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Winner Takes All Chapter 67-68

Chapter 67

Chen Dong was confused.

He looked at Lone Wolf in astonishment, not knowing how to respond for a moment.

Lone Wolf lowered his head with a sincere attitude, “Sir, please let me follow you.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and shrugged, “I’m just here to gain combat experience, not to take on little brothers.”

What was Lone Wolf’s identity, he did not want to delve into it.

But before coming to the Underground Boxing Arena for the first time, Kun Lun had mentioned to him some things within the Underground Boxing Arena.

Some of those who fought in the underground boxing ring were pure fighting militants, those who, like him, came to the underground boxing ring to gain experience through fighting.

The other part, however, were those who could not see the light of day and could only get paid for fighting in the underground.

At that time, he asked Kunlun which of the two groups of people was more numerous.

Kunlun’s answer stuck in his mind.

At that time, Kunlun just smiled and said meaningfully, “How many militants does the young master think are short of money?”

With this remark in mind, Chen Dong could guess the identity of the lone wolf in front of him.

He did not want to dabble too much.


Lone Wolf was stunned, “After I follow you, I can not be paid, as long as I have a mouthful of food to eat, I will follow your lead.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, and his smile grew even bigger under his mask.

There was no need for him to guess the identity of the Lone Wolf anymore.

“Sorry, I’m just here to gain combat experience, as for anything else, I haven’t thought about it.”

Chen Dong opened the door and said, “The last fight inside the iron cage, I was just gaining combat experience, so I didn’t need to hurt you at all, and you don’t need to take it to heart.”

At this moment, Kun Lun walked over.

“Young master, the appointment is made, the third match is yours.”

Chen Dong nodded and walked to the side, not saying any more.

It was Lone Wolf, on the contrary, who stood still, his face full of dismay.

He had put the terms so low, and Chen Dong’s refusal had taken him by surprise.

It was true that his identity was not clean.

But being able to stay in the underground boxing world for a long time, maintaining a fighting level with a high probability of victory, had already made him a small name within the boxing world.

Several wealthy people in the city had already thrown him an olive branch, wanting to hire him as a bodyguard, and he had turned them all down.

The reason why he chose Chen Dong was because of Chen Dong’s reserved hand in the cage that day.

Secondly, it was because Lone Wolf felt very different from either Chen Dong or Kunlun who was beside Chen Dong.

A world away from those rich men who wanted to hire him!

So he was willing to take a gamble, even if he didn’t want to be paid.

The wind follows the dragon and the clouds follow the tiger, following the right person is more important than a mere remuneration.

What’s more, the tycoons couldn’t help him change his identity, even as a bodyguard, and he would have to stay in the dark.

He was the Lone Wolf, but he didn’t like the darkness.

He also yearned for the sky and the blazing sun.

In the latter fight, Chen Dong watched intently throughout.

To him, every battle experience was invaluable.

If he wanted to improve himself quickly, the only way to get more was to put in more effort than the next person, to give more and get more.

Lone Wolf also stopped mentioning the matter of following, but did not leave either. Instead, he stood behind Chen Dong and Kun Lun, observing the fighting in the iron cage, as well as Chen Dong and Kun Lun.

Finally, it was Chen Dong’s turn to take the ring.

When the display showed the names of the two sides about to fight.

Lone Wolf’s pupils suddenly shrank and he said with some trepidation, “Sir, be careful.”

Chen Dong glanced at Lone Wolf, and then glanced at the name of his next opponent.

Most of the underground boxing world used nicknames, not real names.

His opponent, on the other hand, was a man called Hell’s Evil Ghost.

“What’s the word?” Chen Dong asked, Lone Wolf was a native of the underground boxing world and knew more information about it than he did.

Lone Wolf said, “He is a newcomer, he is ruthless and underhanded, his moves are aimed at the vitals, in fact, although we are bloody and cruel in the underground boxing world, but if there are some friendships among those who have been involved for years, the fight inside the cage will leave a way out for the opponent in the end, after all, they all know that they cannot see the light, so they will leave a bowl of rice.”

After a pause, Lone Wolf’s expression became incomparably grave.

