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Winner Takes All Chapter 479-480

Chapter 479

“Who wants to see me?”

Chen Dong looked at Ye Yuanqiu with some surprise.

It was a secret that he was within the Shanhe Guild Hall.

Those who could come to the Shanhe Guild Hall to see him, he really could not think of anyone other than the a*sa*sins who wanted to kill that power of his.

Ye Yuanqiu said, “Didn’t you just ask the old man?”

Chen Dong’s eyes lit up, and then he said gruffly.

“Wouldn’t it be better to let him into the Mountain River a*sociation?”

Ye Yuanqiu shook his head and said helplessly, “I was thinking the same thing, but he was in a hurry on the phone, so he said he would be in front of the Shanhe Guild Hall and then hung up.”

Ye Linglong listened to the almost mute conversation between Chen Dong and Ye Yuanqiu, and her whole body was a bit baffled.

As Ye Yuanqiu’s words left his mouth, Chen Dong fell into silent thought.

And Ye Yuanqiu did not rush.

He knew that at this moment, having Chen Dong stand in front of the main gate of the Shanhe Hall was tantamount to using himself as a target and exposing himself to the broad daylight.

Not to mention that the ruins over at the East Courtyard had not been tidied up by now.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Chen Dong slowly said, “Go outside the Guild Hall.”

“But ……” Ye Linglong’s pretty face changed.

Not waiting for her words to exit, she was stopped by Ye Yuanqiu shaking his head.

In front of the Shanhe Guild Hall.

Because of the explosion inside the Guild Hall, the Chinatown outside the Guild Hall was swarming with people at this time.

Three layers of people stood in front of the Hall.

There was a lot of discussion.

Elder Long led Gu Qingying as he struggled to push his way through the tide of people towards the front of the Hall.

With Elder Long’s protection, Gu Qingying was not in danger of being crowded.

“Elder Long, he’s right here?”

Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered as she swept past the tide of people and looked out towards the Shanhe Guild Hall in the distance.

At this moment, her mind was on the front.


Elder Long’s brow furrowed deeply as he looked at the crowded tide of people around him, somewhat puzzled as to what had just happened.

But soon, through the murmurs of the crowd gathered around him.

He then understood the cause and circumstances.

The Hong Society Hall had been blown up?

To Elder Long, this was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue.

His face was as heavy as water as he turned back to Gu Qingying and admonished, “Young lady, promise old slave that no matter what happens later, you must not be impulsive, you said you would only see one side.”

There was some hesitation on Gu Qing Ying’s haggard face.

How can I …… restrain myself?

But looking at the determined look on Long Lao’s face, she knew very well that if she didn’t agree, she wouldn’t even be able to see this one side.

Gu Qingying clenched her fist and nodded, “Mm.”

Only then did Elder Long’s heart and mind settle for a moment.

Coming at this juncture when the Shanhe Hall had been bombed was not a wise move in his mind.

But he couldn’t resist Gu Qingying’s begging and forcing.

Finally, Elder Long led Gu Qingying to the front of the crowd.

After stopping, Gu Qingying looked forward to it with a glowing look in her eyes and a sweet smile of expectation on her face.

Long Lao looked helpless for a moment, this was perhaps the most radiant he had seen Gu Qingying in the past few days.

Perhaps loving someone too deeply could really determine life and death?

In the open space under the pagoda of the Shanhe Hall, members of the Hong Society were constantly entering and leaving at this time.

The Hong Society also paid no attention to the onlookers around.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the scene was chaotic.

The bombing of the Hong Society’s main hall was absolutely shocking news.

The Hong Society had been flourishing for more than 200 years and had 3,600 clans under its command, and its strength and resources were no less than any other powerful family in the world.

Such an existence, and the head office was bombed?

In analogy, it would be no different from the bombing of the Chen family’s estate!

A provocation, a naked slap in the face of the Hong Society!

