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Winner Takes All Chapter 285-286

Chapter 285

Late at night.

All is quiet.

In the bedroom, the television set hanging on the wall is playing entertainment news.

In the news, it was the entertainment reporter interviewing Chen Yufei.

Chen Dong’s brows were slightly knitted as he gazed at the television, but he did not have the slightest intention of sleeping.

“Honey, it’s so late to sleep.” Gu Qingying snuggled into Chen Dong’s arms.

“I’ll watch for a while longer.” Chen Dong’s voice was a little low, his face was sad.

Gu Qingying cast a sidelong glance at the television and said somewhat helplessly, “The dust has settled and Elder Long has been discharged from the hospital after recovering from his injuries, why are you still worried about Chen Yufei?”

A week had pa*sed since Elder Long was injured.

Fortunately, Elder Long was not seriously injured and had now returned home to recuperate.

The image of Chen Dong and Chen Yu Fei meeting at the Lijin Hospital that day soon swept the entire internet, causing quite a stir.

In order to allay Gu Qingying’s worries, Chen Dong also told her the whole story.

Like Chen Dong, Gu Qingying also thought that Chen Yufei was just a “bear child” who was used to behaving badly, and thought that by whipping Long Lao, who was Chen Dong’s sidekick, she was taking out her anger for Mrs. Chen.

Or rather, she was using it to beat up Chen Dong and embarra*s him.

But this week, Chen Dong had to watch the video interview about Chen Yu Fei almost every night.

This gave Gu Qingying a feeling of being left out.

Who said that newlyweds sing night and day?

“I always feel that things aren’t that simple.”

Chen Dong lifted his finger and pointed at the television, “Look, Chen Yu Fei has never been calm and collected in the face of interviews, her words and mannerisms are not in the least bit misbehaving, nor can she find the slightest flaw.”

After leaving the hotel that day, Chen Dong had been thinking about his meeting with Chen Yufei.

Throughout the whole process, Chen Yufei was permeated with a sense of perversity and arrogance, with no one in sight, which even made people feel a bit absurd.

But it was this absurdity that made Chen Dong somewhat unable to let go.

Was Chen Yufei stupid?

Definitely not!

If she were really stupid, she wouldn’t have been regarded as the jewel of Old Lady Chen’s heart.

What’s more, she was involved in the incredibly complicated entertainment industry.

Even if she has the backing of the Chen family, it would be difficult for her to survive in the entertainment industry if she doesn’t have any real skills and if her personality is still arrogant.

On the contrary, Chen Yufei is doing very well.

Whether it’s within the entertainment industry or the audience’s popularity.

Gu Qingying’s eyes were deep as she watched the interview video along with Chen Dong.

The truth, too, is just as Chen Dong said.

The fact is that even Gu Qingying can’t do this.

It is simply …… watertight.

This is the kind of person that a phrase like “badly behaved” to describe is obviously biased.

“You are thinking that the day she met you, she was deliberately acting out?”

Gu Qingying was puzzled, “But if it was really a deliberate act, then it’s been a week, so there should be something to follow.”

“That’s what I can’t figure out.”

Chen Dong scratched his head in annoyance, looking at Gu Qingying who was sleepy and yawning in front of him.

Chen Dong suppressed the doubts in his mind.

Gently nodding a kiss on Gu Qingying’s forehead, he softly said, “Alright, it’s been hard for you these past few days, staying up with me every day, I don’t want to, let’s go to sleep.”

“Sleep?” Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, feeling the hot air around her ears, a blush spread from the roots of her ears straight to her cheeks.

Chen Dong smiled wickedly, “Meat!”


In the blink of an eye, another week had pa*sed.

Everything was calm and quiet.

Life seemed to have returned to the right track.

Chen Yu Fei also stopped appearing, as if it was really the end after whipping Elder Long that day.

This made Chen Dong’s wariness, too, slowly relax, and he began to devote himself to his work.

The problem with Din Tai had been almost dealt with by Elder Long.

