Winner Takes All Chapter 59-60

Chapter 69

In a flash.

Gu Qingying in the crowd was surrounded by all eyes and flashing lights.

Gu Qingying lowered her head, two blushes appearing on her stunning face.

Even though she had experienced many of the same scenes since she was a child, her heart was still beating wildly, with a feeling of jumping out of her chest.

For, the scenes she had experienced since she was a child were dependent on the glory of her father.

This time, however, it was her boyfriend, Chen Dong, who brought it to her.

“Wow …… she’s so pretty.”

Upon seeing Gu Qing Ying’s appearance, an awe-inspiring praise rose from the automatically dispersed crowd.

“No wonder, I have such a beautiful girlfriend, I’m willing to wait too!”

“Mr. Chen is really great, he has such great achievements at a young age and such a beautiful girlfriend, he is simply a winner in life!”


This caused Gu Qingying to lower her head even further, her oniony jade hands couldn’t help but nervously clutch the hem of her skirt as her pace quickened.

Ever since she was a child, she really hadn’t had such a nervous moment.

As she reached the edge of the ceremony platform, a large hand reached out in front of her.

Gu Qingying looked stunned and stopped in her tracks.


A familiar, gentle voice rang out.

Gu Qingying looked up at Chen Dong with a scarlet face, nodding her head as she tightly mouthed her red lips.

Then, she stretched out her hand and landed on Chen Dong’s palm.

Being held by Chen Dong’s large hand, Gu Qingying’s rapidly beating heart suddenly eased down, and her nervousness calmed down considerably.

This feeling was so wonderful that she couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

All eyes were on them, surrounded by light.

Chen Dong, who was dressed in a suit, and Gu Qingying, whose white dress was like a fairy, slowly walked to the middle of the ceremony platform.

“Aren’t you afraid that your boss will scold you for doing this?”

Gu Qingying asked in a low voice as she looked to her left and right.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “How could I scold myself?”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled as she looked at Chen Dong in shock.

She did not wait for her to recover from the meaning of the words.

Chen Dong then picked up the microphone and announced with a smile, “A grand introduction for everyone, this is Gu Qingying, my girlfriend.”

In an instant.

Thunderous applause rang out.

Earlier, everyone was wondering what kind of person Chen Dong was waiting for when he was so rude.

But when they saw Gu Qingying appear and heard Chen Dong’s introduction, the only remaining trace of dissatisfaction disappeared.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman, a talented man and a beautiful woman.

Isn’t that what men work hard for, to share the glory with the woman they love and witness it together?

What’s more, Gu Qingying’s looks had convinced everyone present.

Anyone else who had such a girlfriend would have made the same choice as Chen Dong, right?

“Mr. Chen, this is unkind of you, such a beautiful girlfriend, we have seen her so many times, and you have been hiding her until today?” On the auditorium, a functional department leader joked with a smile.

Chen Dong responded with a smile, “Elder Zheng, didn’t I just want to show off my love on such an important occasion today?”

A remark amused the crowd on the ceremonial platform with smiles on their faces.

Gu Qingying looked at that Zheng Lao in a dumbfounded manner, as she had not yet returned to China and knew very little about the city.

But she knew that he was a very important leader of the city!

There were few people in the city who could talk and laugh with him!

Subconsciously, she looked at Chen Dong, her red lips mumbling.

Without waiting for Gu Qingying to speak, Chen Dong turned his head to indicate to the MC, “It’s time to start.”

“Good! Next, I would like to invite Mr. Chen from Din Tai and leaders from all walks of life to cut the ribbon for Long Ting Garden!”

The emcee’s voice was broadcast through the microphone, stopping Gu Qingying from asking her doubts.

However, the emcee’s words confirmed what Chen Dong had just said to Gu Qingying.

Astonishment was written all over Gu Qingying’s pretty face, and she even felt a sense of dumbfoundedness after being surprised to the extreme.

She could not believe it.

