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Winner Takes All Chapter 409-410

Chapter 409

The courtyard.

The autumn breeze is brisk.

The leaves rustle.

The aura of slaughter pervades invisibly.

Chen Dong bowed his body and a*sumed a fighting stance, as if a strong bow poised to strike.

His eyes were coldly locked on Ye Linglong who was sitting in the car.

Faced with Chen Dong, Ye Linglong rarely curbed her frivolous smile, and even the hint of anger from her earlier outburst dissipated.

“Do you really think I’m a frivolous woman of the wind and dust?”

“Or what?”

Chen Dong responded in a cold voice.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows twisted slightly as she slowly got up, but she was lying on the roof of the car.

Such a stance was extremely bizarre.

“Then let’s fight!”

With a stern voice, Ye Linglong shouted.

Her hands and feet fiercely stomped on the roof of the car, and in an instant, she was like a hunting leopard, directly pouncing towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed.

Without dodging, he swung his right fist and directly shook it hard.

The fist blade raised a terrifyingly strong wind.

The next second.

Ye Linglong’s body sank downwards violently and swept past Chen Dong’s fist blade.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s face changed and he did not wait to close his fist.

He felt the strong wind underneath him, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ye Linglong swept behind him like a rabbit, quickly circling his waist and body halfway around.

At the same time.


A tearing sound suddenly sounded.

Chen Dong instinctively moved straight across and looked down, but the clothes around his waist were torn hard, and above his abdominal muscles, three crimson wounds appeared, blood seeping out and flesh turning out.

Such a sharp hand?

Chen Dong was shocked and raised his eyes to look at Ye Linglong on the opposite side.

After winning the blow, Ye Linglong did not take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack.

Instead, she stood in place, as if showing off, and as Chen Dong looked at her, her right hand lightly threw a few strands of rotten cloth to the ground, while she stretched out her small crimson tongue and licked the blood remaining on her fingertips.

The index finger of her right hand was slowly placed into her mouth and gently obliterated.

Extremely seductively, she said, “Mr. Chen’s blood and flesh, it is indeed delicious.”

This scene was extremely seductive.

It was as if that green onion finger had another meaning.

However, Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme, facing Ye Linglong’s “provocation”, he indifferently floated and said.

“Aren’t you afraid that I have HIV?”

Ye Linglong: “……”

The right index finger that was in the cherry mouth froze abruptly, as if it was electrocuted, and was instantly taken out.

“Why are you so dirty?” Ye Linglong snapped in anger.

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, “I’m just reminding you that girls should love themselves when they go out, don’t hold it indiscriminately.”

“You ……”

Ye Linglong’s stunning face was steeply covered with cold frost.

Hostility surged in her eyes, and in an instant, her right foot lifted up the mud on the ground, like an arrow off the string, and rushed directly towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was stern, and a sense of gravity was evident in his eyebrows.

He had been careless just now because he was confident in his own combat power and had underestimated Ye Linglong, the “Red Stick”, which was why he had been successfully attacked.

This encounter had given him a new understanding of Ye Linglong.

At this moment, he also restrained his carelessness and dealt with it carefully.

For the Hong Society to have prospered for over two hundred years, no Red Stick would ever be able to rise to the top by face!


Face to face, Ye Linglong’s right claw lifted a strong wind and grabbed directly towards Chen Dong’s face.

Instead of retreating, Chen Dong advanced, bullying his way up and shaking his fists with great force.

Using his own strengths to overcome his enemy’s weaknesses, he found the right moment to kill him with a single move!

This is the true meaning of fighting and killing.

Chen Dong’s physical body had already surpa*sed that of ordinary people and had reached a very strong level through the devilish training of Kunlun and his own persistent exercise.

Ye Linglong was a red stick, but after all, she was a woman.

Man vs. woman, if you don’t rely on physical superiority to crush, do you still play tricks?

Fists and kicks were like the wind, bringing up fragments of shadow.

Chen Dong’s speed was as fast as thunder, and his heavy punches and kicks crushed Ye Linglong.

Just as Chen Dong expected, Ye Linglong was agile, but her physical strength was at a disadvantage after all.

Her fancy stance had nowhere to go against the heavy punches, and she could only cope with them.


A punch landed and Ye Linglong staggered backwards.

The frosty face of her beautiful face suddenly flushed red.

Only after holding her breath for a second did Ye Linglong open her jade mouth and exhale heavily.

This punch had almost knocked her back!

“So unresistant to punches?”

Chen Dong moved his shoulders and smiled teasingly, “Aren’t you very strong? I’ve only just finished warming up.”

Warming up?

Ye Linglong’s brow furrowed as she felt a strong sense of humiliation!

As one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks, that was a status that had been hard-won through physical kung fu.

Now, it was being used as a …… warm-up?

“Very well, I’m warming up too.” Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows stubbornly and smiled sweetly.

The words had not yet fallen.

Her speed exploded and she charged directly towards Chen Dong.


Chen Dong’s mind was shaken.

