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Winner Takes All Chapter 383-384

Chapter 383

Wu Junhao was chilled to the bone.

But he didn’t understand what Lin Lingdong was so me determined to get together with Chen Dong for.

He had already investigated Chen Dong’s details.

Indeed, he was a big shot!

But so what?

If other people don’t give a face, does the subterranean king of Lingdong have to throw his face to the ground and let people step on it again and again?

Isn’t it enough to dominate Lingdong and be the King of the Underground?

However, he did not dare to ask, because he knew Lin Lingdong’s character.

Asking questions at this point would be like pouring oil on the fire.

It would be him who would burn.

Lin Lingdong returned to the villa in annoyance.

Wang Nan Nan was sitting in the living room on the ground floor, watching TV, in a black lace robe, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, her long wet hair draped, and holding a fruit plate in her hand.

This scene was something else.

It made even Lin Lingdong, who was full of irritation, go ape when he saw it.


When Wang Nan Nan saw Lin Ling Dong, she smiled sweetly and held up the fruit plate, “Auntie has peeled a lot of fruits, have some.”

Lin Lingdong only felt a little dry-mouthed, shook his head and sat down next to Wang Nan Nan.

The refreshing aroma of hair made flames tumble in Lin Lingdong’s eyes.

He couldn’t help but speak, “Nan Nan, can we share a room together at night?”

Yes, after Wang Nan Nan stayed in his villa that night, the two of them slept separately after all.

This was Wang Nan Nan’s wish, and Lin Lingdong had no choice but to respect it.

However, at this moment, he was still a little impatient.

“Lingdong ……”

Wang Nan Nan was a little torn, put down the fruit plate, tightly mouthed her lips, and slowly said, “I, we are not ready yet.”

“Nan Nan ……”

Lin Lingdong still wanted to say something.

But Wang Nan Nan had already stood up and leaned down to block Lin Lingdong’s lips with a kiss.

Once touched and parted, Wang Nan Nan said seriously, “Lingdong, believe me, I will be yours sooner or later, but not now, I am not ready yet, rest early, I am going to bed.”

Looking at Wang Nan Nan’s graceful back, Lin Ling Dong was in a bit of a trance.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand and touched the remaining warmth of his lips, the previous irritation, at this moment, became calm, the corners of his mouth could not even suppress an upward smile.

“Good, I respect you, you are destined to be my Lin Lingdong’s woman.”


Lin Lingdong’s determination to invite completely exceeded Chen Dong’s expectations.

The first time the invitation was delivered to him, Chen Dong did not even look at it and threw it into the trash.

I thought it would only last three times, and even after that, it wouldn’t last long.

However, the invitations were delivered to Chen Dong’s desk by Lone Wolf every day, as usual.

This time, it was half a month!

“Here again?”

When he saw Lone Wolf enter, Chen Dong asked almost instinctively.

Lone Wolf nodded awkwardly, “Mr. Chen, he is so persistent, why don’t we just agree once? It’s quite annoying to deal with it every day.”

“No go.” Chen Dong picked up the invitation and casually threw it into the trash.

Lone Wolf was helpless and turned around to leave.

Under the main building of Din Tai Company.

Wu Junhao rubbed his hands together and waited apprehensively.

He had been responsible for delivering the invitations for a week.

After persevering in delivering the invitations, the only change he got was that Lone Wolf could directly tell him whether Chen Dong would go to the banquet.

This made Wu Junhao very embarra*sed.

Because before, he had even beaten up Lone Wolf because of the land acquisition.

Now, it was to grovel and fawn over Lone Wolf in order to seek Lone Wolf’s revelation of Chen Dong’s wishes.

Because of Lin Lingdong’s relationship, he did not dare to show half a bit of dissatisfaction and cross colour yet.

Suddenly, Wu Junhao’s eyes lit up.

He hurriedly greeted him, “Brother Lone Wolf, how is Mr. Chen?”

Lone Wolf shook his head, “Go back, don’t go.”

“This ……” Wu Junhao was in a hurry and said, “Brother Lone Wolf can you help to say a favor, after the matter is completed, I will definitely thank you heavily.”

The words were flattering and groveling.

It made Lone Wolf feel as if Wu Junhao was a different person now.

Lone Wolf helplessly stretched out his hand, “I’m just the security chief of Mr. Chen’s company, it’s already the limit if I can get from Mr. Chen whether to go to the banquet or not, how am I qualified to help to intercede, you can go back.”

After saying that, he stopped paying attention to Wu Junhao and turned around to go back to the company.

Wu Junhao froze in place, a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes.

This F**king …… face is too big, right?

In Lingdong, no one has ever been able to make my boss invite someone like this!

Resentment is resentment, but Wu Junhao eventually sighed, got into his car and left.

The Lingdong Mountain Resort.

Inside the large study, the fragrance of sandalwood lingered.

Lin Lingdong was pouring ink and waving his brush, looking focused.

At the side, Wang Nan Nan, elegantly dressed in a long black dress, crossed her orchid fingers and carefully studied Lin Ling Dong’s ink.

