Winner Takes All Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435

Chen Dong looked indifferent as he looked towards the inner courtyard gate.

At this moment, a young man with a strong spirit was walking into the inner courtyard, surrounded by stars.

The youth was two or three years older than Zheng Junlin, and his eyebrows gave off an untamed air, and his eyes were like starlight.

Behind him, several other young men were following closely.

As they advanced, they greeted the guests standing up in the inner courtyard with an arch of their hands.

The rowdy scene was much bigger than when Zheng Junlin had arrived just now!

Even Chen Dong could clearly feel that the attitude of the guests present towards the two of them was vastly different from each other.

To Zheng Junlin, perhaps it was because of his status, and he was just playing around.

Whereas with Zheng Junxian, who was now walking in, there was awe!

“Zheng Junxian is the one with the most outstanding abilities among the younger generation of our Zheng family, and if there are no accidents, my father will pa*s the family headship to him in the future.”

Zheng Jun Lin squeezed his teacup tightly as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

The tone of his voice was thick with resentment and grievance.

“Those three behind him are also the best of the side line.”

Chen Dong guffawed, not caring.

As Zheng Junxian and the others entered the stage.

The discussion that originally revolved around Zheng Jun Lin and Chen Dong also quietly turned to Zheng Jun Xian.

“Young master Zheng Junxian is a dragon among men, with an imposing presence, just this aura alone is the posture of a family head.”

“It’s a pity that the lord of the Zheng family has been a lord for a lifetime, but he is the son of a dragon born of a rat, sad.”

“Zheng Junlin is no match for Zheng Junxian, not to mention the ones behind him.”


There was a burst of chatter, causing Zheng Junxian’s few eyebrows to raise and smile.

And Zheng Jun Lin, who was sitting beside Chen Dong, was also smiling.

Only the smile, was full of bitterness.

He raised his eyes to look at Chen Dong: “This eldest young man of mine, humble, right?”

“A little.”

Chen Dong did not conceal it.

The Chen family and the Zheng family had the same means of selecting their family heads.

Zheng Junlin was the Zheng family head’s own son, so how was he not the Chen family head’s own son?

It was just that both were in the same situation, but their personalities were not the same.

Patting Zheng Junlin’s shoulder, Chen Dong slowly said, “Don’t you understand the truth that man will prevail over heaven? Why should you talk about the injustice of heaven when you grovel to your fate without knowing how to move up?”

Zheng Junlin’s body shook and his eyes glowed with a brilliant aura.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “The law of nurturing succession, why should you cling to your own identity instead of thinking about the winner being the king?”

Zheng Junlin’s eyes glowed with essence, and his right hand quietly let go of his teacup.

“Just because of your status as the eldest young man, you want to take it for granted that all should belong to you and resent those who are capable of excelling to the top, but ask yourself, if you were to become the head of the family, would you be able to sit still?”

“Why are you saying these things to me?” Zheng Junlin said.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “I am like you and different from you, I didn’t bother to complain about the injustice of fate, so I can rub them on the ground, while you can only endure the snickering of the crowd, but can only respond with laughter.”

Zheng Junlin’s eyes shot up with a brilliant aura, his hands fiercely clenched into fists, veins bulging.

At that very moment.

A cold voice suddenly sounded out.

“Zheng Junlin, do you not even understand this point of rules anymore?”

Zheng Junxian!

Zheng Junlin’s pupils tightened, his tumbling heart calmed down, and he slowly turned to look at Zheng Junxian and the others.

“What rules?”

Chen Dong also looked at Zheng Junxian in silence.

At this moment, Zheng Junxian was overwhelmed by the stars, overbearing and overlooking Zheng Junlin.

There was no respect in his words and actions.

Even in his eyes, there was a strong sense of disdain and contempt.

Zheng Junxian raised his hand and pointed at Chen Dong, “These three are the ones who have broken the rules! You, the Zheng family’s youngest, are so shameless that you bring all kinds of dogs and cats to the main table?”

