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Winner Takes All Chapter 467-468

Chapter 467

Falling tears are silent.

Drops of crystal tears, like broken pearls, dripped down the corners of Gu Qingying’s pale eyes.

Long Lao and Gu Guohua, the couple, watched with a sharp pain in their hearts.

“Little Ying ……”

Li Wanqing directly fell on Gu Qingying’s chest, hugging her daughter tightly.

Gu Guohua was even harder to conceal, wiping away tears by the handful.

The couple was a little bit to see Gu Qingying pine away to such an extent.

As parents, every moment was a torment and heartache.

But the greatest pain of all was that there was nothing they could do!

Long Lao’s old eyes were filled with tears and his heart ached.


He knelt on the ground and begged, “Young Madam, all things physical are important, old slave is here, old slave will find young master even by any means.”


After saying that, he heavily knocked his head on the ground.

“Old man Long!”

Gu Guohua was startled and hurriedly blocked it.

But Elder Long paid no heed.

Looking up, he was already in tears.

“When the master disappeared, the old slave was ordered to take care of the young master and young madam, and now that the young master is missing and the young madam is in such a state, it is the old slave’s sin.”


Again, he knocked his head on the ground.

When he raised his head again, his forehead was already bruised and flushed with blood.

Gu Guohua cried snotty tears, but was unable to stop it.

“Young madam must get well, old slave knows how young madam feels about young master, but old slave guarantees on his head that what happened between young master and that woman was a misunderstanding, if young madam doesn’t take care of her health soon, how else can she go to young master?”


Another head knocked to the ground.

Only this time, the kowtow caused both Gu Guohua and his wife to be struck by lightning at the same time.

And Gu Qingying, who had fallen into tears without a sound, had a slight glow in her obscure eyes once again.

Long Lao slowly lifted his head, ignoring the blood seeping from his forehead, forcing back his tears, and said in grief.

“The young lady is torturing herself like this, the old slave really can’t bear it, even if the young master has met with an untimely death, but the young lady is carrying the young master’s only bloodline ah ……”

After saying this, Elder Long could no longer contain it.

His pale hands covered his face and cried bitterly.

The sound of crying echoed through the house for a long time.

Suddenly, a slight, weak voice, rang out.

“Mom, I …… am a little hungry.”


The voice was as low as a mosquito’s whisper, but in the house, it was like a big thunder blast, drowning out Elder Long’s cries.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing looked at Gu Qingying in excitement and ecstasy at the same time.

Even Long Lao wiped away his tears and looked at Gu Qingying with surprise.

At this moment, Gu Qingying’s eyes were glowing with a hint of light, very faint, but a world away from the complete obscurity before.

Her pale, haggard face was suffused with an indescribable determination.

She felt the gaze of her parents and Elder Long.

She looked down to herself and gently stroked across her stomach.

“The baby …… is hungry too …….”

“Quick, go and make it, make delicious food, all of it Xiao Ying’s favorite food!”

Gu Guohua was ecstatic, crying and laughing, as if he was a child.

“Fine, fine, Xiao Ying, wait a moment, mommy will go and make it for you.”

Li Wanqing was full of smiles, this was the happiest she had smiled in a while.

She wiped the tears from her face and got up to walk out, only stumbling a little because she was so excited.

Elder Long also smiled with relief and happiness.

Matters of the heart, medicine and stones have no cure.

But the body, as long as it can eat, can slowly recover.

There is no greater sorrow than the death of the heart.

Now Gu Qingying, finally burned a living flame.

“Long Lao ……”

Gu Qingying looked at Elder Long weakly, “Is it really …… just a misunderstanding?”

“It is indeed a misunderstanding!”

Elder Long nodded solemnly, “Old slave guarantees with his head, that day ……”

Gu Qingying, however, smiled faintly and shook her head gently.

“Since it is a misunderstanding, I will have to wait for him to come and explain to me personally, kneel down in front of me and the baby and admit his mistake.”


Elder Long was overjoyed, his expression stern: “When the young master doesn’t kneel on the ground and admit his mistake, old slave will be the first to say no, risking my old bones, I will have to press him to the ground and admit his mistake to young madam!”

Gu Qingying smiled, and her eyebrows were slightly stretched.

Late at night, the Gu family was immersed in grief for almost half a month, but now the slightest hint of joy had finally arrived.

Soon, Li Wanqing personally cooked a large table full of delicious food.

She ordered the servants to bring them all into Gu Qingying’s bedroom.

However, Gu Qingying only picked a bowl of thin porridge with some salty vegetables and ate it quietly.

Even so, the entire Gu family and Long Lao were filled with joy.

This was the first time in half a month that Gu Qingying had taken the initiative to eat, and no one had persuaded her to do so, but she ate as willingly as she could.

After the meal, Li Wanqing stayed behind to nurse Gu Qingying.

Gu Guohua and Elder Long, on the other hand, went into the study.

“Thank you, Elder Long, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, me and Wanqing, as a couple, would really have collapsed.”