The rest of the matters, in a fortnight’ time, were also all dealt with clearly by Chen Dong.

The renovation project of the shantytown in the west of the city was nearing its end, and after the initial momentum was built up, the properties developed at the back were launched into the market at a high rate.

Even Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu, who had taken up land in the west of the city in order to help Chen Dong get through the difficult times, also profited a lot from this wave of renovation.

On the other hand, Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian joined forces and also set up the finance company completely.

With the existence of the Qin family’s financial company, this allowed Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian to become giants in the financial sector as soon as they started.

The two siblings swept through the financial world with great power and prestige.

Everything was in order and moving in a good direction.

It was early this morning.

Chen Dong had given a routine meeting to the middle level of the company and decided on the direction of Din Tai’s subsequent development and expansion.

Just after he returned to his office, a phone call came through.

Looking at the unfamiliar number, Chen Dong frowned and pressed the answer button.

But the yellow warbler-like laughter that rang out from the phone made his brow instantly furrow into a frown.

“Brother Dong, what are you doing?”

Chen Yufei!

In a fortnight’ time, Chen Dong had almost forgotten about Chen Yufei.

Yet, to his surprise, it suddenly popped up again now.

“You seem to have forgotten my warning.” Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern.

“Brother Dong, don’t be angry, it’s not like I meant anything else, it’s just that there happens to be an event this time and it’s going to be in your territory, so at least we’re all members of the Chen family, so it’s not too much to ask to have a meal together, right?”

On the phone, Chen Yu Fei’s laughing voice was still the same as that day, always giving people a feeling of indifference.

However, given the relationship between Chen Dong and Old Lady Chen, she would not be foolish enough to ask Chen Yufei out.

Even if Chen Yufei was stupid, she wouldn’t really have this kind of attitude, right?

“No time.” Chen Dong refused dryly.

He was about to hang up the phone.

Chen Yufei’s voice suddenly went cold: “Humph! If you don’t agree, I can’t guarantee that I will not do something excessive, Elder Long’s injury should have almost healed, right?”

“How dare you!”

Hostility instantly flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes.

“What wouldn’t I dare?”

Chen Yu Fei said arrogantly, “Anyway, I am the Eldest Miss of the Chen Family, if I beat up Elder Long again, he will still have to be obedient and let me do it.”

Chen Dong was silent, his face covered in frost and depressed anger.

This Eldest Miss, was she really going to play with fire?

Immediately after, on the phone, Chen Yu Fei’s voice rang out again.

“Promise, just for tonight, I’m not going to eat you, look how scared you are, although I’m very close to my grandmother, but I’m a girl with the name of heir, frankly speaking, I can’t compete for the position of family head, my target is a big star in the entertainment industry, I won’t compete with you like Born and Raised in Heaven.”

Chen Dong spoke coldly, “Time, place.”

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong sat profoundly in his chair, but the phone in his hand was squeezed and clicked.

Chen Yu Fei’s words had almost completely lowered his posture, not like the original Chen Tiansheng Chen Tianyao, who was a thunderstorm when he struck out.

Such a posture, on the contrary, made him somewhat constrained.

A woman who had dropped her posture and acted harmlessly, it was impossible for him to counter with a thunderstorm, and if he did not comply, the woman might have to show her snake side again.

That was the hard part.

Rubbing his temples, Chen Dong leaned back in his chair, “Tonight, let’s see what kind of tricks you’re going to play.”


On the other hand, inside the presidential suite of the Tai Shan Hotel.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yu Fei smiled lightly, “Men, it’s really too easy to pin down, if I solve you, it’s one step closer to me becoming the Chen family head, there are countless ways to kill people, born and bred in heaven you are really silly men.”


Chapter 286


Chen Dong took Lone Wolf with him and arrived at the place he had agreed with Chen Yu Fei as promised.

It was a private restaurant, extremely upscale and luxurious.

The melodious music and charming lights.

The atmosphere was set to the extreme.