“And this hellish evil ghost, as if it really is the evil ghost that crawls out from hell to claim people’s lives, moves to try to take people’s lives, goes to the underground boxing arena to fight ten battles in a row, ten battles, ten wins, three deaths, six serious injuries and one vegetative.”


After listening to the hellish evil ghost’s battle record, Chen Dong couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Putting aside the horrifying 100% win rate.

This result alone was sensational enough.

He had heard from Kunlun that although the underground boxing world was bloody, the lethality rate was actually very low, and as Lone Wolf had said, the old greasers would selectively leave a mouthful of food for their opponents.

Just now, when the hippo was kicked to death by the small man, it was because it was so shocking that the whole room was dead silent.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong looked at Kunlun scornfully, “Kunlun, what are you doing arranging a killing god for me?”

Kun Lun smiled faintly, “Only by walking on the edge of death can you quickly comprehend the true meaning of fighting, the more you are on the edge of life and death, the more you can break through the limits of the human body.”


Even with Chen Dong’s mind, he could not help but curse in his heart at this moment.

He was trying to do his best to improve, but he hadn’t thought of starting to play with his life so soon.

Kunlun, this mercenary, was used to living by the sword and blood before, but now he actually wanted him to bounce on his grave as well?

“Don’t worry, with me around, nothing will happen.” Seeing Chen Dong’s nervousness, Kun Lun comforted him.

Chen Dong nodded and took a deep breath, suppressing his apprehension.

He had seen Kunlun’s strength from the tube, and with his words, the evil spirits of hell could not hurt him.

After all, Kun Lun was the Hades of Hell!

Soon, as the referee announced.

Shouts rang out from the scene.

Chen Dong held up the white mask on his face and slowly walked towards the iron cage.

As for the stands, when countless spectators saw Chen Dong, there were many of them who remembered him well.

At this moment, they were talking loudly.

“Slot! That’s him, he made me lose 10,000 last time!”

“D*mn, this B*****d made me lose 100,000, today I must get it back with interest, he will definitely lose against Hell Evil, I’ll bet on Hell Evil for 300,000 this time!”

“Hahahaha …… can take revenge, today I can take revenge for my last blood loss, later I will take a good look at how this guy was scrapped and beaten to death by the hell vicious ghost.”


Listening to the shouts like a tidal wave.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

He just came to fight a fight, this hatred value is pulled, who else?

When he walked into the iron cage and stood under the spotlight.

Suddenly, a mountain of cheers erupted from the venue.

Here comes the evil spirit from hell!

A fighter with a 100 per cent chance of winning and a vicious attack was enough to perfectly awaken everyone’s blood.

Chen Dong took a closer look at the hellish demon coming from the darkness.

He was dressed in a black robe, similar to a ninja costume, while his face was covered with a hideous evil ghost mask with fangs showing.

In the light, the corners of the mask’s mouth turned up slightly, as if it were smiling.

It was a chilling sight to behold.

Without much of an opening statement, the main tone of the underground boxing scene is one of blood and violence.

When the referee shouted, the fight officially began!

Without waiting for Chen Dong to adjust his state, the evil ghost from hell on the opposite side steeply charged towards him.


A powerful whip kick, with a residual shadow, came directly towards Chen Dong’s head.

A kick that went straight for the vitals!

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, and in his haste, he raised his left arm and pushed it out horizontally.


With a loud bang, Chen Dong felt a huge force crashing against him and flew out sideways.

At the same time, his features twisted abruptly and he let out a miserable scream.

The pain in his left arm was so intense that he had no doubt that the kick had cracked his bones!

After landing on the ground, Chen Dong was already sweating profusely from the pain, grimacing and sucking in cold air.

However, he did not panic, but looked at the hellish demon’s feet in shock.

With this look, his pupils immediately tightened.

The shoes of the evil spirit were black.

But in the light, it reflected a faint metallic luster.

This was clearly …… cheating!


Chapter 68

Out of the darkness came the deafening shouts.

No one cares about what’s going on inside the cage.

What they cared about was the fist to flesh bloodshed and their own bets on the handicap.

Many people remembered Chen Dong, who was wearing a white mask, very well.

