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Winner Takes All Chapter 263-264

Chapter 263

At this moment, it was as if time had slowed down.

Chen Dong felt as if the sky was spinning, as if his soul was out of his body for a moment, and his chest was oppressed.

His footsteps were a little weak, each foot seemed to have to lift a thousand pounds as he stumbled towards the stage.

A sudden and dramatic change.

It turned the entire Four Seals Club into a pot of congee.

Everyone on the scene was in a panic.

With all the layers of security, who would have thought that the one who ended up killing was actually the “main character” of the wedding today.

“Haha …… hahaha ……”

Zhou Xuan let go of Li Lan, holding the blood-stained dagger, staggering back, as if crazy, his face mixed with blood and tears: “Gone, everything is gone, even if I die, I still want to pull a back.”

“The Zhou family …… here I come!”


Immediately following Kunlun kicked Zhou Xuan in the abdomen.

In an instant, he took the white blade with his empty hand and pinned Zhou Xuan to the stage fiercely.

And at that moment.

Gu Qingying, Gu Guohua, Elder Long and all the others gathered around Li Lan who had fallen in a pool of blood.

Chen Daolin’s face was pale and his eyes were hollow as he crouched on the ground and swept Li Lan into his arms.

The high and mighty head of the Chen family, the Chen family’s leader who looked out over the world, was now full of tears.

“Lan …… Lan’er ……”

Chen Daolin’s voice trembled terribly, and his right hand trembled as he covered Li Lan’s heart, but he still couldn’t stop the rolling blood.

“Take care of …… Dong’er.”

Li Lan’s gaze was lax, her face white as she faced Chen Daolin, smiling sadly: “Family reunion, the happiness, I waited, twenty years, but never thought, so …… short.”

The air is like wandering silk, making Li Lan’s voice tremble and pause, as if every word she said had to use up all her strength.

Chen Daolin’s body trembled, and while tears welled up in his eyes, the corners of his mouth revealed a gentle smile.

So gentle that no one had ever seen it before.

“Okay, I’ll listen to everything you say.”

“Auntie ……”

Gu Qingying’s teary eyes squatted down and grabbed Li Lan’s hand.

“Silly child, still calling auntie?” Li Lan said with a smile.

Gu Qingying’s red lips mumbled and trembled, “Mom ……”

The people around them looked sad and their eyes were red.

Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu, could not help but shed tears.

Finally, Chen Dong walked onto the stage.

He jumped in front of Li Lan, and with an almost brutal action, he swept his mother from Chen Daoling’s arms, even pushing Gu Qingying to the ground.

“Mom …… it’s okay, it’s okay, you’ll be fine ……”

Chen Dong looked terrified and gritted his teeth to pick up Li Lan: “I’ll take you to the hospital, it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay ……”

“Dong’er, it’s useless ……”

Li Lan’s pale face, full of despondency and sadness: “I’m sorry, mum can’t accompany you, and I can’t bring my grandson in the future.”

A dagger from Zhou Xuan, stabbed straight into the heart, clearly intended to kill with a single blow.

Leland could feel that his anger was fading fast.

“It’s alright, it will be alright, I, I will take you to the hospital immediately, I will be able to save you.” Chen Dong acted as if he was crazy, forcing his arms around Li Lan, while roaring, “Kunlun, Kunlun you F**king go and drive for me, quick!”

Perhaps the movement was too great and involved Li Lan, causing her to frown in pain and suck in cold air.

“Chen Dong, put your mother down!”

Chen Daolin’s eyes were full of tears, and his tiger eyes looked at Chen Dong angrily, “You’re hurting her!”

“I, I want to save my mother, I want to save my mother ……”

Chen Dong paid no attention, tears in his eyes sliding down like rain, “It’s alright, my mum will be alright.”

At this moment, it was as if his chest was clogged with boulders, depressing to the extreme.

