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Winner Takes All Chapter 431-432

Chapter 431

As the light recedes, darkness falls.

The bar is filled with a mix of people from all three religions.

There are the upper cla*s who squander their money like gold, and the lower cla*s who are depressed and seeking excitement.

In a place like this, it’s easy to pry into the King’s Landing group.

As easy as, perhaps, just a drink.

The Twilight Bar.

The city’s largest bar with deafening heavy metal music.

Colourful lights, forming beams of light, sweep across the dance floor with the music.

The swaying crowd, swaggering under the cover of darkness.

In the air, the pungent smell of alcohol fills the air.


A crisp ringing bell echoes unexpectedly.

On the stage, the DJ went wild with excitement, “The bill is on Young Zheng tonight!”


In an instant, a mountain of cheers rang out as the music grew louder.

In the darkness, inside the most exclusive box of the card seats.

A young man, around twenty years old and still showing a touch of youth, leaned lazily on the sofa.

A suit that accentuated his extraordinary aura.

On his handsome white face, there were a few evil touches.

It was just a smile, a little despondent and bored.

To his left and right, several girls with delicate and voluptuous figures and heavy make-up were like a group of phoenixes ringing the dragon, surrounding them and swaying and cheering to their heart’s content.

“Young Zheng, let me toast you.”

A gorgeous girl leaned down to reveal her delicate curves, her red lips exhaling wine, her face full of flirtatious smiles.


The man called Zheng Shao backhanded a pile of banknotes and smacked it on the pretty girl’s chest.

With a cold and even somewhat impatient expression, he pointed to the wine on the table, “You like drinking so much, then drink it all.”

A sudden scene.

The room in the booth was abruptly silenced.

Several girls were all scared into silence.

The girl who was hit by the money was even more pale, frozen on the spot.

“Drink up!”

Zheng backhanded another pile of money onto the girl’s chest, “10,000 for one gla*s, if you drink more, I’ll pay more! You like to drink, I like to see you drink!”

As he said that, he slammed one pile of money after another on the girl’s body.

It was brutal and overbearing.

In the blink of an eye, there were crimson banknotes scattered in front of the girl.

“This, this is a hundred thousand, I’m afraid?” A girl came back to her senses and murmured in shock.

The smashed girl jerked awake and looked at the money on the floor, she gritted her teeth fiercely, turned around and picked up the wine on the table and drank it.

Zheng Shao snickered, picked up a thick pile of money and smashed it directly on the table.

“Drink it all the F**k up!”

Several girls woke up at the same time and pounced on the drinks on the table as if they were thirsty beasts.

Zheng Shao, on the other hand, watched everything indifferently from beginning to end, an evil smile curling the corners of his mouth.

This scene was seen by quite a few people in the bar.

There was no way not to pay attention, because it was clear to everyone that it was the evil young man who had just paid the entire bill.

Even, many people cast envious glances.

With money …… you can really do whatever you want.

While in front of another table, Chen Dong silently watched the scene and shook his head and snorted, “Crude and unpleasant.”

“You don’t understand, young master, it’s normal.”

Long Lao swayed gently to the music, his body, which normally looked frail and frail, was bursting with miraculous energy.

On the side, Kunlun looked strange and instinctively tried to stop Long Lao.

But the old man was unaware of it, and was jumping about as if he was high.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose helplessly, the image of Long Lao was crumbling more and more in his heart.

“Kunlun, go and inquire about it.”

Chen Dong did not pay attention to Elder Long, instead he told Kun Lun to go around the venue.

“Young master, I have Xiao Lu.” Kun Lun was a little hesitant.

Chen Dong was stunned, and before he could say anything, Long Lao was wandering around and walking into the dance floor.

Chen Dong: “……”

Kunlun: “……”

“Handsome man, do you need some company?”

A few girls in heavy make-up swayed and walked into the card table.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I’m afraid you guys will crave my wine.”

Several girls froze at the same time, and then cursed and walked away.

“Gosh, first time I’ve seen such a stingy person, does he really think he came to the bar to drink?”

“My God, if you’re so stingy, why don’t you go to a big stall? To come to a place as upmarket as a bar.”

“A dirt dog has entered the city – froze and pretended to be a husky?”

Chen Dong did not care, how could he let these warblers surround him?

Ten minutes later.

Chen Dong and Kunlun, who were drinking wine, then simultaneously looked strange and stopped.

In the line of sight, Elder Long walked back to the card table with his left and right embraces.

His pale face was springing to life, and the two girls in his arms were wooing and flirtatious in return.

Chen Dong took a look at the two girls, the difference in age was probably enough to call Elder Long grandfather.

But D*mn “love”, that’s what led to this destiny.

One of the girls was the same girl who had been plied with alcohol by that young Zheng before.

After taking her seat, the girl was obviously very drunk, leaning softly on the sofa, her drunken eyes dazed and her cheeks flushed.