But that did not stop her from standing in front of Lin Lingdong with an expression of awe and appreciation.

Wu Junhao walked in with a sad face.

Lin Lingdong did not notice and continued to concentrate on his painting.

It was Wang Nan Nan who made a silent gesture to Wu Junhao.

Wu Junhao nodded helplessly and waited quietly.

Half an hour later.

Lin Lingdong let out a long breath, put away his brush, took the seal from Wang Nan Nan’s hand, and dropped his mark with satisfaction.

“This painting, it already has some meaning.”

“Then frame it.” Wang Nan Nan said.

Lin Lingdong smiled and was about to respond when he saw Wu Junhao, who had been waiting for a long time.

“Junhao, how is it going?”

Wu Junhao smiled bitterly, “Boss, he still doesn’t agree.”

The words just fell out.

The smile on Lin Lingdong’s face was all but gone, frustrated to the extreme.

The brush in his hand, too, fell smoothly onto the work he had just painted.

“Aiya, Lingdong, what are you doing? You’ve worked so hard to paint such a good picture, and you’ve just ruined it!”

Wang Nan Nan looked distressed and hurriedly took away the brush, busy cleaning up the painting.

But Lin Lingdong paid no attention to it, sitting down on a chair in despair and scratching his hair, “Why does he just not agree to it, am I so unappealing to Lin Lingdong?”

“Boss ……”

Wu Junhao wanted to console, but was stopped by a look from Wang Nan Nan.

With that, Wang Nan Nan put down the painting in her hand.

Turning to walk behind Lin Lingdong, she gently rubbed Lin Lingdong’s temples and gently asked.

“What’s wrong with you these days? The whole person is all agitated, completely different from the Lin Lingdong I used to know, what’s the matter, can’t you talk to me about it? I can help you!”

“You can’t help.” Lin Lingdong waved his hand, facing Wang Nan Nan he didn’t want to have the slightest bad mood.

But Wu Junhao couldn’t help but speak up, “Sister-in-law, it’s not just that Dingtai company boss Chen Dong from the next city, the boss thinks highly of him and wants to invite him to a banquet, this invitation has been sent over a dozen times, that Chen Dong has no one in sight, he has refused the boss time and time again, the boss is bothered because of this.”

“Chen Dong ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, and the hands pressing on Lin Ling Dong’s temple stopped.

At this moment, melancholy filled her heart, and her expression became extremely unnatural.

This scene was noticed by Lin Lingdong.

He waved his hand in despair: “You can’t help with this, come on, don’t ask, men’s business is done by men, don’t worry about it.”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes flashed.

Looking at the troubled Lin Lingdong, she suddenly said.

“Maybe …… I can really help you!”


Chapter 384

“You can really help me?”

Lin Lingdong looked at Wang Nan Nan in surprise.

“Maybe, maybe it’s possible.” Wang Nan Nan tried hard to conceal her emotions.

But Lin Lingdong’s brother was observant and had already caught it clearly.

“Nan Nan, do you have something on your mind?”


Wang Nan Nan said dryly, looking firmly at Lin Lingdong, “Just tell me, do you want to see Chen Dong?”

In fact, when she said these words, her heart was a little panicked.

Even Wang Nan Nan herself did not understand why she had blurted out the words that would help Lin Ling Dong.

The image of Chen Dong floated in her mind.

“I am now Lin Lingdong’s woman since I have decided to spend my life with him, as his woman, I should help him.”

Wang Nan Nan’s mind was certain of a thought.


Lin Lingdong’s eyes shone brightly as he nodded his head in agreement without hesitation.

“Good.” Wang Nan Nan answered.

Looking at the departing Wang Nan Nan, Lin Ling Dong revealed a puzzled look.

Nan Nan …… can really help me?

“Boss, do you really believe that your sister-in-law can help you see Chen Dong?” Wu Junhao asked in dismay.

Lin Lingdong returned to his senses and shrugged helplessly, “You and I have asked a dozen times, all to no avail, so I can only hope that Nan Nan can do it now.”

Wu Junhao looked a little complicated and felt a little absurd.

For someone who could not even be invited by the underground king of Lingdong, why would his sister-in-law invite him?

After hesitating for a moment, Wu Junhao asked, “Boss, why are you so determined to invite Chen Dong?”

Lin Lingdong smiled meaningfully.

Scratching his hair, he said, “Junhao, those who achieve great things should have a long term vision, a rat’s eye will not last long after all, I will tell you about this matter later.”

Wu Junhao said in a thoughtful and complicated manner, “But can sister-in-law really be invited?”

“Whether she can or not, it’s good that she has this heart.”

Lin Lingdong smiled contentedly, “My Lin Lingdong’s women are never any kind of vase, the fact that Nan Nan wants to help me share my worries proves that I was right to like her in the first place.”

Wang Nan Nan left the villa.

Her expression was complicated and her gaze drifted.

At this moment, her heart was in a tangled mess.

Looking back at the villa, she was once again certain of her thoughts.

Wang Nan Nan bit her red lips before she left.

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong did not care how many times he refused Lin Lingdong.