Self-blame, guilt, and reluctance all tangled together and filled his chest.

He had fought his way back.

What was wanted …… was not this result!

In his mind, images of twenty years of being with his mother kept coming back.

He remembered the cold winter months when his mother draped the thickest clothes in the house over him and went out to collect rubbish to feed him rather than suffer the cold herself.

He remembers his mother smiling as she brought him a steaming bowl of dumplings at New Year’s Eve, the only bowl of dumplings for the family, and she tricked him into eating them all.

He remembers that when people called him a B*****d, it was his mother who stood in front of him with her frail body and cursed at people.

He remembers that his mother had to work several jobs every day, and that she had to sew for others by candlelight at night to earn money to support him, even though her hands were covered in bruises.


The first time I saw her, I remembered that she had to work several jobs every day, and she had to sew for others by candlelight at night to earn money.

I’ve been living with my mother for over twenty years, and she has endured too much for him.

This is why he worked so hard, just to let his mother live a happy life.

But after three years of marriage, his mother’s years of accumulated exertion exploded, collapsing her body while having to accompany him to endure in front of the Wang family.

It was not easy for the rain to pa*s, after surviving the nightmare of twenty years, he was finally able to let his mother live a life of well-being and prosperity, and finally able to let her see him married to a good man.

The bias …… why is this?

He worked his way up the ladder, just to give his mother more, to bring her back to the Chen family, surrounded by glory.

But now, up to now, he hadn’t even had the chance to wash his mother’s feet once.

“It will be fine, I can save you, my son will be able to save you ……”

Chen Dong’s vision was blurred by tears, as if he was obsessed with murmuring, and vaguely, he saw his mother’s throat welling up.


A large mouthful of blood spurted out, spraying on Chen Dong’s face.

This scene made Chen Dong freeze in his tracks.

It also caused the crowd to gasp in shock.

“Chen Dong, you put down your mother!”


Chen Daolin was like a raging lion as he slapped Chen Dong’s face fiercely.

This slap, as if it had the force of a thousand pounds, smacked Chen Dong onto his knees.

“Sh*t ……”

Chen Dong howled despite his face being covered in blood.

The cry was heartbreaking.

The crowd was heard to join in the tears with it.

But it was clear to everyone that no one could save Li Lan with this stabbing.

Even Liu, the director of Lijin Hospital, was present at the scene and stood by, shaking his head grimly.

“Dong’er ……”

Li Lan, who was almost at death’s door, her pupils kept dilating, her mouth opened wide, and she kicked in her breath with great effort.

However, her right hand slowly lifted up and gently wiped the tears from the corner of Chen Dong’s eyes.

“Good Dong’er, don’t cry …… don’t cry …… the crown will fall …… off.”

Chen Dong’s lips trembled, his throat was embarra*sed, and he was about to struggle to make a sound.

Time seemed to stand still.

He clearly felt that his mother’s right hand, which had wiped the corners of his eyes, slowly dropped down.


The hand fell into a pool of blood, like a thunderous explosion.

With that, Leland’s eyes slowly closed ……

“Ma ……”

Chen Dong froze, the tears that had just been wiped away, once again springing out, he hissed in disorientation, “I, I don’t want the crown ah …… I, I want my mother!”


Chapter 264

Sadness lingers.

Everyone wept.

Chen Dong hugged Li Lan and clenched his teeth, but tears still fell like rain.

Memories were like knives, guilt like swords, as if they were lingering.

“Haha …… dead, finally dead, the feeling of a broken family, do you feel it clearly?”

Zhou Xuan, who was pinned to the ground, roared with laughter.

“Die, I want you to die!”

Chen Dong looked like crazy, his eyes were red and fiercely turned his head, as if a fierce beast of rage and thirst.


A figure suddenly appeared in front of Kunlun and Zhou Xuan.

“Give it to me!”

Qin Ye’s face was as cold as frost as he directly grabbed the dagger in Kun Lun’s hand.