The person she had returned to China to help had actually quietly become so powerful!

Was this the surprise Chen Dong had given her?

The concierge lady quickly pulled up the red ribbon in front of the crowd.

Chen Dong led the shocked and dumbfounded Gu Qingying to the back of the ribbon, then picked up the scissors and handed them to Gu Qingying, encircling her from behind.

At this moment, all eyes and flashing lights were focused on the ceremony stage.

Or rather, focused on the two of them.

Gu Qingying’s mind went blank, surrounded by Chen Dong, and a sweet smile unconsciously appeared at the corners of her mouth, as if she was wrapped in happiness and sweetness.

Even before she could react, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was over.


A salute exploded, resounding through the long sky.

Followed by.

Knock, knock, knock ……

The 72 cannons that had already been set up to the left and right of the sales centre rang out simultaneously.

The sound was as loud as a thunderclap.

Gu Qingying, who was caught off guard, shrank into Chen Dong’s arms.

“Look up at the sky.”

Chen Dong’s voice rang out in Gu Qingying’s ears.

As if she was a frightened kitten, Gu Qingying slightly poked her head out of Chen Dong’s arms and looked up at the high sky.

As the salute exploded, countless flower petals were sent up into the air and were now drifting down in the sky.

The petals of all colours, multi-coloured, were illuminated by the sunlight as they floated down, gorgeous and romantic.

Gu Qingying stared blankly at the roaming flower petals.

At this moment, she forgot her identity, forgot her background, just like a little girl, tears flooded her eyes.

Raising her hand and cupping a petal, Gu Qingying murmured, “A rose?”

“I knew you liked roses, so I had someone find roses of all colours.”

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying tenderly and smiled lightly, “Such a shower of flowers, do you like it?”

He understood all of Gu Qingying’s affection for him.

To be able to pounce on him without knowing, then she was worth all he had to give.

Your joy, I do my best!

“Love it, love it too much ……”

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes were red as she flung herself into Chen Dong’s arms with tears in her eyes, “Thank you.”

This scene was watched by everyone present.

It was even recorded by all the media with long guns.

No one resented this scene of flowers raining from the sky to express their feelings, and even gave their blessings from the bottom of their hearts, and many girls even cast envious glances at Gu Qingying.

Rumble ……

At this very moment, a booming sound rang out in the sky.

Instantly, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“Look! Helicopters!”

Someone exclaimed, and then thunderous shouts of surprise erupted from the scene.

Amidst the rain of flowers in the sky, three helicopters flew in from afar.

“This is ……,” Gu Qingying looked at the scene in the air in dismay.

Chen Dong dotingly scratched the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose and smiled, “This is also a surprise for you.”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and her heart beat faster.

Soon, the helicopter flew over the sales centre.

Under the focus of everyone’s horrified gazes and countless long and short guns.

The three helicopters opened their hatches and countless colourful balloons, accompanied by three long banners, fell down.

“Cla*smate Gu Qingying.”

“You bet your life on it.”

“How can I let you lose.”

Three banners, three words, but it was as if they were thunder, exploding on everyone’s heart.

Boom ……

Exclaims of shock erupted from the scene once again.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and at this moment, tears seemed to gush out like a broken river.

She looked at Chen Dong in surprise, but Chen Dong smiled gently, “This is my vow to you, thank you for not abandoning me, from now on, I will not leave.”

Not forsaking, not leaving ……

Gu Qingying immediately flung herself into Chen Dong’s arms, burying her head, her delicate body trembling lightly.

“You B*****d, you said it was a surprise, why did you make me cry?”

The seemingly complaining words made Chen Dong smile slightly, his right hand gently patting Gu Qingying’s back, his lips slowly nodding on Gu Qingying’s head.

It was as if this scene was frozen in time.

Amidst all the envious and awe-struck gazes.

Countless long guns and short cannons quickly recorded this scene.

And at the same time as this happy scene was happening.

