Winner Takes All Chapter 457-458

Chapter 457

Outside the car park, there is a road.

And, there was quite a lot of traffic.

Chen Dong remembered it very clearly.

But the road in front of him was empty, not a single car.

The streetlights on both sides were faintly yellow, the sky was drizzling with drizzle, and the wet ground made the faint yellow streetlights look even dimmer.

“An early road closure?”

Chen Dong quickly reacted and shuddered.

He snorted out a laugh, “In order to kill me, Chen Dong, you actually have the ability to seal the road, it seems that my life, in your eyes, is important.”


A buzzing sound exploded behind him, accompanied by the sound of hurried footsteps.

Chen Dong, who was laughing, had a sudden flash of bloodthirsty ferocity in his eyes.

He turned around brazenly and faced the long knife slashing down on his head, without dodging.

With a fist, he blasted directly at the black shadow head-on.


Almost at the same time, as if the black shadow had expected it, the short blade quickly shielded towards the heart.

To be precise, it was to slice directly at Chen Dong’s wrist.


Just at the moment the short blade was about to cut into Chen Dong’s wrist.

Chen Dong’s right fist violently changed an angle and went straight upwards.


A powerful punch was thrown heavily at the black shadow’s chin.

Under the tremendous force, the black shadow leaned back in an instant and fell heavily to the ground.

“There is no way to run, killing you is the way!”

A seeping killing intent emanated from Chen Dong’s body.

At this moment, his aura changed drastically, as if he was plucking a mountain from the flat earth.

His fierce and vicious gaze was as if he was a bloodthirsty beast, locking onto his prey.

But, just as he took a step, he was about to take advantage of his victory to pursue him.

The moment his right foot lifted, he suddenly swayed and landed heavily on the ground again.

A strong sense of vertigo was like a tidal wave.

In a flash, Chen Dong felt that the sky was spinning and his head was dizzy.

Even looking at the black shadows on the ground turned into looking at layers of heavy shadows.

“Did the toxicity kick in so quickly?”

Chen Dong shook his head hard, the weakness that he could not resist all over his body left him with no ability to continue fighting.

With a fierce grit of his teeth, he turned around and ran towards the empty road.

The dark figure was first startled, then slowly rose from the ground.

The long and short knife in his hand swung, bringing up a buzzing sound.

A cold laugh that sounded like a hypnotic Sanskrit sound was emitted, “The poison has kicked in, wait to be hunted and eaten.”

He ran wildly along with Chen Dong, his speed soaring.

But he was in no hurry, just hanging far behind Chen Dong, making sure that Chen Dong would not get out of his line of sight.

If it was before, he wouldn’t have minded ending Chen Dong in advance.

But just now, at the entrance and exit of the car park, Chen Dong’s brazen counter-attack had caused a huge wave to rise in the Black Shadow’s heart.

This was no ordinary prey!

With his terrifying fighting instincts, even Black Shadow’s heart was scared.

Until the desperate moment, he did not dare to guarantee that Chen Dong would not suddenly pull off a miraculous flip-flop.

Under the cover of the night.

Chen Dong’s footsteps were weak and he was running for his life.

The poison was kicking in, and the growing weakness was causing him to lose strength and consciousness rapidly.

But he dared not stop, for the moment he did, he would be greeted by the black shadow’s butcher’s knife.

Right now, he was not even halfway capable of resisting in front of the Black Shadow at full strength.


Desperate to escape!

We cannot stop!

Stopping was death!

Chen Dong felt his body growing weaker and weaker, and his breathing became laboured.

In a trance, he felt some wetness at the tip of his nose.

When he raised his hand to touch it, it was crimson nosebleed.

This poison …… was kicking in too fast!

Chen Dong’s heart sank to the bottom, and at this moment, there was even a sense of desperate fear.

The poisonous attack is too fast, the a*sa*sination site is blocked in advance, how can this still escape?

Even though his consciousness was rapidly blurring at this moment, Chen Dong was still clear.

The one who wanted to kill him was definitely not just the black shadow man behind him.

The one who could block an entire road in advance could never be the one who could do it.

In desperation, he took out his mobile phone and instinctively tried to call for help.

But when the first sound of the phone rang, he was struck by lightning and hung up the phone in a panic.

It was Gu Qingying’s number that he had dialled, because he had woken up with a start.

In such a life-and-death situation, asking Gu Qingying and the others for help was obviously impossible.

What’s more, he was unwilling to bring such danger to Gu Qingying and the child in her belly.

But on the other side of the ocean, who else could there be but the Gu family?

Consciousness was getting blurred.

His footsteps were getting staggered and weak.

Chen Dong’s eyes were becoming hollow and dull, and the blood in his nasal cavity had turned from a flow at the beginning to a gush.

Blood stained the clothes on his chest, giving him an incomparably messy appearance.

Chen Dong gripped his mobile phone tightly, his remaining sanity allowing him to turn a direction and run towards a nearby housing estate.

Running along the road when it was blocked would not help at all.

