smashed into the killer’s head.

The teacup shattered and the killer staggered back with his head tilted.


Chu Reed appeared beside Chen Dong, her thin body exploding with terrifying strength, stiffly setting Chen Dong up.

The high, cold, intellectual face was filled with coldness at this time, but not the slightest bit of fear.

“Xie, Xie ……”

Chen Dong weakly shouted, but his face is gradually emerged two smears of red, just feel all over the body dry and hot.

“If you die, no one will talk business with me.”

Chu Reed racked Chen Dong and responded in a cold voice.

The two stumbled a little on their feet, but with Kunlun and Lone Wolf opening the way for shelter, they were finally making their way outside the Heavenly Pavilion.

A dozen a*sa*sins waved daggers in their hands, whirring with murderous intent.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him and Zhang Yulan, Elder Zhang pulled Zhang Yulan along and quietly walked down the corner, towards the outside of the Heavenly Pavilion.


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound.

A killer flew straight across the room and landed heavily in front of the grandfather and grandson duo.

Six eyes met.

The killer’s eyes steeply surged with killing intent, and the dagger in his hand stabbed directly towards Zhang Yulan.

Zhang Yulan was so frightened that she lost her face and screamed as she ran directly towards Chen Dong and Chu Reed.

In fear, Zhang Yulan ran directly behind the duo and pushed hard with both hands.

D*mn it!

This is F**king blocking the knife with Laozi?

Chen Dong’s heart was beating wildly.

He and Chu Reed were pushed off balance by Zhang Yulan and lunged straight forward.

In the line of sight, the dagger in the hands of the lunging killer was bone chillingly cold.


A silhouette crossed in front of Chen Dong’s eyes.

It was Chu Reed holding her.

Chen Dong was instantly shocked.

This girl did not want to die?

At this moment, Chen Dong was so weak, his head was dizzy and everything seemed to slow down.

Seeing that the dagger was about to pierce into Chu Reed’s body.

Chen Dong fiercely clenched his teeth and fiercely hugged Chu Reed tightly, flipping hard.


Fresh blood, gushing out.


Chapter 204

It was accompanied by a muffled grunt of pain from Chen Dong.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who were in the midst of a fierce battle, were greatly alarmed and their jaws were wide open.

“Young Master!”

The dagger that should have been stabbed into Chu Reed’s back was at a critical moment, as Chen Dong flipped violently, and stabbed into Chen Dong’s back with unerring accuracy.

As blood spurted out, Chen Dong tried with all his strength to dodge out of the way by holding Chu Reed.

But a large hand was suddenly strangled fiercely around his neck.

At the same time, Chen Dong clearly felt that the dagger at his back was turning ferociously.


The cold-looking Chu Reed suddenly let out an explosive shout.

The seemingly delicate woman was swinging a fierce fist, smashing viciously on the killer’s face.

The killer let out a muffled grunt and staggered back.

And at that moment, Kunlun and Lone Wolf finally rushed over.

“Lone Wolf, escort the young master away!”

Kun Lun was furious, and like a human beast, he directly picked up the killer by the waist.

Like a human stick, he swung up and rushed towards the group of killers.

Bang Bang Bang ……

There was a series of muffled sounds.

A dozen killers, froze, were forced back by Kunlun’s wild and domineering aura.

Taking advantage of this opportunity.

Lone Wolf hurriedly picked up Chen Dong on his back and rushed out of the Heavenly Pavilion with Chu Reed in tow.

“Miss Chu, take my young master away, I want to break the back!”

After putting down Chen Dong, Lone Wolf did not even turn his head back and rushed straight back to the Heavenly Pavilion.

“Lone Wolf ……”

Chen Dong’s face was white as he weakly murmured.


Chu Reed, however, spoke indifferently, her shell teeth clenching her red lips.

With a delicate body, she stiffly picked up Chen Dong on her back and ran towards the outside of Jade Spring Villa.

And at this time.

Zhang Yulan and Elder Zhang had also successfully rushed out of the Heavenly Pavilion.

Seeing the several corpses on the ground outside the Heavenly Pavilion, the two grandfathers and grandsons were horrified at the same time.

Looking back at the bloody and heated battle inside the Heavenly Pavilion.

“Yu Lan, it’s important to save your life!”

Elder Zhang tugged Zhang Yulan and ran towards the outside without looking back.

Inside the Heavenly Pavilion.

Blood filled the air.

The sounds of shouting and screaming were all over the place.

When Zhou Yanqiu arrived at the Heavenly Pavilion with the security personnel from the Jade Spring Villa.

The several corpses lying on the ground in a pool of blood made Zhou Yanqiu’s scalp tingle and his body chill.

And at that moment, peace had returned to the Heavenly Pavilion.

The nostrils were filled with the sickening smell of blood.

Under the bright light, he could clearly see the pools of crimson blood and corpses.

His body trembled and he was weak.

At this moment, he had the feeling that the sky was falling.

