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Winner Takes All Chapter 355-356

Chapter 355

On the way back to the main residence.

Elder Long and the three of them all noticed that something was wrong with Chen Dong and Chen Daolin who had walked out of the Council Hall.

But none of the three opened their mouths to ask.

In their capacity, they should not ask either.

Chen Daolin’s face was cold and his eyes were deep.

Chen Dong, who was pushing his wheelchair, also looked grave and narrowed his eyes.

A year was too short a period.

Many of his projects had only just started and had been put on hold for such a long time due to the a*sa*sination of the Hidden Murder Organisation.

Compared to the other heirs of the Chen family, he still had a long, long way to go.

Even a genius could not erase years and decades of hard work by others in a short period of time.

Not to mention the generation of heirs who had been educated by the Chen family’s elite.

Old Mrs Chen had forced her father to set a “one-year deadline”, clearly aiming at him.

But even if he knew, he could not resist.

His father had already taken advantage of the situation.

If he still refused to back down at this point, he would inevitably draw the displeasure of the family hierarchy and even lead to a backlash.

Chen Dong’s heart was despondent, one year, was it really enough?

Back at the family head’s residence.

Chen Daolin finally spoke up.

“Dong’er, will you blame father?”

Chen Dong shook his head, although his heart was depressed, he still shook his head and said, “Grace and power are the best tactics, one for one, one for all, Old Lady Chen is aiming at me, and the one-year deadline is also aimed at me, if father does not even allow this step, it will even cause the great situation to collapse in an instant.”

Chen Daolin’s eyes flickered and burst into a brilliant aura.

He glanced at Chen Dong in amazement and could not help but reveal a look of appreciation.

Heart performance saw this level, worthy of being my Chen Daoling’s son.

“It’s good that you don’t blame me.” Chen Daolin sighed helplessly, “The old immortal is clearly using a yang plot against you and me, in the name of the ancestors, and with the entanglement of interests between factions as a tie, this one-year deadline, I have to take it even if I don’t.”

Chen Dong was silent, his heart was despondent.

Conspiracies were not frightening, what was frightening was the yang conspiracy.

In the face of a conspiracy, there was no other way but to put one’s head on the line.

“Master, what is the one-year deadline?” Elder Long asked as he listened in confusion.

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly and did not respond.

Chen Dong said, “In the council chamber, Old Lady Chen wanted to dispose of me for killing her, father did everything he could to stop the cross-pressure of the whole room, but was forced by Old Lady Chen to establish the next head of the family at her fiftieth birthday in a year’s time.”

“A year?!”

Elder Long’s face changed dramatically.

Kunlun and Fan Lu were also shocked at the same time.

“How will one year be enough?”

Elder Long clenched his hands together and said with anger, “Who of those successors haven’t honed their skills for three or five years? Some even have almost ten years of experience, a mere year, this is simply unfair to the young master!”

How long had it been since the master had sent him to retrieve the young master and include him in the Chen family’s succession?

Even if there was another year, a full year would be less than two years, such a short period of time would be impossible for the young master to grow up completely.

The young master has already suffered a great loss in terms of time!

All excellence cannot be achieved without the accumulation of time.

At Long Lao’s age, having served the Chen family for many years, he could see very clearly in this matter.

Chen Daolin looked obscure, how could he not be aware of this?

But there was no choice!

As the head of the family, the taint of being at the top of the hierarchy could be said to have pinched everyone’s vital position.

In normal times, he could take advantage of the key points, but if he forced everyone to have no way out, the end result would be a death-defying rebellion.

Even if he was the head of the Chen family, he had to be wary!

“Master, isn’t there any other way?”

Kun Lun was also anxious, “Only one year, this is simply too harsh on the young master, clearly trying to kick him out smoothly after a year.”


The words had just fallen.

A cold and firm voice suddenly sounded out.

“One year, that’s enough!”


The voice was like a thunderclap, and although it was calm, it was deafening to the few people present.

Chen Daolin and Elder Long looked towards Chen Dong in surprise.

At this moment, Chen Dong was standing tall, his eyes were shining brightly, but there was no hint of dissatisfaction or panic, there was only a harshness and toughness like a sharp sword being sheathed.

A year …… is really enough?

“The actual fact that I was able to use less than a year to make my commanders into what they are now, give me another year, it’s enough!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern, and his aura seemed to level the ground and pull up mountains, becoming majestic and vast.

At this moment, it was as if everything had become small in his eyes.

People were looking down on him out of the corner of their eyes.

One could also say that he was rampant to the extreme.

Hearing the words.

“Good! Worthy of being my Chen Daolin’s son, this kind of boldness is enough!” Chen Daolin uttered in surprise.

