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Winner Takes All Chapter 505-506

Chapter 505

Really …… came?!

Chen Tianyao and Chen Yufei were dumbfounded on the spot.

Chen Tiansheng’s gla*ses also suddenly flickered with a shadowy cold light.

The hall was then abruptly dead silent.

All eyes looked towards the door.

Old Madam Chen, who had kept her eyes tightly closed, finally opened her eyes, and the cold light was blazing.

No one noticed that the corners of her mouth curled upwards, revealing a cold smile.

Chen Dong was sitting on top of his wheelchair.

Kunlun was slowly pushing behind, and Elder Long was close by.

As the three imprinted themselves into everyone’s sight.


In an instant, the hall was in an uproar.

All the people looked shocked and appalled.

Chen Dong was calm as usual, unperturbed.

Since he had dared to come here, he had already anticipated the present situation where the whole room was in an uproar.

He gestured to Kun Lun and Elder Long to move on.

Suddenly, a cry of alarm rang out.

“Chen Dong, why are you in a wheelchair?”

Chen Dong frowned slightly as he looked at Chen Dao’s relatives who stood up with shocked faces.

Thinking back to the first time when he arrived at the Chen family.

Father’s words of reprimanding Chen Daoxin in public.

This third uncle …… had really reprimanded his father at that time with every word!

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?”

“How come you’re in a wheelchair for no reason, what the hell happened?”

“Oh yo, Chen Dong, why have you suddenly become like this? Last time you came to our Chen family, weren’t you still imposing?”


As Chen Daoxin opened his mouth, the sound of a questioning voice rang out.

Chen Dong knew it well, the complexity of the Chen family’s factions had also caused the meaning of these questioning voices to change.

He looked askance at Chen Tianyang, who leapt to his feet with a look of surprise.

In his eyes, a chill gradually rose.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong suppressed his anger and pretended to smile bitterly, “Uncles, something has happened, and I can’t stand up on these legs for the time being.”


A shocking thunderstorm of words caused the hall, which was in an uproar, to be abruptly silent.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically, and the way they looked at Chen Dong was strange to the extreme.

“Really, it’s true that you can’t stand up?”

Chen Dao’s pro once again let out a shocked cry.

Although it was a shocked cry, the look in Chen Dong’s eyes and expression was one of undisguised excitement and surprise.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to reply, Chen Daojin spoke again, “Then you’re crippled!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong’s face suddenly appeared depressed and he clenched his teeth.

The hands on the armrests of the wheelchair were fiercely clenched into fists, with veins protruding.

This scene was clearly caught by the silent Old Madam Chen.

The smile at the corner of her mouth became even stronger.

It seemed that …… was truly crippled!

And as Chen Dao’s relatives exclaimed, Dao’s eyes went from locking onto Chen Dong to sweeping back and forth between Chen Dao and Chen Dong.

The eyes are different, some odd, some gloating, and some looking at Chen Daoxin with a sympathetic look.

At the small round table, Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei all reacted differently from the rest of the heirs in shock at this time.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei looked surprised.

Chen Yu Fei was even more surprised and excited as she picked up the red wine on the table and drank it down in one go, exhaling a long breath of wine and feeling incredibly comfortable.

While Chen Tiansheng, shady like a viper-like gaze, looking at Chen Dong, the corners of his mouth revealed a cold smile.

A cripple …… is not worthy of being an heir!

Even less worthy of being the family head!

The three of them had tried hard to deprive Chen Dong of his heirship, to drive this B*****d out of the Chen family completely, but they had failed time and again, and they had even failed to steal the chicken and lose the rice.

Now, who could have imagined that the tide would turn.

The Gods themselves have sent down a chastis*ment on this beast?

What a …… sight for the heavens!

Knock, knock ……

The sound of tapping on the desk suddenly rang out.

The eyes moved from Chen Dong to follow the sound.

One after another, they looked at the old lady Chen who was sitting at the main seat.

“Since you are here, then take your seat and come sit next to grandma.”

