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Winner Takes All Chapter 399-400

Chapter 399

Rumble ……

Autumn rain continues to fall.

Tonight’s sky, I don’t know when thick dark clouds have built up.

The sound of rolling thunder keeps echoing in the dark clouds.

It is as if rain will fall at any moment.

The night breeze is slightly cool.

It rustles the leaves in the forest.

A few bright lights appear in the forest.

It pulled the swaying figure, slender and distorted.

Snapping …… snapping ……

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes were red as she struggled to wield her hoe, a pit had been ploughed out at her feet and the grave soil was pooling to one side.

She was sweating profusely and panting, but did not pause to rest for a moment.

In a trance, she caught a glimpse of Li Lan’s picture on the tombstone out of the corner of her eye.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s body shook, and a feeling of palpitating fear came over her.

Especially the lights and the rustling sounds around her made her body shiver.


Zhang Xiuzhi kicked the tombstone, showing her teeth and cursing, “B*tch, you deserve to die! When you were alive, I could bully you, even if you are dead, I will still dig your grave!”

With red eyes, her gaze drifted a little.

The more she looked at the picture of Li Lan on the tombstone, the more Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart was fuming.

With a fierce grit of her teeth, she picked up a hoe and, with the blade, scraped Li Lan’s picture to pieces.

Followed closely by.


Zhang Xiuzhi smashed the tombstone hard with the hoe.

With a dozen strokes in a row, the weak tombstone, with a thud, fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Xiuzhi continued to gnash her teeth as she dug the grave.

“Plow you out and use your ashes to threaten that wimp Chen Dong to give money, he will definitely give it!”

While digging the grave, Zhang Xiuzhi mumbled as if she was hysterical, “That wimp Chen Dong, he still thinks that our family is easy to bully, trying to make up a scheme to divorce that dead woman Nan Nan, no way, do you really think I am a fool?”

“How can tens of millions be enough? It’s not enough, it’s not even enough for me to lose, I have to ask for another 100 million this time!”

“No, if that wimp doesn’t give it, I’ll have your ashes raised! No, he will definitely give it, that dead wimp is most filial to you, even if you are a pile of ashes, he must still be stupidly filial to you.”

The words were vicious and full of resentment.

But in the midst of the mood swings, it was again near a state of madness.

At this moment, Zhang Xiuzhi was completely driven to desperation and madness.

She wanted money!

Lots and lots of money!

So that she could continue her extravagant life after paying off her debts.

It is easy to go from frugality to luxury, but difficult to go from luxury to frugality.

Not only did she fear jumping to her death, she didn’t want her life knocked back into shape!

“I’ve had enough!”

With an angry shout.


The hoe fell fiercely, bringing up a large area of mud while also resounding with the sound of a cracked porcelain altar.

The sound was like heavenly music to Zhang Xiuzhi’s ears.

Her eyes lit up and she was immediately excited and ecstatic.

At this moment, there was no talk of fear!

“Finally dug it out, you B*tch Li Lan, you’ve finally done something for my family.”

Zhang Xiuzhi wiped a handful of sweat from her face, dropped her hoe and dug the remaining soil with both hands.

Then came out an urn, only the edges of the urn, smashed by the hoe just now, were broken, and the grey ashes inside were clearly visible.

“Money, this pile, that’s a hundred million!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes were red and she laughed, sitting on Li Lan’s tombstone with the urn in her arms, looking forward to it with great satisfaction: “When you get the money, you’ll regret it, Wang De, you cowardly man with no balls, just divorce, I’ll find a younger one!”

“Wang Nan Nan, you dead woman, I gave birth to you and raised you for more than 20 years, said break off the relationship, when I have money, just your soft bones, you will come back and beg to call me mother.”

As she said this, she hugged the urn with more and more strength, as if it was a rare treasure, afraid that if it was a little lighter, it would disappear.

“It’s all in the past, it’s all in the past, hahaha …… rich, I’ll show you what it means to be too high to climb, from now on, I’ll take Xiao Hao to live a good life, and give Xiao Hao a beautiful daughter-in-law, a thousand times better than that Lin Xue’er at the beginning! ”

If people had seen this scene, they would have been scared to death and chilled to the bone.

How could anyone be so happy and excited to be holding ashes by a grave?

Zhang Xiuzhi took a look at the dark woods around her, and somewhat impatiently took out her mobile phone to call Chen Dong.

Only as soon as the phone rang, it was hung up.

Soon after, a text message was sent over.

“On my way.”

Two simple words, but they caused the smile on Zhang Xiuzhi’s face to grow even bigger.

Money …… was on its way!


The other side.

The BMW X7 was winding down.

Wu Junhao looked solemn and focused on driving.

Only his gaze was occasionally cast a sidelong glance at Lin Lingdong on the pa*senger side.

Strange …… how come Brother Lingdong didn’t accompany his sister-in-law in the back?

What in the world has happened?

He didn’t know exactly what had happened, he was just in the middle of flirting with a girl at the bar when he was called over as a driver by Lin Lingdong with a phone call.

