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Winner Takes All Chapter 323-324

Chapter 323

“It’s not Mona!”

Lone Wolf said in a deep voice.

Chen Dong and Elder Long’s faces instantly froze.

However, the two of them did not linger, and got up and left the bedroom.

This bedroom of Chen Dong’s was right opposite the cliff rock, and the killer standing on top of the cliff rock was undoubtedly the best orientation for the a*sa*sination.

After settling into the living room.

Lone Wolf then turned around and left, leading the security team to the cliff rock at the back of the mountain.

While Chen Dong and Elder Long were looking at each other.

“Elder Long, that cliff stone can be thought of by ordinary a*sa*sins?” Chen Dong frowned.

“In a week’s time, 18 stabbing a*sa*sinations, none of which happened on top of the Cliff Rock.”

Elder Long shook his head, an arrogance flashed in his inexplicable eyes, “Even if ordinary killers could think of it, they probably wouldn’t have the guts to slide down from the back of the mountain to the cliff rock.”

Chen Dong was silent.

It was true that the cliff rock was facing his bedroom and was indeed the best place to a*sa*sinate him, but the cliff rock was still dozens of metres from the ground below and dozens of metres upwards.

It was a jaw-dropping piece of land.

If it wasn’t for a top a*sa*sin who had thought through all the scenarios and retreats in advance, he would never have chosen that spot.

When a*sa*sinating a killer, the first goal is to retreat in one piece, and the target of killing can only be the second.

Obviously, the location of the cliff stone is not a good place to retreat.

However, those who could go to Bluff Rock to a*sa*sinate were definitely not generalists.

“Could it be that another a*sa*sin from the Death Ranking is paying attention in this formation?” Chen Dong frowned in thought.

“It shouldn’t be.” Elder Long shook his head, “Old slave has been paying daily attention to the missions released by the Darknet Hidden Killers regarding the a*sa*sination of Young Master, and there is no one else but Meng, unless ……”

When he said this, Elder Long suddenly trailed off.

Only when Chen Dong looked at him did he slowly then say, “Unless, it was relayed to the Death List killers through an intermediary, the killers on the Top 100 Death List, the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization has special means to monitor and mark their IDs in a special way, so once there are Top 100 killers paying attention it will show up, unless through an intermediary.”

It was also while the two were chatting.

Not too far away, the sound of gunshots and intensive yelling rang out from the direction of the cliff rocks.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at the sound at the same time.

Lone Wolf had already led the security personnel to engage with that a*sa*sin.

“So, I’m a little curious if this one is a Death Ranking Top 100 a*sa*sin or not.” Chen Dong rubbed his nose and gave a teasing smile.

A week of crushing the a*sa*sination of the killer time and again under tight security had also gradually solidified Chen Dong’s confidence and he was no longer as anxious as he was initially.

Bang Bang Bang ……

In the distance, the sound of gunfire was incessant and incomparably intense.

There were even faint screams of misery.

“Are there any casualties?”

Chen Dong’s brows wrinkled, his face gradually sinking, “It’s been a week, 18 a*sa*sinations, and finally someone has been injured.”

In the past week, 18 a*sa*sinations, the security team had exploded with amazing combat power, 18 operations, and not a single person had been injured.

This was what made Chen Dong truly realise how powerful the security team around his father really was.

And the battle at Tianmen Mountain was clearly the exception to the rule.

“Young master, it’s better to take back, old slave feels that this time is not simple.”

Listening to the intense gunfire outside, Elder Long said cautiously.

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Just as the two got up.


The breaking wind whistle suddenly exploded.

“Elder Long be careful!”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he took a step across to Long Lao, hugging him and moving out across once again.

Out of the corner of his eye, he clearly saw an arrow that swept through the air.


The arrow struck the wall of the hall and its body trembled.

It’s coming!

Meng Po!

Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme, and his scalp tingled.

“Young Master ……” Long Lao was also terrified and lost.

In the moment just now, if Chen Dong had not made a move, this arrow would have landed on him!