Old Mrs. Chen smiled warmly, and her words and mannerisms were as amiable as possible.

This scene.

The crowd was stunned.

Why did the old lady suddenly look like a different person?

Only in the eyes of Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun, there was a different meaning.

Chen Dong’s face became even more depressed.

His resentful gaze was directed at Old Madam Chen, and he gritted his teeth.

In his eyes, this kindness of Old Lady Chen was undoubtedly a sycophantic and disgusting fake.

Nevertheless, he waved his hand.

“Kunlun, Elder Long, let’s go over.”


Without waiting to take a step, a slap on the table sounded and thundered out abruptly.

Chen Daoxin had never sat down, and at this moment, when he heard Old Lady Chen’s words, he was even more thunderous and explosive.

After slapping his right hand on the table, he looked at Chen Dong angrily, “Old Madam, he is only a junior, if he wants to be seated, he should be at the junior’s table, why should he share the table with a group of us elders?”

These words were almost squeezed out of Chen Dao’s teeth.

As soon as the words came out, they were immediately echoed by the crowd.

“Old Madam, this is not in accordance with the Chen family etiquette!”

“After all, Chen Dong is a junior, so he should be seated at Tian Tian Yang’s table, if he were to sit at the same table as us, wouldn’t it make people laugh?”

“Even if you want to sit, you should be at the end of the table, how can you possibly sit next to you, old lady?”


The Chen family was a high and mighty family, and a true gentry in the eyes of the gentry.

The rules of etiquette and irony were incomparably strict.

Even when seated at a table, there are rules.

Today, two tables are set up, with the younger generation and the elders sharing a table, which may seem simple.

In fact, whether it is a table for the elders or a table for the juniors, the seating order is carefully considered.

Status, contribution and even affinity are all taken into consideration.

“Mum, it’s really inappropriate to do this.” Chen Daoping sat beside Old Lady Chen and spoke calmly.


Old Mrs. Chen looked solemn: “Chen Dong is Dao Lin’s son, and now that Dao Lin has disappeared, my old bones are barely able to preside over the big picture, so can’t Chen Dong attend and sit beside his father?”

The calm words instantly left the crowd speechless.

The way they looked at Old Madam Chen became more and more strange.

In the Chen family, everyone knew exactly what kind of attitude Old Madam Chen had towards Chen Dong.

But tonight, the old lady’s attitude towards Chen Dong could not be described as a 360 degree turn.

This was especially true of the younger generation’s table.

Chen Tiansheng and the others were all furious.

The juniors, all of them, sat obediently at the small table.

Who was Chen Dong, who was also a junior, to sit at the big table?

If he sat at the big table, wouldn’t Chen Dong be a generation above all the juniors?

Equally huffy was Chen Daojin.

He had relied on his blood relationship with Chen Daolin to be able to take the top spot at the Chen family banquet.

In terms of ability, he was mediocre among his peers.

If Old Lady Chen let Chen Dong sit next to her, it would mean that he would have to move backwards in the line of succession.

As a third uncle, could he still sit behind his juniors?

“Old Madam, I object!”

Chen Daoxin spoke angrily, “Even if this son is Dao Lin’s own son, he is now crippled and his heirship is still debatable, so whether or not he can enter this high level family banquet tonight is something that has to be considered separately.

Two tables are invited to the banquet.

The people invited to the two tables were either people of high authority in the Chen family, or the younger generation of the heirs with outstanding abilities.

The level, could not be considered high!

But once these words were spoken.

Old Mrs Chen and Chen Daoping beside her both had slightly curved eyes, but reason still made the two of them try their best to hide the smiles on their faces.

Chen Dong looked indifferently at the indignant Chen Daoping.

His eyes swept over Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping without a trace.

Chen Dong gave a cold laugh, breaking the silence in the hall.

“Third Uncle, you are a real dog!”

The words were sharp and penetrated with endless coldness.


Chapter 506

This family banquet was specially hosted by Old Lady Chen for Chen Dong.

Apart from Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping, even if they did not know the details, they could still detect some clues from Mrs. Chen’s attitude towards Chen Dong.