As soon as they entered the room, Gu Guohua burst into old tears of excitement and shook Elder Long’s hand in gratitude.

“This is an old slave’s sin, not worthy to talk about thanks.”

Long Lao waved his hand guiltily, and then asked, “How is the investigation going this time?”

“No clue.”

Gu Guohua’s expression was dark, his face full of helplessness, “The other party is too strong and has only one hand to cover the sky, perhaps only the Chen family can find out.”

“The Chen family?”

Elder Long shook his head, “I am not willing to stir this matter to the Chen family until it is absolutely necessary, now that the old master is missing and the young master’s accident is exposed, it will do more harm than good in the Chen family instead.”

Gu Guohua nodded and said dejectedly, “But relying on us alone, we’ve been investigating for so long and have come up with nothing.”

“I have an idea.”

Elder Long’s words made Gu Guohua’s eyes light up.

Without waiting for Gu Guohua to pursue the matter, Elder Long said, “However, I need to understand and sort out the whole story in the shortest time possible, and know the ins and outs before this solution can be used.”

“No problem!”

Gu Guohua nodded and pointed to the computer, “Inside the computer is all the information that I have relied on ClearShadow International and my partners’ intelligence agencies to investigate in the past few months, in addition, I have a niece who is from an international organization, she can also provide a*sistance to Elder Long, I will invite her over tomorrow.”

“Good!” Elder Long nodded his head.


When the light of day dawned.

Chen Dong finally woke up from his blood-spitting coma.

Into his eyes, was Ye Linglong who was full of exhaustion and topped with panda eyes.

Even though she was exhausted, Ye Linglong forced herself to not close her eyes.

“You …… stayed up all night?”

Chen Dong asked weakly.

Ye Linglong propped her hands on her chin and stared at Chen Dong: “These two black circles under my eyes are not enough to explain the problem?”

Chen Dong pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled.

Bitter, despondent, obscure ……

Ye Linglong’s heart tightened as she watched.

She could no longer see a trace of life on Chen Dong’s face, as if he had fallen into the abyss of darkness, only a strong sense of death and despair.

He was once a man of light!

Ye Linglong stretched her back, forcibly suppressing her complicated and melancholic thoughts.

Looking back outside, she said, “The sun is out, the morning air is good, let me take you out for a walk.”

Chen Dong said indifferently, “Want to take that D*mn wheelchair?”

Ye Linglong shrugged, blinked and gave a quirky smile, “If you don’t want to sit, I can also carry you or carry you on my back.”


Chapter 468

Warm sun and breeze.

Fresh air.

Sitting in the wheelchair, soaking up the sunshine.

Chen Dong felt a lot more comfortable.

However, when he looked down at the wheelchair under his seat, his eyebrows knitted together into a “Chuan”, and his weak and pale face was covered with depression.

Ye Linglong stood behind the wheelchair and stretched her back, a little grumbling.

“A D*mn wheelchair, where am I not more comfortable carrying you than in a wheelchair?”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I have a wife.”

Ye Linglong’s expression stiffened.

Her eyes, already tired, were instantly dull.

Her hands gripped on the wheelchair pushers, quietly clenching, and a few strands of veins emerged on the back of her fair and crystal hands.

After a few seconds of silence, Ye Linglong suddenly smiled and said.

“It’s alright, I’m just following my grandfather’s orders to take care of you.”

Chen Dong said indifferently, “You can go and rest, I want to be alone.”

“I’m not tired!” Ye Linglong shook her head and smiled pretending to be relaxed.

“Get lost!”

Chen Dong suddenly stormed out.

Ye Linglong’s smile froze and she was instantly aggravated to the extreme.

Her eyes were a little red and her nose was bursting with sourness.

“I know you are in a bad mood, I won’t bother you anymore, call me if you want to go back to the house later.”

Ye Linglong placed a mobile phone on Chen Dong’s lap, turned around and left.

Only her right hand, however, quietly lifted up and wiped the corners of her eyes, her footsteps couldn’t help but quicken.

Looking at Ye Linglong who had quickened her pace and left.

Chen Dong’s eyes were deep and he smiled despondently.

“My heart belongs to me, and how would I dare to mess up the girl’s beauty?”

The expression gradually cooled down.

Chen Dong clenched his teeth, his eyes full of resignation.

“My wife and baby, still waiting for me at home, I don’t believe it, I, Chen Dong, will never be able to stand up again in this lifetime.”

With his hands on the armrests of the wheelchair, he tried with all his might and trembled to get up.

But as soon as his feet landed on the ground, a weakness came over him, as if he did not exist.

He hurriedly fell backwards and sat back in the wheelchair.

Only his eyes, covered in red blood, were dripping with anger.

“It must …… be able to stand up again!”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and tried again.

A strong sense of resignation made him refuse to give up a single chance.

He was going to get back on his feet.

To walk back to Gu Qingying in a dignified manner.

To also walk uprightly to the position of the Chen family head.

If he was crippled, the magnificent Chen family would definitely turn him away, and even his father would not be able to stop him.

All the hard work he had done, he was not willing to let it go to waste because of a pair of legs.

