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Winner Takes All Chapter 289-290

Chapter 289

Gu Qingying’s reaction made Chen Dong grateful and ashamed at the same time.

Looking at the despondent figure hurrying upstairs.

Chen Dong clenched his fists, burning with anger.

Chen Yu Fei!

Hostility flickered in his eyes.

At this moment, Elder Long and Kunlun, Lone Wolf and Fan Lu all walked over.

“Sister Xiao Lu, please go up and keep Little Shadow company for me.”

Chen Dong took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart.

At this moment, Gu Qingying really needed someone to keep her company.

But before he could explain clearly, Gu Qingying would obviously not let him keep her company.

Waiting for Fan Lu to go upstairs.

Lone Wolf suddenly fell to his knees, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, last night was my fault.”

“Nothing to do with you, it was my carelessness in the first place.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and looked at Elder Long gruffly, “How is the PR situation?”

Long Lao was filled with clouds of sorrow and smiled helplessly.

“It is completely impossible to do so, the public opinion on the internet has formed a monstrous momentum, the moment the PR tactics appeared, they were drowned out by the overwhelming curses, moreover, your personal information has now been fleshed out on the internet, Young Master.”

The voice was heavy and full of a sense of powerlessness.

For Elder Long, who was as light as water, to reveal such a tired state of mind, things had really reached a near desperate situation.

“Is Chen Yufei trying to use a monstrous power to slap me into the abyss with a single slap?”

Chen Dong’s eyes were deep, his heart surging with remorse, he could not wait to slap himself twice.

If he had been resolute enough yesterday, then there would not have been the monstrous disaster in front of him at all.

However, Chen Yufei used the people around him as a threat, and he had to give in.

“Now public opinion is raging, swords pointing at the young master and Dingtai, and even those related to the young master are also suffering huge ripples, as soon as the market opened this morning, Zun Long Real Estate’s share price dropped straight to a halt in just half an hour.”

“Chu Reed in Kyoto has also sent news that his work has been hindered and affected by public opinion.”

“There is also Qin Ye’s side, the matter of the financial company has been temporarily shelved, now Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian are on their way here, they should be arriving soon.”

Long Lao’s low, feeble voice was like a bolt from the blue.

It made Chen Dong feel a blackness in front of his eyes and a sense of despair as he plunged straight into the abyss.

This …… was the power of public opinion!

The shocking sword that Chen Yufei unleashed by mobilizing all her fans at the expense of her own reputation really left him with a sense of disillusionment that he was powerless to resist.

The monstrous momentum came overwhelmingly.

It had already made Chen Dong feel the panic of a building falling.

“How about asking your Lordship to step in and find Chen Yufei to make peace? If she can step in and clarify, this matter will be over.” Kun Lun suddenly suggested.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other and revealed a bitter smile at the same time.

“She wants to deal with me even at the expense of ruining her reputation, she already has the idea that either I die or she lives, it is impossible for her to come out and clarify.” Chen Dong rubbed his face.

Long Lao also said helplessly, “Now that Chen Yu Fei has come forward to clarify, she is digging her own grave, the persona she has established has collapsed, not only will she not be able to deal with Young Master, but her great situation in the entertainment industry will also collapse!”

In the living room, there was a dead silence.

The air was suffocatingly oppressive as everyone was in a state of gloom.

“Wouldn’t that be a desperate situation?” Kunlun said.

Chen Dong nodded, “Pretty much.”

Jingle bell ……

The doorbell rang.

Lone Wolf quickly went to open the door.

Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian both walked in with sullen expressions.

Seeing Chen Dong, Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and said with a feigned lighthearted smile, “Brother Dong, played off, this B*tch is not a good person.”

“Don’t be poor, the priority is to find a way to suppress this monstrous situation.” Chen Dong was filled with bitterness.

“It can’t be suppressed!”

Qin Ye stretched his hands and settled down next to Chen Dong, taking out the tablet in his bag and handing it to him, “Take a look at the current situation on the internet.”

Chen Dong frowned as he took the tablet.

He probably expected what would happen on the internet, so when he initially saw the push news he did not click in to check it.

But now that Qin Ye had asked him to look at it, he should also find out about it.

The large, bold headline was the same as the previous push news headline.

But when Chen Dong clicked on it, the explicit and exciting picture was like a needle point, stirring every nerve in his brain.

The photo at the top of the news was of Chen Dong standing in a hotel room, while Chen Yufei was sitting on the floor, and a crimson palm mark could be vaguely seen on her pretty face.

“This is ……”

Chen Dong’s mind sounded and his jaws were burning, “This is the photo from the first time I saw her!”

The words had just fallen.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf also hurriedly leaned over.

As soon as they saw the photo, both of them paled at the same time.

“What I remember, this is when you slapped Young Master Chen Yufei and warned her back then.” Kun Lun looked stunned.

Chen Dong’s face was gloomy to the core.

Quickly, he scrolled down.

The more he looked at the photos, the more his pupils tightened, and the depression on his face grew heavier and heavier, finally turning into a thick hostility!