A sudden change of path?

The previous Ye Linglong’s fighting style was delicate and mostly skillful.

The current Ye Linglong, on the other hand, was a little more fierce.

In a flash of lightning, Ye Linglong rushed to Chen Dong’s close proximity.

“Trapped Dragon Hand!”


Chen Dong felt a buzzing sound in his ears, and in his vision, Ye Linglong’s right palm seemed to come with an overwhelming wave of Qi.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s expression was solemn as he did not dodge or evade as he blasted out with a direct right fist.

The advantage of physical strength gave him the confidence to punch hard.


The sound exploded.

The moment the fists and palms clashed, a look of surprise appeared in Chen Dong’s eyes.

He clearly sensed a strong force that pa*sed directly down his arm to his shoulder blade, shaking his joints to the point of paralysis.

It was at this moment of astonishment.

The buzzing sound exploded again as Ye Linglong’s left palm, with a strong wind, slapped towards Chen Dong again.

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile as he let out an explosive cry.

His left fist once again blasted out.


Once again, a paralyzing sensation hit him.

Ye Linglong suddenly smiled wickedly, “A big man in the hall, you really can’t do it.”

Chen Dong, who was shocked, instantly developed a surge of anger.

In an instant, he flexed his body, and with a loud cry, a powerful shoulder slam was thrown directly at Ye Linglong.

A look of panic appeared on Ye Linglong’s beautiful face.

It was a close call.

She waved her hands fiercely, “Four Two Pieces of a Thousand Catties!”


Chen Dong’s shoulder ruthlessly crashed into Ye Linglong’s two palms.

Both of them fell backwards at the same time.

After stabilising himself, Chen Dong’s brows knitted together and he subconsciously shook his arms twice to dispel the paralysis.

Ye Linglong, on the other hand, had a trace of blood spilling out of the corner of her mouth, her hands dropping and trembling incessantly.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes was no longer as cloudy as before, but instead, there was a bit more panic.

“Your power, it’s really strong!”

Raging battle intent surged in Ye Linglong’s eyes, “No one can force me to use Taiji defense even before my trapped dragon hand, you …… really intrigue me.”

As she spoke.

Ye Linglong’s aura rose and instantly her killing intent was majestic.

Just as she took a step forward.

A string of applause suddenly resounded through the courtyard.

At the same time, a drinking voice rang out.

“Linglong stop, how can you be so rude to Mr. Chen?”


Chapter 410

A sudden burst of shouting.

It brought the courtyard, which had been raging with wariness, to an abrupt halt.

Ye Linglong stopped in her tracks and somewhat reluctantly stomped her foot and complained, “Grandpa! He beat me up and vomited blood, can’t I still fight back?”


Chen Dong’s gaze followed the direction of the villa.

The villa door had already opened, and an old man in black Tang dress was slowly walking towards this way, leaning on his cane.

The old man was as thin as a bone, even his back was a bit hunched, his steps on the cane were very slow, his face was full of folds and old age spots, his white hair was pale, just like an old man.

Only one pair of eyes, extraordinarily bright and spirited.

The old man had a gentle smile piled on his face, just like an old grandfather next door.

However, as Ye Linglong’s grandfather, it would be strange if he was really an old grandfather next door.

Chen Dong looked at the old man and could not help but reveal a gloomy look.

“Mr. Chen, I am Ye Yuanqiu.”

The old man smiled gently and cupped his fist in salute to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was silent.

On the side, Ye Linglong, who was already angry at heart, saw this scene and instantly exploded with anger.

Oh my god! This guy had a big face, right?

How dare he ignore his grandfather’s greeting?

Ye Linglong could not help but scold, ”Hey! Chen Dong, are you being reasonable? My grandfather greeted you, and you didn’t even return his greeting? Do you know that no one in the Hong Society has dared to treat my grandfather like this!”

“I am not a member of the Hong Society.” Chen Dong said in a cold voice.

“You ……”

Ye Linglong jumped in anger, “Then don’t you know how to respect the old and love the young?”


Chen Dong hooked the corner of his mouth and smiled disdainfully.

Ye Linglong was annoyed to the extreme.

She felt like she was a powder keg, and Chen Dong was a fuse that could easily set her on fire.

This man, really P*ssed off!

“Linglong, that’s enough!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face sank as he gave Ye Linglong a sidelong glance.

Then, a gentle smile appeared on his face once again and made an inviting gesture to Chen Dong: “Slightly prepare some coarse tea and invite Mr. Chen in for a chat.”

Chen Dong did not move.

He really did not know what he could have to talk about with these two people in front of him.

Ye Linglong raised an eyebrow and said provocatively, “What? Afraid that we will ambush hundreds of killers inside and chop you up when you go in?”

“Afraid that you’ll eat people.”

Chen Dong responded indifferently, strutting ahead of Ye Yuanqiu and walking towards the villa.

Ye Linglong’s willow eyebrows rose and she gritted her teeth.

Seeing Ye Yuanqiu following behind Chen Dong, she quickly walked up and pulled Ye Yuanqiu.

