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Winner Takes All Chapter 279-280

Chapter 279

The tone of his voice was disdainful and overwhelmingly arrogant.

Master Qin could not help but choke.

Qin Henian’s face even turned red as his anger tumbled.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Chen Dong, you, what more do you want? My Qin family has been humbled to such an extent, you must not deceive people too much!”

“If you don’t bully people too much, then why am I bullying people?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was harsh, and he pressed Qin Henian directly: “When you all combined to murder me and kill my mother, did you ever say that you should not bully others too much?”

“You ……” Qin Henian’s face was red and his ears were red, and he was speechless.

In the parlour, there was a solemnity.

It was quiet enough to listen to a needle.

Elder Qin glared fiercely at Qin Henian before he slowly spoke, “Mr. Chen, but there is no harm in speaking!”

Chen Dong spoke slowly with an overwhelming presence, “I want half of the shares and the control of all your Qin family’s properties!”


Master Qin and Qin Henian were struck by lightning and froze on the spot.

The magnificent Qin family had countless industries.

It was through these industries that the Qin family’s status as the richest man in Western Shu had been forged.

Now, Chen Dong wanted to take half of the shares of all the industries and the right to control them!

Half of the shares was already a superb price.

In other words, if he agrees, the Qin family’s properties will change their names and henceforth be known as Chen instead of Qin!

And the Qin family, too, would become Chen Dong’s va*sal.

“Mr. Chen, this, this is too lavish?”

Even though Elder Qin, who was already ready to die with his sword drawn, was still staring at Chen Dong with a sullen expression and resentment.

He was willing to die in order to preserve the Qin family.

But now, what was the difference between Chen Dong’s request and cutting off the foundation of the Qin family?

“What kind of king of a hundred beasts is a lion if he doesn’t open his mouth wide?”

Chen Dong looked down at Elder Qin, his tone was awe-inspiring, and it carried an aura of brutal dominance.

The majestic aura pressed down on Elder Qin and Qin Henian, causing cold hairs to explode all over their bodies.

On the other hand, Qin Ye, Kun Lun and Chen Tong were silent.

As the saying goes, since they have driven away the tiger, Old Lady Chen, they certainly have to swallow the wolf, the Qin family.

The young master …… has really changed.

Kunlun’s eyebrows were morose as he stared profoundly at Chen Dong.

If it was the old Chen Dong, he would never have been able to do this.

When he first encroached upon Zhou Zunlong’s Zunlong Real Estate, it was still after repeatedly and repeatedly that Elder Long made a quick and ruthless move.

Now, Chen Dong is following the example of Elder Long, without the slightest hesitation, decisive and ruthless.

On the surface, Chen Dong was still Chen Dong, but after the trip to Black Prison and the death of his mother, Kun Lun could clearly feel the change in Chen Dong.

This change made Kunlun’s heart steal joy.

He was clear that this was the process of Chen Dong’s metamorphosis towards the direction of the family head.

“Chen Dong ……,” Qin Henian gritted his teeth.

However, just as the words left his mouth, he was forced to stop by a furious shout from Elder Qin.

Elder Qin looked at Chen Dong with resentment and old tears, “If you do this, can you spare the Qin family?”

“I am just informing you, whether to let go or not, that will depend on what the Qin family does in the future.”

Chen Dong looked cold and indifferent, his gaze was morose, and from beginning to end, he did not show any other half-hearted feelings except for his biting murderousness.

In his mind, his mother’s voice and face kept coming back to him.

If it wasn’t for the sake of wearing the crown, he wouldn’t even give the Qin family such a chance.

“Hoo ……”

Elder Qin took a deep breath and suddenly opened his voice, “He-Nian, remember this, hand over half of the shares and control of all the Qin family’s properties, from tonight onwards, you will be the head of the Qin family, admonish your family, but do good deeds and cherish each of them.”

“Father ……”

With a poof, Qin Henian fell to his knees and howled.

