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Winner Takes All Chapter 231-232

Chapter 231



The cold wind was bitterly cold, piercing into the marrow of the bones.

Chen Dong bowed and wrapped his hands around his chest as he struggled to move forward.

The breath exhaled between his mouth and nose also condensed into a white mist in an instant.

A bag of rations and a jug of water gave the starving man some satiety for the time being, as well as the strength to struggle for survival.

The ice beneath his feet was so slippery that he could have fallen to the ground if he had not been careful.

As far as the eye could see, it was all white.

Even the refraction of the sunlight caused the white ice to be blinding.

There is no warmth at all, only an endless chill that invades the marrow of your bones.

Haiya is now a heat wave, Chen Dong was also captured wearing a short-sleeved shorts, but now in this frozen world, but no different from not wearing.

“Live …… must live …….”

The purple-tinged lips lightly opened and murmured with an unmistakable determination.

“Little Shadow …… Mom …… Kunlun ……”

Time and again, he recited the names of his closest relatives, as if this was the only way to give Chen Dong the obsession to live.

The bitter cold wind was like a knife.

It ravaged the pale, snow-white world.

Chen Dong stumbled and stubbornly walked on.

Looking down from high above, he is like an abandoned mole cricket, unwillingly marching forward to survive, a mere black dot on the snow-white ice.

Chen Dong did not know exactly where to go.

What he could determine was that Old Lady Chen and the Qin family had no intention of killing him.

Rather, they were treating him like rubbish, discarding him in this frozen land to meet the next punishment that was perhaps even more terrifying than death.

If he had simply been allowed to die, he would have been a corpse long ago.

However, in order to live.

Chen Dong did not care what Old Lady Chen and the Qin family had planned for him next.

What he was more afraid of was that he would have frozen to death on this ice field before he could wait for the arrangements.

If he lived, he could still rise again.

If he died, it would be over.

He didn’t care how humble he had been, he had grown up with his mother, had he ever been humble?


Like a wild dog on a street corner, he had gone from darkness, step by step, to light.

Now, it is only a return to darkness again.

A tough character that allows him to put aside everything, even living by any means necessary.

Gu Qingying was still waiting for him to come home and get married.

Three years of waiting, he should have lived up to his long-standing love.

His mother was still waiting for him to come home to serve her in her final years.

Twenty years of upbringing, he should have accompanied the arrival of the


Rumble ……

The ground trembled.

A sky-shattering roar came from the distance.

Chen Dong abruptly froze in place, his slightly narrowed eyes hardened against the blinding light refracted by the ice layer, looking into the distance.

The snow and ice that covered the sky were like a thousand horses and armies, rushing towards him.

The sky, which had been clear, was coloured white.

It was as if, a fierce beast that had broken out of its cage.

“An avalanche?!”

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch, D*mn, how could there be an avalanche in this place?

An avalanche on a frozen land without snow, an endless expanse of ice field?

Seeing the endless waves of snow pushing across the distance, Chen Dong instantly felt as if he was pressed into the abyss of despair by a big invisible hand.


Of course I had to run!

But where the hell should I run?

Not caring much, Chen Dong turned around and crawled in the direction he had come from, running wildly.

Even if he looked like a headless fly, he didn’t have the slightest thought of stopping.

Waiting for death had never existed in his dictionary.

Rumble ……

The ground shook harder and harder.

The sky was covered with ice flakes and rolled.

“I can’t die, I must run out, in this hellish place, if I get buried, I’m dead!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were covered with red blood as his jaws cracked.

But the ground in front of him was already covered with black shadows.

It was as if the dark abyss had opened its huge mouth and was about to swallow him up.

He knew that it was the roiling ice flakes that had raged above his head.

It was over!

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, despairing to the extreme at this moment.


Suddenly, there was a roar and a shot rang out.

It was even more ear-shattering than the roar of the sweeping ice flakes.

“The sound of a gunshot? Someone behind you?”

Chen Dong’s pupils dilated, his face full of disbelief.

“Those in front, stop!”

An angry shout, which had been sent through a loudspeaker, suddenly rang out.

Someone was really there!

Chen Dong was overwhelmed with excitement and ecstasy.

He turned around and faced the ice flakes that swept through the sky.

There was someone in the ice flakes, and he no longer cared about the other party’s good or bad, perhaps …… this was the follow-up arranged by Old Lady Chen and the Qin family.

Even if it is the devil, to make him prostrate at the feet of the devil.

He also admitted it.

