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Winner Takes All Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

“Young master, the Jing Xin Zhai is the old lady’s mansion, and in ordinary times the old master would have to ask permission to enter.”

Elder Long’s face was sullen, vaguely scornful.

“Is she trying to get me into her territory and then make trouble?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and snorted, “I’d be a bit sorry for her if I didn’t go.”

“Young master ……”

Elder Long’s face changed greatly and was about to dissuade him, but Chen Dong was already striding towards the front.

“Elder Long, what should we do?”

Kunlun asked in a low voice with his ear.

The Jing Xin Zhai was considered to be the forbidden place of Old Madam Chen in the Chen Family, and even the head of the family had to obtain permission to enter.

If Chen Dong really entered there, once there was a change, he would be a turtle in a jar.

Long Lao pondered for a moment, and determination emerged abruptly in his eyes.

“Kunlun, are you afraid of death?”


Kunlun understood clearly and replied resoundingly.

“Elder Long, Brother Kunlun.” Fan Lu’s pretty face changed greatly.

Kunlun smiled, “Xiao Lu, later on you will be outside the courtyard, let me and Elder Long accompany Young Master inside, if anything goes wrong, you will leave immediately.”

A low tone, a determined look.

It made Fan Lu uneasy with anxiety.

But meeting Kunlun’s gaze, she still tightly muzzled her red lips and nodded her head in response.

With that, the three of them quickly followed Chen Dong.


Chen Tiansheng raised his hand to wipe a handful of blood from his face and smiled shadily, as if he was a viper.

Leaving behind a crowd of stunned and terrified ordinary clansmen and household slaves, he then quickly stepped forward.

Soon, Chen Dong saw an old woman.

The old woman had a face full of old age spots, her face was drooping and her hair was white.

When she saw Chen Dong and the others, she had a stern face and did not say a word, but walked straight ahead to lead the way.

Long Lao whispered, “Young master, this is the old lady’s close family slave.”

After a pause, he added, “It is the servant girl that the old madam brought from her home when she married into the Chen family.”

Then it was a close friend of a close friend!

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

In ancient times, it had been the custom for family ladies to bring their maidservants with them on the day of their marriage.

Such a maid, even when she arrived at her husband’s home, would be a close friend of a close friend, a complete and utter sidekick.

Seeing Chen Dong’s sullen face, Long Lao hurriedly struck while the iron was hot: “If you really enter the Jing Xin Zhai, it will not be up to us, young master think twice.”

“If I don’t go, can we just let the matter go today?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, his eyes shining brightly, “The Chen family has treated me like a thorn in their side since I was in front of the Chen House pagoda, if I softened a little, they would take advantage of me.

Of course he knew exactly what Old Madam Chen was asking him to go to the Jing Xin Zhai for.

One, she was afraid that it would affect the whole Chen family, and that some of the things known to the upper echelons would become known to everyone in the family.

Secondly, if it did cause a stir in the whole family, it would inevitably attract the attention of his father who was recovering from his injuries.

Thirdly, and most importantly, calling him to the Jing Xin Zhai was just a way to show off his methods and facilitate his actions when he arrived at Old Lady Chen’s territory.

If others respect him a foot, he respects them a foot.

The first time he came to the Chen family, he did not come here to provoke trouble, either in public or in private.

However, when he first arrived at the Chen house, he was branded as a wild child and was not allowed to enter.

Chen Dong was clear about the truth that people are good, and even Chen Daojun’s instructions were penetrating to the bone.

If he avoided the problem, he would not be able to solve it.

Since it could not be solved, then he could use his fists to fight his way out!

He, Chen Dong, had never been a soft persimmon, not a clay Bodhisattva!

On the way, there was silence.

The magnificent buildings of the ancient halls showed off the Chen family’s heritage and status.

The pavilions and pavilions, the landscape and gardens.

All are encompa*sed by the 10,000 mu estate.

The nine curves and thirteen loops, bypa*sing one of the other courtyards, finally led by the old woman, we entered a quiet mansion.

It was as if it was an ancient mansion.

Beneath all the ancient charm lay the ultimate in luxury and dignity.

Not far away, the sound of chanting sutras still echoed in the Buddhist hall.

In the spacious courtyard, there is lush greenery and a gentle breeze.

There was even a small stream with flowing water.

“Stand here!”

The old woman gave the order, dropped a cold sentence and walked towards the inner hall.

Chen Tiansheng coldly gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance with a deadly look before following the old woman into the inner hall.

Chen Dong walked by himself to the stream, the water of which was clear and in which koi were swimming happily.

He picked up a stone and calmly threw it into the water, startling the koi into a panic.

Elder Long and Kunlun stood behind him, looking solemn.

Chen Dong’s calmness stunned them both.

But astonishment was astonishing, but knowing what was going to happen next, they could not be as calm as Chen Dong.

“How dare you!”

The old woman’s stern voice suddenly exploded, “This is the lady’s residence, how can you defile it?”



Chen Dong laughed coldly, he had really brought out the power of his cronies to the fullest.