A silhouette was quickly running towards the sales centre from afar ……


Chapter 70

With red eyes and tears in her eyes, Wang Nan Nan ran quickly towards the Dragon Court Garden in a trance.

In the distance, the sky was filled with a shower of flowers.

And the long banners hanging from the three hovering helicopters.

It was as if a bolt from the blue had blasted through her body.

She could even imagine how happy Chen Dong and Gu Qingying looked at this moment in the limelight.

And all this ……

“Mine, it should all be mine!”

Wang Nan Nan said with a sobbing voice and gritted her teeth, “Chen Dong, you B*****d, you’re a big liar! You once said you loved me, but you actually used such underhanded tactics to divorce me for Gu Qingying.”

Jealousy, resentment, anger and all sorts of emotions intertwined together.

It made Wang Nan Nan almost on the verge of breaking down and going crazy.

“I can’t let you get away with this, I’m going to expose your human face in front of the whole city, Chen Dong you forced me to do this!”

Finally Wang Nan Nan ran close to the Long Ting Garden sales centre.

In the line of sight.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were embracing each other, enjoying the attention of all the people and the focus of all the flashing lights.

An enraged Wang Nan Nan took a step forward and stepped out of the crowd, hissing and shouting.

“Chen Dong, you negative-hearted man!”

The sudden roar, as if it was a heavy hammer, brazenly fixed and shattered the happiness in front of the sales centre.

Everyone simultaneously looked towards Wang Nan Nan in shock.

The long guns that were originally focused on Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were also aimed at Wang Nan Nan.

The media were abuzz.

Today they had only been covering the news of the first property to be renovated in the west of the city, but to their surprise, one news item after another came.

With their keen sense of news, they could already foresee that after reporting these stories tomorrow, they would definitely set the city ablaze.

The owner of Din Tai makes a high-profile courtship of his girlfriend on site, and the mystery woman suddenly shows up to call the shots!

This is the kind of news that good people love to see!

The auditorium.

Chen Dong looked huffy and his eyes looked coldly at Wang Nan Nan.

Was it to cause trouble?

He knew Wang Nan Nan’s character, and it was definitely not good to show up here now.

But he didn’t care, he was just angry that Wang Nan Nan had shown up and broken the beautiful atmosphere he had created for Gu Qingying.

“Chen Dong ……”

Gu Qingying burst out of Chen Dong’s arms, and when she saw Wang Nan Nan, her heart immediately sank.

“I’ll take care of it, don’t forget about Genting Sky later.”

Chen Dong smiled gently, then gestured for Xiao Ma to take Gu Qingying away.

He then turned to the several functional leaders and said, “Leaders, trivial and minor matters, I will handle them, Dingtai will have staff to arrange for you.”

Under the auditorium, when Wang Nan Nan saw that Gu Qingying was leaving, she immediately became anxious.

She rushed towards the stage like a madman: “You fox spirit, stop right there!”

Beside the auditorium, the security guards all stepped forward and stopped Wang Nan Nan who was desperately rushing forward.

“Chen Dong, you B*****d, you’re a big liar!”

Wang Nan Nan cried hoarsely, as if she was a victim, tearing her heart out and cursing, “In vain I married you three years ago, is this how you repay me with such results?”


In front of the sales centre, there was an uproar.

Everyone all revealed a shocked look.

Is this …… junior on the top?

The media staff instantly became red-eyed, with long guns and short cannons snapping at Wang Nan Nan.

Big news!

This is big news!

The first time I heard Wang Nan Nan’s angry scolding, my beautiful face was covered with a layer of cold frost.

Today was the pre-sale opening of Longting Garden, and Dingtai and Chen Dong were being watched by the whole city.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan came out and made a fuss.

Not only would it damage the image of Dingtai’s company.

It would even bring Chen Dong into disrepute.

This …… is going to ruin Chen Dong!

She knew about Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan’s past, and the Wang Nan Nan family had already done enough damage to Chen Dong.