The Qin family that stood in Western Shu, high in the clouds and proud of the entire territory of Western Shu, he never dreamed that the Qin family would actually be forced into such a predicament.

Every word of his father’s words seemed like a huge stone, weighing heavily on his chest, making him almost suffocate.

“Mr. Chen, old man agrees!”

Elder Qin’s obscure eyes looked at Chen Dong with incomparable determination, “Now, can I leave?”

“I’ll see you off!”

An ice-cold voice suddenly rang out.

In the brightly lit meeting room.

As a figure swayed violently, the long sword that was erected on Elder Qin’s neck suddenly glowed with a blindingly cold light.


Fresh blood flew.

Qin Henian’s body, which was howling, stiffened violently, and he felt his face moisten as the rich smell of blood poured into his nostrils.

He did not dare to look up, and tremblingly raised his right hand to wipe his face, and into his eyes, a crimson red.


Qin Henian’s mind buzzed blank, and he threw back his head in pain and screamed out.

Bang Teen!

Old Master Qin fell into a pool of blood in response, no longer half alive.

On the other side, Chen Dong held his longsword, its tip pointing to the ground, crimson blood flowing down the blade to the tip of the sword and eventually dripping to the ground.

In a short moment, Chen Dong wielded his sword in a flowing manner.


He dropped the long sword in his hand and looked coldly at the crumbling Qin Henian: “Take it away, tomorrow, I want to finish handing everything over.”

“Good, good, good!”

Qin Henian’s face was pale and his face was mixed with blood and tears as he said three words of good in a row through clenched teeth.

With that, he staggered up, picked up Elder Qin on his back, picked up his long sword, and slowly walked towards the outside of the meeting room.

The night breeze was sluggish.

The light stretched Qin Henian’s back for a long, long time.

“Chen Tong, clean this place up, and also, arrange for someone to hand over the shares of the Qin family estate tomorrow.”

“Ming, understand, young master.”

Chen Tong was dazed and awakened, then hurriedly bowed his head in response.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he slowly raised his head and gazed profoundly at the departing Chen Dong, not knowing when, his back had already been wet with sweat.

The scene just now, the majestic killing intent Chen Dong had displayed from beginning to end, had sent chills down the spine of this Consul General of the Chen Family Office in Xishu.

He had accompanied Chen Dong to the Qin family birthday banquet, and Chen Dong’s performance had already made him smack his lips, but only now did he suddenly awaken to the fact that compared to the scene just now, the Chen Dong at the Chen family birthday banquet had actually been quite introspective.

After a long time, Chen Tong’s gaze fell to the pool of blood on the ground and muttered, “Is this, really the young master who has been in exile for more than twenty years?”

Chen Tong controlled the first realm of Western Shu, and he had seen many Chen family heirs of this generation, but none of them, could make him so appalled, or even terrified.

On the one hand, he was a successor educated by the elite within the Chen family, while on the other hand, he was an heir who had strayed and was called a “wild child” by the Chen family, the difference between the two was clear from Chen Tong’s experience.

Back in his room.

But Chen Dong did not fall asleep.

Instead, he solemnly asked Kunlun to find joss sticks and candles and set up a simple shrine in the living room of his room and dedicated a photo of Li Lan to him.

“Mother, it is my son who is unfilial.”

Chen Dong knelt on the floor, slowly spilling his cup of wine onto the ground and heavily kowtowing three times.

When his head was raised, his eyes were already flooded with tears, “My son could not even avenge your death completely in order to fight for the position of the Chen family head.”

After saying this, he spilled the wine in his cup onto the ground and once again bowed his head three times.

Three cups of wine in succession, three knees and nine kowtows, but Chen Dong did not get up, but looked at Li Lan’s photo and quietly shed tears, his teeth biting his lips to the point of oozing blood, without even making a single sound of crying.

The entire Western Shu gentry were concerned about everything in the Qin family.

When Qin Henian left the Shu Mountain Villa with the corpse on his back.

