Winner Takes All Chapter 509-510

Chapter 509

A calm tone of voice.

But every word was like thunder, and it rang in everyone’s ears.

A firm tone, as if not giving the slightest room for deliberation, the words came out as a decision!

Chen Dong smiled coldly in his heart as he listened.

Even though he had already expected it, he was still upset by Old Madam Chen’s words.

Just a few words, and you have an accidental encounter?

The Chen family sees me as a wild child, why would they ever think of calling me to a family banquet?

The Chen family treats me as a wild child, did they ever think of calling me to the banquet?

As Old Lady Chen’s words left her mouth.

Chen Dong could clearly feel that an unkind gaze was rampantly coming.

There was surprise, there was gloating, there was even undisguised disgust ……

A few sympathetic gazes, interspersed among these unkind gazes, also seemed as if they were not there.

“Grandmother is right, our Chen family, if we have a crippled heir, it would simply draw shame and laughter from the world!”

A voice suddenly broke the silence in the hall.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head and looked towards Chen Tianyang who leapt up in front of the small table.

At this moment, Chen Tianyang’s back was straight, showing a brilliant smile and a villainous look as he stared closely at Chen Dong.

These words were like boiling water poured into a frying pan.

It instantly caused everyone to explode.

“Grandma is clear, Brother Tian Yang is right, who is not a young and handsome person in our Chen family’s succession? Chen Dong does have talent, but now that his legs are crippled and he will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, he doesn’t deserve to be the heir!”

Chen Yufei stood up after Chen Tianyang, a smug look on her beautiful face, and the look she gave Chen Dong was one of undisguised contempt and disgust.

Chen Dong looked at Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei indifferently.

Slowly, his gaze fell on Chen Tiansheng.

Of the three enemies in the younger generation of the Chen family, two had now stood up.

Chen Tiansheng, it was time for him to stand up too, right?

Only, after a two-second pause, Chen Tiansheng was sitting blandly in his chair, even leaning back somewhat lazily, motionlessly, looking at Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei with a smile.

“Rather stoic, such a perfect opportunity to bring me down, to actually sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

With this scene alone now, Chen Tiansheng had thrown Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei out by several blocks.

As the two younger generations rose.

At the large table, a chorus of approval and agreement also rang out.

“If it is known that one of the successors is a cripple, the Chen family will become the laughing stock of the world!”

“Old Madam is thinking of the overall situation of the Chen family, I second her motion!”


The fierce voices fell on Chen Dong like a verbal attack, putting him in the crosshairs in the blink of an eye.

Long Lao and Kun Lun, who were standing behind Chen Dong, were furious with anger and depression.

They had long expected Chen Dong to suffer this scene in front of them.

But now this image of a wall falling on the people still made the two of them indignant.

Both of them knew that this was Mrs Chen’s plan.

Knowing full well that Chen Dong was “crippled”, she had deliberately set up a family banquet to expose Chen Dong’s “crippledness” to the world.

Even if Chen Dong did not come to the Chen family tonight, Old Madam Chen would definitely use other methods to make this matter come to light.

There is no hiding!

There was no stopping it!

The only thing that gave Long Lao some peace of mind was that he knew that Chen Dong’s leg was not really crippled and that Chen Dong still had a chance to fight back.

It was just that …… such an excellent bottom card was too wasteful to be used up on this very night?

In the midst of the tide of people, a figure slowly rose up.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the figure, and in a flash, your face is as cold as frost, and your coldness is overwhelming.

That figure was …… Chen Dao pro!

“Chen Dong ah Chen Dong, you can’t blame Third Uncle for bullying you while your father is away, who made you not fight for yourself?”

Chen Daoxin pretended to stifle his sigh and said with a helpless face, “You have now crippled yourself, you are the heir of the Chen family, this is a big deal for the Chen family, I believe that your father is present and will definitely look at the bigger picture, third uncle also advises you to give up your heir status, don’t bring shame to the Chen family.”

Chen Daoping’s words instantly silenced everyone.

Old Mrs Chen and Chen Dao Ping both looked at Chen Dong playfully.

With such an attitude from Third Uncle Kiss, you should have nothing more to say, right?


Under the full glare of everyone, Chen Dong suddenly laughed down.

This laugh instantly confused everyone.

What did it mean?

This wild B*****d, at a time like this, could still laugh?

Chen Dong suddenly raised his head, and his gaze was stern as he forced himself straight at Chen Dao’s relatives, “My dear third uncle, what if I don’t listen to your kind words of advice?”

At these words.

All the people in the audience frowned.

Chen Daojin even looked furious and slapped his palm on the table top with a bang, angrily rebuking.

“Chen Dong, don’t give up your face! The old lady’s decision is the most correct, you are just a wild child of the Chen family, and now your legs are crippled, what qualifications do you think you have to be the heir?”

“Your status as heir is not rightly earned, and now that your legs are crippled, you still want to hang around in the Chen family? Even if your father were here, with these two legs alone, he would have to take away your heirship today in front of all of us!”