“Is it worth drinking so much for a bit of money?”

Chen Dong looked at the girl curiously.

Once when he was the vice president of Din Tai, he had taken many clients to bars and KTVs in order to talk about business, but he had always been dead set on the bottom line and had not had much contact with these girls.

“Oh, you don’t understand, money is a good thing.”

The girl smiled and waved her hand, her eyes flooded with tears: “I grew up with a hard life, my mother ran away, my father is bedridden, and I have a brother at home who is in college to pay for, I’m out of the game, I can only do anything for money ……”

As she spoke, the girl whimpered and sobbed.

As if faced with Chen Dong’s enquiry, she instantly opened the door to her emotions and took Chen Dong as the object of her confession.

On the side, Elder Long and Kunlun looked at this scene, both a little bit wanting to say something.

“Such an old trope, still being used?”

Looking at the girl in front of him, Chen Dong suddenly laughed strangely, his heart filled with helplessness.

He didn’t bother listening to this girl’s story, and took out a card and put it on the table.

The girl, who was in tears, could not help but glow at the corners of her eyes and gave the bank card a sidelong glance.

Chen Dong calmly said, “I don’t need you to drink, just ask you some questions about this Jun Lin Group of yours, as long as it satisfies me, you name a number and I will transfer it to you immediately.”

A girl who could get together at a table with a wealthy young man who wielded money like gold must have eyes and insight, and the likelihood of knowing something that the regular people of the Jun Lin Group did not know, was also much higher.


The girl’s tears came to an abrupt halt.

And the girl who was still snuggled in Elder Long’s arms instantly revealed a look of shocked envy.

“I don’t need to make up stories with you.” Chen Dong gave a sidelong glance.

The girl revealed a hint of embarra*sment, then thought for a moment and held up a finger, “One million!”


Chen Dong immediately transferred the money.

When the girl saw the arrival message on her mobile phone, she was instantly overjoyed and opened her arms to jump on Chen Dong.

“Stop it!”

Chen Dong raised his hand to stop it and said indifferently, “I just want the information you said, not your person.”

“Che ……”

The girl was a little lost, but she could also see that Chen Dong did not look like an ordinary man.

Following closely, she smiled wryly and pointed at Zheng Shao who had smashed her drink earlier.

“Here, that’s him, you might as well ask him if you’re asking me, his name is Zheng Jun Lin, the youngest master of the Jun Lin Group.”

Chen Dong revealed a deep smile as his eyes burned into Zheng Junlin.

It was really …… stepping through iron shoes to find a place to come.


Chapter 432

“You really don’t want to?”

Looking at Chen Dong who got up and intended to leave, the girl’s eyes were filled with reluctance.

A one-time million, this was much more generous than Zheng Junlin.

The point was that, while Zheng Junlin was asking her to drink to death, Chen Dong was only asking her to say a few words.

This was worth it!

Chen Dong did not pay any attention and walked straight towards Zheng Junlin’s place.

Kunlun followed closely behind.

Only, the two of them had not taken a few steps when Elder Long’s voice suddenly rang out behind them.

“Yes, I want it!”

Long Lao’s silly laugh rang out.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun stopped abruptly.

Following closely behind the girl said, “But you’ve got it.”

“Children only do multiple choice questions.” Elder Long laughed, “One million each!”

“Young Master, should we stop Elder Long?” Kunlun asked with a crumpled face.

He had worked with Elder Long and were both close to Chen Daoling, but his perception of Elder Long had only really collapsed now.

“It’s just that, you and I are enough.”

Chen Dong shook his head and walked straight towards Zheng Junlin.

In the card table, a few girls took advantage of the alcoholic breath and swayed their bodies to the music.

Surrounded by warblers, Zheng Junlin’s face remained cold and indifferent.

When Chen Dong and Kun Lun walked into the card table, several girls stopped at the same time.

“Get lost, all of you.”

Kun Lun took a step forward, his lofty tower-like body was extremely oppressive, and with a stern shout, he made the few girls leave in fear.

Zheng Junlin frowned slightly, “You touched my toys?”


Chen Dong was surprised in his heart, treating the few girls like toys just now, that’s why he was acting so cold?

“Hello, my name is Chen Dong, it’s nice to meet Zheng Shao.”

Chen Dong smiled and extended his right hand.

The youngest of the Jun Lin Group, this was the real owner!



Zheng Jun Lin raised his hand and slapped the back of Chen Dong’s hand.


Chen Dong laughed and was not annoyed.

He turned and settled down beside Zheng Junlin.

Anger surfaced on Zheng Junlin’s cold face as he looked askance at Chen Dong and said in a cold voice, “Did I F**king let you sit down?”

“I want to sit, no one dares not to let me sit.” Chen Dong opened his voice indifferently.

He was overbearing and brutal, with a strong disdain.

A strong anger surfaced in Zheng Junlin’s eyes.

Both hands clenched into fists.