“Here she comes!”

Chen Dong spoke in a deep voice and let go of Elder Long: “Elder Long, go to your room, close the door and don’t come out, she is coming for me and will not strike at you for no reason.”

The flying arrows that night had given him a few insights into Meng’s character.

This woman was arrogant as hell!

As long as Long Lao stayed in the house honestly, Meng Po would definitely not make a move against Long Lao.

“Young master, old slave ……” Long Lao looked solemn and opened his mouth to retort.

“I am your master, go back inside!”

Chen Dong spoke in a stern voice, causing the words from Long Lao’s mouth to swallow back into his stomach.

A sidelong glance was cast at Long Lao who had returned to his house.

Chen Dong collected his mind and narrowed his eyes, flooded with a cold light as he gazed towards the courtyard outside the hall.

The arrow came in from the front door, and that person should also be in that direction.

Is this a …… diversion?

The only thing was, the courtyard was dimly lit, and the outside of the courtyard could not be seen very clearly.

Even the security apparatus set up in the courtyard by Lone Wolf and the security team had no warning from start to finish.

Outside, the sound of gunfire was intense.

Inside the Tang House, it was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Invariably, a terrifying oppression wrapped around Chen Dong’s entire body.

It caused beads of sweat to seep out of the corners of his eyes and slowly drip down.


In the dead silence of the hall, the sound of electricity rang out.

Chen Dong, whose nerves were almost tense, jolted with a start.

Instantly, he locked onto the intercom on the table.

Almost at the same time, the sound of electricity in the intercom disappeared and at the same time, Lone Wolf’s alarming cry rang out.

“Mr. Chen, move immediately, the other side is strong!”


Chen Dong’s tiger body shook, very strong?

How strong?

The powerful confidence he had just had in Lone Wolf and the others collapsed with Lone Wolf’s alarming cry at this moment.

There was only one person on the other side, yet he had made Lone Wolf cry out in alarm, so obviously the situation on the other side of the cliff had gone beyond control.

In the courtyard, the sound of footsteps rang out intensively.

Chen Dong then saw one of the security team members in suits rushing in.

“Young Master, move immediately!”

About a dozen members of the security team rushed into the house and escorted Chen Dong out without a second thought.

Chen Dong took a palpitating glance outside the dimly lit courtyard, the security team didn’t know, but he knew that the one who had come to a*sa*sinate now was not just the one on the cliff stone, outside here, there was also Meng Po watching intently!

If he rushed out like this, wouldn’t he be putting himself up as a target in front of Meng?

An angry rebuke rang out from the intercom of the security officer beside him.

“Move! Move immediately! The killers have rushed from the cliff rocks into the bamboo forest!”

Despite the angry rebuke, the urgency and horror in the words could still be easily heard.

We can’t wait!

Chen Dong fiercely gritted his teeth and, thinking of Elder Long, immediately said, “Divide half of your men to protect Elder Long!”

“Young Master ……”

“Do as I say, have you forgotten about the battle at Tianmen Mountain?”

Chen Dong looked ruthless, he would not abandon anyone around him, nor would he put anyone around him in danger because of himself.

This was the case with Tianmen Mountain Kunlun, and now it was the same with Elder Long.

The dozen security personnel also knew of Chen Dong’s choice during the battle at Tianmen Mountain, and without bothering to say more, they immediately split up into eight people and rushed into Elder Long’s room.

Following closely behind.

Chen Dong, escorted by the remaining eight security personnel, rushed out of the hall and towards the outside of the courtyard.

The situation was tense and killing intent was rampant.

The intercoms of the security personnel around him constantly echoed with the voices of their teammates reporting the killer’s trail.

Everyone’s faces were sunken and frozen.


Just as Chen Dong followed the security personnel and rushed to the gate of the small bamboo courtyard.

Chen Dong, who had been looking around vigilantly for Meng, suddenly had a brilliant flash in his eyes.

With a horrified expression, he suddenly looked towards a corner.


