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Winner Takes All Chapter 453-454

Chapter 453

As Tian Ai’s words came out.

Gu Guohua and Tian Ai’s parents all froze.

“Just because he rushed to confess his mistake to his wife, he even gave away such a great merit?”

Tian Ai’s father, in a trance, couldn’t believe it: “Is he stupid?”

“What do you, a big man, know?”

Tian Ai’s mother propped her chin up with her right hand and said enviously, “I envy that gentleman’s wife, that his husband can love her so much.”

Tian Ai nodded along, “I think he must love his wife very much, I really envy his wife.”

Thinking of the conversation with Chen Dong outside the airport, a strong envy flooded Tian Ai’s eyes.

If that girl knew that her husband would not even want such a great merit in order to admit his mistake, she would be very touched, right?

It was no wonder that the three members of Tian Ai’s family thought so.

It was really because they all knew how big a merit badge it was to solve a hijacking and successfully save everyone on the plane.

Tian Ai in particular, because of her profession, knew exactly the weight of this meritorious service.

To put it politely, given her profession, taking this credit this time would be enough to get her promoted three levels in a row when she returned to headquarters!

Gu Guohua was lost in thought for a moment and let out a bitter smile, “In this world, such an infatuated kind of person is rare, ah.”

At the dinner table, the atmosphere became a little odd.

Apparently, after Tian Ai had told them what really happened, the feeling of excitement and honour they had felt before had all faded quite a bit.

Whether it was Gu Guohua or Tian Ai’s parents, they all naturally focused their attention on the man who …… rushed to admit his wife’s mistake.

“Mom, let’s go over there.”

Gu Qingying looked back to normal and returned to her seat with Li Wanqing.

Tian Ai saw that Gu Qingying’s face was ugly and even a few shades less bloody, she was busy asking with concern, “Xiao Ying, what’s wrong with you? In the past, you were not so periodical as you are now.”

“It’s really nothing.”

Gu Qingying shook her head and squeezed out a smile, “Ai Ai, don’t worry about me, you’re the one who’s taking the credit today.”

“I’m not the big credit, I just made it all clear to your dad and my parents.”

Tian Ai shrugged her shoulders, suddenly thought of something, rubbed her hands together and looked at Gu Qingying blearily, “By the way, I was on a mission at your wedding, I didn’t have time to attend, I’m really sorry, please forgive me, I’ve prepared a gift for you.”

After saying that, she got up and ran upstairs.

Gu Qingying’s expression changed slightly.

And Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing both looked at Gu Qingying with heartache.

Tian Ai’s words had obviously poked at Gu Qingying’s heartbreak.

But Tian Ai had also acted thoughtlessly, and the couple could not possibly say anything wrong about Tian Ai.

Soon after, Tian Ai came running back with a gift box in her arms.

“These are the crystal shoes I prepared especially for you, finding top craftsmen to create them, there is only this one pair in the whole world.”

Tian Ai handed the gift box to Gu Qingying: “At that time, I was thinking that when you got married, if you could wear these crystal shoes and step into the marriage hall, you would be the most beautiful and happiest bride in the world, but unfortunately, I was in too much of a hurry to go on a mission at that time, so I couldn’t make any arrangements.”

“It’s okay Ai Ai.”

Gu Qingying looked complicated, her eyes slightly red as she opened the gift box, and in her eyes was a pair of crystal clear, wonderful crystal shoes.

Only, that wedding was not perfect by nature.

It was even …… stained with blood.

And after that ……

Gu Qingying subconsciously looked at her slightly bulging stomach and instantly became aggrieved to the extreme.

I have endured so much for you, why do you have to treat me like this?

Especially when Gu Qingying heard Tian Ai’s words just now, others were able to admit their mistakes in order to rush to their wives, not even bothering with such a huge merit.

Why …… did I meet such a bad person?

Tian Ai looked around and raised her eyebrows, “By the way, I haven’t met Xiao Ying your husband yet, this time back to our party, you didn’t bring it to me to meet, it’s too insufficient.”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and in a flash all the aggression could no longer be contained.

Her eyes were red, and drops of crystal tears dripped down the corners of her eyes onto the crystal shoes in her arms.

This scene instantly froze Tian Ai in her tracks.

Tian Ai’s parents were also stunned for a moment.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing looked at each other, their eyes full of heartache.

Gu Guohua even looked sulking, picking up a gla*s full of white wine on the table and drinking it down in one go.

“Old Gu, what’s wrong?” Tian Ai’s father asked.

On the other side, Tian Ai was also startled when she reacted.

She hurriedly hugged Gu Qingying, “Xiaoying, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me.”

When she asked this question, Gu Qingying cried even louder.

She threw herself into Tian Ai’s arms and howled.

Repression, she had been repressing herself for the past few days.

She tried hard to pretend to be calm and rea*sure her parents.

But she couldn’t do it. When it was late at night, she would always think of Chen Dong and the little things she had done with him.

