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Winner Takes All Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259

When the first rays of sunlight fall on the earth.

In front of the Four Seals Clubhouse, it was already bustling with activity.

In front of the imposing gates of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

It was decorated with lights and colours, and there was a great deal of joy.

On both sides of the gate, ninety-nine cannons were lined up on both sides, signifying longevity.

The venue for the wedding was chosen at the Four Seals Clubhouse.

This brought the normally mysterious and low-key Four Seals Clubhouse into the limelight.

A wedding that attracted a lot of attention.

In front of the Four Seals Clubhouse, the crowd was overwhelming.

One after another, luxury cars drove into the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Countless media with a keen sense of smell came, but were stopped by the Four Seals Clubhouse and had to line up their long guns in an open space.

“Look, it’s Zhou Yanqiu! That’s Zhou Zunlong in the car behind him!”

“What are those two? I just saw Lord Meng go in!”

“My goodness, a wedding with giants and magnates gathered? If we could get into the Four Seals Clubhouse to film it, this story would be an absolute smash!”

A crowd of media people looked despondent.

Who didn’t think the same thing?

It was just that the stringent security for this wedding had left everyone helpless.

Even the guests who were invited had to go through heavy vetting.

But it was clear to everyone that those who could be invited into the Four Seals Clubhouse for today’s wedding were definitely the true dragons of the people.

Even Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, the city’s biggest business tycoons, had been relegated to the bottom of the list in this star-studded wedding.

As for the city’s other so-called “upper cla*s”, they probably didn’t even have the qualifications to be invited!

“The Chu family of Kyoto, here!”

In front of the gate of the Four Seals Clubhouse, a loud salute sounded like thunder.


The media was in an uproar, and all of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

Given the size of this wedding, the families that could be saluted were definitely the giants that truly lived at the top of the pyramid, overlooking all life!

The ordinary ones would not even be qualified to perform the ceremony!

Just like the limousines that entered the Four Seals Clubhouse before, they were not given the privilege of a courtesy call.

“Oh my! The Chu family of Kyoto ……”

A reporter exclaimed offhandedly.

But the words did not finish.

In front of the Four Seals Clubhouse, there was another noisy salute.

“The Zhang family of Kyoto, arrive!”


The media were once again in a state of shock.

“The Kyoto Zhang family? The Kyoto Chu family? Are you kidding, these are the two giants of the entertainment industry that are incompatible with each other!”

As media practitioners, they knew everything about what was going on in the entertainment industry.

“Kyoto Li family, here!”


A loud salute, but like a big thunderbolt.

All the media people were dumbfounded.

The Li family, the richest family in Kyoto ……?

After being dumbfounded for a few seconds, all the media people all woke up with a start.

Long guns and short cannons, quickly turned on and frantically filmed.

Big news!

This was big news!

Even if they couldn’t get inside the Four Seals Clubhouse, just filming the guests of the magnates and giants who flocked here was already powerful enough!

And at that moment.

The clamour of salutes in front of the Four Seals Clubhouse’s main entrance also grew more and more intense.

“The Qin family of Xishu, arrive!”

“Zheng Tianming, the master of Chinese painting, arrives!”

“South Long Wang Family, arrive!”


A clamour of salutes exploded like thunder.

It made all the media people’s blood boil.

All the guests were the richest people in the world, and some of the most influential people in the industry!

It’s hard to describe the feast of the rich and famous!

As each of the big names arrived, more and more luxury cars converged on the long and winding road, forming a long convoy that stretched out in a spectacular manner.

Who would have thought that a wedding banquet could cause a traffic jam like the morning and evening rush?

In the end, some of the limousine owners simply got out of their cars and proceeded on foot.

But when they reached the entrance, they stopped, delivered their gifts and then turned around and left.

All of them were from the upper cla*s of the city.

But even the so-called upper cla*s paled in comparison to the big shots who entered the Four Seals Club today.

They were not foolish, and even if they were not qualified to attend such a wedding banquet, it was enough to send a small token of appreciation.