Zhou Yanqiu gritted his teeth and braced himself as he slowly walked into the Heavenly Pavilion with the security personnel.

As far as the eye could see, it was like a purgatory.

A dozen of corpses were lying across the pool of blood.

The blood was even flowing in a stream, extremely sticky to the feet.

“Come, so late?”

An icy voice suddenly sounded.

It frightened Zhou Yanqiu and a group of security personnel at the same time.

The eyes looked over.

In front of a pillar, two people were leaning on it, sitting on the ground in a pool of blood.

It was none other than Kunlun and Lone Wolf.

At this moment, the two men were covered in wounds, Kunlun more like a bloody man, his upper body clothes shattered into pieces and pieces.

The wound on Lone Wolf’s chest was still bleeding, and his face was already white, but his eyes were glowing with a bloodthirsty light.

Both of them stared at Zhou Yanqiu at the same time.

The bloodthirsty eyes made Zhou Yanqiu’s body shiver, like falling into an ice cave.

“Chen, where is Mr. Chen?”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf looked at each other and closed their mouths without making a sound.

Zhou Yanqiu instantly became anxious and stomped his foot fiercely, “No, I didn’t do it! How could I have set up such a trap to a*sa*sinate Mr. Chen!”

As he said this, Zhou Yanqiu was so furious that his voice was trembling.

It happened at the Jade Spring Villa, which was his territory.

If he couldn’t clear his suspicions at the first opportunity.

What happened tonight was enough to make him die eight hundred times over!

Kunlun and Lone Wolf laughed coldly, but did not speak up.

The odds were that Zhou Yanqiu would not have the guts to do so.

But by now the two were exhausted, and Chen Dong had been led away by Chu Reed, so they could not guarantee that they would not say one more word and have another accident.

Zhou Yanqiu was so anxious that he scratched his ears.

“Find it, go and find it for me! Even if you die, you must find Mr. Chen for me!”

Zhou Yanqiu glanced at Kunlun and Lone Wolf indignantly, “Send them to the hospital immediately, block the news, and investigate the incident tonight thoroughly for me immediately!”

The incident happened in his territory, he not only wanted to rule himself out of suspicion at the first opportunity, he also wanted to find out the truth at the first opportunity to give Chen Dong and the Chen family an explanation.

Zhou Yanqiu was so anxious that his eyes were red, and he wanted to bang his head against the wall.

He had just sent a Tear of the Blue Sea to Chen Dong, but how could he turn around and encounter this kind of bullSh*t again?

Under the night curtain.

The Jade Spring Villa was a solemn place.

It was as if the calm before the storm was approaching, so oppressive that it was suffocating.

Silently, the security system of the entire Jade Spring Villa went into full operation with Zhou Yanqiu’s order.


On the road on the outskirts of the city.

The red Porsche 911 was like red lightning as it sped towards the city.

Inside the car, the blood was thick.

Chen Dong leaned back weakly in his chair, losing a lot of blood, instead of making him pale, a strange flush surfaced on his face.

His eyes fluttered as he looked at Chu Reed who was concentrating on driving.

The seat was already wet with blood, but at this moment Chen Dong, bizarrely, seemed not to notice it at all.

Feeling Chen Dong’s strange eyes, Chu Reed’s cold expression became a little unnatural.

She opened her mouth and said, “Hold on, hold on a little longer, we will be at the hospital soon.”

Even if she was as cold as she was, her tone rose and fell a little when she said this at this moment.

But Chen Dong, however, did not respond.

Chu Reed took a palpitating glance at the rearview mirror, and only when she was sure that she was not being tracked, did she let out a long sigh of relief.

On her beautiful face, a touch of fear surfaced.

The situation just now was too dangerous.

It could even have been a tragic death on the spot.

She was able to remain calm, also because of her character from childhood and her family education.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t afraid.

“For, why, to save me?”

Suddenly, Chen Dong spoke weakly.

Chu Reed’s delicate body trembled, her eyes flickering as she shook her head, “I don’t know, but something was wrong with you at that time, and I instinctively thought of that method, to save you.”

“I, was drugged.”

Chen Dong was not stupid, no amount of intense drunkenness could have brought him to the state he was in now.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been drunk before, and the feeling of being drunk, even if it was the feeling of being drunk and broken, was clear to him.

Dizziness, blurred consciousness, weakness of the limbs.

There was even an intense dryness in his abdomen, like flames burning straight through his body and spreading to his face.

If it wasn’t drugging, what else could it be?


Chu Reed gave a startled eek.


Suddenly, Chen Dong’s big hand landed on Chu Reed’s thigh.

Chu Reed was wearing an OL professional outfit, so her legs were only a pair of thin stockings under the wrapping of her skirt.

The moment Chen Dong’s big hand fell, it instantly caused her face to change greatly, with a feeling of electric shock.

Then, as she was shocked, Chen Dong’s big hand, slowly attacked upwards ……