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Winner Takes All Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

Early the next morning.

Gu Qingying left the hotel and went to her father’s building materials company to handle the handover.

With her father’s family business, this building materials company was really nothing.

If this wasn’t the first company that her father ran back then, her father wouldn’t have kept the company to continue its development if he wanted to keep it as a memento.

Because Chen Dong worked for Dingtai, it would be easier for her to get involved in related industries and help Chen Dong if she wanted to.

When Chen Dong went to visit his mother in hospital and returned to work.

Xiao Ma then hurriedly walked in with a pile of documents.

“Brother Dong, there is a tricky matter here that needs your decision.”

Putting down the documents, Xiao Ma said, “Because the shantytown renovation project is too big a plate, so this time we have approached the city’s number one company in terms of strength to provide the construction materials, but they have been hesitating now because of our Dingtai qualifications.”

Chen Dong picked up the document and flipped through it, not showing too much surprise.

Dingtai was only one of Zhou Yanqiu’s many industries, and its scale could not even squeeze into the top ten in the city.

Qualification, has always been the hard wound of Dingtai.

It is not polite to say.

If it wasn’t for Li Dabao’s drunken greed for S*x when he was the general manager before, signing a contract for an inflated $30 million in one breath, it would have been really difficult for Dingtai to get such a big renovation project for the shantytown in the west of the city.

The misadventure had allowed him to turn the tide, but with such a large plate, it was obviously somewhat unrealistic to continue to ask the building material dealers who had previously worked with Din Tai to supply.

They couldn’t eat it!

And finding a bigger building materials dealer to work with was one of the keys to the project.

“Yingli Building Materials?”

Looking at the contents of the document, Chen Dong frowned slightly and smiled bitterly, “This is the exclusive supplier of a big property in this city, our Dingtai’s qualification is indeed much worse.”

“Right, just because of the qualification, so even if they know we have this plate in the west of the city, they are still hesitating.”

Xiao Ma was distressed, “So Dong, do you think we should continue to follow up on the deal, or switch to another building material supplier? Or should we continue to use the same building material merchants?”

“The previous building material merchants, they can’t eat such a large plate, and there is no other company in the city as strong as Yingli.”

Chen Dong put down the file and smiled, “All right, continue to follow up on the negotiations, I’ll go and meet their boss at noon.”

Having been immersed in real estate for three years, he knew very well.

The so-called reason for qualification was just a wording.

Besides, Dingtai now had projects in the west of the city, and after the news of Yike’s move in, the property prices in the shantytowns in the west of the city had gone up against the market.

As long as the boss of Yingli Building Materials is not stupid, they will all agree to cooperate.

The current hesitation is just one of the money concession rebate points, not talking about the bit.

Only, this time Yingli building materials appetite seems to be a bit big!

The headquarters of Yingli Building Materials Company.

Gu Qingying sat at her desk, flipping through various documents and information.

Although her father had greeted her, the handover between her and the company’s president had been incredibly smooth, and the president had also willingly a*sisted her.

But if she wanted to take complete control of a company, she first had to understand its operations and much more.

If she wants to help Chen Dong, she has to get a firm foothold in the company as soon as possible.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

Gu Qingying didn’t even raise her head: “Come in.”

A young man in his thirties, dressed in a suit, walked in.

He was Zhang Heming, the previous boss of Yingli Building Materials, who had been subordinated to the position of Vice President because of Gu Qingying.

In this regard, Zhang Heming was not the least bit dissatisfied.

Gu Qingying was his big boss’s only daughter, and with the big boss’s business empire, to let his daughter take over Yingli Building Materials was to look up to Yingli and to him.

What’s more, Gu Qingying’s performance also made him appreciate it.

This one, really wasn’t the kind of rich second generation who only knew how to have fun.

Moreover, because of the age difference, Zhang Heming still had some strange thoughts in mind.

All this, however, could not be shown for the time being.

Zhang Heming put a document in front of Gu Qingying and smiled like a gentleman, “Xiao Ying, you’ve really worked too hard, take a break.”