But when she thought about Ye Linglong, Gu Qingying’s heart cut like a knife.

The torment of pregnancy vomiting had even brought her to the brink of collapse under this double psycho-physical depression.

In the dining room, Gu Qingying’s cries echoed.

Tian Ai’s parents were also distressed.

The two families are family friends, and as they watched Gu Qingying’s emotional breakdown, the couple could not sit still.

“Old Gu, say something, what is going on?” Tian Ai’s father asked again.

Gu Guohua, however, sighed, grabbed his hair with both hands and did not say anything.

Li Wanqing gently patted Gu Qingying’s back, “Little Ying, mommy is here, don’t cry, don’t cry anymore, whoever leaves you, mommy and daddy will always be by your side.”

Tian Ai’s eyes twinkled and anger rose steeply in her beautiful eyes.

“Little Shadow, have you been wronged? Tell me, sisters will help you out!”

Gu Qingying drew herself out of Tian Ai’s arms, pearly, her shell teeth clenching her red lips.

There was a pause of a few seconds before she cried out, “I was all for him, why did he betray me?”


The cry, like a thunderclap, exploded in Tian Ai’s and her parents’ ears.



In an instant, Tian Ai’s anger shot up to the sky, her pretty face filled with fierce rage.

“B*****d! What to do to my little shadow, do you really think my Tian Ai’s fists are given for nothing?”

“Little Shadow, mother is here, don’t cry, think of your own body and the child in your belly.” Li Wanqing advised bitterly.

Tian Ai’s mother was also busy standing up and walking over to Gu Qingying, patting her back and comforting her, “Xiao Ying, don’t cry, your mother is right, even if the sky falls, there is still mum and dad, uncle and auntie there.”

As a woman, she could best understand Gu Qingying’s pain at this time.

“I can bear it, I can bear it.”

Gu Qingying cried and wiped her tears while saying in a trembling voice, “But he came, he came to me, and when he said he wanted to take me home, I really couldn’t help it, how else did he want to explain this matter? Why should he still take me home?”


As soon as the words left her mouth, Tian Ai slapped her palm on the tabletop.

Willow’s eyebrows tightened as she spat out the words from between her teeth, “Coming? Just in time!”

After saying that, Tian Ai got up and pulled up Gu Qingying, saying with a fierce temper, “Xiao Ying, take me to him, I’ll help you take revenge!”


Chapter 454

Gu Guohua’s face turned pale.

He was about to dissuade him.

But Tian Ai’s father stopped him, “Old Gu, this kind of person should be taught a lesson, don’t worry, Tian Ai has the right measure in her hands.”

Gu Guohua wanted to say something, but when he saw the way Gu Qingying was bawling, his heart twisted like a knife and he held back.

Li Wanqing had already said many times that this matter had to be resolved after all.

They didn’t know how Chen Dong would feel if they kept dragging it out, but it would definitely do great harm to their precious daughter.

Now, since Chen Dong was here and Tian Ai was righteously indignant, it might be a breakthrough!

“I don’t want to see him.”

Gu Qingying shook her head with tearful eyes.

Tian Ai raised her willow eyebrows, “This is going for revenge, it doesn’t count as meeting him!”

Saying that, she didn’t care if Gu Qingying agreed or not, she pulled Gu Qingying straight to the outside.

“If you dare to bully my sister like that, I must beat him up today!”

Although she and Gu Qingying had not seen each other for many years, their friendship still existed and the two families were family friends, what’s more, this kind of thing would not be tolerated by any other woman.

The wife was pregnant and all she got was a betrayal from her husband?

This kind of scum, not to mention Gu Qingying, even if it was a pa*serby, Tian Ai would never sit idly by.

Five minutes later, a Lamborghini sped away from the villa.

After another two minutes, a Rolls-Royce also drove out of the villa with it.

In the Rolls Royce.

Gu Guohua and his wife were worried, while Tian Ai’s parents were flushed with anger.

“Old Gu, are you being overly concerned? Tian Ai is teaching a lesson to someone and so many of us are going along?” Tian Ai’s father was a bit puzzled.

“I’m not comfortable with young people doing things, we adults should at least follow and observe secretly.”

Gu Guohua gave a sarcastic laugh.

He was clear about Chen Dong’s identity, and knew even more about how terrifying Chen Dong’s fighting skills were.

Going along was also because he was worried about Gu Qingying and Tian Ai.

It was not certain who would teach who a lesson in the end.

However, he was too embarra*sed to say this, after all, Tian Ai’s family was all about helping Gu Qingying out.

“Let’s hope that tonight is a breakthrough of sorts and will make Little Ying feel better.” Li Wanqing sighed heartily.

Tian Ai’s mother sighed along with her, “This child, suppressing herself so much all the time, and being pregnant, if she doesn’t vent out a little, something has to go wrong.”

On the other side.

The Lamborghini sped down the road.