Then, leaned down.


The dagger didn’t enter Zhou Xuan’s vest.

Blood splattered Qin Ye’s face, but his expression, however, remained cold and stern to the extreme.

An icy voice echoed across the stage.

It was filled with a heartbreaking sadness.

“What exactly did his mother do to offend you? You should be shredded to pieces for laying your hands on a woman!”

As he spoke, the dagger in Qin Ye’s hand frantically stirred in Zhou Xuan’s vest.

Even Qin Ye’s throat kept making “ho-ho” sounds, his eyes were red and he looked mad.

This scene fooled Kunlun.

It also dumbfounded everyone.

Such ruthlessness, as if the devil was on earth, made people’s hearts chill with fear.

No one had expected that Qin Ye would actually strike before Chen Dong.

“Qin Ye, stop, you stop!”

Ignoring his grief, Long Lao looked terrified and pounced on Qin Ye, stopping him from behind and hugging him, desperately dragging him backwards.

But Qin Ye was like a mad beast, pushing Elder Long down with one hand, but the dagger in his hand did not stop at all.

A hoarse questioning voice, emanating from his throat, kept questioning, “Why did you kill his mother?”

“Kunlun, stop him!”

Elder Dragon bellowed angrily.

Kunlun snapped to attention and kicked Qin Ye away.

But Qin Ye rolled over and climbed up, and was about to pounce again on Zhou Xuan, who had long since lost his life.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Qin Ye.

“Chen Dong, get out of the way!”

Qin Ye’s eyes were red, as if he was possessed, and he shouted angrily, “He killed your mother, he deserves to be broken into pieces!”


Chen Dong, whose face was full of tears, hugged Qin Ye in his arms.

With a sobbing voice, he said, “That’s enough, brother.”

“Not enough, that’s not enough, he killed your mother! You don’t have a mother ……” Qin Ye struggled and howled without warning.


Chen Dong slashed at the back of Qin Ye’s neck with a palm knife.

Qin Ye instantly fainted.

“Really …… enough.”

Chen Dong’s voice was incomparably low.

After handing Qin Ye over to Elder Long’s care, he turned around and also walked towards his mother’s corpse.

After picking up Li Lan, he sobbed and said, “Mom …… son take you home.”


Just after taking a step, Chen Dong suddenly went weak and stumbled straight down.

“Chen Dong!”

This scene scared the crowd and they rushed forward.


A week later.

Under Chen Daolin’s manipulation, Li Lan was buried.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, there was still onyx all over.

The atmosphere was sad.

Everyone was gathered in the living room, looking at each other with worry.

“All this week, he has locked himself up in his room?”

Chen Daoling asked in a deep voice despite the exhaustion and sadness between his brows.

During this week, from great joy to great sorrow, he, as the head of the family, had too many and too many things to attend to, and had barely even come to the villa, barely closing his eyes.

“It’s been a week, except for the time when Madam was buried and came out.”

Elder Long was full of worry: “And Master, you saw the young master’s expression at that time, it was frighteningly calm.”

When these words came out, Gu Qingying, Qin Ye, Kunlun and the others were all worried.

“Great joy and great sorrow, Dong’er is afraid that he is holding back.” Gu Guohua’s gaze was deep and his brows were knitted together.

Li Wanqing sighed and looked at Gu Qingying, “Xiao Ying, the situation Dong’er is in, he needs you, you have to enlighten and guide him.”

Gu Qingying’s face was full of sorrow and her eyes were filled with tears as she said, “I’ve been with him these past few days and tried to guide him, but he won’t even let me see him anymore and he won’t listen to me at all.”

Throughout the week, Gu Qingying stayed close to Chen Dong.

Because she was clear about Chen Dong’s feelings for his mother, she was even more afraid that Chen Dong would do something stupid.

But after Li Lan died and Chen Dong woke up in the hospital, it was as if he was a different person.

