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Winner Takes All Chapter 247-248

Chapter 247

The surveillance room.

The atmosphere was frozen.

Everyone, including Drought, looked solemn.

Everyone’s heart lifted as they faced the visitor.

In front of Drought stood a man clad in a black hooded cloak.

A huge hood concealed his face, revealing only a chin with a sighing scruff.


A soft hmmm sounded, coming from the man’s mouth in question.

Drought said hastily, “I’m afraid, it’s a little difficult.”

As he said this, Drought bowed his head, showing all respect.

The words were also spoken without any water.

From the battle just now, Drought could also see that Chen Dong had known the weakness of the Eighth Prison District’s Head Wolf in advance, and that was why he had greeted it with a single greeting.

But the ten prison districts, leaving aside the one in front of him.

Of the remaining nine, Chen Dong had only defeated two, and for the remaining seven, knowing their weaknesses alone was not enough.

In the first one or two battles, perhaps knowing the head wolf’s weaknesses would allow Chen Dong to get twice the result with half the effort.

However, the further the battle progresses, the more clues will emerge, and the rest of the head wolves will inevitably defend their weaknesses in the life and death ring.

The further you go, the more difficult it will be for Chen Dong to survive the ring.

With his own battle power lacking, such a situation was fierce and dangerous.

“I do think he can get to me.”

The cloaked man smiled faintly, the upturned corners of his mouth revealing a wickedness, “His surname is Chen, right?”

Drought was stunned for a moment and nodded his head.

A cold hum came out of the cloaked man’s mouth, stretched and said, “I let that big guy out ten years ago, and this time there’s another one, and I don’t know if I should let him go or not?”

With that, he turned around and left.

The aftermath echoed in the surveillance room.

It left Drought and the others in a state of shock.

The word “release” was like a bolt from the blue.

What does this mean …… is that this person in front of him had deliberately let Kunlun go back then?

Drought had a complicated look, his gaze flickering.

In her mind, she recalled the image of the battle between Kunlun and this person ten years ago.

At that time so tragic battle, is it really this person let go?

A long time later.

Drought suddenly smiled, “According to that, Kunlun was lucky back then.”

Turning around, he looked at the surveillance screen.

At this moment, there was no longer any trace of Chen Dong in the eighth prison area.

Chen Dong had returned to his cell in the ninth prison block.

Through the surveillance, Drought could clearly see that Chen Dong was sitting side by side with Exploding Bear, whispering.

Drought’s gaze was profound: “Ten days and ten victories, your boldness is greater than even Kunlun’s back then, let’s hope you can succeed, it’s not worth my friendship with Kunlun.”


“Chen Sheng, tomorrow’s life and death ring is your battle against Greedy Wolf of the tenth prison district, over there, I have already made arrangements.”

Bursting Bear’s face was brimming with laughter, although the smile was extraordinarily seeping.


Chen Dong smiled and nodded, “Two life and death rings down, if I can manipulate tomorrow, I will have an extra day of recuperation.”

This was also something he had budgeted for in advance.

In the Black Prison, once the life and death ring was opened.

Then the challenger would have the right to choose the challenged.

Ten days and ten battles was the ultimate squeeze on life.

Chen Dong could only use such a “subsistence” method to buy himself as much rest and recuperation time as possible.

In such a high-intensity life-and-death battle, even one more day of recuperation would allow him to recover as much as possible.

“Chen Sheng, you’ve planned well, but think carefully, Greedy Wolf and Black Angel can only help you win two life and death matches to get out two days of recuperation time.”

Exploding Bear’s voice was a little low, since he had chosen to follow, he was also doing his best to think about Chen Dong: “Just that even so, the subsequent Life and Death Rings will be increasingly difficult for you!”


Battle intent surged in Chen Dong’s eyes as he spat out one word with a resounding voice.

Bursting Bear sighed helplessly.

The few people in Nashville, moreover, looked at Chen Dong with awe.

In the Black Prison, the weak were strong and everyone fought to the death for survival.

But for a man like Chen Dong, who was not afraid of life and death, the prisoners, who were used to hot blood, all had a deep-seated sense of awe.

They were used to living, and the presence of a man who had no fear of life or death carried a light in their eyes.


The Black Prison is located in a place where it is either extreme day or extreme night.

In addition to the lofty city walls surrounding it, it makes the concept of time in the Black Prison extremely faint.

But for Chen Dong, ever since he had learned the time from the mouth of Drought, he had kept every second in mind very clearly.

For he had no extra time to delay.

Ten days and ten battles was already the most suitable battle rhythm he could plan out.

If he delayed any longer, everything he had would be taken away from him.

His mother, his wife, his brothers, all sorts of things, prompted him to always remember his time.