“Grandpa, this guy is too rude, why are you being so nice to him?”

“Insolent? Grandpa heard all those teasing words of yours just now.”

Ye Yuanqiu gave Ye Linglong a sidelong glance, “You little ninny, you asked you to invite someone, but you saw that he was handsome and flirted with him recklessly, you deserved to be beaten up!”

Ye Linglong: “0? 0”

She gritted her silver teeth reluctantly, “Grandpa, I’m the girl, I’m your own granddaughter, why are you still speaking for him?”

“Playing rascals doesn’t distinguish between men and women.”

Ye Yuanqiu gave Ye Linglong a profound look and gave a strange laugh before following Chen Dong.

Ye Linglong was so angry that she stopped where she was, gritting her teeth.

Who was being a rascal?

For the first time in her life, this girl had flirted with someone, and she was called a rogue by her grandfather?

God! Who is the real one?

The villa was spacious.

It wasn’t luxurious, but it had a sense of age everywhere.

It was decorated and furnished in the style of almost a century ago.

However, what made Chen Dong feel uneasy was that in the living room of the villa, there was actually a huge incense case.

There were tributes on the incense case and incense burning in the incense burner, smoke curling up.

In the middle of it, there is a tablet of “Heaven and Earth, King and Teacher”.

On the wall behind it, three black and white portraits hang.

The age of the house was out of keeping with the whole villa.

Ye Yuanqiu, who came in close behind him, saw Chen Dong gazing at the incense and portraits.

Smiling gently, he said, “Mr. Chen, these three are the original founders of our Hong Society and the ancestral elders.”


Chen Dong nodded his head, turned around and then walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa.

After Ye Yuanqiu said this, he was about to make a proper introduction.

But Chen Dong’s indifferent reaction caused his movements to freeze, and all the words that had reached his mouth were swallowed hard back into his stomach.

“Grandpa, I told you to give him a good face, he won’t take it.” Ye Linglong gave a scornful glance.

“No big deal.”

Ye Yuanqiu gave a sidelong glance, scaring Ye Linglong into shrinking her neck and spitting out her tongue.

After taking his seat, Ye Yuanqiu then said to Ye Linglong, “Make tea for Mr. Chen.”

Although Ye Linglong was reluctant, she did not dare to retort and silently poured a cup of tea for Chen Dong before standing to one side.


Ye Yuanqiu, however, looked at Ye Linglong with a stern expression, “Where are the rules? You were the one who was wrong just now, why don’t you offer tea to Mr. Chen and apologise?”

“Offer tea and apologise?”

Ye Linglong was shocked for a moment, followed by her red lips, “Grandpa, this is not your ……”

“Serve tea and apologize!”

Ye Yuanqiu interrupted Ye Linglong with a stern bark.

Ye Linglong beamed and somewhat aggressively held up the cup of tea and handed it to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong took it in his hand and put it down.

He also did not have the patience to wait any longer and asked directly to the point.

“Tell me, what exactly is it that your grandparents and grandchildren want from me?”

“Mr. Chen is refreshing!”

Ye Yuanqiu laughed, and after gathering his composure, he slowly said, “In fact, I have purposely brought my granddaughter back to my country this time, and it is for Mr. Chen.”

After a pause, Ye Yuanqiu added, “Of course, as an old immortal in the Hong Society, since it is for Mr. Chen, it is also the old man’s turn to come, so as not to fall short of Mr. Chen’s status.”

With these words, it was obvious that he was complimenting Chen Dong while demonstrating his status.

However, Chen Dong was not at all impressed.

When it came to good feelings, he really did not have any for the two grandchildren in front of him.

If he did, it would be the stunning glance he had when he first saw Lin Lingdong.

All that remained was disgust and impatience.

Chen Dong surveyed Ye Yuanqiu: “Well, I can see that it is indeed old enough.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s expression stiffened.

On the side, Ye Linglong instantly exploded in anger.

“Chen Dong! Who do you think you’re talking to? Do you know my grandfather’s status and position?”

Ye Linglong ignored her image and shouted sternly at Chen Dong, “In the first twenty-four characters of the Hong Society, my grandfather was ranked in the ‘Yuan’ generation, and in the second twenty-four characters of the Hong Society now, my grandfather is an ancestor-level figure, even the current leader of the Hong Society has to respectfully call my grandfather an old senior when he sees him. ”

“In the Hong Society, my grandfather is an old ancestor, anyone who sees him has to be respectful, and you dare to be so rude to him now?”

A rebuke that made Ye Yuanqiu too late to stop.

Chen Dong looked indifferent and looked up at Ye Linglong, without sorrow or joy.

Ye Linglong gritted her teeth and said, “My grandfather deliberately lowered his status to lift you up, why are you so insensitive? Really give you face?”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

He smiled playfully and said, “Your grandfather is an old ancestor in the Hong Society, and I am not a member of the Hong Society, so what is the difference between him and a street boss in my eyes?”