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Winner Takes All Chapter 317-318

Chapter 317

Immovable as a mountain, aggressive as fire!

Chen Dong’s speed was as fast as lightning.

This was because he knew that no matter his current physical state, or his situation, he would only have one chance to strike.

One failure and all hell would break loose!

But, just at the moment he dodged in front of the figure.

A familiar face was imprinted in his eyes.

Chen Dong was horrified and startled.

The thread of the fish scale thread that he was biting on instantly loosened, while his right hand fiercely flung to one side.


With an ear-piercing whistle, the fish scale thread retracted into the metal box.

“Elder Dragon?!”

Chen Dong exclaimed in shock, his face full of disbelief, “Didn’t I already let you go back?”

A sudden scene.

It caused Elder Long to be shocked as well.

Taking a deep breath, Elder Long forcibly suppressed the panic he had just felt.

A smile appeared above his old face, “How can the old slave be at ease with young master?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment.

At this moment, the nostrils were a little sour.

A burst of warmth surged in his heart.

His gaze swept past Elder Long, but it was the sight of a vast array of men in suits.

It was the security team!

As far as the naked eye could see, almost everyone was carrying injuries and had grey faces.

Even in their suits, they were now in a slight state of disarray.

Guilt surged up.

Chen Dong said weakly, “I’m sorry everyone, thank you for covering me and Kunlun out.”

The battle at Tianmen Mountain.

If it wasn’t for the security team’s desperate attempts to shelter him, even if he had fought to the death to bring Kunlun out, he would definitely not have the slightest chance of survival to speak of.

The reason why he was able to drive with Kunlun and escape easily by merely knocking down three of the Deadman mercenaries was all thanks to the security personnel’s desperate fire cover.


As soon as the words left his mouth, all the security personnel knelt down at the same time.

The crowd was as loud as a tide, filling the corridor.

“Many thanks to Young Master!”

The crowd shouted in unison.

Chen Dong was horrified, his face full of confusion.

Elder Long smiled gratefully, “Young Master’s courage, boldness and commitment are worthy of his status as the heir to the Chen Family.”

What did that mean?

Chen Dong became even more confused, gazing at Elder Long in dumbfounded silence.

Even, for the time being, he forgot about the injuries on his body.

Elder Long smiled without saying anything, but swept towards the kneeling crowd and said in a deep voice, “Your lives are all fought out by the young master.”


The crowd once again shouted in unison.

The sound was huge.

It was deafening.

“What the hell is going on here?” Chen Dong was puzzled and finally asked.

“Enlightened young master, just now young master desperately led the leader out of the heavy siege, using himself as bait to pull in most of the Deadman mercenaries’ energy, just in time to create an opportunity for us to counterattack.”

A middle-aged man kneeling at the front clasped his fist and reported, “In the situation just now, if it wasn’t for Young Master’s desperate fight to the death, we would only have ended up with a total loss under the heavy weaponry of the Deadman mercenaries!”

“Young master not only saved the chief, but also saved all of us!”

Chen Dong: “……”

He really didn’t expect this to be the case.

After breaking out of the heavy siege, he did have such thoughts.

But that was the best outcome he had expected, and it was more of a self-congratulation actually.

Because, by himself, he had already gone as far as he could in his desperate attempt to save Kunlun.

Trying to save more people would have been impossible!

The security team had come to protect him, but in the end, he and Kunlun had escaped and the security team had been killed or injured.

The self-congratulation at the time was actually just to keep him as calm as possible and take Kunlun with him.

But now …… Chen Dong feels like he is dreaming.

Take a deep breath.

Chen Dong smiled like he was relieved, “Brothers, it’s good to be back, I’m sorry for you this time.”

“Following the Chen family and fighting for our lives is supposed to be our duty, young master does not need to feel guilty.”

The middle-aged man said earnestly, “Without Young Master’s desperate efforts, we would only have been wiped out, now we have not only counter-attacked to force out the Deadman mercenaries, the number of casualties can be said to have been reduced to a minimum, all thanks to Young Master.”

Chen Dong gave a lonesome smile without denying it.

He did not dare to accept such a “compliment”.

The glory created at the cost of human lives was, in his opinion, shameful.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong looked at Elder Long, “How is it going at Tianmen Mountain?”

Since Elder Long had brought all the security personnel, all arrangements should have been made on the hospital side, and now all that was left was Tianmen Mountain.

Compared to the commotion at Tianmen Mountain, this sensation of the crowd arriving at the hospital was nothing compared to the big one.

“It’s tricky, but Old Slave is already sending people to deal with it, I believe it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Long Lao stared soberly, suddenly his gaze swept over Chen Dong, saw the corpse of the female a*sa*sin in the ward, and instantly his face changed dramatically, “Young master, this is ……”

“The a*sa*sin, it has already been solved.” Chen Dong said calmly, “Solve it, in addition call the doctor to come and help me re-treat my wounds, also Kunlun is still in the emergency room now.”

