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Winner Takes All Chapter 225-226

Chapter 225

If you fight, you still have a chance.

But if he didn’t, if he fell into the hands of the Qin family, there would be no suspense about what would happen.

In Chen Dong’s dictionary, there was never the word “waiting for death”.

Even if he was bound to die, he would still fight to the death.

The moment of truth.

The killing intent in Chen Dong’s eyes was as strong as it could be.


His body trembled for a moment.

“He laughed out loud.

The sound of laughter made the policemen on his left and right look startled.

The middle-aged policeman on the pa*senger side even turned around violently and smashed the cigarette butt in his hand directly onto Chen Dong.

“What the F**k are you laughing at?”

Chen Dong’s smile grew wider and wider, and he looked straight at the middle-aged inspector with murderous intent.

“Fake, but not real!”

The middle-aged inspector’s eyes flickered with panic, his eyebrows twisted and parted.

The policeman driving the car also clicked his brakes at the same time, and the car swayed a little.

“Crap N*gga, can you drive steadier?”

The middle-aged patrolman almost hit his head and angrily gave the driving patrolman a punch on the shoulder.

Immediately afterwards, he turned back to look at Chen Dong angrily, “What kind of bullSh*t are you talking about?”

It was confirmed!

It was a fake!

The smile on Chen Dong’s face grew thicker and thicker as his eyes gradually narrowed.

He did this because he was worried about guessing wrongly, so he deliberately tried one out.

A patrolman could have no temperament, and could set aside glory like it was nothing.

But the same patrolman, even if he was subordinate, would never sound so filthy!

It is the three religions and nine streams that are so.


In an instant, Chen Dong’s body bowed violently, like a bowstring catapult, and slammed his head into the left patrolman’s face.


A pig-like scream echoed out from the police car.

The scene was instantly chaotic.

The patrolman driving the car was so startled that his hands trembled.

The car also started snaking at high speed.

But, this was exactly what Chen Dong wanted.

The more chaotic, the better.

“Crap N*gga, dare to resist?”

The middle-aged constable’s face changed drastically, and he backhandedly pulled out a constable’s stick from his body and slashed down at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong had nowhere to dodge, so he turned around and received a solid blow to his back with a bang, which almost made him pa*s out.

At that moment, the constable to his right also woke up and lunged straight at him.

With a tiger’s whistle and a fierce look in his eyes, Chen Dong rammed his head directly into the constable.


Clatter ……

The patrolman was hit and his body lurched, his head smashed directly into the car window gla*s.

Immediately after, Chen Dong kicked the patrolman who was attacked by him at the beginning.

In a flash of lightning, he leapt forward violently.

He took a few strokes from the middle-aged policeman who was cursing angrily, and like a ferocious beast, he bit the ear of the driving policeman.


With a miserable scream, the driver, who was in pain, panicked in fear.

Instinctively, his hands violently hit the steering wheel twice.

Crunch ……

The car snaked and whipped, half of its body left the ground and went forward for more than ten metres before it toppled to the ground with a roar, and with the help of inertia, slid forward again for another ten metres or so before coming to an abrupt stop.

The sudden scene took the following cars by surprise.

There was a series of sharp braking sounds and the official carriage came to a halt a dozen metres away.


Chen Dong kicked open the car door.

Staggering out of the car, he was strewn with shards of gla*s and blood was running down his cheeks from the top of his head.

In his haste, he couldn’t tell if it was from the middle-aged patrolman’s clubbing earlier, or from the grazing and crashing of the overturned car.

With blood blurring his vision, Chen Dong blinked twice and, not caring about the direction, stifled his head and ran towards the roadside wilderness.

If he ran away, he would live.

If he didn’t, he would die!

But with his hands cuffed behind his back, Chen Dong’s speed was much slower after all.

Behind him, there was a deafening roar.

After the middle-aged constable got out of the car, he called out to the rest of the fake constables in the cars, and came after Chen Dong in a great number.

“D*mn it, you can’t get away, you can’t get away!”

Chen Dong ignored it, his expression cold and his eyes firm.



“Make sure you run away! Little Shadow is still waiting for me to go back and have a wedding shoot with her.”

“Kunlun, Qin Ye, Lone Wolf and Elder Long are still waiting to attend my wedding.”

“Mother is still waiting for me at home, still thinking of holding her grandchildren.”

One by one, thoughts surfaced, solidifying Chen Dong’s desperate attempt to escape.

There was someone at home to hold on to.

A home today, he had longed for for many years.

He could not be caught, and he could not die.

To live by any means necessary!

Blood flowed down from the top of his head, staining half of his face, blurring his vision and making his steps even harder.

At this moment, Chen Dong was surprisingly cold and calm.

However, the blood-stained face gave off a terrifying feeling.

Fierce beasts are not scary.

What is terrifying is the unparalleled calmness that a ferocious beast can maintain even when it is on the verge of death.

The wilderness is rugged and dark, and the feet rise and fall underneath.

Behind them, roars of rage and curses, like waves.