But at this moment, the restaurant was silent, the music echoed, and there were no guests.

“Mr. Chen, please follow me.”

A waiter greeted him.

“You know me?” Chen Dong was a little surprised.

The waiter smiled faintly, “The entire restaurant has been chartered by Miss Chen tonight, so the one who can walk into the restaurant must be Mr. Chen.”

Saying that, he looked at Lone Wolf again, “Sorry sir, Miss Chen only invited Mr. Chen, please wait outside.”

Lone Wolf nodded, turned around and walked to the chair at the entrance and sat down.

He was originally there to protect Chen Dong, so it was fine if he entered the restaurant or not.

“Prepare a dinner for my friend with the code 6 of 6.”

Chen Dong handed the bank card to the waiter and then walked into the restaurant.

The restaurant was right in the middle, surrounded by lights.

Chen Yufei, who was dressed in a long red evening gown, was sitting at the table, her back showing a perfect S-curve.

There was extreme elegance between her eyebrows.

It was as if she was a noble peaC*ck.

The long and slender jade fingers gently traced the rim of the red wine gla*s.

This scene, under the lighting and music, printed into a painting.

Even Chen Dong, at first glance, could not help but be lost in awe.

It had to be said that even without the big backing of the Chen family, if Chen Yufei really wanted to push her way into the entertainment industry, her beauty would be enough to become her unbeatable weapon.

“Brother Dong.”

When Chen Yufei saw Chen Dong, her willow brows turned upwards and she smiled sweetly.

The dull, deep eyes instantly glowed with brilliance.

Everything was as if she was a little girl.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, there was a cold laugh in his heart.

He walked indifferently to the table, and after taking his seat, he asked directly, “What exactly is the reason for you asking me to dinner?”

“What? When people come to your place and invite you to have a meal, they still have to have a purpose na?”

Chen Yu Fei gave a strange smile and pointed to the wine gla*s in front of Chen Dong, “This is a cla*sic grade red wine, it has been woken up and it is the best time to drink it, I hope Brother Dong will not mind.”

Chen Dong looked at the red wine in the gla*s and did not move.

“Afraid of me poisoning it?”

Chen Yu Fei saw through Chen Dong’s mind and smiled as she picked up Chen Dong’s gla*s and drained the red wine in it with a single drink.

She then drained her own gla*s of red wine in one go.

Pouring the two gla*ses in the air, she winked, “Can you believe it now?”

Chen Dong was silent, but his gaze was directed towards the red wine bottle.

“You are so paranoid.”

Chen Yu Fei sighed helplessly and simply picked up the wine bottle directly and poured a large gulp into her mouth.

Such a way to drink red wine was obviously rude.

But it was Chen Yu Fei who made this action, but it revealed another set of different charm.

Putting down the bottle, drops of crystalline and crimson wine flowed slowly down the corners of her white mouth, accompanied by red wine stimulation to resist frowning, giving a sense of pitiful heartache.

“It’s okay now.”

Chen Dong calmly took the bottle, poured a gla*s of red wine into his own cup, shook the gla*s skillfully a few times, and then drained it in one go.

After tasting the red wine for a few seconds, he slowly said, “Great red wine.”

“That’s for sure, it’s a collector’s grade, I specially brought it from the Chen family cellar.”

As if she was a child who had done something wrong, Chen Yufei sneaked closer to Chen Dong and said quietly, “This bottle of wine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, if grandma found out, she would definitely be scolded again.”

Chen Dong sN*ggered, “Now, can we talk about things?”

“It’s really alright.”

Chen Yu Fei scolded Chen Dong and poured herself a gla*s of red wine before she parted and ate her steak.

Such a woman, is she really just inviting me to dinner?

Chen Dong frowned, but did not continue to pursue the matter, instead, he sullenly drank his wine and ate his steak.

In the restaurant.

The melodious music echoed.

At the table, there was silence.

There was only the slight sound of knives and forks rubbing against the plates and the occasional clinking of gla*ses between the two.