Chapter 324

Chen Dong’s eyes exploded with a brilliant flash as he looked appalled at the gate on his right hand side.

The gate of the small bamboo forest courtyard was one of those old-fashioned slab-style double wooden doors.

But at some point, a line of words had been engraved on the wooden door.

This was the highest-ranking residence courtyard of the Four Seals Club, and it was so carefully taken care of on a regular basis that it was impossible for the words to be engraved on the door.

And, the content was still: Death List No. 18 Dang Ben Zhen Wu.

Taking a closer look, Chen Dong felt that this line of script was somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, a “boom” sounded in his head.

Meng Po!

Just now, Meng Po was outside the door, carving this line of script?

“Young master, come with us and move!”

Seeing Chen Dong dazed, the security officer beside him couldn’t help but give him a tug.

Chen Dong came back to his senses and hurriedly followed the security personnel as they rushed out of the small courtyard and ran in the other direction of the bamboo forest.

Only at this moment, his mind was already in a heaving tide of thoughts.

No. 18 on the Death Ranking, Dang Ben Shingo, no wonder so many of Lone Wolf and the others couldn’t stop him!

Such a top a*sa*sin could drive straight in even under heavy siege.

It was just like when Kunlun and his three top a*sa*sins had a*sa*sinated the Rothschild.

But what puzzled him was that Meng had deliberately carved this line to remind him of the purpose.

Does this proud woman still maintain her own pride at this moment?

Was it to remind me so that I could evade the a*sa*sination of Dangben Shingo and then compete with her?

Chen Dong’s expression was in a trance, but his steps were flying.

Thinking of the arrow shot by Meng just now, Chen Dong suddenly had some clarity.

Yes, if that arrow just now was really aimed at human lives, it would be difficult to dodge it.

Now that he thought about it, I was afraid that that arrow was more of a wake-up call!

After thinking about it, Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

His own life was too safe to be protected by Lone Wolf with dozens of top security personnel and the entire Four Seals Clubhouse.

Instead, he ended up relying on a top a*sa*sin who was coming to kill him, a reminder?

Sha Sha Sha Sha ……

The night breeze was blowing, causing the bamboo in the bamboo forest to sway and fall down the sky with bamboo leaves.

The surrounding area was clear and cold.

The footsteps on the bamboo leaves made the same rustling sound.

The sound of gunshots behind them, gradually diminished.

“Young master, it should be resolved!”

Hearing the sound of gunfire diminishing, the security officer beside him smiled with relief.



In the darkness, a sudden flash of cold light flashed.

The smile of the security officer beside him froze abruptly, and his body jerked to a halt in place.

“On guard!”

The remaining seven security personnel instantly turned around as if they were enemies, surrounding Chen Dong in a circle.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and looked at the security personnel in front of him with disbelief.

A stream of fresh blood slowly flowed out of his mouth.

With that.

With a poof, the security officer fell to the ground.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and his scalp tingled.

He saw that a ninja’s bitterless shuriken was stuck right at the back of the security officer’s neck, deep to the bone!

The scene in front of him made Chen Dong’s body go cold, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

The night breeze hit him and Chen Dong’s body trembled violently.

He squinted his eyes and scrupulously swept around.

But all around him, apart from the rustling sound of the bamboo leaves blowing in the wind, there was no other movement at all.

And at that moment, the sound of gunshots in the direction of the small bamboo courtyard behind him also came to an abrupt end.

The stillness of the air was as if the invisible hand was strangling one’s neck, suffocating one’s breath.

In the silence, Chen Dong’s back was wet with cold sweat.

The seven security personnel, too, all looked with trepidation and were sweating profusely.

If it wasn’t for their good professionalism, I’m afraid they would have had trouble keeping their composure.

Sha Sha ……

Bamboo leaves rustled down overhead.

Chen Dong subconsciously looked up, squinting his eyes, and through the diffuse bamboo leaves, he vaguely saw a black shadow that crossed the sky overhead.

“Up there!” He shouted.

Almost simultaneously, the black shadow cut a parabola through the air and landed directly in front of their direction of escape.