One by one, there were photos from when he first met Chen Yu Fei in the hotel room.

In the photos, he was standing tall and domineering, showing his look of dominance.

And Chen Yu Fei, dishevelled and fallen to the ground, pitiful.

She looks like a weak woman under pressure and helpless.

And a few pictures at the back.

They were taken in the room of the Taishan Hotel.

Only the photos are somewhat dimly lit, and the environment in the room is extremely messy.

Chen Dong is lying on top of Chen Yufei, while Chen Yufei’s eyes are hazy with tears and pears, and her face is written with fear.

There were even a few live photos of clothes being torn to pieces!

The photos, coupled with the textual descriptions, rendered the matter to the point of outrage.

Chen Dong knew very well that the latter photos were clearly posed by Chen Yufei after he had pa*sed out.

But desperately, now he couldn’t wash away even if he jumped into the Yellow River!

Two meetings, different photos, grafted together, completely cooking things to death!

“I’m dropping yellow mud into my trousers, it’s not Sh*t anymore.”

Chen Dong put down his tablet and leaned back on the sofa.

At this moment, he felt as if a thousand boulders had been stuffed into his chest, depressing him to the core.

There was even an impulse to laugh in anger.

“This B*tch is really ruthless na.”

Qin Ye sighed heavily, “These photos are enough to make a showbiz drama, she has even sold her reputation and chastity to deal with you, directly using these ‘solid’ evidence, so that you don’t even have a chance to fight back!”

With that, he pointed to his tablet, “Now all the major portals, all the media channels, just click in, the majority of them are the content of the news you just saw, the whole world is cursing you!”

The whole world is calling you names?

Everyone scorned?

Chen Dong’s gaze became somewhat hollow.

A strong sense of powerlessness, as if he was a drowning man slowly sinking into the water.

Depression, suffocation, panic, came rushing in.

Was …… there really nothing that could be done this time?


Chapter 290

In the living room, there was silence.

It was oppressive and suffocating.

Everyone was helpless and in despair.

Chen Dong was in an unprecedented state of despair, like a drowning man who is trying to grab a life-saving straw, but even when he looks around, there is nothing.

The stunning sword was aimed straight at his throat.

There was no room to dodge and resist, but he could only meet it with his throat.

The phone rang.

The desperate Chen Dong picked up the phone and looked at it, and his eyes immediately glowed.

It was his father calling!

Maybe …… can still save him!

Chen Dong picked up the phone.

On the phone, Chen Daolin’s magnetic voice was low and powerful: “I know everything, but the old undead is protecting Chen Yufei, and I cannot use the Chen family’s power to forcefully suppress the entertainment public opinion. I can try my best to help you.”

The final query made Chen Dong smile.

Only the smile was endlessly bitter.

Even my father had to ask if there was anything I could do, so obviously the situation was really beyond control.

In normal times, such public opinion was no more than a minor wind and wave in front of the magnates and giants.

When public opinion was just rising, as long as the Chen family’s power moved, it could easily make the entire network of public opinion disappear and cover the whole thing.

But now it was different.

Public opinion has been raging for just how long? Already the whole internet was vociferous.

The Chen family’s power is obviously impossible to eliminate the public opinion.

Old Madam Chen and Chen Yufei are probably laughing with their mobile phones right now, right?

Chen Dong thought to himself.

Instead, Chen Daolin’s low voice rang out in his ears, “Dong’er, I’m sorry, it’s dad’s incompetence.”

“Dad, it’s alright, let me think again, there is no way out of this, there must be a way.” Chen Dong said.

For his sake, Chen Daoling even dared to directly ask Old Lady Chen to die.

If there was really a way, Chen Daoling would have done it long ago.

Now that this monstrous situation was beyond Chen Daolin’s power to stop, Chen Dong did not care at all.

“Let’s work together, dad will do everything he can to help you.”

Chen Daolin’s voice perked up a little: “With dad around, no one can ruin you!”

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered, sometimes bright, sometimes dark.

Although Elder Long and the others did not know the content of Chen Dong and Chen Daoling’s call, they knew from Chen Dong’s expression that the outcome was not too good.

“Young Master.”

Elder Long spoke in a soft voice.

“It’s alright, there will definitely be a solution, let’s take one step at a time, solutions are always thought out and walked out.”

Chen Dong stretched his back and patted his stomach in a pretend relaxed manner, “What about that, is there anything to eat at home? I haven’t eaten breakfast, I’m so hungry that my stomach hurts.”

“I’ll go and make breakfast for Brother Dong.” Qin Xiaochen got up and walked towards the kitchen.

“Thanks Xiaoxian.”

Chen Dong said with a smile, then shrugged at Elder Long and the others, “You guys don’t have to look so sad, things haven’t gotten to the point where I’m going to die right away, Old Lady Chen and the Qin family teamed up to a*sa*sinate me, and I even went to a desperate place like Black Prison, but didn’t I come back all the same?”

Anyone could see the smile that was pretending to be easy.