Now that they are divorced, they still want to throw dirty water on Chen Dong?

Immediately, Gu Qingying was about to walk up to the stage and argue for Chen Dong.

However, a gentle voice suddenly came out.

“I will take care of it, don’t spoil your mood, wait for me at Genting Sky.”

Gu Qingying’s expression choked as she hesitantly glanced at Chen Dong.

In the end, she still chose to follow the pony and leave.

She believed that Chen Dong would be able to handle it.

After seeing Gu Qingying leave, Chen Dong slowly walked down the auditorium.

Under the attention of countless gazes and flashing lights, he swept past the security guards and walked up to Wang Nan Nan who was already squatting on the ground and bawling like she was in despair.

With a faint smile, “We’re all over, and you’re doing this now, do you want me to lose my reputation?”

Wang Nan Nan struggled to stand up, her eyes red and tearful, and she gritted her teeth as if she were mad, “I just want to ruin you, just want to make you lose your reputation, this is the price you pay for lying to me!”

Chen Dong’s heart raged with anger and looked at Wang Nan Nan with a cold expression.

“Your family, I really can’t afford to support them!”

“What can I do?”

Wang Nan Nan said desperately, “They are my parents and my brother, am I not going to help at all?”

Chen Dong stopped arguing and smiled to himself.

He felt simply silly when he asked that.

If Wang Nan Nan could really understand, there wouldn’t be this whole divorce thing after three years of marriage.

“Say ah? Why don’t you say something?”

Looking at the silent Chen Dong, Wang Nan Nan thought she had mastered morality and ethics, and her temper rose: “Chen Dong, I’m telling you, I dumped you for the divorce, but I, Wang Nan Nan, will never allow you to cheat me like this, you want to be with that green tea Gu Qing Ying, fine, give me one million, I’ll leave right away!”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for telling your Best*ality in front of the whole city!”

“Beastly deeds?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, “If you have the guts to lose face, you are the one who came up to lose face!”

After saying that, he gestured for the security guards to move aside.

Then he made an inviting gesture towards Wang Nan Nan.

Wang Nan Nan froze, not expecting Chen Dong to let him on stage at all.

It was at this moment.

Chen Dong spoke in an angry voice.

“You go up there and tell the whole city, let them know how exactly you took the money I gave my mother to save her life and went to buy a house for your brother, if it wasn’t for someone helping me, my mother would have died in the hospital icu!”


A thunderstorm of words.

Everyone in the room was frozen.

In just a few seconds.

The scene exploded into an uproar.

“My God! In order to buy a house for his brother, he even took Chen Dong’s mother’s life-saving money?”

“Eye opening, I’ve F**king really seen what it means to help my brother’s devil today, this woman is so shameless!”

“Even the life of their own husband’s mother does not care, such a wife, not divorce is not left for the New Year?”


Listening to the tidal wave of chatter.

Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face turned white and she stood in place as if she was a wooden chicken.

She didn’t expect that Chen Dong’s words would instantly make her the bad party.

What kind of sense was this?

Countless flashing lights flashed intensely on Wang Nan Nan’s body.

Wang Nan Nan stomped her foot fiercely in anger and roared loudly, “Why are you all saying this about me? I’ve done nothing wrong, it’s clearly this slag who is ungrateful!”


Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, “You are so reasonable, I don’t mind if you go on stage and give a speech.”

After saying that, Chen Dong turned around and left.

The pre-sale had already opened, and there was no need for him to remain here.

The fact that Wang Nan Nan was here made him not want to face Wang Nan Nan for one more second.

As for whether Wang Nan Nan’s fuss would affect the sales of Long Ting Garden, he didn’t consider it at all, as buying a house to “pick up money” was not something that he could affect the enthusiasm of home buyers with a “negative news”.

And his own image ……

The man who grew up with the reputation of being a “wild child” doesn’t give a D*mn about gossip!