But now, the two “people in charge” haven’t even spoken.

But now, before the two “people in charge” could say anything, the third uncle of the family was getting furious!

Chen Dong’s gaze was cold and stern as he glared directly at the indignant Chen Daoxin.

When he had first come to the Chen family, his father’s words of scolding Chen Daojin had come back to him one by one.

These were not just words, they were clearly words that had already given Chen Daojin face at that time!

For a while, strange eyes looked at Chen Daoxin.

Some even showed snickers and smiles without hiding it.

Even a group of juniors such as Chen Tiansheng at the small table looked at Chen Daojin with strange smiles.


As if ignoring all the gazes, Chen Daojin slapped his palm on the table with a blatant slap.

He pointed at Chen Dong and angrily rebuked.

“I am your third uncle, are you already so domineering that you have no respect for your elders?”

The voice was stern and his features were almost twisted.

Anyone could feel Chen Daoxin’s anger at this moment.

Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other, their eyes both flickering with anger.

This Chen Daojin was not just a dog that the young master had scolded, he was simply as stupid as a pig, worse than a pig or a dog!

In the face of Chen Daoxin’s angry rebuke.

Chen Dong sat on top of his wheelchair, his aura vast and stern.

His eyes did not flicker or evade, and he let out a snort.

“I, Chen Dong, have never disrespected my elders, but I only respect those who have virtue, and without virtue, how can I respect my elders?”

The voice was cold and harsh, and carried a domineering and outward-looking aura.

It caused the crowd in the hall to slightly glance sideways and secretly smack their lips.

“You ……”

Chen Daojin’s face turned red and his jealousy was ready to split.

Wasn’t this statement a scolding of his lack of virtue?

“That’s enough!”

Old Mrs. Chen finally spoke up, blocking out all of Chen Daojin’s words that had reached her mouth.

Her eyes were clear and cold as she looked askance at Chen Daoxin.

“If you still have any regard for me, then shut up. As Chen Dong is Dao Lin’s son and your nephew, it is reasonable for me to let him sit at this table.

Chen Daojin’s face changed from blue to red.

At this moment, he finally felt the crowd’s gaze, like a mango.


Responding indignantly, Chen Daoxin gritted his teeth and sat down.

It was only his angry and resigned gaze that remained locked on Chen Dong.

If eyes could kill, at this moment, Chen Dong could probably have perished under Chen Daoxin’s gaze.

“Go over there.”

Chen Dong spoke to Kunlun.

Under the attention of the crowd.

Kun Lun pushed Chen Dong and walked over to Old Madam Chen.

As Old Madam Chen’s eyes gestured, Chen Daoxin gritted his teeth and got up, moving his seat back in turn, leaving an empty seat so that Chen Dong’s wheelchair could be pushed in front of the table.

“Those who can come are here, and those who cannot have already informed the old body.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was soft, but in the silent hall, it was clear enough to fall on everyone’s ears, “Now, the family banquet begins.”

The words fell.

The crowd did not move their chopsticks.

According to the rules, the eldest person had to move the first chopsticks at the banquet.

Old Mrs. Chen naturally knew this and twirled the Buddhist beads in her left hand, picked up the chopsticks with her right hand and picked up a piece of fish.

Then …… in full view of all eyes.

The fish was placed into Chen Dong’s bowl.


In a flash, the crowd present was struck by lightning.

What did the old lady …… mean by this?

The elderly person moved the first chopsticks and was eating, how did she put the first piece of food, into Chen Dong’s bowl?

“Chen Dong, this is your first time attending a Chen family banquet, this Yellow River big carp is an essential dish for our Chen family banquet, it means a good year, and this fish belly is the essence of the whole dish.”

Old Mrs. Chen was full of kindness and benevolence, paying no attention to the shocked gazes of the crowd as she carefully explained the dish to Chen Dong.

In her words and actions, it was as if the old man loved his junior.

Chen Dong, however, was silent and his face was as cold as frost.

There was a flash of hostility in his eyes.