“Old slave understands.”

Elder Long replied with a sullen expression.

With Elder Long around, it was a lot easier for Chen Dong.

All matters were arranged by Elder Long, and Chen Dong also changed to a new ward after his wounds were re-treated.

The rest of the security staff were scattered all over the hospital, keeping a watchful eye.

After all this was done, it was almost 5am.

Chen Dong leaned back on his hospital bed and did not sleep all night.

Whether it was the result of Kunlun, his own injuries or the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Murder Organisation, he had no desire to sleep.


The door to the sickroom pushed open.

Elder Long slowly walked in, having worked all night, for an old man of Long’s age, it was really an overload.

Under the light, Chen Dong could faintly see the fine beads of sweat on Elder Long’s forehead.

After taking his seat, Elder Long then slowly said, “Kunlun is still in the emergency room, the situation is not optimistic.”


Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch as he remained calm on the surface, “What are the casualties of the security personnel?”

“Twenty-one dead, eight seriously injured, the rest of the minor injuries are nothing serious.” Elder Long’s voice was low and powerful.

However, Chen Dong knew why Elder Long was in such an emotional state.

The security team that could follow his father’s side for a long time, every single one of them was the elite of the elite, and it was not polite to say that if one of them was thrown next to an ordinary tycoon, it would be enough to take over the entire security system.

However, in one battle at Tianmen Mountain, twenty-one of them were sunk!

Such a price is too painful.

A thousand pieces of gold are easy to come by, but talent is hard to find!

These people were all elite soldiers who had been sharpened through time!

However, Chen Dong was also clear that with the scene at that time, it was already a blessing among misfortunes to be able to fight with such a result.

He appeased Elder Long, “This is already considered the best result, a group of light weapons, fighting a team of mercenaries carrying heavy weapons would have been difficult, not to mention, it was already a miracle that they were able to launch a counter-attack and repel the mercenaries while I was drawing the mercenary team’s energy.”


Elder Long nodded grimly, “The results from the mercenaries’ side have also been counted, the casualties total forty-two, and the escapees are estimated to be around ten.”

Chen Dong nodded, this figure was similar to the number of people initially judged to be in the team of Deadman mercenaries.

However, it also shocked him once again at the terrifying combat power of the security team, such a ratio, perhaps if it was replaced by other mercenary groups, they might not be able to reach it, right?

At that very moment.

The door to the ward was pushed open again.

A security officer, with teary eyes and a sad expression, rushed in.

“Young Master Long Lao, the resuscitation light on the emergency room door over by the chief has gone out.”


Chapter 318


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, and his heart instantly sank to the bottom as he watched the security personnel’s tear-filled and sorrowful appearance.

The sky was spinning, as if his soul was out of his body.

In an instant, his eyes were flooded with tears.

Elder Long’s body also shook, his lips mumbled, and the hands placed on his knees, trembled vaguely.

“After all, is there no way to return to Heaven?”

Chen Dong said ruefully, two crystal teardrops in the corners of his eyes, quietly slipping down.

A scene with Kunlun kept coming back to his mind.

From childhood to adulthood, he had supported himself and worked alone, with no one to help or support him, and with only his mother around to love and caress him.

When he came out of the darkness into the light, he met Kunlun.

Although Kunlun had come to protect him under his father’s arrangement, his relationship with him was also that of a teacher and a friend.

It was a relationship that Chen Dong could hardly have known.

Because he had been in the darkness, he treasured this relationship with Kunlun as both teacher and friend.

But now ……

At this time, another security officer appeared at the entrance of the ward.

It was the middle-aged man who was kneeling in the first row and speaking to Chen Dong earlier.


As soon as the middle-aged man appeared and saw the look on Chen Dong’s and Elder Long’s faces, he instantly became terrified and directly kicked the security officer’s a*s brutally.

“You son of a B*tch, did you run here to report your loss to Young Master and Elder Long?”

Cursing angrily, the middle-aged man clasped his fist and said, “Young Master and Elder Long, the chief is out of danger and nothing serious is wrong.”


Chen Dong and Elder Long froze at the same time.

Their faces were full of disbelief.

Immediately afterwards, both of them simultaneously looked at the security officer who had first run in.

After being kicked, the security officer’s face showed a look of embarra*sment as he scratched his head, “I… I was just worried that Young Master and Elder Long couldn’t wait any longer.”

“F**k you for not being able to wait!”

The middle-aged man glared at the security officer, then smiled bitterly, “This guy is young and impatient, just now when he saw the lights go out, he ran away with red eyes and legs, I only rushed over after waiting for Brother Kunlun to be pushed out and asking the doctor about Brother Kunlun’s condition, so the young master and Elder Long were frightened.”

Chen Dong: “……”

He rubbed his face, wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes without a trace.