“Follow me!”

A murderous intent surfaced on the face of one of the security officers as he drew his pistol and led the three security officers to charge straight ahead.

And the remaining three security officers simultaneously backed up, tightly surrounding Chen Dong in the middle.

“Come back!”

Chen Dong shouted.

He already had a glimpse of the strength of the top killers of the Death Ranking from Kunlun and Meng, and knew the power.

What’s more, the black shadow in front of him was the 18th ranked existence on the Death List.

Although his father’s security team was elite, with all the best soldiers and generals.

But compared to the top killers on the Death List, they were still inferior.


Bang Bang Bang ……

The four security officers fired at the same time.

The bullets swept across the long sky and all of them landed precisely on the black shadow in front of the bamboo forest.

“Got it!”

The four security officers were instantly overjoyed and excited.

“Impossible, it can’t be that easy, give me back!”

Chen Dong’s scalp tingled and his sweat exploded as he roared with all his strength.

But at that moment, the security officer rushing at the forefront suddenly came to a screeching halt, his face paling in alarm.

“It’s not a man, it’s a paper man!”

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong then saw a black figure, descending from the sky.

A cold, morbid light stretched across the long sky.

It pierced his eyes as he squinted.

In a flash of lightning.

The figure descending from the sky waved the long knife in his hand, bringing up slivers of cold remnants.

Four sounds in quick succession, the sound of a knife cutting through flesh.

It all seemed to happen in a second.

Like a ghost, the black figure had swept past the four security officers and stood between them with a knife.


Almost simultaneously, four fountains of blood gushed out from the necks of the four security personnel.

Immediately afterwards, all four of them fell to the ground at the same time.

This scene was incomparably shocking.

Who would have thought that the rendition in the movie would actually happen in reality?

Chen Dong’s body was filled with a vicious chill and his eyes narrowed into slits, emitting an endless coldness.

He could clearly feel the three security officers around him trembling at the same time.

The kind of panic that leapt out at him was not something that could be concealed by the so-called sanity and calmness or professionalism.

Like a ghost, like a chimera, it was a bloodbath.

Who is not afraid of such a fierce god?

At this moment.

A hoarse and twisted voice came out of the sword-wielding figure’s mouth.

“Doomoto Makoto, please go to your death.”

The simple sentence revealed an endless coldness.

The domineering confidence in it even made people’s scalps explode and they fell into the abyss.

It was like a hypnotic Sanskrit sound.

And the four corpses of the security personnel on the ground just confirmed how much weight his words carried.

“Young master, go!”

Suddenly, the security officer in front of him suddenly said in a stern voice.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically and his heart gave a vicious twitch.

It was this feeling again!

This feeling of hating to death!

“Let’s go, let’s go together! Pull back, there’s still a chance!”

Chen Dong said reluctantly.

“We are willing to die for the Chen family!”

The three security personnel said in unison, and then they bravely charged towards Dangben Shingo, who was not far away.

“Come back!”

Chen Dong’s eyes instantly turned red and he instinctively tried to grab the security officer at the front.

But the three were so fast that they couldn’t grab them at all!

As they rushed out, the three drew their guns at the same time.


Almost simultaneously, a disdainful sneer escaped from Donoto Shingo’s mouth.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

In the darkness, a fine cold light, as if it was a laser, appeared in front of the three security officers in a crisscrossing manner.

As if by lynching, a wound instantly surfaced on the three security personnel’s bodies, and blood flew out like rain.

“Fish scale lines?!”

A “boom” exploded in Chen Dong’s head, and his jaws instantly split.

The mechanism set up in front of the Tianmen Mountain villa that day, was it done by Dangben Shingo?

The sound of the breaking wind pa*sed in a flash.

The three security officers stopped in place at the same time, without even firing a single shot, while their bodies had long been bathed in blood, becoming three bloody figures, before falling to the ground at the same time.

The cold voice, once again, echoed through the bamboo forest.

“Doomoto Shingo, please go to your death.”