The media, who were almost overwhelmed with enthusiasm, were all stunned to see the normally high-flying upper cla*s people leave with gifts.

Are these …… really the city’s upper cla*s?


Inside the Four Seals Clubhouse.

It was a celebration.

For this wedding banquet, both the Chen family and the Gu family had poured their hearts and souls into it.

In terms of spending money, Chen Dong was even more lenient, making sure that everything was perfect.

The entire Four Seals Clubhouse, from the large pavilions to the small flowers and trees, was decorated.

It was as if the world had changed.

It was like entering a world of fantasy.

In front of the concierge platform.

Li Lan, Long Lao and Gu Guohua were all smiles and happy.

One by one, they greeted the guests who had come.

Among these guests, there were some from the Gu family, but more were here for the Chen family!

The wedding day of the son of the head of the Chen family, who holds all the wealth in the world, is a rare opportunity!

Even the powerful and wealthy who had never even heard of Chen Dong before were not shy about coming to give their blessings.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were looking at the crowd of bigwigs.

Even with the couple’s status of mind, they could not help but feel their hearts surging with excitement.

These were real beings who stood in the clouds overlooking all life!

Even with Gu Guohua’s usual socialising, he had never imagined that his daughter’s big wedding would actually encompa*s all the world’s giants!

Li Lan was also happy, dressed in a festive red cheongsam that perfectly accentuated her temperament.

However, while happy, Li Lan was still a little worried.

“Elder Long, is that child Qin Ye alright?”

After greeting one of the guests, Elder Long smiled, “He was attacked with a knife last night, that boy was lucky and saved his life, Old Slave has Lone Wolf and Yu Lan looking after him in the hospital.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Li Lan was relieved and looked at the scene with a high number of guests and whispered, “When is Dao Lin coming? These guests are all big shots, the three in-laws and I are a bit overwhelmed.”

“His Lordship is already on his way.”

Long Lao said respectfully, and suddenly his eyes lit up, “Madam, the young master is here.”

Li Lan followed Elder Long’s gaze.

Chen Dong, dressed in a suit, was walking slowly.

His sturdy figure, suit and uncommon facial features made Chen Dong attract astonished gazes all around him as he slowly advanced.

Feeling the attention of the bigwigs around him.

Chen Dong’s face could not help but float with arrogance, and the smile at the corner of his mouth tarnished a bit.

“These big personalities …… used to be the Zhou family, even if they struggled for a lifetime, they couldn’t invite one, right? Nowadays, however, all of them are present to cheer for me, such glory is not in vain for the Zhou family to extinguish their clan.”

Thinking in his mind, Chen Dong walked up to Li Lan and Gu Guohua and the others.

“Mom, uncle and aunt.”

Chen Dong called out with a smile, “The reed side said that Little Shadow is almost ready.”

This wedding banquet, because it was so extravagant.

The Chen and Gu families had expected it, so they did not arrange the process of picking up the bride in a motorcade.

Gu Qingying was currently putting on her makeup in the bamboo forest hut.

“Good good.” Li Lan said with a smile, “When the auspicious time comes, we can start.”

At that very moment.

Elder Long suddenly gave a start.

“Qin Ye, why are you here?”

At the sound of his words.

Several people turned their heads to look.

In the crowd, Qin Ye was sitting in a wheelchair, a suit hiding his injuries, only his face was pale and bloodless, oozing weakness.

And behind him, Lone Wolf pushed the wheelchair, and Zhang Yulan followed helplessly.

Chen Dong’s eyes were cold, his expression gloomy: “Zhang Yulan, you were told to take care of Qin Ye at the hospital, why did you bring him here?”

Not waiting for Zhang Yulan to speak.

Qin Ye then said with a smile, “I asked to come here myself, on my brother’s wedding day, as long as I didn’t die, I would definitely be there to congratulate him.”

Although he was smiling, his eyes were cold and stern to the extreme ……


Chapter 260

As he said these words.

Qin Ye and Chen Dong’s eyes locked together.