The Western Shu gentry were completely shocked!

At the same time, a storm, gathering raging fast in the night ……


Chapter 280

When the first rays of sunlight fell on the earth in the early morning.

But the Qin house was already covered in onyx.

There was a sense of sadness and grief.

Even as the sun was rising, the Qin family could not detect the slightest warmth.

The Qin family has changed dramatically.

The night that Qin He carried the body of the old man home was like a heavy bomb that bombarded the entire Qin family.

The whole house was bombarded with a bombshell. The whole family could not sleep at night.

Howls of tears echoed throughout the night.

Three days ago, Master Qin was still throwing a birthday banquet.

Who would have thought that three days later, he would be lying in a coffin, a cold corpse?

In just three days, the sky had collapsed and the earth had fallen.

No one in the Qin family could have expected that the Qin family, which was as lofty as a mountain and had been soaring to great heights, would actually be in for such a shocking change.

And while the Qin family was in tears, the whole of Western Shu was in turmoil.

The whole of Western Shu was in turmoil.

One by one, the powerful families had been saving up all night, but at dawn, they quickly set about making their arrangements with the momentum of a wildfire.

The sword was pointed at the Qin family.

The walls have fallen.

The name of the richest man, the huge resources, and even the monopoly of dominance in certain industries.

All of them were coveted by all the powerful families.

Before this, even though the world’s most powerful families had their hearts set on it, they did not dare to make a move in the face of the rising Qin family.

But now, in just three days, the Qin family’s edifice is in danger and the sky is changing in Western Shu.

The old man even had to kill himself with a three-foot blade to save the Qin family.

In a situation like this, when would one wait not to take action?


When all the gentry set about setting up, they were shocked to find out.

The Zhuge family, however, had already pointed their swords at the Qin family’s major industries.

While all the giants were setting up, the Zhuge Family had swiftly opened up the harvesting and dumping with the swiftness of lightning.

This caused a host of powerful families to pound their chests and sigh with sorrow.

They all knew clearly how the Zhuge Family could launch such a thunderous siege on the Qin Family.

The only fault was that they were one step too slow!

And in the Zhuge family.

The white-haired old man had been up all night, yet he did not feel the slightest bit tired, his face was red and he could not stop smiling at the corners of his mouth.

“Grandfather, all the arrangements have been unleashed, and this time, I’m afraid that all the gentry in the first realm of Western Shu will have their jaws dropped.” Zhuge Qing smiled as he reported back.

The white haired old man said with a smile, “The time is also fate, my Zhuge family has been hibernating in Western Shu for a long time, not showing up in the mountains, but those people think that the heroes are in their twilight years, but they do not know that the Zhuge family is an old steed aspiring to a thousand miles.”

“What I want is to make a splash without making a sound!”

“Grandpa is right, the Zhuge Family has a long history, all it lacks is an opportunity, and Chen Dong’s appearance is the opportunity for our Zhuge Family to become the richest man in Western Shu!”

Zhuge Qing laughed and agreed: “One day the wind will rise, and we will be able to climb up to 90,000 miles! Now, all those people can only watch with bated breath.”

“Hahahaha …… Qing’er, contact Mr. Chen immediately, today I will host a big family banquet for Chen Sheng, to show my hospitality to the host!”

The old man was all smiles as he waved his hand and ordered.

Chen Sheng?

Zhuge Qing’s pupils tightened, this was the first time he had heard such an honorific from his grandfather’s mouth.

The Zhuge Family, although it had always been dormant in Western Shu, was not as dazzling as the Qin Family.

But as a powerful family, it had a deep heritage, and its bones were full of arrogance and confidence.

As the head of the family, his grandfather rarely treated people with such courtesy and respect.

What’s more, it was to a young man in his twenties.

“Grandfather, I’m on my way.” Zhuge Qing answered and left.

Shu Mountain Villa.

The sun was rising brightly and the spring breeze was brisk.

It was early in the morning.

