Winner Takes All Chapter 351-352

Chapter 351

Along the way.

Chen Dong could clearly feel the raging anger emanating from Chen Daolin’s body.

It was a feeling that, being next to him, one could clearly feel the extreme coldness of the temperature.

It was hairy and creepy.

Chen Dong was clear that when he reached his father’s realm.

Unless it was voluntary, it was difficult for onlookers to perceive his joy, anger and sadness.

And now, this clear feeling was clearly that his father was a little out of control.

Along the way, people from the Chen family and household slaves continued to greet Chen Daolin.

But Chen Daolin paid no attention, his face as gloomy as a lion with pent-up anger.

Soon, a magnificent hall appeared in sight.

This hall was not far from the residence of the family head.

It was the centrepiece of the Chen family’s 10,000-mu manor, like the stars overlapping the moon.

In front of the magnificent and solemn hall, there was already a line of family slaves standing in front of the hall.

This made the hall even more solemn and austere.

The Chen family members and other family slaves around them did not dare to pay attention to them, so they bowed their heads and walked away quickly.

It was a sacrilege for ordinary Chen family members or slaves to take one more glance at the Hall of Deliberation during the Chen family’s high-level family meetings.

Chen Dong looked up at the grand and imposing council hall, golden light flickering in his eyes, with a vague flame surging.

Was this the place where …… ruled the lifeline of the Chen family?

As he drew closer, the solemn and solemn atmosphere became more and more intense.

“Greetings, family head!”

The hundreds of household slaves surrounding the outside of the council hall shouted in unison.

The sound was like thunder, deafening.

One of the middle-aged family slaves quickly stepped forward and said respectfully, “Please ask Elder Long, Kunlun Bu Bu it four to wait outside, this is a Chen family meeting, the specifications are extremely high and only the family head can enter.”

He did not know Chen Dong or Fan Lu, only Elder Long and Kunlun.

But for family meetings, even Elder Long and Kunlun were not allowed to enter.

Only because the four were standing behind Chen Daolin, their words were polite.

“Dong’er, go in.” Chen Daoling squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair inside.

Long Lao and the three others stopped dead in their tracks.

The middle-aged family slave was startled at the sight of this.

“Family head, this is a family meeting, the old lady and the others are all listed in the council hall, idle ……”


The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Daolin backhanded a slap, fiercely smacking the family slave on the face.

The force was so strong that half of the house slave’s face instantly swelled up and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

“A mere household slave, how dare you stop me? As the head of the family, I, Chen Daoling, am bringing one person into the Hall of Council, is it something you can talk too much about?”

Chen Daoling looked at the household slave with cold eyes and raging hostility, “He is my son Chen Dong, can he enter or not?”

Wow ……

As soon as the words came out, the hundreds of household slaves outside the council hall were in an uproar.

The middle-aged household slave who was beaten paled, hurriedly bowed his head and backed away.

Chen Dong pushed Chen Daolin into the council hall.

The three-entry courtyard was solemn and solemn.

The entire courtyard was silent.

As they went deeper into the courtyard, gradually, some noisy whispering voices came out.

“How outrageous! This is outrageous! Does the family head get to do whatever he wants?”

“The Chen family puts filial piety first, so as the head of the family he should set an example, how can he be disobedient and oppress you, old lady?”

“B*****d! How dare an unwarranted B*****d try to kill you? And the head of the family, is he blinded by lard?”


Chen Dong’s face was sullen and his heart was depressed.

The so-called family meeting, I’m afraid it was a crusade gathered by Old Madam Chen, right?

“Dong’er, don’t make a sound later, I’ll take care of everything!”

Chen Daoling suddenly spoke up with a cold and bitter intent, “The old fogeys want to gather people to force me, so I’ll take this opportunity to beat them up today, otherwise I’d really think that I’ve become meek these years! They seem to have forgotten how I came to be the head of the Chen family back then!”

With a single word, the air seemed to freeze.

Chen Dong subconsciously raised his head to look at the sun above his head.

This sunlight was too cool.

Gradually, he approached the hall of the Council Hall.

The noise became clearer and clearer.

But with the sound of “The family head is here”, the entire hall suddenly fell into dead silence.

All eyes looked towards Chen Dong and Chen Daolin.

There was astonishment, there was complexity, there was worry, there was also disdain ……

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The fact that his father had been at the helm of the Chen family for more than twenty years, how much effort had he put into combining such complex factions?

He couldn’t imagine, because he secretly added up all his own situations today, and it seemed that none of them could compare to his father’s situation in the Chen family.

For the first time in his life.

Chen Dong looked at the back of his father before him with a sense of respect.

“What? Wasn’t it lively just now?”

Chen Daoling sat on his wheelchair, his brows emanating supreme majesty.

The majesty that he had accumulated over the years from his high position at the top was simply not comparable to any of the people present.

With a single word, all the people present avoided Chen Daoling’s gaze.


Just as the father and son stepped into the Hall of Council.

A clear, cold drink suddenly rang out.