The words just fell.

Kunlun’s expression was cold and he was about to get up at once.

However, Chen Dong raised his hand and pressed Kun Lun’s thigh, stopping him.

Zheng Junlin slowly got up, his expression sullen and his gaze stern.

This scene caused Zheng Junxian’s four eyes to flinch.

This wimp, had he changed his nature today?

Inside the inner courtyard.

Daoist gazes were also focused, revealing their astonishment.

Anyone could clearly detect that the smell of gunpowder had intensified.

But Zheng Junlin’s reaction also took those who knew the Zheng family’s situation by surprise.

In the past, when Zheng Junlin faced Zheng Junxian and the others, he was always three points weaker!

“Since you still know that I am the Zheng family’s youngest, I, then, need you to point fingers at me?”

Zheng Jun Lin suddenly opened his mouth, his voice cold and harsh: “If any kind of cat or dog can point at me, then what kind of Zheng family young master am I?”


Within the inner courtyard, there was an uproar.

Voices of discussion suddenly rose.

“What is Zheng Junlin’s madness today? Why is he acting like a different person?”

“The Zheng family’s rules have always been like this, has Zheng Junlin taken the wrong medicine today? Is he trying to ruin his father’s birthday party?”


Zheng Junxian was stunned for a moment, then turned to reveal a snicker.

“Zheng family’s eldest youngster? You call yourself the Zheng family’s eldest youngster, you mediocre and incompetent generation, you only rely on your father’s remaining shade, when the family head changes, you still have this arrogant capital?”

The words fell.

The three people behind Zheng Junxian also sneered and sneered.

“Zheng Jun Lin, today is your father’s birthday banquet, although we are a side line, but we are still capable, right? Are you trying to cause trouble at your father’s birthday banquet by acting like this now?”

“Zheng Jun Lin I advise you to calm down, if you make such a scene, even if your father comes out, he will be helping us, don’t forget that it was always like this before!”

“Hurry up and get these cats and dogs out of the back or you’ll follow along and sit in the back to make room for us, don’t waste time.”

Zheng Junlin lowered his head and clenched his hands into fists, trembling vaguely.

Shame, anger, resentment, all sorts of emotions swept through his body.

He gritted his teeth, his gaze blazing as he pointed his backhand at Chen Dong and the three of them, “They’re my friends, I want to see who dares to kick them out today!”


Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment and smiled.

“Come on, men! Get rid of these three people for me!”

Zheng Junxian was imposing and waved his big hand.

In an instant, there were seven or eight Zheng family guards to meet them.

“I’ll see who dares!”

Zheng Jun Lin shouted in a stern voice.

But the Zheng family guards, unheeding, continued to advance.

This scene made Zheng Junlin’s jaws of anger split and made Zheng Junxian’s four men laugh even more smugly.

Angry and ashamed, Zheng Junlin was about to speak up and rebuke him.

Suddenly, an old man walked over at an angle.


The sound of a slap was clear and loud.

The old man scolded in a deep voice, “You trash, just because you are the youngest of the Zheng family, you are arrogant and domineering, but today, at your father’s birthday banquet, do you want to ruin the party? You sound like you are speaking to Jun Xian and the four of them?”

“Third uncle!”

Zheng Junlin was immediately a little confused, and his cheek was burning with pain.

But at that moment.

A large hand landed on Zheng Junlin’s shoulder.

“It’s just that, the three of us will just sit in the back, later on, they should invite us over.”


The crowd was startled.

Zheng Junxian and the others then burst out in laughter.

This guy, jumping the gun, right?

Does he really think that by being close to Zheng Jun Lin, the eldest young man, he has soared to become a phoenix?

Even the guests around them showed their disdainful laughter.

Chen Dong ignored Zheng Junlin.

He directly led Kun Lun and Elder Long towards the back.

Zheng Junlin’s current state was no different from incompetent rage in his eyes, and could not influence the development of things at all.