“It’s alright.”

Gu Qingying saw the document and looked up at Zhang Heming, “Mr. Zhang, what is this document?”

Zhang Heming looked at Gu Qingying’s stunningly beautiful face and couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a moment.

After waking up, he hurriedly said, “This is the details of the cooperation that Dingtai wants to have with our company, which is also the most urgent project for the company at the moment.”


Gu Qingying hurriedly picked up the document and read it, she remembered that Chen Dong was the vice president of this company.

Zhang Heming reported from the side, “Last month, Dingtai won the contract for the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, and it was really lucky.

“Isn’t that quite good?” Gu Qingying raised her eyebrows and said, “In this way, once they sign this contract, they will be making a big profit, and our company can also make money by working with them.”

“That’s good, but Dingtai’s qualifications are really a bit poor.” Zhang Heming made it difficult for him.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Gu Qingying’s pretty face sank as she clasped her hands to her chest, “Mr. Zhang, don’t talk about qualifications, I’m not a three-year-old child, just say it if you want to raise the price.”

“Oh, Little Shadow has really seen me through.”

Zhang Heming smiled awkwardly, “In fact, now our company has been hesitating to cooperate, just to hang on to Dingtai, to talk about material prices and payment methods, to a more superior point.”

“As you said, Xiao Ying, qualification is something that really needs to be considered, but Dingtai is holding the plate of the west side of the city, which is like holding a chicken that lays golden eggs, we are doing this to maximise the company’s interests as much as possible.”

Since taking the helm of Yingli Building Materials, he had worked hard to maximise the interests of the company, something that even the big boss was satisfied with.

Zhang Heming was clear that Yingli Building Materials was already number one in the city when it was in the hands of the big boss, and he was just a man of honour.

But if he performed well enough, he could leap into the big boss’ business empire along the way, and that was the stage he wanted to be in.

And yet.

“This is not good.” Gu Qingying’s willow brows furrowed as she shook her head, “In business, cooperation cannot maximise profit, but should be mutually beneficial, with everyone making a profit, so that there is a more permanent cooperation.”

Zhang Heming froze for a moment and hurriedly agreed: “What Xiaoying said is true, so what do you think should be done about this cooperation?”

“Of course we should say yes, besides these prices have to be readjusted.” Gu Qingying said.

Zhang Heming was a bit lost inside, re-adjusting the prices meant that the benefits could not be maximised.

But it was Gu Qingying who made the decision, so he could not refute it, so he could make less money.

Zhang Heming smiled and asked, “How much is the adjustment?”

Gu Qingying pointed to the document, “How about this, all materials, on top of the existing quotation, are uniformly adjusted downwards by 30%.”


Zhang Heming was struck by lightning and could not laugh in an instant.

Instead, he stared at Gu Qingying with an extremely odd and shocked look.

Missy was serious about taking over the company to practice?

Are you sure you’re not here to defeat your family?

The company is a mutual benefit, but you don’t have to raise your hand and cut yourself with a knife, right?

“All right, do as I say, go to Dingtai and sign the contract immediately.”

Gu Qingying was so resolute that Zhang Heming could not refute.

Zhang Heming’s mind buzzed as he took the documents and headed out, and when he reached the door, Gu Qingying’s voice suddenly rang out behind him.

“Also, Mr. Zhang should still call me Mr. Gu, I don’t like the name Xiao Ying.”

“Okay, okay Mr. Gu.” Zhang Heming’s face turned a little blue.

When the door was closed.

Gu Qingying’s face suddenly overflowed with a smile, “What a coincidence, it’s so quick to help Chen Dong, lowering the offer by thirty percent, would it be too little?”

Chapter 38

It was close to noon.

Chen Dong was about to leave the office to go to Yingli to talk about the contract.

Suddenly, Xiao Ma burst into the office in a hurry.

“Brother Dong, it’s not good!”

Chen Dong frowned and took a sip of water from his tea cup: “What is it?”