“How dare you! This is the Chen Family Council Hall, the family meeting, outsiders get out!”

Chen Dong instantly locked onto a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was sitting next to Old Lady Chen, who was only next to the main seat of the family head, so it was obvious that the middle-aged man was not of low status.

At this moment, the middle-aged man was staring at him angrily, his eyes glaring angrily, his sideburns were white which added a little more frost to the middle-aged man, but a hawk’s nose was what made the middle-aged man’s whole aura somewhat shady and vicious.

“Dao Lin, as the head of the family, how come you don’t even know the rules anymore?”

Old Mrs. Chen leaned back in her chair, slightly narrowing her eyes as she leered over from the corner of her eyes.


Chen Daoling hooked the corner of his mouth and let out a snort, then his eyes looked at the middle-aged man with graying temples, “Old Third, I’ve brought my son here to meet all the uncles and brothers, what’s wrong with that?”

Saying this, Chen Daolin waved his hand.

“Dong’er, I haven’t met your third uncle yet.”

“Chen Dong has met Third Uncle!”

Chen Dong nodded calmly to the middle-aged man, not humbled or condescending, without sorrow or joy.

No wonder he was next to Old Madam Chen, so he was a “brother” of his father’s generation.


The middle-aged man snorted disdainfully, “Don’t call me that, I never had any wild nephews.”

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed abruptly, and a ball of anger instantly surged up in his chest.

Chen Daoling was even more furious, “Chen Daoxin, do you think I’ve given you face?”


As he spoke, Chen Dao Lin slapped his palm down on the armrest of his wheelchair, “Today, my son must enter even if he does not.

The words resounded like a thunderclap, giving no room for rebuttal.

The words were as loud as a thunderbolt, giving no room for retort.

Old Mrs. Chen’s narrowed eyes suddenly opened: “Dao Lin, you can say what you want to say, why do you have to bring me into this?”

“You don’t have a clue?”

Chen Daoling asked rhetorically, and said directly to Chen Dong, “Dong’er, push me over, I, Chen Daoling, will eventually sit on the family head’s seat at this family meeting!”

“If I don’t sit, no one will dare to sit here today!”


Chapter 352

“Chen Daolin, as the head of the family, how can you still convince the public if you don’t set an example and have to break the family rules yourself?”

Chen Dong had just pushed Chen Daolin to the position of family head when Chen Daojin suddenly snapped again.

“Convince the public?”

Chen Daolin smiled coldly, “If you really want to convince the public, you, Chen Daoping, should first consider how to convince the public!”

“What do you mean?” Chen Daoping’s expression choked.

Chen Daolin’s aura was magnificent and he pressed across the room.

His words were unforgiving: “You and I were both heirs back then, and there are many heirs here, but how did you get your heirship?”

“Since I succeeded to the throne, if it weren’t for Brother Daojun ignoring all the affairs of the Chen family, how would you have been qualified to take such a high position and live beside the old lady?”

“Right, you are still relying on the fact that you and I are half-brothers, and when I am the head of the family, our lineage will naturally rise to the top.

His words were as clear as a sword.

The faces of all those present changed greatly.

But Chen Dong, who was standing behind Chen Daolin, could clearly see that many people in the audience were sN*ggering with joy and indignation as his father’s words were spoken.

Clearly, his father had hit the sore spot in everyone’s heart.


Chen Daojin’s face was as blue as a pig’s liver as he angrily slapped the case.

“Chen Daolin, you speak nonsense! What is your intention in slandering me like this?”

Chen Daochen roared at the top of his lungs, “Chicken and dogs rise to the heavens, it is remarkable that you have become the head of the family, but I, Chen Daochen, am not something you can insult at will as a chicken and dog and animal!”

A family meeting.

Even before it started, swords were already being drawn.

Chen Daolin gave Chen Daojin a sidelong glance, his face full of disdain, “If a person does not respect himself, he will be a chicken and a dog, what are you barking at me for?”

“You ……”

Chen Daojin gritted his teeth, but he did not know how to retort.

He subconsciously swept towards the people present, and when he saw that no one was helping, he immediately became a little flustered.

Indeed, what Chen Daolin said was true.

But the point was, at this family meeting, hadn’t everyone agreed to make common cause?

Knock, knock!

The sound of a knock on the table rang out.

Old Mrs. Chen pulled Chen Daoxin, “Daoxin, sit down.”

Chen Daolin smiled: “Right, the old lady is kind to give you a step down, you quickly get down, otherwise you can’t get down, don’t blame me as a brother, don’t think of that little brotherly love.”

“Chen Daolin ……”

Chen Daocin’s eyes were red with raging anger.

“Chen Daochen, take your seat!” Old Mrs. Chen suddenly raised her tone.

Chen Daojin’s expression changed, gritting his teeth in indignation, but in the end, he chose to take his seat.

Chen Daolin smiled disdainfully, his aura overpowering as he swept across the entire crowd.

“Now, is there anyone who objects to my son entering this Hall of Council?”