Soon, Chen Yufei’s pretty face was flushed with two shades of drunkenness, and she was already a little bit drunk.

“Brother Dong, I actually think you’re quite handsome.” Taking advantage of her drunkenness, Chen Yufei seemed to have opened her mouth as well.

With her jade hand propped up on her chin, she looked at Chen Dong with a smile on her face, her eyes curved into two moons.

“So, you like me?” Chen Dong responded indifferently.

Chen Yu Fei snorted and poured herself a gla*s of wine, drinking it down in one go, “You’re really right na.”


Chen Dong put down his knife and fork and frowned at the Chen Yufei in front of him.

Even with his experience and temperament, he really couldn’t understand Chen Yufei at this moment.

This girl, she couldn’t see the bottom!

She was more sophisticated than Chen Tianyang, no, even more sophisticated than Chen Tiansheng!

Chen Yu Fei mumbled to herself as she sipped her red wine and shook her red wine gla*s, as if she was talking to herself after being drunk.

“Actually, right, although I am also the heir of the Chen family, I am a girl, I know very well that there is no hope for me to be the head of the family, and the reason why I have the status of heir is probably because I was forcibly given by my grandmother’s favour.”

“Even, I think my heirship qualification, is not as good as yours …… huh sorry, forgive me for being presumptuous, is that you are in the Chen family they say is a wild seed heirship qualification, I am not as good as you.”

Chen Dong frowned, his heart was depressed.

The word wild seed, he did not mind.

It was because this was how he had been called over since he was a child.

But coming from Chen Yufei’s mouth, it always made him a little uncomfortable.

As if she did not notice Chen Dong’s displeasure, Chen Yufei continued to talk to herself.

“In my life, my biggest wish is to become a big star in the entertainment industry, and that’s enough, it’s good to be noticed by millions.”

“Moreover, when I heard them mention brother Dong at home, I also felt that brother Dong didn’t deserve to be the successor, but when I saw brother Dong, such thoughts changed.”

As she spoke, Chen Yufei’s right hand fell seemingly at random, but it landed on the back of Chen Dong’s hand.

Her jade fingers gently traced the back of Chen Dong’s hand as she softly said, “I think, right, those so-called heirs in the family are not as good as Brother Dong, no matter whether it is in terms of ability or appearance, anyway, although Brother Dong and I are both members of the Chen family, there is still a difference in bloodline, so it doesn’t stop me from liking Brother Dong, does it?”


Chen Dong opened Chen Yufei’s hand with one hand.

Rising to his feet, he angrily glared and said in a stern voice, “I have already warned you, if you do not want to be my enemy, then stay away with me.”

With that, Chen Dong turned around and was about to leave.

But as soon as his body moved, a strong feeling of dizziness swept over his head.

His body swayed and his right hand hastily held onto the chair as he stared at Chen Yufei in shock and anger: “This wine ……”

Chen Yu Fei smiled flirtatiously and pointed to the wine gla*s, “I won’t spoil the cla*sic-grade red wine, but my lipstick is ……”

With that, she slowly got up and walked over to Chen Dong, pouring hot breath into Chen Dong’s ear, “Brother Dong, forgive me, I really like you too much, I want to eat you up tonight.”


Chen Dong cursed through clenched teeth.

He wanted to leave, but the dizziness was getting stronger and stronger, as if the floodgates had opened, unstoppable.

What made him even more terrified was that a wave of heat rose up in his abdomen.

At this moment, he felt that the sky was spinning and the lights in the restaurant were reflecting beams of light, and the charm was even more intense.

And the Chen Yufei in front of him was even more beautiful, making …… one’s heart pound and one’s mind wander.


Chen Yu Fei smiled sweetly, reached out and gently wrapped her hand around Chen Dong’s waist and gave it a gentle tug.

The limbless Chen Dong lost his balance in a flash and fell into Chen Yufei’s arms, his vision gradually blurred ……