He was not afraid of having nothing, and even if he had nothing, he never lacked the courage to start all over again.

But he was afraid that even the chance to start again from scratch, to rise again from the east, would be gone.

Time and time again, he tried and failed.

Five times in a row, Chen Dong was already tired and panting.

And his hands, because he relied on them to get up as hard as he could, were trembling even more at this point.

“It’s too weak, in just this week or so, my body has declined too much.”

Chen Dong was out of breath, sweating like rain, drops falling down and wetting his clothes.

“One more time, it will definitely work, my life is up to me, not heaven.”

Chen Dong took a deep breath, braced his hands on the handrail again and tried to stand up.

Landing on his feet, he was still weak, his senseless feet had no support at all, just like a noodle.

Only this time, Chen Dong was so tired that he was unable to fall backwards to sit back in the wheelchair when he fell.


Chen Dong fell to the ground, and with it, the wheelchair tipped over, the metal pushing hand hitting him hard on the back.

The smash almost made his back pa*s.

“D*mn it!”

Tears welled up in Chen Dong’s eyes as he slammed his fist heavily on the ground.

The green stone floor was incredibly hard, and this punch caused his four knuckles to crumble and blood to flow everywhere.

But Chen Dong paid no attention.

How could the pain in his hands outweigh the crippling?

Clenching his teeth, Chen Dong braced his hands on the ground and arched his upper body hard, pushing the wheelchair pressed against him.

It was such an extremely simple action for a normal person.

But when Chen Dong, who had no sensation in his legs, did it, it was as if he was arching up with the force of a thousand pounds.


Chen Dong arched out of the wheelchair and rolled over, lying on the ground.

Eyes unblinking, he met the somewhat blinding sunrise.

He smiled.

Laughed ruefully.

A heartbreaking laugh.

The sound of laughter echoed through the courtyard.

Only the louder he laughed, the thicker the tears that filled his eyes.

He tilted his head and looked towards the corner of the towering courtyard wall and said bitterly, “I’m crippled now, I can’t even get out of this courtyard wall, what’s the difference between this and a trapped beast? No, it’s not a trapped beast. How can a beast be crippled? I’m obviously a dead dog, hahahahaha ……”

The laughter echoed with endless sadness.

The other side of the Shanhe Guild Hall.

Ye Linglong, who was crying and leaving, suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and suddenly murmured worriedly, “What if something happens to him if I leave?”

With an indignant stomp of her foot.

Ye Linglong blamed herself in shame, “Oh my god, Ye Linglong are you crazy? I said I would take care of him, why did you walk away?”

She patted her tired face with dark circles under her eyes, “Not tired, you’re not tired at all, who told you to stay up all night last night thinking nonsense?”

Ye Linglong turned around and ran towards the East Courtyard.

As she approached the east courtyard, she suddenly heard a sad, loud laugh in the courtyard.

Ye Linglong’s face changed dramatically and she rushed wildly into the east courtyard.

The sight of Chen Dong lying on the ground, bawling and laughing, tears falling down like rain, immediately made Ye Linglong’s jaw drop.

What had happened in the short time I had been gone?

She rushed to Chen Dong’s side and lost her expression, “Chen Dong, why are you on the ground? Get up!”

“I can’t even stand up, what’s the big deal about lying on the ground?”

Chen Dong said with a smile, allowing Ye Linglong to struggle to help him up.

It was only because Chen Dong was unable to support himself with both feet, resulting in his entire weight being pressed onto Ye Linglong’s body.

Just as Ye Linglong was trying to push Chen Dong back into the wheelchair, she hugged him head-on.

Ye Linglong’s feet slipped and she instantly lost her balance.


There was a scream.

Chen Dong fell back into the wheelchair.

And Ye Linglong also pounced on Chen Dong.

In an instant, the four eyes met, and lips met lips.

At this moment, the smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared.

Ye Linglong’s mind went blank.

Time seemed to freeze.

After a second of pause.

As if she was a scared kitten, Ye Linglong stood up in a frenzy, her beautiful face already blushing to the point of oozing blood.

She looked flustered, looking left and right.

Her red lips mumbled, “It was an accident! Don’t be foolish, I, I didn’t mean it, I, I didn’t mean anything else to you.”

“Push me back to my room, I want to sleep.” Chen Dong said calmly.

“Huh? Oh, okay, okay.”

Ye Linglong nodded her head.

Pushing Chen Dong towards the room.

Just standing behind Chen Dong, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, revealing a hint of sweetness.

The index finger of her left hand, quietly slid across her lips.

After settling Chen Dong down.

Ye Linglong turned to leave, she was really tired.

Only her steps were much lighter, smiling shallowly, and occasionally muffling her lips.

After walking to the courtyard, she stopped to look at the place where Chen Dong had just fallen and murmured softly, “So …… this is the smell?”

The words had just left her mouth.

She was about to leave, when suddenly, the sweet smile on her face disappeared.

There was, only endless coldness.

Ye Linglong’s gaze was like a torch, fiercely looking towards a corner of the wall.