But when it comes to this, it’s already a matter of no return!

What was even more shocking to the onlookers was how terrifying an existence it should be to have the balls to bomb the Hong Society’s main hall?

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, pushed by Ye Linglong, and followed behind Ye Yuanqiu as he slowly walked forward.

Listening to the mountainous chatter outside.

Whether it was Ye Yuanqiu or Ye Linglong, their faces were as hard as they could be.

The impact of this explosion on the Hong Society could not be considered too great!

To put it politely, it was enough to make the Hong Society a laughing stock among those outside!

And this was something that Chen Dong knew only too well.

Although he had joined the Hong Society not long ago, he knew something of its past.

It was a lifetime of playing with hawks, but instead being pecked by them.

And this time, it was also because of him.

As the Hong Society was now in such a situation, Chen Dong felt guilty in his heart.

He walked to the front door.

Ye Yuanqiu then greeted a small group of Hong Society members clustered over in advance.

This was also to act as a protection for Chen Dong.

Exposing Chen Dong to the broad daylight before this gate, no one could guarantee that there would be a concealed gun hidden in the crowd full of people, aiming right at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong felt a little dim in front of him all of a sudden, and he could only skim through the gaps between the members and peer into the tide of people in front of the Shanhe Hall.

His eyes searched quickly, trying to find the figure.


In the crowd, Elder Long’s eyes lit up when he saw a group of people coming out of the Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

“Young Madam, coming out!”

Gu Qingying, who had been waiting for this, instantly had a tremor in her delicate body, and in an instant all the emotions seemed to open up and surge up.

A layer of hazy mist rose in her radiantly beautiful eyes.

Unable to help herself, her hands clenched into fists, her lips clenched as she searched for the figure she had been longing for in the crowd of people walking out of the Shanhe Hall.


Chen Dong, who was heading out, suddenly changed his face.

Through the gap between the two members in front of him, he did not see the figure that he wanted to see.

Instead, he saw the silhouette that had haunted his soul and rekindled his hope when his desperate heart was discouraged.


In an instant.

Chen Dong felt like he had been struck by lightning, and his mind went blank.

The boisterous sounds of people around him disappeared.

Through this gap in front of him, it was as if all of a sudden, this piece of heaven and earth, only himself and that sinful shadow remained.

“Wife ……”

Chen Dong muttered.

Looking at the silhouette that was looking at him with all eyes, his heart instantly felt a sharp pain.

It was as if countless sharp knives were plucking at his heart.

All sentiments, at this moment, turned into a gushing tide that surged up.

Chen Dong instantly felt his nose turn a little sour and his hands clenched his thigh trousers.

This reunion, he had been looking forward to for a long time!

However, his gaze slowly moved downwards and landed on his own legs.

Hearing Chen Dong’s startled cry, Ye Linglong’s expression instantly turned obscure and extremely unnatural.

Her shell teeth clenched her red lips as her gaze similarly locked onto Gu Qing Ying’s figure in the crowd.

At this moment, it was as if a five-flavoured bottle had been tipped over in her heart, a mixture of flavours.

“Elder Ye, didn’t you say that Elder Long was the one to see me?”

Chen Dong suddenly opened his voice, his tone filled with a cold intent.

The temperature seemed to have all plummeted to freezing point.

The Hong Society members clustered around them all felt this piercing coldness and revealed a frightened look.

Ye Yuanqiu was a little dazed.

He rubbed his nose and said helplessly, “I didn’t know this would be the case!”

“Go, head back!”

Chen Dong’s eyes instantly went red, terrified as if he had seen a ghost.

He did not care about Ye Linglong, who was pushing the wheelchair behind him, and pressed his hands on the wheelchair, about to force a U-turn.

With this single movement, Ye Linglong was caught off guard.

Chen Dong’s hands pushed on the wheelchair and froze without moving, instead, he scraped a bloody mark on each hand, dripping with blood.

“Chen Dong!”

Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong’s faces changed dramatically at the same time.

But Chen Dong acted as if he was crazy, forcing his voice down and hissing, “Go, go, I don’t want to see her, I don’t want to see her!”


Chapter 480

The sudden change of events had taken Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong by surprise.

At this moment, Chen Dong just seemed to have gone mad.

His hands were dripping with blood, yet he was still holding onto the wheelchair with a death grip, trying to turn around.

“Ye Linglong, push me back!”

Chen Dong yelled at the top of his voice.

Ye Linglong was so frightened that she hurriedly squatted down and hugged Chen Dong: “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?”

“Go back! I don’t want to see her!”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

“But haven’t you always wanted to see her?”

Ye Linglong was terrified, and her beautiful eyes were flooded with tears.

Even if her heart was blocked, but as grandpa had said, the fate was with Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

They were the ones who were married!

If it wasn’t for her sanity, she would have even wanted to have this meeting even more than Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s body trembled as he slumped into Ye Linglong’s arms, his hands clutching the wheelchair, his eyes red with tears.

It was almost as if he was squeezing his throat before he let out a hoarse voice: “How do you want me to see her now? Is she going to see that her husband has become a cripple?”

The words with a hint of crying were like a red-hot knife.

It stabbed at Ye Linglong’s heart.

She froze instantly.

You don’t want to see her, you just don’t want to show her your most despondent side?

Yes, in front of the one you love, who doesn’t want to show the best of themselves at all times?

Showing even the slightest flaw would be blasphemy to the one you love.

What’s more, Chen Dong is now paralysed in a wheelchair!

Chen Dong did not notice Ye Linglong’s change.

Instead, his eyes flooded with tears and he said, almost begging, “Please, please take me back, I vowed to return to her after I get back on my feet, now I’m a dead cripple, I don’t want her to see that.”

When Chen Dong was at his poorest, Gu Qingying returned to his side without repercussions and accompanied him to rise again.

Now, he had fallen down again, and he loved Gu Qingying, so how could he let her accompany him again?

He knew Gu Qingying, if he really let her see that he was crippled, that silly girl, Gu Qingying, would definitely rush over without a second thought.

He did not want to sit in a wheelchair and reunite with Gu Qingying.

What he wanted was to appear grandly in front of Gu Qingying when his body glowed with light again.

Chen Dong once again begged, “Take me back, please, I’ll even kneel down for you.”

“Hoo ……”

Ye Linglong exhaled a heavy breath, her slender and crystalline jade hand slowly lifted up and wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Pushing Chen Dong away, she smiled sweetly, “Alright, if you don’t want to see her, then you won’t see her, I’ll take you back, and when you get up later, we’ll go see her again.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

Chen Dong was grateful, and at this moment, there was not the slightest bit of poise and temperament.

It was as if he was a desperate beggar on the roadside, nodding in gratitude after being given a piece of steamed bread.

Humble to the …… extreme!

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Ye Linglong tried to put on a smile, got up, and effortlessly pushed the wheelchair and turned around.

This scene, which fell into Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes, made Ye Yuanqiu’s heart ache.

How could he not see clearly the change in Ye Linglong’s expression?

So humble that she suppressed all her emotions ……

This silly girl!

Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly, his chest instantly clogged up.


Just at this moment.

A loud shout suddenly rang out.

“Ye Yuanqiu! Where is everyone?”

Elder Long!

The panic-stricken Chen Dong was instantly furious.

Both hands instinctively gripped the armrests of the wheelchair, the bruises on the back of his hands stood out, but his palms were dripping with blood.

The corners of Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes twitched a few times and subconsciously looked back.

But he saw that Elder Long and Gu Qingying had already leapt out of the crowd.

If not for Elder Long still holding onto Gu Qingying, Gu Qingying might have already rushed over.

In fact, that was exactly what happened.

Elder Long and Gu Qingying were looking forward to the crowd coming out of the Mountain River a*sociation.