Because …… can live!

Rumbling ……

An ear-splitting rumble.

Gradually, several behemoth black shadows appeared in the snowy white ice flakes.

When the black shadows rushed out, only then did Chen Dong see that they were several specially modified snow vehicles.

Or perhaps it would be more apt to say snow fortresses.

Each of them was nearly two storeys high, covered in black steel plates, like battle armour, with high horsepower driving the tracks forward, rolling up a sky of ice chips.

The visual impact is extremely powerful, almost oppressive.

And there were three such snow forts!

As they roar forward, they create an avalanche-like effect.

With the roar.

The three snow chariots slowed down until they came to a halt and surrounded Chen Dong right in the middle.

The cold wind and ice flakes that poured over Chen Dong’s body caused him to fall to the ground, stiffening his body.

“D*mn it, how long has it been? How long has it been since a newcomer came to this D*mned place?”

“The Forgotten Land, this ice plain that the world has forgotten, has now finally welcomed a new prisoner.”

“Hahahaha …… old me could never have dreamed that tonight’s patrol would actually meet a new cargo, those subs drop cargo here, don’t they know to inform, make it such a surprise.”


The chariot direction of the ice chip cold wind, came a few surprised cheering voice.

Chen Dong was paralyzed on the ground, his body too stiff to move, but his mind could still move.

He quickly sorted out a few messages from the sounds of surprise and cheers.


Forgotten place!


A huge wave rippled through him, I’ve been thrown into this unknown place and I’m actually a prisoner?

His eyes squinted to the sky, not bright and sunny, but cloudless nonetheless.

It …… was night?


Chen Dong saw the owners of those several surprised and cheering voices.

Several sturdy pagoda men, each at least one meter eight, slowly walked out from the ice-chip cold wind.

They were wrapped in thick animal skin bedding, as if they were Eskimos, which made them all the more stout.

Each of them was heavily armed.

But the races varied, from yellow-haired and blue-eyed, to dark-skinned and dark-eyed, to those just like Chen Dong.

One of the bearded middle-aged men waved the charge in his hand straight away.

With a teasing smile.

“Dude, for the sake of you being a new prisoner, come with us honestly, or if not, I’ll give you a shot and drag you away.”


Chapter 232

Chen Dong did not resist.

In fact, in his current state, he was not in a position to resist at all either.

Of course, there was no thought of resisting either.

When a stray dog is displaced from the streets and is about to die, it really does not have the luxury of hoping whether the one who takes it in is a human or a ghost.

The only appeal …… is to stay alive!

In my ears is the roar of a high-powered chariot advancing.

Outside the window, there is a blanket of snow.

Inside, it was as warm as early spring.

The campfire in the fireplace was radiating heat.

It gradually dispels the chill for Chen Dong.

Lively music.

A dozen big men of all colours were laughing and dancing in the open, holding gla*ses of wine.

In the air, there is a pungent smell of alcohol.

In a place like this, wine could dispel the chill.

But Chen Dong, however, was paralysed in the corner.

He did not move, nor did he look around.

It was because he remembered the conversation these people had just had.

He was a prisoner!

A prisoner …… should behave like a prisoner.

That would give you the best chance of ensuring your survival.

“Boy, you’re quite strange.”

The bearded middle-aged man with the charge from earlier walked up to Chen Dong, towering over him with some curiosity in his eyes.


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

The bearded man handed the gla*s of wine in his hand to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong did not refuse and took it and drank it down in one go, the strong stimulation of alcohol caused him to instantly blush and cough violently.

At the same time, the chill on his body suddenly lightened considerably.

“You kid, this is 96 degrees of water of life, a mouthful of it, not afraid of burning your oesophagus, huh?”

The bearded middle-aged man sat down next to Chen Dong and smiled slightly, “For the sake of you and I being of the same race, get to know each other, my name is Drought, I am the leader of this patrol squad, they are all the wolves I galloped through the ice field with.”

“My name is Chen Dong.”

Chen Dong put his cup down, shook Drought’s hand and asked weakly, “Why did you call me strange?”

Drought smiled bashfully, “In the past, whenever a prisoner came, it was all shouting and screaming, thinking that they could do everything, and they would not be quiet until they made a scene and were taught to be dogs by us, but you are the first one I know who does not make a scene.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and his smile was full of bitterness.

This …… might be the awakening.

“Hey! Captain, what are you talking to a prisoner about?”

A burly white man who was laughing and dancing playfully, turned back to Drought and shouted.