Elder Long and Kun Lun and Fan Lu were also lost in confusion.

Feeling that out-of-this-world aura from Chen Dong’s body, the three anxious and confused minds were certain!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled blandly, “I know what you guys are worried about, but what I am worried about now is that in a year’s time, when I hand in my answer sheet with all the successors, Old Mrs. Chen and the rest of them, dare not acknowledge this answer sheet of mine!”

Out of the corner of his eye, even Chen Daolin was shocked in his heart.

He could not help but slap his thigh, “With me here, as long as Dong’er’s answer sheet is good enough, they will have to admit it even if they want to!”

“With these words from you, Dad, that’s enough!”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, looked at the time and added, “Dad, it’s almost time for me to go back, no matter if Uncle Daojun can lift the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Murder Organization, but now with this one-year period, it’s time for me to go back!”

“Be careful!”

Chen Daolin did not stay much longer.

In fact, right now, Chen Dong was a target in the Chen family.

Staying longer would lead to changes.

When Chen Dong produced a brilliant answer sheet and set foot in the Chen family again, he believed that the target would become the star of the crowd!

This is the greatest confidence a father can have in his son.

After packing his luggage, Chen Dong took Kunlun and the three of them to bid farewell to his father and prepare to leave.

Only when he stepped out of the family’s residence, Chen Dong suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Meaningfully, he asked, “Dad, is it really difficult to shake the old lady in the Chen family?”

Chen Daolin was lost in thought for a moment and smiled bitterly, “It’s easy to shake the old lady, but hard to shake her behind!”

Behind her?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose as his gaze deepened, “Indeed!”

If it was just because of the family rules, with his father’s hand in the Council Hall before, it would have been too easy to pin down Old Madam Chen.

In the end, he was being held back by Old Madam Chen, even though he had always been extraordinarily strong in front of her.

It sounded absurd that the head of the Chen family was being restricted by an old lady every step of the way.

Without asking any more questions, Chen Dong left with a single step.

Looking at Chen Dong’s departure, Chen Daolin’s eyes were deep, and his eyes were a little red.

“The gentry, even the Chen family, the great and fearful mountain, is not as simple as you think.”

A long time ago, Chen Daolin sighed quietly, looking up at the sky: “Lan’er, blame me for not doing a good job this father, I am not as good as you ……”


Chapter 356

The private jet roared to life, accelerating down the runway.

Looking down at the increasingly distant Chen Family Estate.

Chen Dong muttered, “In a year’s time, when I set foot here again, I will make all of you, bow down.”

The first time he set foot in the Chen Family, he truly felt what humiliation meant.

The words of a wild B*****d were like knives plucking out his heart.

Even in the eyes of a common slave, he was just a wild child who could be beaten by anyone.

A target for all, but only his father helped.

More than that, he had seen how complex the Chen family’s factions really were.

In the hall of council, although his father had overpowered the whole room, when he thought about it, it was only his father’s thunderbolt tactics that made the whole thing easier.

If we really look into the matter, we can find something in the words and actions of those present.

For example, the minds of the people at that time were not tied together at all.

Otherwise there wouldn’t have been Chen Dao pro making a fool of himself, Chen Dao Ping and old lady Chen few people attached to the voice.

“Young master, one year, is that really enough?”

Elder Long asked hesitantly, with a complicated expression.

The Chen Dong just now, looking askance and confident, made everyone’s heart and soul certain.

But now that he had calmed down, Elder Long still felt a little apprehensive.

One year was too short, too short!

The young master, however, had to produce an answer in this one year’s time to defeat all the successors of the Chen family.

Three or five years of refinement, or even ten years of accumulation, was it really something that the young master could break in a year’s time?

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

“The mediocre will always be mediocre, besides, there is no choice but to go forward, there is no way back.”

Elder Long’s gaze flashed, his heart indignant.

On the side, Kun Lun and Fan Lu, too, looked gloomy.

One year was really far from enough!

Even if they were right beside Chen Dong and witnessed his metamorphosis, they did not feel that Chen Dong had the slightest chance of winning.

The atmosphere became dejected and heavy.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “In your hearts, am I that unbearable?”

“Young Master is the most gifted person Old Slave has ever seen.” Elder Long was the first to speak up.

Kunlun and Fan Lu also looked at Chen Dong at the same time, and although they did not make a sound, their eyes had already echoed Elder Long’s.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said with a firm gaze, “For the sake of my wife and for the sake of my parents, I have to win!”


When the plane descended on the airport on the outskirts of the city.

It was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

However, Chen Dong did not go straight back to the Four Seals Clubhouse, but took the three Long Lao with him and headed for his mother’s grave.