But they saw the crowd stop abruptly at the entrance, and they could not find Chen Dong’s figure.

Gu Qingying was instantly devastated.

Was it really that hard to meet him?

She immediately wanted to rush towards the entrance.

Long Lao reacted quickly and stopped Gu Qingying before shouting at the top of his voice.

If they really let Gu Qingying rush to the entrance of the Shanhe Hall.

It was no less than exposing Gu Qingying to the public eye.

If he was only noticed by the onlookers, Elder Long would not have shouted so loudly.

What he was worried about was that Gu Qingying was noticed by the people who wanted to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong!

“Mr. Chen, there is no way to hide, let’s meet.”

Ye Yuanqiu said helplessly to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s scarlet tear-filled gaze gazed at Ye Yuanqiu as if he was a beast.

On the day Ye Yuanqiu got drunk and spat out his drunken words, he had already guessed a bit about Elder Long.

He had previously gone to Ye Yuanqiu’s residence to ask about it, just to confirm the guess in his mind.

But now, Elder Long’s actions made Chen Dong furious.

He had been a slave all his life, following his father.

Had he never known the word, sanity?

Facing Chen Dong’s beastly gaze, Ye Yuanqiu’s expression was somewhat embarra*sed, “If you don’t show your face, Gu Qingying will come over, and a strong outside and strong inside like Elder Long shouldn’t be able to stop him.”

Chen Dong was frozen.

After a few seconds pa*sed, he smiled helplessly, “This …… little fool.”

His eyes flickered, but Chen Dong’s eyes became firm and determined.

He looked up at Ye Linglong, “Can you do me a favour?”


“Carry me.”

Chen Dong squeezed out a small smile, “Carry me on your back and pretend …… I am standing.”

Ye Linglong was in a trance for a moment, squeezed out a smile, nodded, and walked around to Chen Dong’s body.

“Linglong ……”

Ye Yuanqiu looked gloomy and couldn’t help but shout out.

Ye Linglong turned back and said with a smile, “Grandpa, a small favor from him, it’s time to help.”

It was just a smile that was endlessly bleak.

Chen Dong lay on Ye Linglong’s back.

His weight caused Ye Linglong to frown slightly and show some strain.

Even though she was one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks, she was ultimately a girl, and her strength and physique were far inferior to those of a boy.

But Ye Linglong, still clenching her silver teeth, slowly stood up in the crowd, carrying Chen Dong on her back.

Ye Yuanqiu, unable to look on, quietly moved to Ye Linglong’s side and helped give her a hand.

Under the cover of the Hong Society members, Ye Linglong slowly got up with Chen Dong on her back.

If viewed from a distance, Chen Dong again deliberately maintained a straight posture, indeed it looked like …… Chen Dong had stood up.

When Gu Qingying, who was waiting anxiously, saw the familiar face that slowly appeared in the crowd.

In an instant, a loud “boom” sounded in her head.

Tears flowed down her face and pear blossoms rained down.

At this moment, Gu Qingying even completely ignored the almost ambiguous proximity of Chen Dong and Ye Linglong, and only that cold face remained in her sight.

“The big fool …… is really my big fool ……”

Gu Qingying was in a trance, snotty and tearful, but at the same time, she revealed a delighted smile.

“Young lady, we should go, we said we would only see each other.”

When Long Lao saw Chen Dong, he could not help but look choked, he had already learned the original story from Ye Yuanqiu’s mouth.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Dong “standing” behind Ye Linglong, he immediately understood what was going on.

At the same time, he also realized that Chen Dong …… did not want to see Gu Qingying for the time being.


The words just fell.

But Gu Qingying suddenly broke away from Long Lao’s hand and ran towards the Shanhe Club ……

She wanted to see him, she wanted it so badly, she had been longing for it day and night.

Now that she had seen him, there was only one thought in her mind.

To jump into his arms ……