At this moment, the few people present sensed that something was wrong.

Elder Long took the lead and spoke up, breaking the situation.

“Yu Lan, Lone Wolf, don’t take Qin Ye to find a place to rest yet?”

When the three had left.

Elder Long and Chen Dong greeted a few people and hurriedly followed them.

The remote corner, unlike the cheerful atmosphere outside, seemed a little bit cold.

“What were you doing just now?”

Zhang Yulan was a little apprehensive, the faces of both Qin Ye and Chen Dong just now were ugly to the extreme.

She did not understand how the two people who were once close to each other could turn into this in the blink of an eye.

The Lone Wolf at the side was also frowning, full of confusion.

At this moment.

Elder Long hurriedly came and asked Qin Ye with a sullen face, “Kid Qin, are you here to congratulate or to smash the scene?”

“Of course it’s congratulations.”

The corners of Qin Ye’s pale mouth curled up as he smiled spontaneously.

“You brat, if others are not clear, am I still not clear?” Elder Long frowned, “But you brat don’t make things difficult for me, although I am close to you, I am ultimately a slave of the Chen family.”

“I’ve really come to congratulate you.” Qin Ye said seriously.

Elder Long’s eyes were deep and he and Qin Ye stared at each other for a few seconds.

He suddenly said meaningfully, “I know what you’re thinking, and I have a few moments of confusion, but today’s scene is not for you to be reckless!”

Qin Ye was stunned and his eyes lit up for a moment.

Then he laughed and said, “Elder Long, do you think I killed my father, did I do it right?”

“Yes!” Elder Long nodded his head.

“He doesn’t think I was right!” Qin Ye raised his eyebrows, “How can a person like me, who doesn’t follow his own nature, kill his father?”

“You ……” Long Lao’s face changed dramatically.

Not waiting for his words to come out, Qin Ye waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion, just guarding a little something in my heart, I won’t make the situation unbearable.”

At those words.

Elder Long sighed in disbelief, gave Qin Ye a profound look, turned around and left.

He was clear about Qin Ye’s character.

A person who could kill his father, what would he not be able to do?

Since Qin Ye had said that he had a sense of proportion, he should not have gone too far.

There were still so many guests outside waiting for him to greet them, he didn’t have the time to grind his lips with Qin Ye.

It was only after Elder Long had left that Zhang Yulan and Lone Wolf came back to their senses at the same time.

The conversation the two had just had clearly had a different meaning.

A hint of hostility flashed in Lone Wolf’s eyes, “Qin Ye, don’t blame me, Lone Wolf, for not being polite if you want to mess with Mr. Chen’s affairs.”

“Don’t worry.”

Qin Ye narrowed his eyes with a smile on his face.

It was close to noon.

Inside the Four Seals Clubhouse, it was already full of guests.

The atmosphere was lively.

The pomp and circumstance was unprecedented.

It was at this moment.

A rumble ……

A huge roar of helicopter propellers came from the sky.

In an instant, everyone was silenced.

A single gaze looked up at the sky at the same time.

Immediately afterwards, one gaze all became fiery.

“Madam, young master, the master is here!”

Elder Long looked at the helicopter that was slowly landing and smiled faintly.

As the helicopter landed.

Chen Daolin slowly stepped out of the helicopter under the watchful eyes of everyone and walked towards Chen Dong with a smile on his face.

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong was the first to call out.

Chen Daolin nodded and smiled, “Dong’er, father missed your first wedding, this second wedding, after all, is a privilege to participate in.”

“You big mouth, what are you talking about on the big day?”

Li Lan snapped at Chen Daolin, somewhat displeased.

Chen Dong was originally married for the second time, and in her mind, this was the biggest injustice to Gu Qingying; who’s parents don’t love their children?

For Chen Daoling to say this in front of Gu Guohua and his wife was too rude!

“Fine, fine, it was my mistake.”

Chen Daolin smiled gently and patted Li Lan’s back before greeting Gu Guohua and his wife this time.