“Yingli’s boss has come to our company in person.” Xiao Ma said.


The tea in Chen Dong’s mouth spurted out, his face aghast.

No wonder Xiao Ma was in such a hurry.

Yingli Building Materials was the number one building materials dealer in the city, and its long-term cooperation was also with the top ten real estate companies.

This kind of Dingtai, in Yingli’s eyes, is ant meat.

Even with the shantytown renovation project in hand in the west of the city, it is they who go to Yingli to talk about things.

“Go and take a look.”

Chen Dong got up and followed Xiao Ma out of the office.

In the parlour.

Zhang Heming’s sword brows were furrowed as he looked at the contract offer in his hand, his heart was dripping blood.

Gu Qingying’s phrase “mutually beneficial” had froze his previous good plans and cut them to pieces.

With property prices in the western part of the city rising against the market, the top ten real estate companies in the city were all red in the eyes.

And he knows that there is a huge premium here.

It’s a huge, bubbling gold piece of cake.

And it was destined to be eaten only by Yingli.

That’s why he had been hanging on to Din Tai, fighting to eat as much as possible.

However, Gu Qingying was the only daughter of the big boss, and making such a decision, he could not refute it.

When Chen Dong and Xiao Ma walked to the parlour, they were just in time to see Zhang Heming’s fleshy face.

Chen Dong kept his composure and smiled warmly, “Mr. Zhang is here, sorry to welcome you.”

“Mr. Chen.” Zhang Heming smiled bitterly and shook Chen Dong’s hand before saying, “This time, your Dingtai is really going to take off.”

Chen Dong was well aware of the value contained in the City West renovation project.

He also knew that all the bosses in the real estate industry were so red-eyed that they were fast becoming rabbits.

He was not modest at such words and smiled faintly.


Zhang Heming placed the offer contract on the table, “Take a look, no problem now let’s sign the contract.”

Chen Dong was stunned, and Xiao Ma at the side had even changed his face.

Why did Yingli suddenly relent?

How could Zhang come to sign the contract in person?

Puzzled, Chen Dong picked up the contract and turned it over.

After reading just two pages, he was stunned: “Mr. Zhang, are you sure you have the right contract?”

“Isn’t there the names of the A and B parties on it, how could it be wrong.” Zhang Heming raised his hand and rubbed his temples, he felt some pain in his brain.

Chen Dong quickly flipped through the contract, his frown deepening.

He really did not know what had gone wrong!

All the material quotations were 30% lower than the previous ones, and even the payment method had become quarterly, whereas before it was a monthly settlement!

Quarterly settlement, that was a payment method only after Ying Li had affirmed the strength of the other party.

This offer was like a pie in the sky for him and Din Tai!

Even for him, he could not help but feel alarmed.

After quickly reading the contract, Chen Dong handed it to Xiao Ma.

Xiao Ma flipped through the page and immediately let out a shocked cry, “Holy crap!”

As he exclaimed, his face changed and he hurriedly apologised to Chen Dong and Zhang Heming.

Then, Xiao Ma looked down at the contract again, and the more he read, the more alarmed he became, his face changing again and again.

“Don’t look at it, this contract, it hurts my flesh.” Zhang Heming said helplessly.

“Xiao Ma, take the pen.”

Chen Dong said with a smile.

A contract that was quickly signed.

After shaking hands, Zhang Heming said, “Also, from today onwards, I am the vice president of Yingli, this contract, you have to thank our newly appointed old president.”

Chen Dong sent Zhang Heming away from the company in confusion.

Xiao Ma forced his heart to hold back the excitement and said, “Brother Dong, Yingli has changed too much for us, do you think that new old president of Yingli is stupid?”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and laughed.

Not to mention Xiao Ma, even he had such thoughts.

A 30% price cut and payment changed to quarterly.

This was like helping poor Dingtai!

“Do something, Zhang Heming has been in charge of Yingli for so many years, the new old boss can let him slide down to the position of vice president, he must have his wrist and ability, he wants to help, this favor we Dingtai should always keep in mind.”