It would only make the crowd present laugh more and more.

He had come to find out news about his father.

Putting aside the question of whether his father was in the King’s Landing Group or not.

If he really went on the line and revealed his identity, the Zheng family wouldn’t dare not invite him to the main table.

Because the Zheng family’s King’s Landing Group had just taken advantage of him and was eating out of its mouth on the stock market!


He had just taken two steps.

behind him, Zheng Jun envy’s snicker sounded.

“Oh, please? I, Zheng Junxian, am not so down and out as to invite a dog to a banquet.”


Chapter 436

The sound was like thunder, echoing through the inner courtyard.

It caused bursts of laughter.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces were ugly.

Chen Dong, however, smiled blandly, “Let’s go and sit at the table by the door.”

Zheng Junlin’s face was ironic.

He knew that Chen Dong was looking for a step for him, but the arrogance of Zheng Junxian’s few people.

It was as if a hefty fire was building up in his chest.

With an indignant grit of his teeth, Zheng Junlin pushed away Zheng Junxian and the others and walked towards Chen Dongfang with giant strides.

“Zheng Junlin, the birthday banquet will start soon, where are you going?”

The old man who was called Third Uncle shouted sternly.

But Zheng Junxian raised his hand to stop him, “Third Uncle, it’s just a piece of trash, you don’t know his temperament, let him go, so as not to bring shame to our Zheng family.”

As soon as Chen Dong and the three of them had settled down, a figure simultaneously settled down next to Chen Dong.

“They didn’t ask you to sit here.” Chen Dong looked at Zheng Jun Lin.

Zheng Junlin smiled, “A bunch of domineering villains, I’m too lazy to share a table with them, it’s more comfortable to share a table with you.”

“It’s alright, let’s go back to the main table together later.” Chen Dong patted Zheng Junlin’s shoulder.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zheng Junlin rolled his eyes, unimpressed.

Chen Dong gave him the impression that he indeed looked like a rich man.

But a rich man from outside the city could not make big waves in the city yet.

Unless he was worth tens of billions.

However, Zheng Junlin did not think that Chen Dong was really worth ten billion, he had never seen such a young giant.

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

On the contrary, Elder Long and Kunlun looked at Chen Dong in confusion.

Elder Long pulled Chen Dong to lean over and inquired in a low voice, “Young Master, not going ahead as planned?”

Originally, the purpose of attending the birthday banquet this time was to scout for news of Chen Daoling.

He knew Chen Dong’s character, and even if he did sit at the main table and encountered what had just happened, he would most likely hold his breath and proceed as originally planned.

But the way Chen Dong was talking now, it was clear that there had been a change.

Chen Dong smiled and patted Elder Long’s shoulder without saying a word.

He had indeed wanted to proceed according to the original plan at first.

But looking at what had happened to Zheng Junlin, it gave him a feeling of compa*sion for the same illness.

The two were in the same situation, it was only the way they chose to treat them that was different.

In this small town on the edge of the deserted land, it wouldn’t hurt to show off one’s prowess.

What’s more, within the Zheng family, Zheng Junlin had given him a pretty good impression.

At the main table.

Zheng Junxian’s four men looked back at Zheng Junlin at the door.

“Brother Junxian, this Zheng Junlin has also eaten his guts today, daring to spill his guts in front of us.”

“He really thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because he is the head of the family’s own son, but it’s a pity that our Zheng family doesn’t follow the rules of ordinary gentry.”

“Right, Brother Junxian, how much money did you sweep in the stock market this time? This is a brilliant achievement, I guess the family head will be praised by everyone at the birthday banquet, Brother Junxian should be a winner this time, the family head position is secure!”

Hearing the last sentence, a smug smile appeared on Zheng Junxian’s face.

He whispered, “It’s not much, it’s just a billion or so.”

A billion or so? Not much?

The three people were stunned at the same time.

They then scrambled to agree with each other.