Both sides were talking and laughing.

The powerful giants around them did not come forward to greet each other either.

If they could reach their level, they still had eyesight.

Even if their desire to make friends was strong, they were still suppressing it at this time.

“Young master, the auspicious time is almost here, we can hold the wedding.”

Elder Long leaned over and reminded in a low voice.

Chen Dong smiled and nodded, “Mom and Dad, the wedding is about to begin.”

The melodious music followed.

It echoed on the open gra*s of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

In an instant, it silenced the atmosphere.

All the bigwigs took their seats.

With Chu Reed helping to run the show, the top team was brought in, making the entire wedding ceremony top notch.

Even the officiant was the top of the line host.

Everything was done to take care of the wedding that Qing Ying had in mind.

After some opening remarks by the MC.

Soon, it was time to get to the main event.

When Chen Dong walked onto the stage, the whole room erupted in thunderous applause.

Even if the people present were rich and famous, even if they were living in the clouds overlooking all life, they did not begrudge the applause at this time.

Because, it was clear to everyone.

In the eyes of the Chen family, they might as well be one of the multitude.

And the one on the stage was the Chen family head’s own son!

Looking at the applauding crowd, Chen Dong, who was standing on the stage, could not help but to be straightened up.

The smile on his face became more and more brilliantly smug.

Such glory …… staying in the Zhou family for the rest of his life would never be possible!

If it wasn’t for this opportunity, would I have been able to plummet?

As soon as today is over, then I …… will be the real Chen Dong!

“Chen Dong’s heart was in a huge wave, and in a trance, he had already seen a scene in which the world’s power and wealth were in his hands.

But when his eyes fell on Qin Ye in the crowd, sitting in a wheelchair, he couldn’t help but be cold.

As the wedding progressed.

Gu Qingying, who was dressed in an exclusive custom-made wedding dress, slowly walked towards the stage with the support of Chu Reed.

The wedding dress, which was exclusively custom-made by the top team, set off Gu Qingying’s figure to perfection.

Her beautiful face, beautifully adorned by exquisite make-up, was truly exceptional.

As soon as she appeared, she drew the attention of the entire audience, who were in awe.

Hearing the exclamations of the whole audience.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled slightly, and her pretty face flushed a little.

She slowly advanced, somewhat shyly lowering her head.

It was in this way that when her feet stepped onto the stage, she clearly saw that the stage lit up with light and a crimson rose, leapt to the surface.

Gu Qingying was stunned for a moment.

Every time she took a step forward, a crimson rose would inevitably emerge from the stage beneath her feet.

It was as if she was walking on a flower.

Finally, Gu Qingying walked to the middle of the stage.

“Are you nervous?”

A gentle voice sounded in her ears.

Gu Qingying’s heartbeat was banging, and deep inside, there were mixed emotions.

Excitement, joy and other emotions converged together, making her too nervous to speak, only nodding her head in silence.

She had waited three years for this scene!

When Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan stepped into the hall of marriage, her mind was very different from now.

Countless times she had the luxury of wishing that if it was herself who stepped into the hall of marriage with Chen Dong, how great would it be?

Now …… dream has finally come true!

She, at last, has waited for him!

I can’t help but feel that Gu Qingying’s nose is a little sore and tears are in her eyes.

Chen Dong took Gu Qingying’s hand and faced all the guests.

The wedding proceeded in an orderly manner as the Master of Ceremonies took control of the proceedings.

Soon, it was time to invite both parents to the stage.

When both parents, to thunderous applause from the audience, walked onto the stage.

The Master of Ceremonies slowly said.

“First of all, I would like to welcome all the guests to this most precious wedding, which will take place today in your presence.”

The words fell.

The whole audience applauded once again.

Outside the Four Seals Clubhouse, ninety-nine salute cannons even sounded at the same time.

The sound was enormous!

However, just as the bride and groom were about to change their mouths to serve tea.

An angry voice suddenly overwhelmed the applause and the sound of the cannons outside the clubhouse.

“I object to this wedding!”