Chen Dong was sitting quietly in front of the balcony, looking out over the entire Shu Mountain Villa.

In the distance, there was a sunset in the sky, as if it was bloodstained.

Rubbing his nose, he smiled slightly, “I am afraid that today’s Western Shu will not be peaceful.”

Although he had already shown “mercy” to the Qin family, the news that Qin Henian had returned to the Qin family at night with a corpse on his back was enough to stir up the storm in all of Western Shu.

Even if the Qin family did not fall, it would not be able to resist the covetousness and encroachment of the gentry.

However, as he had reached a partnership with the Zhuge family in advance, the storm clouds in Western Shu would not be stirred for long.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

“Come in.” Chen Dong said.

Qin Ye walked in together with Kun Lun and Qin Xiao Qian.

“Brother Dong, the sky has changed in Western Shu, and the major giants have quickly struck, with the Zhuge Family leading the way.” Qin Ye said with a smile.

Kun Lun’s face was calm.

On the contrary, Qin Xiao Qian, listening to Qin Ye’s narrative, had a somewhat complicated expression, looking at Qin Ye, wanting to say something but not saying anything.

“Well, after the Qin family has sent all the equity contracts to their door and signed them, and the dust has settled on this matter, we should also return.” Chen Dong nodded his head.

“However, I am a little confused as to how you could give away a piece of fat meat to the Zhuge Family for nothing this time?” Qin Ye was a little confused.

A short meeting, a dry cooperation without the slightest negotiation.

Yet it had invariably helped the Zhuge Family become the richest in Western Shu.

The point was, such a big fat meat, Chen Dong said he would give it away without even half thinking of giving it back.

“I learnt something in the Black Prison.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and looked towards Kun Lun, “Kun Lun, you are also someone who came out from the side there, the rules of the weak and the strong should be understood, right?”

Kun Lun’s gaze flickered twice, and suddenly became clear.

He smiled and said, “Under the rule of the weak and the strong, the strong encroach on the weak, but if one cannot manage to crush a prison district to become the head wolf, when the fronts are too strong, they will only rise up to strangle the herd.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he looked at Qin Ye: “Do you understand now?”

Back then in Black Prison, if he hadn’t fought in the life and death ring with near-mad bravery in just one month’s time, coupled with the help of Drought and Chen Daojun and the others.

In fact, his result would have been similar to what Kun Luo had said.

This was evident from when he defeated the Exploding Bear at the very beginning.

“You’re letting the Zhuge Family sit on the top riches to help you block the gun and reduce the impact of this strike against the Qin Family?” Qin Ye came to a sudden realization.

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

If it wasn’t to reduce the impact, how would he have given away such a big piece of fat meat to the Zhuge Family for nothing?

With his current strength, he was able to carry the Chen family’s great power, press the Qin family to lift their heads and force Master Qin to death, but in the end, he could not be too sharp.

Chen Dong knows very well the principle of “too much is easy to break”.

Within the border, there were more than enough people like the Qin family to count on their hands.

The reason why he was able to carry the Chen family’s great power this time was because his mother’s death had touched his father’s scales, which was why his father had suppressed Old Lady Chen in spite of everything.

If he were to be too sharp at this point, he was not sure how many times he would be able to borrow the Chen family’s great power in the future.

Knock, knock!

At that moment, the knock on the door sounded again.

“Young master, someone from the Qin family is here.” Outside the door, Chen Tong’s voice rang out.

Here they come!

Chen Dong slowly got up and swept over the crowd, “Let’s go, after we finish this, we can return.”

Qin Ye was about to follow, but he was quietly tugged by Qin Xiao Qian.

“Brother Ye, if we do this, are we considered traitors to the Qin family and disobedient and unfilial?”

Qin Ye was stunned and patted Qin Xiao Qian’s head heartily, smiling gently, “Silly girl, with Brother Ye around, even if we are traitors and disobedient, it’s still Brother Ye, it has nothing to do with you.”