In the third life and death match, just as Chen Dong and Exploding Bear had expected, the tenth prison district head wolf, Greedy Wolf, although seemingly selling the fight, was secretly letting off a lot of steam.

This allowed Chen Dong to easily win this life and death match.

Just like yesterday’s life and death match, it was so fast that all the prisoners in the tenth prison block were dumbfounded.

Some were even wondering when the battle with the head wolf had become so easy.

The person fighting in the Ring of Life and Death was really the head wolf of the prison block?

However, this was not something that Chen Dong was concerned about.

His aim, was to win!

It was ten consecutive victories!

It was to get out of the Black Prison!

And not to care about the tactics used in the Life and Death Ring, let alone the prisoners’ doubts.

Success and defeat.

What’s wrong with doing whatever it takes to get the ultimate victory sometimes?

Under this kind of high-intensity battle, every minute was extremely precious to Chen Dong.

After resting for another night, Chen Dong’s body was in good shape to recover.

Although the injuries on his body could not be healed immediately, adjusting his condition would help him to play more consistently in battle.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong opened his eyes and glanced firmly at the dim sky above the prison area, “It’s the fourth match, can’t cheat today ah.”

He stretched, got up and headed out.

“Chen Sheng …… the wild python in the seventh prison block, you must remember that his weakness is in his eyes.”

Bursting Bear also opened his eyes and looked at Chen Dong deeply, “His weakness is not a secret in the entire Black Prison, if you can master this weakness, winning against him is only a matter of minutes.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

These things had already been told to him by Exploding Bear yesterday.

But, a weakness that the entire Black Prison knew about, and Wild Python was still able to secure the position of the head wolf of the seventh prison district, didn’t that tell you anything?

Perhaps …… weaknesses can no longer be considered as weaknesses, right?

This fourth life and death ring is destined to be a life and death game!

“I know.”

Chen Dong gave a perfunctory sentence to Burst Bear.

As the administrator opened the cell door, Chen Dong had just walked out when he froze.

Drought was standing not far away, his bearded face filled with an odd smile.


Drought lifted his right hand and hooked it at Chen Dong with a mysterious smile.

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment and walked up to Drought.

Drought, however, quietly shoved an object into his hand.

At the same time, he murmured in a low voice, “This is the maximum I can help you with, this great treasure will hopefully be useful to you.”


Chapter 248

Chen Dong looked at Drought with eyes full of dismay.

It was a matter of whether he could get out of the Black Prison or not.

This should be considered a big event in the Black Prison.

Drought still dared to help him?

“Don’t be surprised, who made me owe it to Kunlun?”

Drought saw through Chen Dong’s mind and smiled blandly.

Chen Dong’s lips were noisy, full of doubts.

He had always been curious as to what Drought’s relationship with Kunlun was.

A man who had completely mastered Kun Lun’s fighting techniques, and even went out of his way to help him cheat in this matter because of Kun Lun, just how deep was his friendship with Kun Lun?


However, Chen Dong still endured it and turned around to walk towards the seventh prison area.

As he walked, he looked at the treasure Drought had handed him.

Just by taking a glance, his brows instantly locked.

A mirror?

Looking at the mirror in his hand, Chen Dong was somewhat baffled.

A gla*s mirror was something that was not allowed to exist in the Black Prison cell.

This was because of its ability to be easily turned into a killing weapon.

“Drought gave me this because he wants me to use it to kill the Mad Python?”

Chen Dong’s heart was uncertain with doubts, the mirror in his hand was only the size of a walnut and was easy to hide.

Compared to other weapons, it was obvious that this mirror was easier to conceal and carry.

But, could such a small mirror really be used as a killing weapon when fighting the head wolf of the prison like the rabid python?

Perhaps …… had another purpose?

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, unable to understand, but still stuffed the mirror into his pocket.

When Chen Dong was brought into the seventh prison block.

The entire inmates of the seventh prison block instantly burst into deafening cheers.

The atmosphere was instantly heated to the extreme.

And on the high platform of the activity arena, a strong light focused on it.

A figure was already standing loftily on it.

“Go on.”

The administrator spoke indifferently.

Chen Dong nodded his head and walked towards the high platform.

Within the prison area, shouts echoed.

There were even people growling and talking loudly.

However, unlike the special situation of the language in the ninth prison area, the prisoners in the seventh prison area spoke in different languages that converged together, making it impossible for Chen Dong to understand what they were saying.

It only seemed …… noisy!

Chen Dong’s eyes gazed soberly towards the wild python on the high platform.

It was a very lean figure.

It was not as perverted as the bursting bear’s figure.

It was even a little slimmer than the figures of the two head wolves he had fought against before.

Coupled with its extremely ordinary appearance, it was no different from an ordinary person when thrown into a crowd, and it would be hard to find it.

However, Chen Dong was not in the habit of judging people by their appearance.