He turned around suddenly and saw Old Lady Chen walking out of the inner hall, supported by the old woman and Chen Tiansheng.

“Miss? Who is still called Miss when they are seventy or eighty years old? That title can mean something else now.”

The teasing was thick.

It made Old Madam Chen’s face gloomy to the extreme.

Chen Tiansheng was even more startled.

“You lowly man, my Miss, how can you insult her with impunity? Do you want to die?” The old woman burst into a fury.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces turned pale.

Elder Long hastily clasped his fist and said, “Old Madam, the young master has come today only to visit the old master’s injuries, and has no other intention.”

“A visit?”

Old Madam Chen snorted and laughed, her gaze blazing as she forced herself straight at Elder Long, “He deserves to die indeed for being such an insult to the old body, his yellow-mouthed little boy!”

With a single word, the atmosphere in the courtyard abruptly turned stern and harsh.

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light, secretly pleased with himself.

The old crone even seemed to have found her backbone, and became more courageous all of a sudden.

She barked at Chen Dong with a strained neck, “Kneel down and apologise to Miss!”


However, Chen Dong’s aura exploded, like a sheathed sword, and his harsh gaze was directed at the old woman.

“Apologize? You are but a slave of the Chen family, if you enter my Chen family, you are a slave of the Chen family, I am the son of the Chen family head’s own son, one of the successors, and you are still allowed to bark like an old dog who does not know his master!”

“You are a dog that commands me and makes me kneel down, so I will ask you to die!”

The cold killing intent was like a sword and a knife, stirring the air.

The old woman’s face turned white and her mouth was open.

She thought she was a close friend of the Old Madam, and had long been used to roaming around in the Chen family.

With Old Madam Chen’s backing, even in the face of Chen Daoling, she dared to speak with a straight back.

But now, to be invited to death?

“Stand down! How can you bark?”

Old Lady Chen suddenly turned hostile and scolded the old woman angrily.

The old woman’s face changed dramatically and she glanced at Old Madam Chen in horror, immediately understanding that Old Madam Chen was giving her a step down.

Immediately she retreated behind Old Madam Chen.

“Grandma, why bother fighting with this wild B*****d, he is just a frothy B*****d.” Chen Tiansheng suddenly said.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s gaze looked steeply askance at Chen Tiansheng: “Your face doesn’t hurt anymore?”


Chapter 346

“You ……”

Chen Tiansheng’s features were fierce and his hostility raged.

“Tiansheng, shut up!”

Old Mrs. Chen reprimanded in a deep voice, raised her eyes to look at Chen Tiansheng’s blood-stained face and said, “Don’t take young master inside to scrub his face yet?”

Chen Tiansheng was indignant.

But he did not dare to argue, and obediently followed the old woman into the inner hall.

Inside the courtyard.

A fresh breeze was blowing.

Old Mrs. Chen stood calmly, looking gloomily at Chen Dong.

“You, do you know that no one in the entire Chen family has ever dared to denigrate the old body in such a manner!”

The blunt questioning.

It sent a chill down the backs of both Old Man Long and Kun Lun.

In the magnificent Chen Family, it was the head of the family who called the shots outside.

But everyone knew that within the Chen family, because of that old rules of respect, even if Old Lady Chen was not Chen Daolin’s biological mother, Chen Daolin had to be courteous.

In contrast, in the Chen family, Mrs. Chen is indeed like the “emperor”.

“There was none before, but now …… there is!”

Chen Dong smiled arrogantly, with an unbeatable outlook in his eyes.

If you want to be cross, then you will be cross to the end!

It’s the first time that you treat me like a human being, and you don’t treat me like a human being, so I’m giving you face?

Chen Dong thought like this.

However, Long Lao and Kun Lun were terrified and confused because of this guy Chen Dong.

Is Young Master …… planning to directly fight Old Lady Chen hard to the end?

The smell of gunpowder was strong in the air.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes suddenly shrank, bursting with murderous essence.

Long Lao hurriedly said, “Old Madam, the family head is injured, where is he now?”

With the family head injured, Old Madam Chen was temporarily taking over as the head of the Chen family, and could be considered to be above ten thousand people.

The most urgent task was to see the family head as soon as possible, otherwise, this matter would only become more and more pa*sive.

As calm as Elder Long was, it was clear at this point that even if the young master was overbearing, there was only him and Kunlun behind him after all.

It was Old Lady Chen and the entire Chen family that he had to face!

The young master can only stand in the way of Old Lady Chen’s fronts!

“The family head is seriously injured and is still recuperating, so he must not be seen by outsiders, so Old Master Long should not bother.” Old Lady Chen smiled faintly.

Elder Long’s heart instantly sank to the bottom of the valley.

Chen Dong stepped forward, “I can’t see my father, even if I see him?”


Old Madam Chen raised her eyebrows, her face full of disdain and contempt, “You are a wild child, who knows what you have in mind to see the family head? Now that you have been a*sa*sinated by the Li family with a bounty, if it wasn’t for you, would you have gotten the family head injured? I remember this. If you had killed the family head, who would be at the helm of the great Chen family?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together, and a wave of anger seemed to build up in his chest, rising upwards.