Through the rear-view mirror, Wu Junhao saw a distraught Wang Nan Nan, whose face was white without the slightest hint of blood.

Lin Lingdong sat on the pa*senger side with a cold expression and sensed Wu Junhao’s strange appearance.

He said coldly, “Faster!”

Wu Junhao was horrified: “Boss, it’s already one hundred and two, the highest speed.”

“That’s the speed limit, not the car’s maximum speed yet.”

Lin Lingdong responded coldly, if he didn’t get there soon, he didn’t know what would happen.

But what was clear to him was that he could not afford Chen Dong’s anger!

Ploughing up someone’s mother’s grave and having to raise his mother’s ashes.

What was the difference between this and killing his whole family and exterminating his family to Chen Dong?

What he dared not do, Wang Nan Nan’s mother had done!

Sitting in the back row, Wang Nan Nan was in a trance, her gaze dull, as if her soul had left her body.

At her feet was a huge LV pocket filled with incense, wax and paper money, and a bowl of steaming rice.

She was reluctant, she was unwilling, but even Lin Lingdong had such an attitude, and she could only despair helplessly.

Lin Lingdong was her mountain of support.

And now, the mountains of support had all fallen to Chen Dong’s side.

What her mother had done, the heavens were angry.

Although she had broken off her relationship with Zhang Xiuzhi and the others, she had broken her bones and her heart was always 10,000 times sad.

But now, she knows ……

This trip is to see her mother off ……

Rumble ……

The sound of rolling thunder in the night sky woke up Wang Nan Nan.

Her delicate body trembled, and her teary eyes were red with the last trace of expectation as she looked at Lin Lingdong on the pa*senger side.

“Lingdong …… really didn’t ……”

The words did not finish.

Lin Lingdong then shook his head and snorted, turning to look at Wu Junhao.

“Junhao, what would you say if someone dug up your mother’s grave and wanted to raise your mother’s ashes, what would you do?”

Wu Junhao was horrified, his mind wondering instantly with a sense of uncertainty that seemed to be enlightened.

He did not think carefully, and with a hostile expression, he gritted his teeth and said, “Kill his whole family!”

Lin Lingdong smiled faintly, his smile full of coldness.

He slowly turned back and gazed at the expectant Wang Nan Nan: “You see, Chen is already being generous.”


Chapter 400

The oppressive, heavy night.

Rolling thunder continues to boom and heavy rain is approaching, making the air thin and somewhat suffocating.

The Rolls Royce, lit up with blinding high beams, sped down the hill from a distance.


The car stopped.

Chen Dong stepped down with murderous intent.

He was dressed in a suit, but as he stepped forward, it was as if he was carrying the black clouds above the sky with him.

His killing intent was majestic and his aura was compelling.

Elder Long and Kunlun followed closely behind, trembling with fear.

With the two of them in their state of mind, they could also feel the monstrous killing intent on Chen Dong’s body at this moment.

In all the time they had spent with Chen Dong, the only time such a killing intent had appeared was when Li Lan was killed at the wedding.

That time, if it wasn’t for Li Lan’s dying advice, as well as Chen Daolin and the crowd’s close attention, and finally Qin Ye’s enlightenment.

Chen Dong was …… afraid at that time that he had already gone mad in his calm!

But both men did not stop it.

They were clear that this hatred, stopping had been useless.

Seeing no blood tonight, Chen Dong would not stop at all.

After glancing at each other, Elder Long and Kunlun accelerated their steps at the same time.

Among the mountains and forests, in front of Li Lan’s grave.

Zhang Xiuzhi clutched the urn, her eyes drifting, her mouth smiling fiercely, still dreaming of riches.

She could wait, after all, Chen Dong was already on his way.

As long as a hundred million arrived, all her problems would now be solved.

If you don’t go crazy, you will die.

Go crazy with this one, and you might die.

Zhang Xiuzhi, who was at the end of her rope, naturally chose the latter.

Both possibilities, of course, were self-righteous on her part.

Zhang Xiuzhi bowed her head, and with her right hand, she gently reached into the urn from the corner that had just been broken by the hoe, and grabbed a handful of ashes.

Looking at the grey ashes in her hand, Zhang Xiuzhi laughed in disgust.

“It’s true that B*tchy women, after they die and are burnt to ashes, they all have a B*tchy aura.”

As she spoke, the five fingers of her right hand gently loosened.

The night breeze gently brushed.

The fine ashes instantly flew away with the wind, without a trace.

Zhang Xiuzhi was unimpressed, full of care, lowered her head, and spat into the ashes in the urn at the gap in the rags.

“B*tch, if it’s not good for me, it’s not good for your family either. When I get the money, I’ll always find the time to raise your ashes tonight, instead of raising them. You mother and son are ruthless and poisonous in scheming against our family, I want you to die in peace.”

Frowning, Zhang Xiuzhi looked at the time on her phone.

“D*mn, it’s already on the way, why isn’t it here yet?”

The words had just fallen.

A voice full of cold intent suddenly came from the distance.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

He’s here!