“It’s fine to be young and arrogant, but don’t be so arrogant that you don’t know how high the sky is and can’t weigh your weight! If you want to fight us, don’t blame us for taking advantage of your father’s absence and bullying the young! Third Uncle advises you to behave yourself, and for your father’s sake, the Chen family can still reward you with a mouthful of food for this crippled B*****d!”

The words were sharp, brutal and rude.

Compared to the two, the previous verbal abuse from the crowd seemed like a joke.

However, Chen Dong still kept a smile on his face, but it gradually turned cold to the extreme, seeping into the bone marrow.

Quietly, his hands also tightened on the armrests of his wheelchair.

“Chen Dao pro, you must not be rude to my young master!”

Suddenly, Elder Long let out an explosive shout.

“How dare you, an old F**king slave, bark at your master?”

Chen Daojin’s voice was stern as he steeply grabbed the wine cup on the table and smashed it at Elder Long.


Chen Dong let out a stern shout.


With a blatant punch, Kun Lun smashed the flying wine cup to pieces.

He took a step forward, his lofty tower-like figure instantly forming a huge oppression that pressed across the crowd.

“Kunlun, you, do you still want to hit me?”

Chen Daojin’s face changed greatly, and in fear, he took two steps back, “I, I am your master!”

The crowd in the room also showed scorn and fear.

Everyone knew how strong Kun Lun was, otherwise the magnificent Chen family would not have put Kun Lun in charge of training the fighting skills of the entire younger generation.

Kun Lun looked stern and his cold, stern voice suddenly exploded into the hall.

“Master? Don’t take a P*ss and look at yourself, I, Kunlun, entered the Chen family’s clan and used to only recognize Chen Daolin as my master, now there is one more person, that is Chen Dong, what kind of dog are you ……?”


With a single sentence, it suddenly caused a buzzing in everyone’s head.

Chen Daoxin’s face even turned pig’s liver and his body trembled.

Kun Lun’s words were like stomping his face into the mud in front of everyone!

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, his gaze carrying an endless coldness as he stared playfully at Chen Daojin.

The next second.

His words were like great thunder, causing everyone present to turn pale and chill.

Chen Dong dropped his right hand that was rubbing his nose and pointed blandly at Chen Daojin.

“Kunlun, he wants to hurt Elder Long, help me teach this dog a lesson!”


Chapter 510


Everyone was frightened, their hair standing on end.

Dao’s frightened gaze gazed at Chen Dong.

Had this wild B*****d …… gone mad?

How dare he be so wild in the Chen family’s territory?

Does he want to turn the sky upside down?

“Chen Dong, I… I am your third uncle!”

Chen Daoxin’s face turned white and he subconsciously tried to retreat, but when he hit the chair behind him, his retreat was abrupt: “If you let Kunlun hit me, your elder, you are disobedient and unfilial, you will be struck by lightning!”

Chen Dong smiled proudly and his gaze was like lightning, “Those who have age are elders, those who have virtue are seniors, I should respect them, you are an arrogant fool with age but no virtue, how dare you call me Chen Dong’s elder?”


The words had not yet fallen.

Kunlun launched himself brazenly, his lofty figure swift as thunder, kicking up a gust of wind that made everyone present unable to help but narrow their eyes.


There was a loud bang.

It was as if a punch had been thrown at a sandbag.

Accompanied by a pig-like scream, Chen Daojin flew backwards like a broken pocket.


Chen Daojin’s body smashed into the small table where the juniors were gathered, and with the tremendous force, the table exploded on the spot.


The sound of sucking in cold air suddenly echoed through the hall.

A trail of gazes looked in horror at the towering Kunlun, and then slowly moved to Chen Dong, who was sitting on top of a wheelchair.

A strong, vicious chill of fear swept over everyone, like falling into an ice cave.

This wild B*****d …… was really a rash B*****d who was not afraid of death!


Chen Daojin, who had fallen to the ground, struggled to stand up and a mouthful of blood spurted out, along with two of his teeth.

Kunlun’s fist was enough to break gold and shatter stone.

The power of this punch, even if Kunlun had deliberately suppressed it, could not be considered small.

Only, Chen Daojin, who had struggled to get up, had just fallen into a state of rage.

His scarlet eyes and blood-stained face gave the impression of madness.

He was completely oblivious to the staid and scornful expressions of the people in the hall, but pointed at Kun Lun and cursed.

“Son of a B*tch, Kunlun you dog slave, you dare to offend your master by hitting him below? Someone, someone ……”

Kunlun’s face was tossed with hostility.

As he stood tall, his hands quietly clenched into fists, emitting a clicking sound of bursting knuckles.

A teasing laugh suddenly rang out again.

“Kunlun, losing two teeth is not enough, people with foul mouths should be beaten to the ground!”

Chen Dong’s gaze burned, his face full of a teasing and playful smile.

Although his voice was soft, it fell on the ears of the crowd like a thunderclap.

Rampant bullying!

Was this guy crazy or was he just looking for death?

This is the Chen family, and all of us here are the top people in the Chen family. …… Does he not take us into account at all?