It was because in the last fight, Chen Dong had caused them to lose their money.

Outside the iron cage, Kunlun’s eyebrows knitted together as he asked in a deep voice, “Lone Wolf, is there no restriction on this underground boxing ring of yours?”

“Restrictions?” Lone Wolf was stunned.

Kunlun said, “Weapons!”


Lone Wolf was struck by lightning and looked incredulously at the hellish evil spirits inside the iron cage.

He did not doubt Kun Lun’s words in the slightest, for Kun Lun’s strength was the best proof of his words.

Just where was the …… weapon?

Inside the iron cage.

Chen Dong tried to move his left arm, although it had not been broken by the hellish evil spirit’s kick, after the bone was cracked, his left arm was in severe pain when he moved it slightly.

Obviously, at least in this battle, his left arm would not be able to be used.

He didn’t bother to delve into how the hellish vermin had managed to enter the arena wearing a pair of shoes with metal covering the toes; he really didn’t expect the rules to be too glamorous where even people couldn’t see.

Chen Dong struggled to breathe and calm his mind, his eyes like a hawk’s falcon staring intently at the hellish vermin opposite him.

This time, the fight was even more gruesome than the last time he had fought the Lone Wolf.

Last time, although he had been suppressed by the Lone Wolf from the beginning, it was still not as bad as having his arm taken off right away.

In such a fight to the death, the loss of an arm meant a step closer to death.

Besides, the Hell Vermin’s battle was clearly meant to put his opponent to death.

“Jie Jie ……”

Under the light, the opposite Hell Evil Ghost let out a piercing laugh, like a ghost: “Your fighting instincts are really strong, the strongest I’ve ever seen …….”

Chen Dong looked cold, slowly straightened his bowed back and raised his hand to wipe off the dense beads of sweat on his forehead.

“But, you have to die.”

Before the words left his mouth, the hellish evil ghost violently twisted the ground with his right foot, his black robe making him seem like a ghost as he rushed towards Chen Dong at great speed.


The sound of breaking wind rang out.

Chen Dong felt a streak of shadow diagonally, coming at great speed.

It was a whip kick from the evil ghost of hell!

Chen Dong dared not block it hard and flew out horizontally.

No matter how strong his flesh was, it was impossible to fight against metal.

After being kicked by the Hell Demon and cracking his arm bone, if he were to confront the Hell Demon face to face again, he would have a pit in his head.

It was as if the Hell Demon had predicted this.

As Chen Dong moved out of the way, his right fist buzzed and smashed towards Chen Dong’s head.

A deadly move!


Chen Dong’s right fist was blasted out directly against his head, and a strong oppressive pain swept along his finger bones.

His eyebrows knitted in pain and his face was in agony.

But with one blast, the hellish evil spirit advanced instead of retreating, and his right fist broke through Chen Dong’s right hand defence and came directly towards his chest.



Under the strong light, the ring worn by the middle finger of the Hell Vermin’s right hand fiercely popped out a dagger, emitting an eerie and bone-chilling cold light.


Even though Chen Dong had tried hard to control his mind, he could not help but break into curses at this moment.

Snort ……

The dagger cut horizontally through the clothes on Chen Dong’s chest and made a blood-covered gash on his skin.


In the darkness, thunderous shouts erupted from all the spectators in the stands.

Chen Dong stood panting in place, his face covered in frost, wary of the evil spirits of hell opposite him.

He didn’t even have time to worry about the wound on his chest.

It was only the bursts of intense pain that came from it that made the corners of his eyes twitch.

Metal shoes again, and a ring hiding a sword, no wonder he could fight a fighting game with a 100% win rate!

Chen Dong was somewhat dazed, if he relied on Lone Wolf alone then fighting, even if he could achieve a 100% win rate, the death and disability rate would never be as high as Hell Vermin!

His gaze was eerily cold as he looked into the darkness around him.

The thunderous shouts made his eardrums tremble and his breath catch.


This was death!

Compared to his last fight with the Lone Wolf, this time when he faced the evil ghosts of hell, Chen Dong had a much stronger feeling of facing death.

Under the surrounding environment and the completely unequal fighting conditions, Chen Dong had a stronger feeling of facing death.