Zhang Xiuzhi was overjoyed, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at the voice.

The night was pitch-black.

At this glance, only a vague figure could be seen.

Surprised, Zhang Xiuzhi hurriedly pulled a torch from the side and shone it through.

When Chen Dong’s frost-covered face appeared in her line of sight, a wide smile instantly spread across her face.

“Money, here it comes!”

This was the thought in Zhang Xiuzhi’s mind.

So much so that she completely ignored the monstrous killing intent that was emanating from Chen Dong’s body at this moment.

She said viciously, “Where is the money?”

“The money is on its way, one hundred million, it will take a little time to prepare.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, killing intent surging, but his hands were in his trouser pockets, but he was unusually calm.

Only his gaze, however, directly ignored Zhang Xiuzhi and locked on his mother’s urn with a deadly gaze.

The tattered corner of it was like a heavy hammer, hitting him hard on the heart.

“On the road? Do you F**king think I’m a fool?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyebrows rose backwards, her old face all fierce as she stood up, clutching the urn, “Do you really think our family is easy to cheat and bully? You’re a loser, it does take time to prepare 100 million in cash, but transferring 100 million is just a matter of your words!”

Chen Dong was silent.

When Zhang Xiuzhi saw Chen Dong’s silence, she became even more furious.

She raised the urn and said in a sharp voice, “I want the 100 million transferred to my account immediately, or else don’t blame me for being ruthless and smashing the ashes of this dead old mother, with this wind tonight, you won’t even find a hair!”

In Chen Dong’s narrowed eyes, the cold aura was like a knife, a flash of light.

Almost simultaneously.

Long Lao’s anger-laden scolding voice suddenly sounded out, “Have you never seen money before? You are used to being poor, do you really think that being rich is the king of the heavens?”

Zhang Xiuzhi froze for a moment.

She glared angrily at Elder Long and Kunlun who were walking closely behind Chen Dong: “What do you mean?”

“A fund as large as 100 million, even if it is through a transfer, you still have to greet the bank in advance, do you really think the bank is run by your family?” Long Lao said righteously, his eyes flickering with raging anger as he stared intently at the urn in Zhang Xiuzhi’s hand.

Zhang Xiuzhi was silent for a few seconds, her brows lowered as if in thought.

Then, she snapped, “Then transfer the money now!”

“It’s already being prepared!” Chen Dong said coldly.

While behind him, Elder Long and Kunlun were glancing at each other, laughing coldly in their hearts.

It seemed that they were really used to being poor and did not even understand the rules of the bank.

But this was just the right time to stall for time and wait for Wang Nan Nan to arrive.

This kind of thing, if Lin Lingdong intervened, he should know the seriousness of it, and if he counted the time, it should probably be here by now.


Chen Dong’s, Elder Long’s and Kunlun’s faces changed greatly at the same time, their eyes fiercely rounded as monstrous anger surged up.

Only to see Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly reaching into the urn, grabbing out a handful of ashes and raising it into the air.

“How dare you!”

Chen Dong let out a thunderous blast that sounded like a thunderclap.

Zhang Xiuzhi was so frightened that she changed her expression, but instead she laughed fiercely.

“I want you to kneel down!”


Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into slits once again, his hands quietly clenching into fists, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding.

Elder Long and Kunlun were even more furious.

This was humiliation!

A naked humiliation!

“Kneel down!”

Zhang Xiuzhi shouted explosively, “Kneel down and apologise to me, repent for all these things you have done to our Wang family, or else I will immediately raise your mother’s ashes!”

Words were like knives, aggressive.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao was furious, he would never want Chen Dong to do such a humiliating thing.

But the word “young master” just came out.

His pupils suddenly contracted to the extreme.

Chen Dong, who was standing tall, did not hesitate to bend his knees.


The sound of his knee hitting the ground sounded like a thunderclap, exploding in Elder Long and Kunlun’s ears.

“If I cannot even preserve my late mother’s ashes, I am ashamed to be a son of man!”

The hoarse voice sounded as if Chen Dong had squeezed it out from his throat with all his might.

Elder Long and Kunlun were seething with rage, turning their heads to glare at Zhang Xiuzhi, hating that they could not kill anyone at once!

“Hahahaha ……”

Zhang Xiuzhi threw back her head and laughed out loud, “You wimp, did you ever think of today when you were scheming against our family? What causes you sow, what consequences you get, today all of this, is when you pay your debt!”

“You kowtow to me! Kowtow hard!”

Zhang Xiuzhi was so proud that she forgot about it, at this moment, it was as if all her grievances against Chen Dong were vented out.

“Young master ……”

Elder Long and Kunlun immediately stepped forward and wanted to stop Chen Dong.

However, Chen Dong raised his hand to stop them, and with red eyes, he calmly spoke, “Fine, I will kowtow ……”

The words had not yet fallen.

“Slap slap slap ……”

In the darkness behind him, a burst of applause suddenly rang out.

Followed closely by.

A cold, harsh, knife-like voice suddenly came out.

“Indeed, whatsoever cause is sown, whatsoever effect is reaped.”