“Young Master, it’s too risky to do so.” Elder Long had scruples in his heart.

The scene from the day when he met Chen Daojun was still in front of him, with a dozen a*sa*sins hunkered down early, comparable to an ambush from ten sides.

This time, if they went again, there would be no Chen Daojun around.

“It should be fine.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he smiled faintly.

Turning to digress, “However, I’m now wondering what good news Little Shadow is going to tell me.”

When he had just gotten off the plane, he had spoken to Gu Qingying on the phone, saying that he was going to pay his respects to his mother first.

During the call, Gu Qingying mysteriously said that she had good news to tell him when he returned home.

In fact, it was rare for Gu Qingying to be so mysterious, even if she was pretending to be mute, she would still carry a bit of playfulness.

And just now on the phone, her voice was rare and serious.


A few of the old men from Long also shook their heads in confusion.

It was an autumn day and the breeze carried a hint of coolness.

The area around my mother’s grave, although last time there was a tragic “ma*sacre”, the subsequent finishing touches had largely restored everything to its original state.

A lonely headstone stands in front of the grave.

A photograph of his mother is still attached to it.

Chen Dong kneels in front of the grave, calm and silent.

It was only his eyes, which were gradually reddening.

Having been to the Chen family, I realised how complicated the Chen family really was.

It was not polite to say that my father had done his best to keep them alive back then.

The scene in the Council Hall came to mind, those people dared to call for his death in front of his father, back when he was still just the heir apparent, he must have been even more rampant.

It was no wonder that after his father had become the head of the Chen family, he had never given his mother the title she deserved.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to give it.

Rather, he was pressured into not being able to give it!

He and his mother had been dependent on each other for over twenty years, and he had worked hard and desperately for the words that Elder Long had said when he first met him, to surround his mother with the glory that should have belonged to her.

“Mother, in a year’s time, I will return to you the glory that you have lost for twenty years.”

Chen Dong slowly bowed his head, as if he was vowing, “I want you to return to the ancestral shrine of the Chen family, so that everyone in the Chen family will bow down and call you – Madam Chen!”

With these words, Chen Dong rose up bravely, his gaze firm, and he turned around with determination.

The reason he had come to his mother’s grave first was that he should not be able to come to pay his respects to her for the latter part of the year.

A year was short, for him to compete for the position of family head.

But a year was too long for him to pay homage to his mother.

No incense at the grave borders on unfiliality!


Just as Chen Dong had expected, from the time he stepped off the plane, to the time he paid tribute to his mother, and then back to the Four Seals Clubhouse, everything was calm and peaceful.

It was as if the previously tense and solemn situation had silently and suddenly returned to calm.

But caution is the best thing.

Chen Dong did not withdraw the security around the bamboo courtyard.

He still understood the principle of being careful.

Although the situation was developing in a good direction, there was no guarantee that things would not go wrong in the middle of the process and capsize in the gutter.

It was late at night and quiet.

Inside the small bamboo courtyard, it was quiet and elegant.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were lying on the bed, the light inside the house was a little dim, the television was still on, making the quiet room seem less cold.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Gu Qingying curled up in the nest, the quilt half hiding her pretty face, and looked at Chen Dong with some curiosity.

“I washed up early.”

Chen Dong said without a reason.

Gu Qingying froze, “Cleaned up, then what?”

Chen Dong looked gloomy and pretended to be sorrowful, “They say that a small farewell is better than a new marriage, you actually have no idea about me, it was a wrong payment after all.”

“Hey ah, you big bad egg.” Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and her pretty face was so scarlet that it was oozing blood.

“Wife, I want it.”

Chen Dong turned his head to look at Gu Qingying.

The two eyes locked, full of deep love.

The dim yellow light suddenly became charming.

The air seemed to be filled with thick love.

The next second.

Chen Dong leaned down in front of Gu Qingying.


Gu Qingying, however, suddenly raised her jade hand and nudged her green jade finger on Chen Dong’s lips, snapping, “Nasty, I haven’t agreed yet.”

“A small farewell to you is not even better than a new marriage, my heart as a husband is so tired oh.” Chen Dong lamented.

Gu Qingying was stunned and let go of her jade hand.

Immediately afterwards, her red lips opened lightly, as if she was a dragonfly, a touch and a part.

The fluttering fragrance made Chen Dong’s heart flutter.

But Gu Qingying’s attitude made him a little puzzled and dismayed: “Then what?”

“Forget that I was on the phone and said I would tell you good news?” Gu Qingying’s pretty face was scarlet, her beautiful eyes swirling with watery light, seemingly delicate and charming.

Red lips lightly opened, and a sentence made Chen Dong float to immortality, excited and ecstatic.

“Honey, we have a little Chen Dong.”