The group could block the road, but not the scattered housing blocks.

The pace was getting slower and slower.

Weaving through the narrow alleyways, Chen Dong’s whole body had a shaky feeling of powerlessness.

And as his steps slowed down, the black shadow behind him was slowing down in step with him.

Chen Dong snorted, “Shouldn’t you come up and give me a slash right away?”

“I’m afraid of you.”

The black shadow’s voice was calm, but he did not hide his inner thoughts.

The scene at the exit of the car park had given him a deep warning.

In his eyes, Chen Dong was just like a beast that was trapped in a fight.

A fierce beast, only when it is truly dead, will it lose its fierce beastly appearance.

When death had not yet come and there was still a breath left, with a little carelessness, the fierce beast could still explode with the ferocity he deserved.


Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth, but he was snickering in his heart.

There was still a slight chance ……

At this moment, he was well aware of his own state, if this black shadow killer was not cautious, all he needed to do was to catch up and flick a knife, and it would all be over.

Ahead, there was light.

Sweeping down the alleyway, the wind that swept in became stronger.

There was also a hint of fishy salt.

Was that the sea?

Chen Dong’s consciousness had drifted to the point where he could stifle his head and fall to the ground at any moment.

As the distance drew closer, the sound of the waves could already be vaguely heard.

“Hey, ahead is the end of the road.” The black shadow smiled teasingly, “The Komodo lizard’s prey will be in his mouth soon.”

Chen Dong’s body swayed and a fishy sweetness came to his throat.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, staining the walls of the narrow alleyway red.

He held onto the wall with his left hand and also stepped forward, while his right hand clutched his mobile phone.

He couldn’t stop!

If he stopped, he would have no chance at all.

In a trance, he suddenly had a flash of light.

It seemed that …… had someone to call for help!

His blurred vision stared at the phone, and his right hand trembled as he rummaged through the records.

Finally, the number was found.

Dialed it out.

With just one beep, the call was answered.

“Help me, I’m at ……”

“Mayday? B*****d!”

The dark shadow noticed Chen Dong’s move and suddenly exploded with anger.


A dart shot out.


The dart pierced into Chen Dong’s back.

Chen Dong, however, stumbled forward stiffly.

“Where is it?”

The phone exploded with the sound of a pale, alarmed chase.

At that moment, Chen Dong finally walked out of the alleyway, but the scene in front of him made him completely despair.

There was indeed the sea ahead, but in front of him was a cliff with no way out!


Behind him, the black shadow’s voice suddenly sounded like thunder.

Chen Dong turned around brazenly, and with his blurred vision, he saw the black shadow as far as he could see.

Vaguely, he felt a cold glint in the air.


Chen Dong’s hollow and blurred eyes suddenly popped out with a flash of essence.

Just as the long blade was about to fall.

He turned around brazenly and leapt without hesitation ……


Chapter 458

“It’s moving, Grandpa his eyelids are moving!”

In his ears, a voice of surprise rang out.

“I’m not dead? Saved?”

Chen Dong gradually became conscious.

A strong feeling of weakness made him so weak that he could not even open his eyes.

Intense pain wrapped around his whole body, as if countless sharp needles were pricking him.

But he could hear clearly the sound of surprise, which was Ye Linglong’s.

Immediately after, Ye Yuanqiu’s voice rang out in his ears.

“Thank God, you have finally pa*sed the dangerous period, don’t move around, the toxicity has penetrated deep into your blood, it’s your good fortune to have survived, recuperate well.”

Chen Dong’s heart stepped down.

Finally, he had escaped a disaster.

When faced with the black shadow butcher’s knife, he chose to jump into the sea without hesitation.

It was to take the opportunity of falling into the sea to tell Ye Yuanqiu where he was.

The word “waiting for death” had never been in Chen Dong’s vocabulary.

Even if it was a one in a billion chance, he had to take a chance.

Standing still, he would only be killed by the black shadow with a single slash.

And falling into the vast ocean, giving Ye Yuanqiu a chance to help, even if the chance is slim, is better than being killed by a single slash.

Hooray …… he bet right!

“Linglong, take good care of Mr. Chen.” Ye Yuanqiu’s commanding voice rang in his ears.


Ye Linglong gave a startled cry and said with some dissatisfaction, “Grandpa, I’m a woman and he’s a man, men and women are not related, you don’t care about your granddaughter at all na?”

“If your heart is clear, everything will be clear, what can you do if you are always thinking about the affairs of men and women?”

Ye Yuanqiu let out a strange laugh, “Mr. Chen is an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuan generation, it is your honor to take care of him, those little brats are eager to come and take care of Mr. Chen, grandpa letting you take care of him is to help you open the back door.”

Chen Dong lost his smile in his heart.

Ye Yuanqiu was really good at making things up.

The sound of footsteps faded away as Ye Yuanqiu walked away.

Silence returned to his ears.

Following closely, Chen Dong felt something approaching.

The fragrance hit his nose, and a burst of hot air and chanting whispers followed in his ears.