He was the youngest of the Jun Lin Group, and even more so, he was an existence that roamed around this small town.

Who did not treat him with respect and deference?

Zheng Junlin, who was used to being arrogant, said in a deep voice, “I’m angry today, and this is the second time I’ve met someone who dares to confront me, so leave in three seconds or I’ll let you walk out of this bar with your head held high.”

“Three seconds?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I only need one second, and you will have to walk out sideways.”


Zheng Junlin was horrified.

Almost simultaneously, he felt the colourful light in front of him instantly darken.

A lofty figure stood in front of him as if it were a great mountain.

A large bushy hand fell in an instant.


Zheng Junlin received a solid slap, half of his face bulging red and swollen, his eyes closed and he directly fainted in his seat.

“Carry on, let’s go.”

Chen Dong got up and indifferently walked towards the outside of the bar.

He was not used to this kind of environment, it was too noisy.

Talking about things here didn’t have that kind of heart.

Kunlun carried Zheng Junlin as if he was nothing, following behind Chen Dong.

Inside the bar, the music was deafening and the lights were dimmed to the extreme.

Therefore, Chen Dong’s trio did not attract anyone’s attention.

After walking out of the bar, Chen Dong stretched his back and exhaled a breath of relief.

“It’s still quiet outside.”

At this exact moment, a few bar security guards walked over.

“Buddy, you guys know Young Zheng?”

Zheng Junlin was the bar’s big moneymaker, and now that he was being carried out of the bar, the security staff naturally couldn’t ignore him.

“He’s my little old brother, he’s drunk, I’ll take him to the car for a while.”

Chen Dong said casually, but Kun Lun looked cold and stern, and the invisible oppression locked the several security personnel.

The security personnel were fearful, but still did not dare to give up on this, but walked to the car along with Chen Dong Kun Lun.

“Kunlun, put him in the car, and you keep watch from below.”

With an indifferent word, Chen Dong took the lead and got into the car.

When the security personnel saw Kunlun put Zheng Junlin inside the car and stood outside the car himself, their apprehensions were alleviated quite a bit.

One by one, they all stepped back a distance, so that they could guard Zheng Junlin, but not to disturb Chen Dong.

After all, Zheng was the youngest brother of the man in the car, and if such a being became angry, they could not afford to have a group of security personnel.

Chen Dong unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and splashed it directly onto Zheng Junlin’s face.

Zheng Junlin immediately woke up and stared at Chen Dong in horror.

“You, what do you want to do? I am the youngest of the Jun Lin Group, if you move me, you won’t even be able to walk out of this city!”

Chen Dong was indifferent as usual, whether it was his experience or his age of heart, he had completely crushed Zheng Jun Lin.

The threat to Zheng Junlin’s current panic was just a joke in his heart.

“I’ve just arrived, I don’t plan to walk out yet.” Chen Dong smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, I just see that you seem a bit unhappy, it just so happens that I am also unhappy, so I pulled you over to have a chat.”


Zheng Junlin was dumbfounded, how the hell could he have a chat, he just came up and slapped him and knocked him out?

He didn’t believe Chen Dong’s words, but he didn’t dare to make a move at this moment.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose: “What are you unhappy about? It’s just as well to say it to cheer me up.”

“You ……,” Zheng Junlin’s face turned red and he gritted his teeth.

“Or, I will slap you to cheer me up.” Chen Dong raised his right hand.

Zheng Junlin’s eyebrows knitted together and he shuddered at the thought of being F**ked unconscious by Kunlun with a slap just now.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the looming figure outside the car.

He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

In the past, he would have shown his domineering nature as the youngest of the King’s Landing Group.

But tonight, he was really depressed in his heart.

Now that he was being forced to speak from his heart and let out his frustrations, Zheng Junlin slowly spoke up.

“Tomorrow is my father’s 50th birthday banquet.”

“Your father’s birthday banquet and you’re not happy?”

Chen Dong looked at Zheng Jun Lin in surprise, this was a son of a turtle.

Zheng Junlin shook his head, “You don’t understand the troubles of rich people.”

He leaned back in his chair, rubbed his face to clear his drunkenness a bit, and looked out the window at the lights and murmured.

“Everyone thinks that I am the eldest young man of the Zheng family of the Jun Lin Group and have a great appearance, but they simply don’t understand that in our family, it’s not the eldest young man who can inherit the Jun Lin Group.”

“In our family, even a side line, as long as they are capable enough, they are still able to skim over me, the Zheng family’s eldest youngster, and become the person in control of the group, in other words, my status as the eldest youngster is actually very humble.”

“Raising compulsions to inherit?”

Chen Dong’s heart and soul shook, this tactic was the same as the Chen family.


The speculation in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Chen Dong, however, strongly suppressed his agitated heart and sneered, “So, you, the Zheng family’s eldest youngster, are actually very poor in ability and are being pressed into the light by a few side lines in the Zheng family, or the Jun Lin group, right?”