Even though he tried to restrain himself, he was still unable to have the ups and downs of his state of mind.

“Calm …… must be calm ……”

Chen Dong kept reminding himself in his mind, even biting the tip of his tongue with his teeth.

It was the same as last time, but this time it had no effect.

The cracked bone in his left arm and the wound in his chest both prevented him from returning to calm again.

The evil demon from hell stood still, a strange “Jie Jie” laugh emanating from his mouth, a piercing sound.

He was in no hurry to strike.

The evil spirits killed people by forcing them to collapse step by step before landing the final blow.

“Mr. Kunlun, won’t you stop it?”

Lone Wolf was not stupid and had previously wondered where the hell the evil spirits’ weapons were, but the bloody gash on Chen Dong’s chest had confirmed Kunlun’s words.

One side had bare hands and empty fists, while the other was armed.

Such a fight, inside a steel cage, would be a sure death and destruction situation!

However, Kunlun’s sneer made Lone Wolf dumbfounded on the spot.

“It takes wandering on the edge of death to comprehend the true meaning of death.”

Lone Wolf stared at Kun Lun incredulously, judging from the tone of Chen Dong’s voice towards Kun Lun, the two were clearly master and servant.

A servant to his master …… was this kind of attitude?

Kun Lun slowly turned around, looked askance at Lone Wolf, and suddenly asked, “Have you ever killed anyone?”

Lone Wolf was gazed at and suddenly had the feeling of being confronted by a wild beast and having his body’s cold hairs explode.

He nodded blankly, “Yes, I have.”

“How many?”


Kunlun laughed disdainfully, “I’ve killed over three hundred!”


Lone Wolf was struck by lightning.

However, Kunlun looked profoundly at Chen Dong inside the iron cage, as if he was talking to himself, but also as if he was speaking to Lone Wolf.

“How can you send your opponent to hell if you don’t come from hell? You and I are not the same!”

Inside the iron cage, the battle continued.

The evil demon from hell did not intend to end the fight quickly.

It was more like he was treating this fight as a performance show.

Entertaining everyone present, burning everyone’s blood with bloody violence and making all the spectators’ blood boil.

One wound at a time, landing on Chen Dong’s body.

Blood was dripping.

The excruciating pain made Chen Dong’s breathing more and more rapid, and his body was so wet that even he could not tell whether it was blood or sweat that was wetting his whole body.

He knew that the evil spirits of hell were just teasing him.

But this teasing made him disgusted.

It was like the people who had called him a “B*****d” since he was a child …….


The ring dagger sliced fiercely through Chen Dong’s right arm, penetrating it flush and pulling out a wound of nearly ten centimeters, flesh turning out and blood spurting out.

The flesh turned out and blood spurted out.

Chen Dong shouted “Ah!” and smashed his right fist into the chest of the hellish demon, using the recoil force to back up his leg.

After he stood firmly, his body went limp and he almost fell to his knees.

At this point, his white mask was almost covered in blood.

His clothes were also torn and splattered with rags.

His body trembled uncontrollably, because of the pain and because of the instinctive reaction of a person in extreme tension and fear.

“Calm …… must be calm …… Kunlun has taught, calmness is the key to victory!”

Chen Dong had never given up on controlling his mind, but his own situation was making it worse and worse.

“It’s almost time ……”

The hellish villain retrieved the dagger on the ring and moved his arms, looking as if he was preparing for the final blow of the trial, “A novice who came out of nowhere and wants to hang around this place, the real people who can hang around in the underground boxing world are not wild B*****ds like you who roam the outside world, but those who actually dare to kill by any means!”


Chen Dong’s body shook, and his mind, which was raging like a volcano, fiercely settled.

He instantly held his breath as the corners of his blood-stained mouth curled into a stubborn smile.

“Yes, the wild seeds have grown up, and they have come through circumstances worse than death, so what’s the fear of death?”


The hellish evil demon let out a startled eek.

Meanwhile, outside the iron cage.

Lone Wolf’s face changed drastically as he exclaimed in a low voice, “Here we go again ……”

Even Kunlun could not hide his astonishment, “How fast!”