“Can you hear me?”

Chen Dong: “……”

Hearing is hearing, just can’t tell you ah.

“Ugh …… a nice person, why did you make yourself so miserable.”

Ye Linglong sighed and exhaled in Chen Dong’s ear, “It’s also thanks to your life that you knew to ask for help from our Hong Society, our Hong Society’s strength over here is not for nothing, with just one phone call from you, you were fished out of the vast sea, are you now a little glad you joined the Hong Society?”

Ye Linglong’s words caused Chen Dong to have mixed feelings in his heart.

When he first joined the Hong Society, he was forced to do so.

But now, this life was also truly retrieved by the Hong Society.

“You’ve been in a coma for seven days now, but in order to snatch you back from the ghost gate, Grandpa and the Dragon Head used the power of the entire Hong Society.”

Ye Linglong murmured in a low voice with a bit of resentment, “I’ve been beside you for seven days and seven nights, when exactly will you open your eyes na?”

“Seven days?”

Chen Dong’s heart shook, seven days, Xiao Ying’s side ……

He remembered that Gu Qingying had called him exactly before the accident.

It was just that the killing machine had already descended at that time, and he had no time to be distracted, so he hung up that phone call.

The turnaround between him and Gu Qingying also ended from that one phone call hanging up.

Now that seven days had pa*sed, what would become of his wife’s side?

Just as he was worried, Ye Linglong’s voice rang in his ears once again.

“After lying down for seven days and seven nights, let me wipe your body.”

Ye Linglong’s voice rang out, followed closely by footsteps moving away.

Chen Dong was lying motionless on the bed, but a rumble exploded in his mind.

Wiping his body?

How could this be done?

Men and women don’t get along, let alone I’m married!

Soon, the sound of footsteps reappeared, getting closer and closer.

Chen Dong panicked, his heart shouting “No!” as he struggled to free himself.

No, even if he could move his mouth and say the word no at this moment, he would definitely be able to call Ye Linglong off.

But D*mn it, he was too weak to move his eyelids, let alone speak.

“Let me make it clear first, just like my grandfather said, I have no other thoughts about you, even though I am a girl.”

Ye Linglong’s voice suddenly rang out, seemingly comforting Chen Dong, but also seemingly comforting herself, “You have been in a coma for seven days and seven nights, all because I helped you wipe your body every day, you have woken up now, but you can’t think that I, a girl, have any other thoughts about you.”

The words fell.

Chen Dong then heard the sound of water and the sound of rubbing the towel.

Immediately after, he felt some coldness on his chest and his clothes were slowly uncovered.

A silky touch slowly swept across his chest.

Even if it was very slight, he still felt that it was Ye Linglong’s hand!

“No, stop, you can’t do this!”

Chen Dong shouted in his heart.

But it could not stop Ye Linglong at all, and the water-stained fingertips gently traced across his chest.

Then, it paused at a point in front of the chest.

Ye Linglong leisurely marveled, “This muscle line, after seeing it over and over again, it is still so beautiful.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Didn’t we F**king say we had no other ideas?

Ye Linglong, you’re afraid you’re a werewolf, right?

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong felt the towel fall onto his chest, gently wiping over every inch of skin on his chest under Ye Linglong’s gentle force.

The wet and cool feeling, invading his pores, was indeed much more comfortable than the sticky feeling just now.

But at this moment, Chen Dong’s whole body was a little messed up.

He didn’t even care whether his body was comfortable or not.

Rather, shouldn’t a man be the one to do something like wiping his body?

He wanted to resist, he wanted to stop it.

But at this moment, he was simply incapable of doing so.

It was as if he was a fish on a chopping board, at Ye Linglong’s mercy.

“How in the world did you train your body? I’ve only seen such muscle proportions in Roman sculptures.”

While wiping Chen Dong’s body, Ye Linglong exclaimed, “Such muscular tissues must be able to explode with great strength when exercising.”

Chen Dong had a feeling of wanting to cry without tears.

At this moment, he was grief-stricken and aggrieved to the extreme.

Even in his dreams, he had never imagined that he would have such a scene with Ye Linglong.

Soon, the chest was finished being wiped.

Ye Linglong’s voice followed, “You bear the pain a little, I’ll help you flip it.”

Pa*sively enduring the sharp pain from the body turning over, Chen Dong’s entire body was terrified and helpless.

Lying on his back, a gush of coolness from the water stains of the towel soon hit his back.

While panicking, Chen Dong could also notice that Ye Linglong had wiped very carefully, not missing a single inch, not a single point.

It could be seen that this girl was very dedicated.

This made Chen Dong feel very touched in his heart.

How many people under the sky, apart from his parents and his wife, could do such a thing?

However, with Ye Linglong’s words, the emotion that Chen Dong had just felt instantly crumbled away.

All that was left was endless panic.

“Alright, the upper half of your body is wiped, it’s time to wipe the lower half.”


Chen Dong instantly panicked to the extreme.

Ye Linglong …… Are you really not treating yourself as an outsider?