Inside the Council Hall.

There was silence.

All the senior members of the Chen family were silent.

The family head had changed his usual demeanour and ripped Chen Dao’s face clean off in public, clearly wanting to make an example of the monkeys and deter the crowd.

If he opened his mouth at this time, wouldn’t he be right in the middle of a gunfight?

There is no guarantee that there won’t be any stain or disgrace that the family head will get hold of, and if it were to explode in public, it would be a complete disgrace.

Each one of them had already trained to be an expert, so they would not do such a self-defeating thing.

After waiting for a few seconds.

Chen Daolin knocked on the table, “Since no one has any objections, then please ask Sanniang to preside over this family meeting.”

“The old body presiding?”

Old Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows, “The family head is joking, the family head has always presided over family meetings, wouldn’t it be overstepping the boundaries for the old body to preside?”

“You’ve already convened a family meeting on my behalf, so what’s the harm in overstepping your authority once more?”

Chen Daolin’s gaze gleamed as he looked sternly at Old Lady Chen, “Since it is Sanniang who convenes the family meeting, it is only right that Sanniang should preside over it.”

“You ……” Old Mrs. Chen’s face was stern, her heart aghast.

How could she not have expected that Chen Daolin would actually resort to such a tactic?

The people in the audience, too, had deep gazes and pondered.

For generations, family meetings were the key to controlling the lifeblood of the Chen family, and were always held by the family head himself.

The old lady was giving orders on behalf of the head of the family and had indeed overstepped her authority.

But now Chen Daolin is not even giving the old lady any face!

Today’s head of the family …… is overbearing!

This is what everyone present has in mind.

The original and the old lady to discuss the matter, some of them at this time also can not help but some wavering.

Chen Dong calmly looked at what was happening in front of him.

It was true that his father was overbearing, but with his experience, the scene before him, if he did not calm the scene with his overbearingness, he really did not know how to control the situation.

The people here were all senior members of the Chen family, with high positions of power.

To put it bluntly, they are all kings of the mountain, and if they really let the situation go on unchecked, it would be too difficult to control it from behind.

And right now, my father was already invisibly in charge.

The atmosphere was stagnant.

Old Mrs Chen looked extremely uncomfortable, as Chen Daolin’s words had undoubtedly set her on fire.

Although she was the old lady of the Chen family, she was the one who had married into the Chen family.

One of the strictest rules of the Chen family was that control of the family could not fall into the hands of an outsider.

In other words, no matter how fierce the competition for the position of head of the family is, it is ultimately a group of Chen people who are fighting for it.

She, an old lady, was held in a position of respect by everyone, also because of filial piety.

But if she were to intervene again to preside over the family meeting at this time, she would undoubtedly be seizing power, which is a real violation of the highest family rules.

Once it was established, it would be as easy as pie for Chen Daolin to pinch her in the future.

“Family head, in fact, this time, the family meeting is also held for your son Chen Dong.”

A figure suddenly stood up and spoke calmly.

Chen Dong could not help but look at the middle-aged man who had risen in astonishment.

A voice in a suit, untarnished, with a distinguished air, even his hair was neatly rooted.

What was most noticeable was that the middle-aged man’s noble aura and uncommon facial features were greatly compromised by his left eye.

To be precise, his left eye was cloudy and his pupils were tightly constricted, so he was obviously blind!

“Chen Daoping, you do know how to find a stage for your mother.” Chen Daoling smiled coldly.

Mother and son?

Chen Dong instantly dawned on him, no wonder he had risen brazenly at this juncture.

Chen Daoping rubbed his nose, “The family head is joking, as a human son, if I did not rise up when my mother was being threatened with life and death, would it not be a waste of filial piety?”

Saying this, Chen Daoping raised his eyes unexpectedly, a vicious and fierce light blooming in his one eye.

“Your son has acted recklessly and rampantly, and just now in the Jing Xin Zhai, he dared to offend his superiors and kill the old lady.

“If it wasn’t for Tian Tian Tian’s presence just now, my mother would have fallen in a pool of blood and would be dead!”

“I don’t object to Chen Dong coming to the Chen family, and I don’t object to him injuring the two brothers, but he shouldn’t have wielded a knife at my mother, what’s the difference between such a wolf’s ambition and that of an animal?”

A series of words, justified by reason and with an appalling voice.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into slits, and the corners of his eyes pulsated with veins.

This Chen Daoping was far superior to Chen Daoping!

There was barely a pause.

Chen Daoping turned around abruptly and swept past the crowd, “Gentlemen, the Chen family has always preached filial piety, are you going to let such murderous cases and such wolfish and vicious people be harboured?”

The words just fell.

The crowd looked up one after another.

“My Lord ……”

“Master ……”

“House Master ……”


The series of shouts did not indicate a follow up, but just this series of calls for Family Master was already a confirmation of their stance.

Chen Dong’s jaw was splitting and his heart was beating wildly.

Was this a plan to join forces to force the palace?