So calm that Gu Qingying felt scared.

He ignored her and didn’t even say a word in response.

It was as if Chen Dong had burrowed into a shell, shutting everyone out.

And after Li Lan was buried, Chen Dong, who had returned calmly, returned to his room and locked the door behind him after pushing her out of it.

Such a sense of powerlessness made Gu Qingying almost collapse.

“Young master is going to have a big problem if he holds it in like this, he might even have a big change of heart.” Elder Long sighed and looked at Chen Daoling, “Master, think of something?”

“It’s all my fault, I’m to blame for not protecting them, mother and son.”

Chen Daolin sighed ruefully, “Everyone knows that I am the head of the Chen family who holds all the wealth in the world, who would have thought that I would not even be able to protect my own wife and son, I am simply incompetent.”

With these words, the crowd was left helpless and desperate.

But it was clear to everyone.

Chen Dong’s current state had to be opened up as soon as possible, otherwise there would definitely be a big problem.

A fierce outburst of emotions might cause great damage for a short period of time, but after the outburst, it would be able to recover as before.

A suppressed and closed emotion, on the other hand, will not cause the slightest difference for a short time, but when it really explodes, it is enough to make a person fall from the clouds into hell.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was the latter.

“Hoo ……”

A sound of exhalation drew everyone’s attention.

Qin Ye slowly got up, rubbed his face, and said decisively, “If soft won’t work, then we’ll have to do it the hard way, you’re all too close to him to spare the hard way, so I’ll do it.”

“Qin Ye ……”

Gu Qingying wanted to call out to Qin Ye, but was stopped by Chen Daoling’s eyes.

With his hands in his pockets, Qin Ye hung back and walked up to Chen Dong’s door.

“Brother Dong, open the door.”

But, in the room, there was silence.

Chen Dong did not respond in the slightest.

Qin Ye’s gaze stared.


Lifting a foot, he brazenly kicked open the door of the room.

The sound startled Gu Qingying downstairs to get up on her feet and worryingly wanted to go upstairs to check.

But Chen Daolin grabbed Gu Qingying’s wrist: “Xiao Ying, don’t be impulsive.”

“But I’m afraid ……” Gu Qingying was worried.

As Chen Dong’s wife, having suddenly suffered such a change, her pain was almost second only to Chen Dong and Chen Daoling.


Long Lao was smiling faintly, “Let Qin Ye try, he and the young master are one of a kind.”

The room.

It was dim to the point of darkness.

Thick curtains that stopped the sunlight could only faintly shine between the cracks in the curtains.

The pungent smell of alcohol and smoke mingled together and was extremely unpleasant.

There were also countless bottles of alcohol and cigarette butts scattered on the floor.

Qin Ye couldn’t help but frown as he kicked away a few bottles of alcohol and walked into the room.

He saw that Chen Dong was sitting woodenly on the floor beside the bed, clutching a yellowing and old photo, motionless.

Smiling, Qin Ye walked over to Chen Dong’s side.


He lit two cigarettes and shoved one into Chen Dong’s mouth, then sat down himself.

Picking up the bottle of wine beside Chen Dong, he took a look, “12 year old xo? You’re boozy enough.”

Chen Dong did not speak, not moving a muscle.

Qin Ye said to himself, “You didn’t know how to smoke before, but you’ve practiced your smoking skills this time around.”

Chen Dong remained silent and did not move a muscle.

In just a week, he had become haggard to the extreme.

His whole face was thin and disfigured, and he had an unspeakable “dead” air.

“Does it feel like you’re in hell right now?”

Qin Ye leaned on the edge of the bed, propped his hands on the bed and said with a cigarette in his mouth, “Actually, I once fell into hell, just like you, but I climbed out of it.

The silence of the room.

Rising and two curls of smoke.

A low, despondent voice that rang out slowly.

“Is that why you helped me kill him then?”