Gu Qingying was lost in thought, her hands clutching her mobile phone.

Tian Ai, who was driving, was filled with righteous indignation and her pretty face was full of anger.

“Qingying, where is that guy now?”

Gu Qingying shook her head, “I don’t know, why don’t we go back, I really don’t want to see him.”

“This isn’t going to meet, it’s going to beat him up!” Tian Ai waved her fist fiercely, “Don’t worry about that, let’s give him a beating first when we meet to help you out.”

“But ……” there was some worry in Gu Qingying’s eyes.

The words were not finished when the phone suddenly rang.

One look at the caller ID, Gu Qing Ying’s pretty face changed abruptly.

For a moment, she hesitated.

Seeing this scene, Tian Xin’s heart flinched: “Who’s calling?”

The tears that Gu Qingying had just stopped filled her eyes once again.

“It’s him?”

Tian Ai raised an eyebrow and suddenly grabbed Gu Qingying’s mobile phone and picked up the call.

In a low voice, she asked, “Where are you?”

On the phone, Chen Dong was a little stunned, “Who are you?”

“Never mind who I am, I’m bringing Qingying to you now!”

Over the phone, Chen Dong was silent for a few seconds.

Then joyfully, he gave out an address, which was a hotel near Gu Qingying’s home.


After hanging up the phone.

Tian Ai returned the phone to Gu Qingying and patted Gu Qingying’s shoulder by the way, “Alright now, I’ll definitely help you teach him a good lesson later.”

Looking at Tian Ai, she was full of confidence.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Did …… really want to see him?

On the other hand, after hanging up the phone, Chen Dong was ecstatic and stood up, a change from his previous disheveled and despondent look.

The voice of the strange woman on the phone gave him a feeling of déjà vu.

But that was all it was.

He didn’t have the heart to think about it, what he was more concerned about now was that the woman was bringing Gu Qingying to him.

This …… was really a big help!

Chen Dong went into the bathroom and rewashed and tidied up a bit.

Then there was a long wait.

When the phone rang again, the word “wife” on the caller ID made Chen Dong smile with joy.

He picked up the phone and the same gruff, feeble voice was on the other end.

“Come to the hotel car park! Immediately, right now!”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong froze for a moment, this voice, why did it sound more and more familiar?

Where on earth had …… he seen it before?

Shaking his head, he busily walked out of the room and headed towards the downstairs of the hotel.

In the hotel car park, Gu Qingying and Tian Ai were sitting in the Lamborghini.

Gu Qingying’s hands were clenched together, and her expression was complicated to the extreme.

There was tension, worry, and a sentiment that words could hardly describe.

Tian Ai put down her phone and glanced at Gu Qingying, “Qingying, you watch from the car later, I have to teach him a lesson all over the place.”

As she said that, she also moved her neck and wrists while making clicking sounds.

She was very aggressive and showed her horizontal colour.

Gu Qingying sat at the side, silent.

Only her eyes looked in the direction of the hotel from time to time.

Finally, a familiar figure appeared in sight.

“Ai Ai, he’s here.”

Gu Qingying suddenly said.

“Look at me!”

Tian Ai angrily opened the car door and closed it with a bang, stepping forward and walking directly towards Chen Dong in the distance.

It was only because of the distance and the fact that Chen Dong entered the car park and looked left and right to find Gu Qingying that Tian Ai did not get a good look at Chen Dong’s face.

And in another corner, inside the Rolls-Royce car.

The couple, Gu Guohua and Tian Ai’s parents, were also watching Chen Dong, who had walked into the car park, with an awe-inspiring expression.

Seeing Tian Ai get out of the car, she walked towards Chen Dong in an aggressive manner.

Tian Ai’s parents smiled at once.

Tian Ai’s father even patted Gu Guohua’s shoulder, “Old Gu, watch out, my baby daughter has not trained for nothing these years, I will definitely help you to give this beast a severe beating.”


Tian Ai, who was walking towards Chen Dong, her willow brows gradually knitted up.

The anger on her face, too, gradually disappeared.

Looking at the figure that was looking left and right, as it drew closer.

“Why does it look more and more familiar?”

Puzzled, Tian Ai did not stop in her tracks.

Instead, she suddenly let out a stern shout at Chen Dong: “Hey, are you Qing Ying’s husband?”

Hearing the stern shout.

Chen Dong, who had looked around at no one else, was busy looking at the sound.

As soon as he saw Tian Ai, he was stunned.

Tian Ai, too, stopped abruptly and looked at Chen Dong in astonishment.

That familiar cold face was like a heavy hammer that hit her eyes hard in an instant.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong and Tian Ai exclaimed in unison.

“Where’s my wife?” Chen Dong followed closely with a follow-up question.

“You’re really Qing Ying’s husband?”

Tian Ai’s pretty face instantly turned red, her expression embarra*sed to the point of panic.

This, what the hell was going on here?

Qing Ying’s husband, the saviour?