A group of juniors, but their faces were terrified, as if they were dreaming.

The eyes of Chen Tian Yang, Chen Yu Fei and others also became incomparably frightened, as if they had seen a ghost.

No one in the group of juniors would dare to look at Chen Dong with such a domineering aura!

Even Chen Tiansheng, who was still able to maintain his composure, was at this time secretly shocked and smacked his lips, and the corners of his eyes, which were narrowed, twitched incessantly.

This …… was provoking the entire Chen family!

If word got out, it would be enough to alarm the entire world’s powerful families!

As far as Chen Tiansheng could remember, he had never seen anyone dare to treat the Chen family in such a manner ever since he could remember!


Without waiting for Kunlun to move, a slap on the table sounded like a thunderclap.

It startled everyone, causing their bodies to tighten and tremble.

“Chen Dong, you are acting in such a way that is a little too domineering?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was as low as a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, “Have you ever thought about the consequences of making such a scene today? Do you really think that the entire Chen family is afraid of you?”

“It’s a waste of time if you don’t become a bully!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was blazing as he looked directly at Old Lady Chen, not giving an inch, “Do you really think that I am weak and bullyable, that anyone can ride on my head and P*ss on me? I dared to come here tonight, I came here with my head in my hands, there are many people here who are ignorant of the truth, do you still want to be a cousin in front of me, old lady?”

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face turned blue and red, and she was momentarily speechless.

She knew that Chen Dong was talking about the matter of the crippled legs and Chen Tian Fang, which was why she did not dare to refute it for a moment.

It was also Old Lady Chen’s speechlessness that caused everyone present to change their faces.

It did not matter whether they were the older generation in high positions or the younger generation with heirship status.

Those who were able to sit at the family banquet tonight were all of a clear-minded nature.

Chen Dong’s domineering manner and Old Lady Chen’s speechlessness made everyone sense a hint of what was to come.

“Kunlun, still not making a move?”

Chen Dong’s aura was majestic and domineering.

At this moment, his eyes were blazing, looking at everything out of the corner of his eye.

He knew that this was a Yang plot, a game in which Old Lady Chen had clearly intended to use the matter of his legs to set him up and completely jerk off his heirship.

But he also knew that he could not hide from this game, nor could he avoid it.

There was no way to avoid it, no way to hide from it, no way to avoid it.

The Way of the King, the Way of Domination, and the Way of the Benevolent, whether it be the teachings of Uncle Daojun or the teachings of his father, all tell of these three ways.

If you do not follow these three ways, then you will only be eaten to the bone if you are forced to tolerate and avoid these beasts in human skin!

Give face, don’t give face, then completely tear your face apart!

“How dare you, how dare you!”

Chen Daojin was utterly terrified and helpless, stumbling out of the pile of bowls and plates and running towards the outside.

“Someone, someone, someone!”

And yet.


A gust of wind sprang up.

It brought everyone’s hearts to their throats for an instant.

The next second.

Chen Daojin, who was running towards the outside, was then enveloped by a lofty figure.

Kunlun’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme, and hostile killing intent swirled in his eyes.

With one hand, he grabbed the belt around Chen Daojin’s waist and, amidst Chen Daojin’s terrified screams, directly lifted him up into the air with one hand.

This scene made everyone look chilled and frightened.

“Chen Dong, how dare you, this is in the Chen family!”

Chen Tianyang let out an explosive shout, his face grim to the extreme.

Chen Dong, who was sitting on top of his wheelchair, looked askance at him, “I’ll settle the score with you later for hurting my brother!”

Chen Tianyang’s body shook, and he was instantly silenced.

In the hall, the eyes of the people were fixed on Kunlun, who had raised Chen Dao’s brother with one hand.

Fear, horror, panic and other eyes were incomparably complex.

But the Chen family’s factions were complex and intricate.

There was the faction of Old Lady Chen, the faction of the family head, and the faction of the sidekicks who had gathered.

At this moment, no one actually spoke up to rescue Chen Dao’s relatives!

“Elder Long, are you not going to watch Chen Dong, this wild B*****d, go to his death?”

In the nick of time, Chen Daoping, who had been silent, rose up angrily and looked angrily at Elder Long behind Chen Dong.

Elder Long’s expression changed for a moment.

Then he rose up with abrupt determination and met Chen Daoping’s gaze, “Old slave …… is willing to die with young master!”

“You ……”

Chen Daoping looked fierce and was about to rebuke angrily.

“Kunlun, what are you waiting for?”

Chen Dong’s aura was majestic and his expression was hostile.

With a beastly burst of roar from Kunlun.

Chen Daoxin, who was raised high in the air, was instantly, like a broken sandbag, thumped to the ground with a vicious thud.


Blood gushed out from Chen Daojin’s mouth.

The muffled sound of the thud on the ground caused everyone’s expression to change dramatically.

Following that, Chen Dong’s cold and arrogant voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

“Today …… I, Chen Dong, am just going to be domineering, who else is going to stand out?”

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