He had said something that was indiscriminate and backhanded.

Do you want to be shameless?

Immediately afterwards, Old Madam Chen said in a deep voice, “Your cheap life is not as valuable as that of the Chen family head!”

Humiliating, trampling.

No disguise.

Rao Long and Kun Lun’s faces were also gloomy to the extreme at this moment.

A father-son bond that was tied by blood was actually described as so cheap and nasty by the old lady?

How dirty a thought should this be?

“I only ask one thing, will you let me see my father?”

Chen Dong didn’t bother with nonsense and asked in a stern voice.

The eyes narrowed with a chilling intent.


Old Mrs. Chen scolded angrily, “Chen Dong, you wild B*****d, do you really think that the Chen family is a place for you to run wild? You injured Tian Yang Tiansheng, slandered the old body, and now you want to threaten the old body? You have eaten your heart and leopard’s guts, you don’t know how to write the word “death”!”

With that, Old Lady Chen shouted angrily.

“Someone come!”


Inside the inner hall, more than a dozen sturdy household slaves rushed out.

Without exception, all of them had swords in their hands and a murderous intent.

“Kunlun, protect the young master!”

Elder Long’s expression was hostile, his eyes instantly resolute.

He took the lead and stopped in front of Chen Dong, and said sternly to Old Madam Chen, “Old Madam, the young master is the family head’s own son, one of the rightful heirs, so you are abusing lynchings like this, don’t you think the old master can be bullied? Do you want to change the name of the Chen family?”

“Where is your consciousness to be a lackey, to plant evidence like this, to turn things upside down?”

Old Madam Chen’s gaze was like a torch, and she waved her hand, “If you want to use the master of the family to oppress the old body, you, a dog slave, can’t do it, and neither can this wild B*****d!”

“When you are out in the world, you have to admit your mistakes and stand firm when you are beaten, this wild B*****d is treacherous, since he knows that as the heir, he has openly violated the family rules, I am enforcing the family law for the family lord!”

“Today, I will not only cripple this beast, but I will also take away his qualification as an heir!”


Elder Long and Kunlun were struck by lightning.

A few words were spoken, and the picture was exhausted.

Old Madam Chen had just lost her patience and was planning to show her sword and spear!

“Hehe ……”

Suddenly, a laugh sounded.

It echoed in the murderous courtyard.

It caused everyone to be stunned.

Chen Dong smiled brightly, only for his eyes to grow colder and colder.

Under the stunned gaze of the crowd, Chen Dong laughed back and forth.

“Well, well, well, good one for carrying out the family law on my father’s behalf! A good one to cripple me, a good one to take away my heir’s qualification!”

Chen Dong said as he laughed, and as he straightened his back, the smile on his face then disappeared and turned into boundless killing intent, “Fine, since you, an old man, are shameless, then how about I, Chen Dong, laying down my life to the end today?”

“You and I are less than twenty paces apart, I’ll kill you like a chicken, want to bet?”

“How dare you!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression suddenly showed a touch of fear and instinctively retreated backwards.

Inside the inner hall, Chen Tiansheng and the old crone ran out at the same time, protecting Old Madam Chen’s left and right.

In their eyes, Chen Dong’s words really did not dare to be taken as a casual threat.

“Give it to the old body, beat this sinful beast to death!”

Old Mrs. Chen roared as she pounded her chest in anger.

A dozen of slaves with knives and blades roared in anger as they came towards Chen Dong to kill him.

“Young master, be careful, they are the Chen family’s elite household slaves, the old lady’s close bodyguards!”

Kun Lun warned loudly, and his lofty figure instantly rushed towards the house slaves.

And with a long sigh, Elder Long, no longer as old as he used to be, met them with a dragon walk and a tiger stride.

“Old immortal, you are the one who wants to gamble!”

Chen Dong was filled with killing intent, as if he was a ghost god, and he brazenly charged into the midst of the family slaves.

A vicious battle broke out instantly.

Kun Lun and Elder Long blocked most of the family slaves’ close guards.

With a thunderous move, Chen Dong instantly put down one of the household slaves and seized the long sword, then bowed like a tiger, dragging the long sword in his hand along the ground, sending sparks flying.

He rushed directly towards Old Lady Chen with killing intent.

“Guards, guards!”

Old Mrs. Chen was terrified and disoriented, “This beast is mad, this sinful beast is going to offend his superiors below!”

With the support of Chen Tiansheng and the old woman, the three of them quickly retreated.

But facing Chen Dong, their speed was ultimately a great deal slower.

In the blink of an eye.

Chen Dong was already in front of the three.

His killing intent was overwhelming and his eyes were fierce.


Chen Dong waved his long knife, dragging it up from the ground, bringing up large sparks, and without hesitation, he slashed down towards Old Madam Chen.

The killing and decisiveness was at its fullest at this moment!

All the people present screamed loudly.



In a flash of lightning.

A gunshot exploded into the courtyard.