Drought cheerfully gave a middle finger to the other party, and the white burly man deflated and asked no more questions.

Chen Dong was speechless at this scene.

“Chen Dong, see? If you’re strong enough, you can make some people who can’t speak the language speak the same as me.”

Drought gave Chen Dong a strange look, “I like your kid’s character, but I have to remind you that in this place, there are no rules, the only rule, is that you are strong enough!”

“On this chariot, I am the captain and can still have a few words with you, but when you get to the place, no one can help you, all you can rely on is yourself.”

“What kind of place is this?” Chen Dong asked.

“The Black Prison!”

Drought poured out a gla*s of life water: “A place abandoned by the world, a place used to imprison people who disturb the world or criminals who have sinned so much.”

Which of these two do I occupy?

Chen Dong’s heart was bitter and his chest was oppressed.

I am afraid that the so-called disturbance and sinfulness are also judged by strength, right?

“If you want to live long and comfortably in the Black Prison, you have to be more ruthless and stronger than everyone else, otherwise you will have to learn to endure, to endure what everyone else cannot.”

Drought’s gaze was a little strange: “Those imprisoned in the Black Prison are all people who can never leave, and after a long time, their interest slowly changes, a newcomer, is very attractive to them.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped wildly.

Drought’s hint was clear enough for him.

Such forbearance, he could not do it yet!

Drought gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and got up to go dance with his teammates.

Chen Dong suddenly asked, “Drought, being locked up here, is it true that you will never be able to get out for the rest of your life?”

“Mm.” Drought answered.

Chen Dong asked reluctantly, “No one has managed to escape having been there?”

A simple sentence.

However, it caused Drought’s feet to lurch and his body to tremble for a moment.

After waiting for two seconds, his voice suddenly lowered.

“Ten years ago, there was a man who managed to escape, and that was the only one I have known of since I took office.”

Turning, Drought smiled.

“Of course, if you can escape from the Black Prison, the Black Prison will never continue to pursue the matter, but kid, I advise you to stay honestly in the Black Prison, if you want to escape, you are looking for death!”

Looking at Drought’s back.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth gradually curled up into a smile.

The obscure eyes gradually burned with raging battle intent.

He had meticulously lived like a dog.

It was to get out alive.

If there was a chance of getting out of the Black Prison alive, even if it was one in 100 million, he would still try.

In the realm of death, he would seek life.

In the realm of life, seeking death, while fighting for his life.

Rumble ……

The chariot roared, raising ice flakes in the sky.

Unlike the nine-nine cold days outside.

Inside the chariot, there was a dazzling sound of singing.

The information that Drought said was useful to Chen Dong, but it was still too little.

For example, who had built the Black Prison?

This place, and where exactly was it?

And so on ……

However, Chen Dong still deduced from the fact that it was day but night outside the window.

This land of ice should be in a place close to the two poles.

Only in such a place would polar day or polar night appear.


The chariot traveled for half an hour and stopped with a roar as it slowed down.

“Chen Dong, here we are!”

Drought took the lead and walked to Chen Dong’s side, helping him up and smiling as he reminded, “Once inside, you can only rely on yourself, seek your own luck and wish you peace.”

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong gave Drought a grateful glance.

At least, Drought had treated him well, and the conversation had prepared him mentally for the Black Prison.

When the hatch opened.

A biting coldness came over him.

It blew so hard that Chen Dong could not help but shiver and shiver with goosebumps all over his body.

When the cold wind and ice flakes dispersed, Chen Dong was completely frozen.

For a moment, he even ignored the extremely cold chill around him.

A city stood on top of the icy barren snow plain.

The entire city was pitch-black, its walls tens of metres high and spectacular, giving off an extremely powerful and seeping sense of oppression.

It was as if it was a dark, ancient beast that lay dormant on the ice plain.

As Drought said, this city is like the imprint of human activity abandoned on this ice plain.

“This …… is the Black Prison?”

Chen Dong’s jaw dropped and slowly I spat out a sentence.


Behind him, a large hand pushed him.

Chen Dong stumbled forward two steps and almost fell off the pedal onto the ice field.

“Dragon, why did you do that?”

At the same time, Chen Dong heard Drought’s scolding voice, obviously a little displeased with the shove.

“Calm down Captain, this is only a prisoner.”

A teasing laugh rang out, “I’m already being polite to him here, he’s in the Black Prison, the people there won’t be so kind to him, perhaps he’ll be a dead man soon.”