This is not a weasel worshipping a chicken, it is an attempt to make me a target at this table!

The first chopsticks should have been invited by the elders first.

Not to mention him, even if his father was present, Mrs. Chen would have to invite her first chopsticks.

However, Mrs Chen did ask first, but she put the first chopsticks of food into his bowl.

Wouldn’t that mean that everyone present, including Old Lady Chen herself, was inferior to him?

Boom rumble ……

Almost simultaneously, over at the small table, several chairs shifted.

Chen Dong looked askance, Chen Tiansheng Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei had already stood up by now, their faces full of hostility, and were staring at him angrily.

With that look, they wanted to eat Chen Dong alive on the spot.

Not only these juniors, but even at the big table, Chen Dong felt a glare as strong as a sword.

The most intense one was Chen Daojin!

At this moment, Chen Daoxin’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

His right hand was squeezing his chopsticks, and the veins in his fingers were protruding.

His shadowy eyes were like knives and swords, as if he wanted to cut Chen Dong alive.

Long Lao and Kun Lun, who were standing behind Chen Dong, simultaneously changed their faces greatly.

“Is this an attempt to kill the young master on the spot?”

This was a thought shared by Elder Long and Kun Lun.

Inside the hall, there was a silence.

Just as Chen Dong was hesitating.

Elder Long’s expression eased a little and took a step forward, clasped his fist and bowed, saying to Old Madam Chen.

“On behalf of the young master, my old slave thanks the old madam for her kindness, it is indeed fortunate that the young master is favoured by the old madam, but the elders are in order, and this first chopsticks, please don’t mess up the rules, old madam.”

The words were gentle, but polite and respectful.

In such a scene, Long Lao knew that Chen Dong could not open his mouth, but if he did, no matter how good or bad the words were, he would be caught in the act.

Being a human slave and a close friend of Chen Daolin, he was qualified to open this mouth.


Old Mrs. Chen’s gentle face was steeped in sternness, glancing askance at Elder Long and saying.

“At a family banquet, how can a servant interrupt?”

Elder Long’s body trembled and he hurriedly knelt down, “Old Madam, don’t be angry, old slave is also discussing the matter.”

“Elder Long, what are you arguing about? This is the Chen family banquet, you and Kunlun are lucky to be in the hall tonight, how can you be so reckless?”

A cold voice followed.

Chen Dong looked askance at Chen Daoping, who was beside Old Madam Chen.

At this moment, the corners of Chen Daoping’s mouth were curled with a meaningful cold smile as he was staring at Elder Long on the ground.

Looking at Chen Daoping, Chen Dong suddenly recalled what Elder Long had once said to him about Old Mrs. Chen’s past.

Smashing his mouth for a moment, Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

The look in Chen Daoping’s eyes became a little teasing.

An adopted son?

Rather like a real son.

Sensing the eerily solemn atmosphere in the hall.

Chen Dong calmly waved his hand, “Elder Long, get up, this is grandmother’s favor to me, as a grandson, how dare I disobey?”


With a single word, the old man on the ground, Dragon, was in a state of jaw-dropping anger.

Kunlun’s face changed dramatically.

At the dining table, the stern gaze of the Taoist was instantly sharp.

Chen Daoxin even gritted his teeth and said, “Chen Dong, what do you mean?”

“Third uncle, are you so stupid that you can’t even hear the words clearly?”

Chen Dong smiled proudly, under the gaze of Dao’s sharp eyes.

He slowly picked up his chopsticks and, with a snap, opened the chopsticks that Old Madam Chen was placing in his bowl.

Then, calmly, as if no one was watching, he picked up the fish in the bowl.

He gently put it into his mouth and chewed it up carefully.

“Young master, don’t ……”

Long Lao snapped his head up and wanted to stop it, but when he saw that Chen Dong had already closed his eyes and chewed the fish, his old eyes swished red at once.

Has the young master …… gone mad?

Such a disobedient and disobedient act, knowing that it was old Mrs. Chen who was coddling, why did he still take this first chopstick?!

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