The dense sound of pursuing footsteps was more like the sound of a fatal Brahma.


Chen Dong stumbled on his feet and fell hard to the ground.

The mud and dust poured out on his face.

“Get up, climb up ……”

Chen Dong struggled laboriously, pushing his bleeding head against the ground and stubbornly regained his footing.

The vision was blurred by the blood.

Coupled with the darkness, Chen Dong could not see anything at all.

All like a dying animal, he stifled his head and ran around.

The ruggedness of his feet caused Chen Dong to fall several times in quick succession.

But he stood up stubbornly.

When he fell down for the fourth time.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong once again pressed his head against the ground, ignoring his mouth full of dust, clenched his teeth and tried to stand up again.

But behind him, a cold voice rang out.

It instantly made Chen Dong’s body cold.

“D*mn it, I’ll see where you can run.”


Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong felt the back of his head being hit hard by a stick.

His body lurched to the ground.

Consciousness quickly receded.

As the last wisp of consciousness was about to disappear.

He smiled bitterly and murmured, “Little Shadow …… me, it seems like …… I’m going back on my word ……”


Inside the hotel.

The air seemed to freeze.

The three of them, Gu Qingying, waited anxiously, like ants on a hot pot.

There was nothing they could do but wait in silence.

This little by little amplified the uneasiness and fear of the three.

Gu Qingying lost her voice several times and cried out.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf also clenched their fists tightly, their palms sweating.

Every now and then, Kunlun would glance at his mobile phone.

But the phone, all the time, was on a black screen.

He knew clearly that the best golden rescue time was in the short time Chen Dong had just been taken away.

Maybe it was half an hour, maybe an hour.

But it would never be too long.

Now …… it’s been two hours!

The Chen family, still no echoes.

Knock knock knock!

A knock on the door suddenly sounded.

The three people inside the house were startled at the same time.

Gu Qingying was full of dismay.

Kunlun, however, had a stony expression and gestured for Gu Qingying to stay where she was, and asked Lone Wolf to guard Gu Qingying.

The Qin family had moved against Chen Dong in Haiya.

Now they had to be careful in Haiya.

Then, only then did he slowly walk towards the back of the door.



Outside the door, a familiar and frail voice rang out.

It instantly made the three people in the room excited and ecstatic, their eyes glowing.

Gu Qingying was even in tears, and despite Kunlun’s gesture earlier, she rose up on the floor and pounced on the door of the room.


Chapter 226


Gu Qingying opened the door.

It was so fast that even Kunlun didn’t react.

The moment the door opened.

A familiar face was imprinted in his eyes.

“Chen Dong!”

Gu Qingying could no longer control herself and burst into tears, jumping into Chen Dong’s arms and wrapping her arms tightly around Chen Dong’s waist, “You scared me to death, you really scared me to death.”

Chen Dong smiled weakly, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Gu Qingying’s shell teeth clenched her red lips as she cried and shook her head.

When they saw Chen Dong, Kunlun and Lone Wolf breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, the big stone hanging in their hearts, finally falling down.

Although at this moment, Chen Dong was in an incomparable state of disarray.

His clothes were ragged, stained with blood and mud, and he even had wounds on his arms and head, dripping with blood.

But, after all, he had returned alive.

“Young master, come in quickly.”

Kunlun looked solemn and said in a panic.

Gu Qingying was reluctant to let go of Chen Dong, as if the moment she did, Chen Dong would disappear from sight in thin air.

Only when she truly experienced the separation of life and death did she understand how much she really did not want to let go of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled helplessly and could only carry Gu Qingying in his arms as he stumbled into the house.

Kunlun looked into the corridor to make sure that no one was there.

Only then did he close the door and lock it behind him.

And Lone Wolf also turned around at the same time and closed all the windows of the room and pulled down the curtains.

“Young master, you escaped back on your own?”

Kunlun looked grave and somewhat surprised.

At this moment, there was still no news from the Chen family’s side, so it was definitely not the power of the Chen family that had brought Chen Dong back from the dead.

It could only be Chen Dong saving himself!

Chen Dong took the towel from Lone Wolf’s hand, covered the wound on his head, nodded his head and said weakly, “Halfway down the road, I found the end, the official car drove straight to the suburbs, those were fake patrolmen, sent by the Qin family.”

“I fought to the death and fought with a few fake patrolmen in the car, causing the official car to overturn, then I took the opportunity to run to the suburban woods and hid all the way, fortunately I managed to escape.”

The tone of voice was calm.

Even the words were short.

But in the ears of Gu Qingying and the others, it was a heart-stopping experience.

A few words were enough for the three people to make up a thrilling life and death danger in their heads.

And the injuries on Chen Dong’s body now also confirmed the fierce danger at that time.

“It’s good to be back, as long as you come back safely.”

Gu Qingying hugged Chen Dong from start to finish, sobbing, “I can lose everything, but I can’t lose you, you even promised to take a wedding photo with me and get married with me!”

Chen Dong smiled tenderly, “Fool, am I not back here?”

Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered for a moment, a little dazed.

And aside, Kun Lun said, “I’ll accompany Young Master to the hospital first to take care of his injuries, I’ll contact the Chen family office immediately, with the Chen family’s people around, the Qin family won’t be able to make any more waves.”

Saying that, Kun Lun looked at Lone Wolf, “Lone Wolf, you protect Little Shadow.”

Lone Wolf nodded solemnly.

Chen Dong did not refuse either, and after placating Gu Qingying with a few words, he got up and headed out with Kunlun.

Now that Chen Dong had escaped back.

The Qin family had also completely lost the initiative.

The situation was reversed.

With the power of the Chen family suppressing it, in Haiya, the Qin family would no longer be able to shake Chen Dong.

“Little Shadow, it will be fine.”

Seeing that Gu Qingying kept staring in the direction of the room door, Lone Wolf spoke out to comfort her.

Even though Kunlun and Chen Dong had already left and the door to the room had closed again, Gu Qingying did not withdraw her gaze.

Looking at the room door, Gu Qingying’s eyes that were haunted with tears were somewhat deep.

Hearing Lone Wolf’s words, she returned to her senses and nodded, saying, “Lone Wolf, Chen Dong used to call me Little Fool, he wouldn’t call me a fool.”

Lone Wolf was stunned.

Then he laughed, “What’s there to dwell on? Young Master escaped back from a life and death danger tonight, his entire state is in a tight spot, so it’s inevitable that he will call me wrong.”


Gu Qingying’s heart was puzzled for a moment, then she laughed to herself, perhaps she was too sensitive now because she had just been scared.



In the darkness, a weak and feeble humming sounded.

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes, only to find himself engulfed in darkness.

There were no fingers visible all around.

On his head, on his body, the pain was excruciating.

Where was this?

Chen Dong was puzzled and tried to move his arms and legs, but found that his surroundings were confined and his room to move was extremely limited.

And he, too, was lying curled up on his side.

“A box?”

A possibility popped up in Chen Dong’s head.

Although movement was restricted, he could still move his arms and legs slightly.

Slowly, he reached out to touch his head.

From memory, the injury to the head was the worst before he pa*sed out.

If there was no treatment, he would have lost too much blood and died, right?

As soon as his hand touched his head, Chen Dong froze.

The head was actually wrapped in thick gauze!

Did someone treat me?

Chen Dong was puzzled.

In the darkness, he could not see everything, but his thoughts were running fast.

But in the darkness and confined environment, Chen Dong found that his thoughts were not in his control at all.

Instead, they flew towards fear, tension and panic.

He struggled to breathe deeply, forcing himself under control.

Where are they sending me?

Why did the Qin family, after capturing me, instead of just killing me, give me treatment so that I would have a chance of surviving?

What was the purpose of the Qin family in doing this?

One by one, doubts finally surfaced in the mind.

But in such an environment, Chen Dong simply could not find the answers.

Even …… he did not even know how long he had been unconscious.

Outside, there was dead silence.

There was the vague sound of the wind.

Chen Dong’s nose shrugged twice and found that the wind was somewhat damp with a fishy salty tinge.

“Is this the …… sea breeze? I’m at sea?”

He jerked awake, the wind he had smelled when he and Gu Qingying were walking the beach earlier, was this smell.

“You guys, where exactly are you sending me to?”

Chen Dong grimaced up, apprehension and fear of the unknown making him struggle desperately without regard for anything else.

Boom rumble ……

The wooden box was shaken violently and thumped by his struggle.

During the violent struggle, Chen Dong even felt that his location should be at a higher place because as he struggled, he could clearly feel that the box was deflecting more.

Perhaps …… a fall from here would break the wooden box?

As the thought crossed his mind, Chen Dong struggled desperately to get up.

The narrow space inside the wooden box was not enough for him to break the box.

But a fall from a high place should be enough!

As for how high the place was, what would be the consequences of falling down on himself.

These were no longer things that Chen Dong, who was in this situation, should consider.



Outside the wooden box, there was a sudden loud bang.

Chen Dong’s struggling movements came to an abrupt halt.

He felt that the crate, which had been tilted by his struggle, was slowly coming back upright.

At the same time, a broken cursing sounded from outside.

“Your F**king body is really strong, you’ve only been out for five hours and you’ve woken up. Don’t F**king move, the sea is down there, if you fall, you’ll sink right to the bottom.”

Chen Dong was stunned, and then asked urgently, “You guys, where are you taking me?”

“To take you, to a place you would never have thought of, even if your Chen family could not find it.”

The voice said with a smile, followed by a scolding, “Why don’t you guys come over here and tie this box honestly for me, if you drop it halfway, don’t blame me for killing you!”

Knock, knock!

Then, Chen Dong heard the wooden box being knocked twice again.

The voice, suddenly, laughed teasingly.

“You go on your way in peace, someone will take over everything for you, tsk …… I heard that your fiancĂ©e is still a supreme beauty, hahaha ……”