“Brother Junxian is worthy of being the number one person of our Zheng Family’s younger generation, the next family head is none other than Brother Junxian!”

Hearing the compliments and praises from the three men, Zheng Junxian smiled with his eyebrows.

He enjoyed this feeling.

As a member of a side family, he was not popular, so he had been working hard since he was young to become the head of the Zheng family and enjoy the admiration of everyone.

All along the way, he had forged ahead, and this had made him the number one person of the younger generation.

Yet he never dared to slacken off, because he knew that until the next family head was established, all the variables still existed.

But, this time, the stock market sweep of over a billion dollars had given him complete confidence.

This glorious achievement was enough to make him completely secure the position of the next family head!

However, Zheng Junxian still waved his hand in a feigned modesty.

“To tell you the truth, I was actually lucky enough to have a chance this time.”

“What kind of chance?”

The three of them were curious at the same time, very few people knew about the stock market this time.

But the three of them, as the best of the family, were clear about it.

From the very beginning, Zheng Junxian had been personally ordered by the family head to enter the stock market.

As for the deeper matters, they did not know.

Zheng Junxian smiled smugly, “In fact, this time, our Zheng family was able to sweep more than a billion in the stock market, thanks to the blessing of a high ranking person, it looked like I was controlling it, but in fact, secretly it was all controlled by that high ranking person.”

“High man?”

The three men’s eyes lit up and their interest intensified.

One of them urged, “Brother Junxian, don’t just keep saying one thing after another, tell us directly, we are so close, why hide it?”

Zheng Junxian smiled faintly, and no longer paused as he whispered.

“That senior family master won’t let me talk about it, but I can tell you that this battle in the stock market is actually the result of the family master and that senior person’s discussion and decision to let me enter the stock market, the deeper meaning of which is also to let me get this battle, so as to lay the qualification for the next family master’s position.”

As he said this, Zheng Junxian could not help but proudly straighten his back.

The eyes, however, looked oddly towards Zheng Jun Lin at the entrance of the inner courtyard.

What else could be more exciting than being internally appointed as the next family head?

If there was, perhaps it would be that Zheng Junlin’s own old man wouldn’t even help him, but would instead appoint me?

At these words.

The three of them were shocked and stunned at the same time.

The look in Zheng Jun envy’s eyes became even more awe-inspiring.

Zheng Junxian enjoyed such a look as he smiled slightly and swept his gaze around.

Then, he spoke to the three in a low voice.

“Don’t blame my brother for not giving you guys the benefit of the doubt, this birthday feast today na, there is also a chance, you guys have to behave yourselves.”

“The senior person who helped me said that there should be another senior person coming to the birthday banquet today, and asked me to make friends with him, now I’m telling you this, so keep your eyes open, if you can make friends, it will be of great benefit to you in the future.”

“High man? How high?” One young man asked.

“Anyway, the high ranking person who helped me is all bossy in front of the head of the family, and the head of the family is in awe of him, as if he is inferior to others.”

Zheng Junxian smiled evasively and winked, “And when that high person who helped me spoke of that high person, his entire essence was different and he was full of laughter, and the family head was also very solemn about that high person who was about to appear, so the two high persons should be of the same status.”


With a single word, the three people’s eyes instantly caught fire.

A high person who could make the Zheng family lord lower his head, if they could befriend.

In the future, even if the three of them could not become family lords, their future would definitely be unlimited!

At once.

The three of them raised their gla*ses and happily toasted to Chen Dong.

“Thank you, Brother Junxian, for letting us know, from now on, the three of us will follow Brother Junxian’s lead.”

“Our own brothers, there is no need to say thank you.”

Zheng Junxian sat down in a dignified manner, raising his cup and drinking it down, but his gaze was directed towards Zheng Junlin at the entrance of the inner courtyard.

The disdainful smile on his face grew stronger and stronger.

Just now, he was still making a fuss and inviting outsiders to the main table without any rules, if that high ranking person saw him, he would definitely leave a bad impression.