But now Chen Dong did not care whether his acting skills were superb or not.

He was not one to admit defeat easily, and he had no habit of waiting for death in his dictionary.

There was always a chance of survival before there was a certain death.

Just like in the black prison.

What’s more, he was at the centre of a whirlpool, surrounded by people who were worried about him and trying to figure out what to do for him.

If he, the person in question, was now ready to draw his neck, what would happen to those around him?

“Say …… did you and that B*tch do it or not?”

Qin Ye suddenly raised his eyebrows and asked with a burning gaze, “If you really did, you wouldn’t be at a loss, Chen Yu Fei is a big star, that face and that body, you wouldn’t be at a loss even if you died under the peony flower as a ghost.”

“F**k off!”

Chen Dong suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore and angrily glared at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye stretched his hand, “I’m not thinking the same as you, to lighten everyone up a bit and liven up the atmosphere.”

“Sigh ……”

Chen Dong sighed and glanced upstairs with guilt.

A short day.

The public opinion has grown to a point of fear and despair.

The whole network attacked, the sky was full of insults.

The momentum was overwhelming, like a landslide, destroying the earth.

The army of human flesh quickly stripped Chen Dong of all his details, except for his status as the heir to the Chen family, the rest of his information was listed on the internet in full detail.

The excellent life history, the tragic married life, the sudden metamorphosis rocketing upwards.

Even if it was not enough to pick up Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan’s unfortunate three-year marriage, even some of the details, including the marriage between the Wang family and Wang Hao, etc., were all picked up as well.

This also made Chen Dong a “beast of burden” in the eyes of everyone.

As public opinion rose, anger spread to the sky.

No one cared about whether the information was true or not, and most of them, led by those who had a heart, were indignant and went with the flow.

Time pa*sed.

Public opinion was also in a frenzy.

The next day, some of Chen Yufei’s fanatic fans blocked Dingtai’s gates and went on a vandalism spree.

The major companies in Chen Dong’s hands were also shaken by such a tidal wave.

The opening of Zun Long Real Estate fell again, causing Zhou Zun Long to pound his chest.

Chu Reed’s entertainment company directly stopped working altogether, and the big news in the entertainment circle also caused Chu Reed, who was in the entertainment circle, to suffer a huge ripple effect.

Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian’s financial company, on the other hand, is still barely functioning, but the news that Qin Xiao Qian returns to Chen Dong is also a head-scratcher, as the company’s security guards, have spotted some unknown people roaming around outside the company.

And what makes Chen Dong even more frantic is this.

The public opinion was even informed by Gu Qing Ying’s parents.

On the second day of Wild Hope, Gu Guohua called an ocean-going phone, questioning in a stern voice, and if Gu Qingying hadn’t stood up and refuted her father, Chen Dong would have collapsed by then.

The third day.

Public opinion was already fermenting like the sky was falling, beyond anyone’s imagination.

Chen Yu Fei’s huge fan base exploded into a frenzied and terrifying battle at this point.

Even people from vaguely powerful families and giants with power in their hands began to denounce Chen Dong, and the titanic figures from all walks of life also tended to join in the denunciation.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Yufei had not issued any response.

But a silent response is the best response.

Anyone who suffered such a horrible encounter would not have the heart to respond, right?

This was undoubtedly right on everyone’s speculation.

Even though Chen Dong had remained safe and sound at home for three days.

But in everyone’s eyes, it was Chen Dong who was relying on his connections and was secretly operating to set things right.

Three days.

Chen Dong had barely slept, watching the ferment of public opinion on the internet and listening to the reports of the vandalism from his company, and he was almost on the verge of collapse.

Powerless and desperate, two words that best describe his mood at this moment.

“Young master, it’s late at night, go and rest for a while.” Elder Long walked onto the terrace and looked at Chen Dong with a pang of heartache.

“I’m not sleepy.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “Where is Qin Ye and the others? The house has suddenly been quiet these past two days.”

“Lone Wolf is guarding Din Tai, Kunlun and Qin Xiao Qian have gone to Xishu to see if they can mobilise the Qin family’s forces, and Qin Ye has gone to Kyoto to find the two Zhang Chu families, after all, they are both giants in the entertainment industry and have authority in this area.”

Long Lao said one by one, “Young Master, don’t worry, everyone is working hard, there will definitely be a turnaround.”

“There really is?” Chen Dong smiled.

“Master must be thinking of ways to help you too.”

Elder Long’s brow was furrowed and his face was sullen as he was about to open his mouth to continue his persuasion, but the appearance of a delicate figure beside him interrupted his words.

This was the first time in three days that Gu Qingying had stepped out of her bedroom.

Before that, even the three meals were all prepared and brought in by Fan Lu, just like a self-contained state.

Under the night breeze, with a robe, Gu Qingying’s green silk was flying, but her pretty face was a little white, haggard and tired.

Looking at Chen Dong, there was some intolerance in her red eyes.

Smiling sadly, she softly said.

“Husband, you haven’t slept for three days, go and take a rest, I’ll help you think of a solution.”