A dozen invitations in half a month were nothing more than an extremely minor hiccup for him.

Lin Lingdong had the patience to invite, and he also had the patience to let Lone Wolf throw the invitations into the trash.

He had more to do, with the Din Tai land acquisition and property development, and every day was a heavy workload.

It was just towards the end of the day.

Lone Wolf walked in again.

“Mr. Chen, here we go again.”

The voice was full of helplessness.

For almost half a month, Chen Dong had already gotten used to this tone of voice from Lone Wolf.

Who else but Lin Lingdong could make Lone Wolf use such a tone?

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his swollen nose, “Today is a rare day, two invitations in a row?”

Counting the drive to Lingdong, this invitation was probably from Wu Junhao who hadn’t been in Lingdong long and had come over again without stopping.

“It’s not an invitation this time.”

Lone Wolf hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s a person.”

“A person?!”

Chen Dong was surprised for a split second, then smiled and said, “Lin Lingdong thought he could invite me by coming over by himself?”

“It’s a woman.”

Lone Wolf looked at Chen Dong with complicated eyes.

Although he was not Chen Dong’s closest escort, he knew a few things.

Such as …… Wang Nan Nan!

“A woman?” Chen Dong’s smile disappeared and he was vaguely sulking.

What did it mean to send a woman?

There was silence for a few seconds.

Lone Wolf finally spoke, “It’s your ex-wife, Wang Nan Nan.”

Had she, after all, come back?

Chen Dong’s face instantly turned gloomy, full of depression.

No, it wasn’t that she had come back to this city.

Instead, she had gone to the next city and followed Lin Lingdong?

Chen Dong reacted and snorted, “This is really a bullSh*t fate!”

“See?” Lone Wolf asked tentatively.

Chen Dong shook his head, “Let her go, besides, from now on, all invitations from Lin Lingdong, don’t give them to me, just throw them away in front of them and tell them that they don’t need to be invited anymore.”


Lone Wolf nodded his head and left.

Chen Dong sat in his chair with a sullen expression and a depressed heart.

He thought that the departure of the Wang family was already considered the end of this sinful relationship.

But what was this about Wang Nan Nan’s return and arriving at Lin Ling Dong’s side, even helping him invite him?

This gave Chen Dong the sickening feeling of having eaten a dead fly!

“Invite me? Wang Nan Nan, you also think too highly of yourself.”

Chen Dong snorted and looked at the time, it was already the end of the day, but he did not leave, instead he waited quietly for half an hour before he went downstairs and left by car.

He did not want to see Lin Lingdong, let alone Wang Nan Nan.

Chen Dong was not an indecisive person, he would make a decision when he had to, not to mention the way the Wang family had eaten, the stupidity of Wang Nan Nan’s favouritism, all this hatred was on the books.

Seeing Wang Nan Nan would only remind him of the humility and despair of those three years.

The bottom line was that he had to consider his wife’s feelings!

The chance encounter by the river bank was indeed just a coincidence, and Gu Qingying had shown enough generosity at that time.

But as a husband, he could not treat this matter as an ordinary matter just because his wife was generous.

Chen Dong had promised to make Gu Qingying the happiest woman, while Wang Nan Nan would only become a flaw!

Only, what Chen Dong did not expect was this.

While he was driving away, there was a pair of eyes on the street corner not far from the company building that clearly witnessed the scene of him getting into his car and leaving.

The deep, dark eyes were filled with complexity.

The breeze lightly ruffled a few strands of Wang Nan Nan’s green silk, revealing her poignant expression.

A long time later.

Wang Nan Nan smiled bitterly: “Not even willing to see one another? I’m sorry, I hurt you in the first place!”


Wang Nan Nan, however, took out her mobile phone.

The number was new, and the phone was also new.

And in the address book, there was only one person’s phone number.

Not even the contact information of her parents and brother.

It was a number that she wanted to keep forever.

She tapped the dial button with her jade finger.

Soon, the call was connected.

“Long time no see ……”

Wang Nan Nan thought of many words in her head, but in the end, she just spat out four simple words.


Chen Dong on the other side of the phone simply and plainly stated his thoughts.

“Get lost!”


The phone hung up.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled as she put down the phone with a despondent expression.

It was as desperate as ever.

But she knew clearly that she was to blame for this.

At one time, he was able to use this word, roll, on any woman who approached him.

It was only her lack of appreciation, her lack of understanding, that had allowed this word roll, to fall on her own shoulders.

“I can definitely help Lingdong.”

Wang Nan Nan’s gaze suddenly became firm, she had been reborn from the fire and was no longer the spoiled and domineering Wang Nan Nan.

She knew that a woman who wanted to have respect was not to become a subordinate to a man, but should stand up for a man when he needed it.


Wang Nan Nan sent a text message to Chen Dong.

“My boyfriend Lin Lingdong would love to meet you, can you treat me to a dinner party regardless of the past? Count me in your debt, please.”

The last few words were almost a plea.


The text message returned in almost seconds.

Wang Nan Nan picked it up and took a look, and instantly desperation overwhelmed her.

“You can’t afford it, get as far away as you can!”