Chen Dong patted Xiao Ma’s shoulder.

In fact, he could probably guess a little.

As he had said to Xiao Ma, it was impossible for him not to remember such a big favour for helping Dingtai take off.

After the end of the City West project, Dingtai’s position among the city’s real estate enterprises would definitely change drastically.

In the future, Din Tai will have a lot of cooperation with Yingli.

If we really have to say it, perhaps it is also the case that the new old boss has a longer-term vision than Zhang Heming.

Still, this contract to help the poor made him feel a little far-fetched.

A 30% profit concession, that’s really not a small amount!

Puzzled, Chen Dong returned to his office, just as he sat down.


Xiao Ma rushed in once again, “Brother Dong, Zhang, General Manager Zhang is back again, he wants to change the contract!”

Chen Dong was immediately a little upset.

He had just signed the contract, and he wanted to change it immediately?

Do you think it’s a child’s game?

Before he could get up, Zhang Heming walked into the office.

At this moment, his face was as black as carbon.

He really didn’t know what Gu Qingying was thinking.

The first foot just walked out of Dingtai, a phone call made him return, and the contract modification ……

“Mr. Zhang ……” Chen Dong opened his mouth to ask.

Zhang Heming waved his hand and interrupted him, “Don’t ask, redraft the contract, and change the payment method to annual settlement!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his face full of surprise.

Xiao Ma even blurted out, “Really, really?”

“Stop it, change it.” Zhang Heming sank his face and rubbed his head fiercely.

“Xiao Ma, go now.” Chen Dong said excitedly.

Wouldn’t it be silly for him not to rush to sign such a thorough contract to help the poor?

Although he didn’t know why Yingli’s newly appointed boss would do this, there was no need for him to foolishly chase after the root of the matter.

Soon, the contract was redrawn.

Zhang Heming didn’t even look at it and signed it straight away.

In fact, in his mind, there was really no need to read what exactly was on this contract.

Gu Qingying had made the contract look like this, so there was no need to even look at it.

Seeing Zhang Heming about to leave, the delighted Chen Dong still asked, “Mr. Zhang, what does the newly appointed old boss mean ……”

“No meaning, she means nothing.”

Zhang Heming waved his hand in annoyance and left quickly.

He was D*mned confused too!

Anyway, the big boss has money, the daughter wants to lose money, still stopping the cackle?


In order to celebrate the signing of the “poverty alleviation contract”, the company staff all shouted to celebrate.

Chen Dong smiled and gave some of the money to Xiao Ma, asking him to take the staff to celebrate.

He, on the other hand, still had to go to the hospital to visit his mother.

Yesterday, he had promised Gu Qingying.

As he walked out of the office, he saw the white Porsche 911 parked on the side of the road from afar.

Sitting in the car, Chen Dong had a calm face, which made Gu Qingying a bit stunned.

“Workaholic, why don’t you look happy?” Gu Qingying asked, thinking to herself if the offer was still a bit high?

“No ah, just drive.” Chen Dong said.

“Cut, you’re just not happy.”

Gu Qingying started the car and drove onto the road, “Come on, say it, make me happy.”

Chen Dong shook his head and grinned, “Coincidentally, I’m really quite happy, I signed the contract with Yingli Building Materials today, and the material quotation and payment method are completely biased towards us, Dingtai, and I heard the former president of Yingli, Zhang Heming, say that the decision was made by the new boss of Yingli, I’m just wondering about this, that’s why I can’t laugh. “

“Hee hee …… Maybe the old president of the family has taken a fancy to you?”

Gu Qingying smiled delightedly.

“Less poor talk.” Chen Dong rolled his eyes.

Gu Qingying blinked and said, “How about it? You must be very proud of yourself as the vice president of the company after such a big event, right? Did your boss compliment you?”

Chen Dong’s expression choked.

He hadn’t really told Gu Qingying that he was now the boss of Dingtai.

Now …… should he say it?