It was …… a mistake to pay after all.

For his part, Long Lao took a deep breath, his expression abruptly solemn, and said in a deep voice, “Give old man two more kicks!”

The middle-aged man turned around and yanked the security officer by the ears, kicking his a*s as he headed out.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other and both laughed as if relieved.

“Scared the hell out of me.” Chen Dong sighed.

“Old slave was scared to death too.” Elder Long laughed to himself.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Old Long go and check on Kunlun, it’s nothing for me here.”


Elder Long got up and frowned, “Right Young Master, where is Lone Wolf?”

“I told him to finish arranging all the Dingtai matters first before coming over.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, thinking of the battle at Tianmen Mountain at night, he said with a palpitating heart, “It’s a good thing he didn’t come over earlier, otherwise I really didn’t know who I should fight to save at that scene.”


Elder Long said meaningfully and turned around to visit Kunlun.

However, Chen Dong was clear that Lone Wolf’s skills were indeed good, but compared to Kunlun and the security team’s people, they were ultimately inferior.

What’s more, last night’s battle was not something that could be made up for by good hands.

All beings are equal before heat weapons.

Not to mention the fact that the Deadman mercenaries had heavy weapons with them.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Chen Dong slowly lay down on his bed, still not feeling sleepy.

This battle had made him feel a deep sense of fear.

An a*sa*sination had froze into a strong siege by mercenaries.

Then, would there be other mercenary groups rolled in after that?

What worried him most was that not all the Deadman mercenaries had been wiped out, there were still about ten or so who had escaped.

The money and the heavy loss of life.

It was almost a foregone conclusion that the escaped mercenaries would come back.

These bloodthirsty killers can’t really be expected to back down after last night’s battle.

So when will they next appear? And in what way would they appear?

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and he sighed in dismay.

“It’s getting more and more complicated, from old farmers in the fields down to teams of mercenaries, this Hidden Kill Organisation’s a*sa*sination mission is really not the usual bizarre, perhaps the only one who can laugh out loud now is the Li family’s group of fools?”

He knew very little information about the Darknet’s Cryptic Killing Organisation.

But he could push it out, such an a*sa*sin organisation that was hidden in the dark net and filled with blood would never be able to beckon to be exposed to the blazing sun.

This a*sa*sination commission was clearly out of the ordinary.

The greatest possibility is that someone is deliberately steering it.

To turn a simple a*sa*sination into an “orgy” of vicious men.

Complicated thoughts, like rotten cotton wool in a tangled mess, could not be sorted out.

Gradually, as the pain eased, exhaustion came, and the relaxation of Kunlun’s peace made him feel sleepy.

Chen Dong’s eyes unknowingly closed.

Only this sleep was not a solid one, as the tragic scene from the Tianmen Mountain villa area kept appearing in his dreams.

And, very soon, Chen Dong was woken up by Elder Long.

“Young master, it is time to move on, the hospital is not a safe place.” Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Old Slave has visited Kunlun’s side, the person is still conscious, but he won’t be able to move for a while.”

“It would be better for Kunlun to recuperate if we left the hospital, instead.”

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong nodded.

All the a*sa*sinations were aimed at him.

His presence in the hospital would not only be life-threatening to Kunlun, but to the entire hospital.

Leaving the hospital was the best option.

Under Long Lao’s arrangement, several specially modified bullet-proof “armoured cars”, several Rolls Royce Cullinan, drove up to the front of the hospital inpatient building.

Under the close escort of dozens of security personnel, Chen Dong got into the car.

The car then started up.

“Is it going to the Four Seals Club?”

Sitting in the car, Chen Dong did not dare to relax in the slightest and opened his mouth to ask.

“Yes, nowadays in this city, perhaps the Four Seals Clubhouse is the safest place, and the only place that can scare the Deadman mercenaries.” Elder Long nodded his head.

“That’s good, it’s just a big trouble for Uncle Meng.” Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

Elder Long shook his head, “Old slave has already told him about this, he doesn’t care and will keep it a secret from Young Madam and the others.”

“That’s best.”

Chen Dong sighed with relief and looked meaningfully out of the window.

It was just that because of the gla*s retrofitting modification’s over, it caused the scenery looking out to be a little unrealistic.

Half a long time.

Chen Dong slowly opened his mouth and asked, “Elder Long, do you think that this a*sa*sination, which was deliberately guided, could be the work of Old Lady Chen?”

Elder Long’s brows knitted and his lips mumbled a few times before he finally nodded, “There is indeed that possibility.”

“Can you ask father to investigate, if we continue to be guided like this, the people who a*sa*sinated me will be more than just those a*sa*sins confined to the Darknet Hidden Killers.” Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

The killers were frightening to the heart.

But the constant stream of those existences coming in like a carp over the river is really like maggots on the bone, making people feel sick and helpless at the same time as they are frightened.