The Black Prison hid dragons and crouching tigers, and those who could become the head wolf of the prison district were even more so among the dragons and tigers.

Even the most mediocre person, when thrown into the outside world, could probably become a party of killing gods.

“Can you hurry up?”

A hoarse voice that seemed like sand rubbing against his throat suddenly came from the high platform.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and quickened his pace.

As he drew closer, Chen Dong, however, noticed an oddity.

That was …… the eyes of the Wild Python!

His eyes were extraordinarily bright, not in the sense of being full of essence and bright, but in the sense that they gave off the kind of sickly brightness that one would know at a glance.

Because they are too bright, this causes the eyes of the wild python to be very drifting and unfocused.

Thinking of Bursting Bear’s reminder, at this moment, he faced the Wild Python.

Chen Dong, however, was a little uncertain.

The entire Black Prison knew that the Wild Python’s weakness was its eyes.

However, the Wild Python had become the head wolf of the seventh prison area, so obviously the weakness of the eyes was something that many people could not target even if they knew it.

This could be different from the old left foot injury of the head wolf of the eighth prison district.


Just when Chen Dong was hesitating, a sound similar to a snake’s chirp suddenly rang out in his ears.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s sweat stood erect and a strong sense of crisis swept through his entire body.

At the same time, he woke up with a jolt.

Chen Dong was shocked to find that the wild python had already charged towards him.

The speed was as fast as lightning.

And his tongue, which was sticking out of his mouth, was making a hissing sound.

At this moment, Chen Dong actually had a real illusion of being locked into a prey by the python in a trance.


In a flash of lightning.

The python had already arrived in front of Chen Dong, and his long and slender right hand was as fast as lightning, forming a palm and poking directly towards Chen Dong’s throat knot.

A strong wind whistled.

Without giving the slightest precaution, the moment he struck, it was a killing move!


Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened and he directly raised his right hand to block the fatal strike of the Wild Python in front of his throat knot.


Buzzing ……

A series of strong winds whistled.

The Mad Python’s eyes glowed brightly and his hands were like two pythons, swinging rapidly and attacking towards Chen Dong in an overwhelming manner.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly as he waved his hands out in succession to resist.

As soon as the fight for life and death began, Chen Dong fell straight into a disadvantage.

Inside the prison cell, all the prisoners were rejoicing with the fierce fight in the ring.

One by one, their faces were red with excitement and their voices were almost hoarse with roars.

“D*mn, how did it go so fast?”

In the ring, Chen Dong’s heart trembled with fear, dense beads of sweat seeping from his forehead.

The swiftness of the Wild Python’s strikes had left him with a sense of panic that he was overwhelmed.

Even though his arms were already a little sore and numb from the rapid waving, he still felt that he could barely keep up with Python’s hands.

And yet.

“Your speed, is that all?”

A teasing laugh suddenly sounded out.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he saw the Wild Python in front of him reveal a cold smile, his scarlet tongue spitting out like a snake’s letter.

The next second.


The Wild Python’s right palm blade accelerated abruptly and slashed directly onto Chen Dong’s left shoulder.

Chen Dong let out a miserable cry, his left shoulder instantly hurt as if it had been smashed down by a heavy hammer, and it even felt as if his shoulder blade was about to shatter.

Almost simultaneously.

Wild Python leapt up in the air and kicked Chen Dong in the chest.

With a loud bang, Chen Dong flew backwards like a broken pocket and landed heavily on the edge of the ring.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s face turned pale.

His chest was so stuffy that it seemed to be stuffed with rocks, and he could even clearly feel his ribs faintly cracking a little under this kick.


A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

Chen Dong slowly got up and looked at the opposite Wild Python in shock.

Is this …… his true speed?

So fast that I don’t even have a chance to resist?


The Wild Python laughed playfully, his face full of arrogance, “That B*****d Exploding Bear should have told you my weakness, right?”

Saying that, he raised his finger and pointed at his eyes, saying without concealment, “My eyes, being afraid of strong light, will be blinded for a short moment if they are exposed to strong light.”

Strong light?!

Chen Dong’s spirit was lifted.

The Mad Python opposite was however full of arrogance, laughing recklessly and coldly as he spun around in place.

“But look, in this dark, dark prison, even the sky is obscure, if it wasn’t for the Ring of Life and Death, those B*****ds up there wouldn’t even turn on these few strong lights in the ring.”

“So, do you think this weakness of mine can still be considered a weakness?”

The words were filled with arrogance and disdain.

Because Wild Python was certain that in this Black Prison, the possibility of trying to harm his eyes and make him blind for a short while was slim to none, so he didn’t even bother to hide his weakness.


Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

With a blazing gaze, he looked at Mad Python and raised his finger to point at the top of his head, “Didn’t you say that there are a few strong lights that can blind you for a short moment right here at the top of your head?”