Winner Takes All Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

“What are you laughing at?”

Old Li’s brow furrowed as he arrogantly said, “You were supposed to follow up on this matter, I did you a favour, and when something goes wrong, do you still want me to help you fight the pot?”

In his words, it was clear that he had turned black and white upside down.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, his anger raging, and sneered, “Sorry, I won’t take the pot this time.”


Old Li was instantly shocked, this guy was crazy?

In the past, when this kind of operation was going on, he had always balked at it!

Seeing Chen Dong’s resolute attitude, Old Li was a bit panicked, the project contract this time was 30 million dollars higher than expected, such a sky-high price, to complete the shantytown renovation, not to mention making money, blood loss until the company went bankrupt was the nail in the coffin.

His brother-in-law was coming to inspect the company this afternoon, and if he was found out, it would be enough to kick him out of the company in a thunderous rage.

All these years he had long been used to staying in the general manager’s position to muddle through. If he didn’t find a scapegoat to take the blame in advance, where was he going to find a general manager’s job in the future that did nothing and could still submarine?

Obviously, Chen Dong, who is the vice president, is the best candidate to take the blame.

Over the past few years, the fact that Chen Dong had to take the blame and claim the credit himself had also made Old Li form an inertial mindset.

And now, Chen Dong’s reaction had caught him off guard.

“Chen Dong, what’s your attitude? Do you still want to F**king do your job?”

Old Li was furious and stood up with a start, pointing at Chen Dong’s nose and scolding him, “I have taken good care of you over the years, and you can only sit in your current position because I spoke well for you in front of my brother-in-law, otherwise your ability would only be that of a small project manager now!”

“You have to be conscientious and know how to repay your kindness, but you are now a wolf in my eyes?”
Chen Dong said coldly, “Are you speaking for yourself? All these years, you only cared about sucking up to your brother-in-law and claiming credit and reward, but whenever something went wrong, wasn’t it me who helped you clean up afterwards? If you want to repay me for my kindness, then you should repay me for my kindness!”


Old Li slapped his palm on the table and said in a stern voice, “You have to take the blame for this today, or not! If you lose your job as deputy manager, will you be able to hang on to her life?”

Chen Dong’s brow was furrowed and his anger was raging.

If it were in the past, Old Li’s words could indeed be like a sharp knife, poking him in the heart.

He would indeed hold his tongue and take the blame for his mother’s treatment.

But, this was a time and a place.

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence, Old Li thought that Chen Dong was weak-minded and was instantly pleased.

He changed his face, as if he was a big brother, and said in a serious manner: “Chen Dong, I know you have filial piety, I won’t let you take this pot for nothing. If you want, I will give you 100,000, this money is enough to hang your mother in the hospital for a while.”

Grace and power go hand in hand, Old Li knew how to do this.

As long as Chen Dong wanted to save his mother, he would eat Chen Dong up.

He had already secretly investigated Chen Dong’s situation, otherwise he would not have eaten Chen Dong again and again in the past two years.

“You come over here.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, “I should thank you for helping me so much.”

Old Li’s heart settled and he smiled contentedly.

One hundred thousand yuan, I still don’t believe you won’t give in?

He didn’t think too much about it, and walked up to Chen Dong in peace, raising his hand and patting Chen Dong’s shoulder, “We’re all brothers, and I’m a brother, so what’s to thank you for, as long as you ……”


Before he could finish, Chen Dong directly smashed his fist on Old Li’s face plate.

He staggered backwards, covering his face, and blood seeped from his nose through his fingers.

He hissed in panic, “Chen Dong, are you F**king crazy?”

“I’m F**king crazy! You can play with me, but if you curse my mother to death, then don’t blame me for playing with you!”

Chen Dong’s face was full of hostility as he rushed up and kicked Old Li over again, saying angrily, “I thank your whole family!”

“Paralyzed, you crazy dog, you don’t want to work anymore, get lost!”

Old Li shouted loudly, but he had long been immersed in alcohol and S*x, and had long been emptied of his body, so he didn’t dare to fight Chen Dong: “You’re fired! Get the hell out of here right now! I’ll curse your mother to death, you crazy dog, without this job, go to the hospital and wait for death with your mother!”

Bang Bang Bang ……

Chen Dong stepped forward and raised his foot and kicked Old Li’s body hard.

For three years after graduation, he had worked his a*s off, even going so far as to take the blame for Old Li time and time again, just to earn money to treat his mother and let her enjoy her blessings.

He could be insulted, but not his mother!

In the office, Old Li’s pig-killing screams echoed.

The commotion soon drew the employees of the company over.

A group of employees stood outside the office, looking through the window at what was going on in the office, all of them were stunned and confused.

My God!

Was Backstabber on dynamite today?

However, no one came into the office to stop him, as Old Li had a deep grudge against the staff of the company, and as they watched Chen Dong beat up Old Li, they all felt a sense of pleasure in taking their anger out.

Chen Dong kept beating him until he was tired, and then he stopped.

The old man on the ground was already covered in blood and swollen, but he still stared at Chen Dong viciously: “You’re finished! Even if the King of Heaven came here today, he wouldn’t be able to save your job!”

Chen Dong smiled coldly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “Originally, I came here today to resign, but now, I’ve changed my mind.”

Old Li was startled.

Immediately afterwards, he saw Chen Dong take out his mobile phone, and dialed out the number to a slip of paper.

A few seconds later, the call was answered.

“Elder Long, I want to buy Dingtai Real Estate Company!” Chen Dong’s voice was incomparably crisp.

Old Li, who was still surprised, burst into laughter at once.

“Hahahaha …… scared me to death, scared me to death, I D*mn well thought you had changed your mind about something, buying the company? You’re such a poor B*****d, your money has all gone to the hospital, you buy a bullSh*t company!”

Outside the office, everyone was struck by lightning, their faces shocked.

The crowd, which had been dead quiet, instantly exploded.

“I, did I hear it right? Vice President Chen wants to buy our Dingtai Real Estate Company?”

“What a joke! The backstabber must have been pushed into a corner and was deliberately angry with Old Li, how could he possibly have the money to buy our Dingtai? Although our Dingtai is not big, if we really buy it, it will cost 100 million!”

“It’s true that Dong has earned a lot of money as a vice president, but I heard that the money he earned in the past three years was either taken to the hospital for his mother’s treatment or abducted by his wife to her mother’s house.


Listening to the employees’ chatter, Chen Dong looked as normal and indifferently sat back in his chair, waiting quietly.

It was Old Li who got up trembling, as if he had forgotten about the violent beating he had just received from Chen Dong, spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground and said with a disdainful smile on his face, “Look, even the employees know about this, why are you pretending to be a big tail with me? How can you buy a company? Take that little money of yours and buy an urn for your mother!”

Chen Dong glared at Old Li with an icy gaze, scaring him into taking a step back and shutting his mouth.

Following this, Old Li trembled and walked back to the boss’s chair, just as he was about to sit down.

His mobile phone suddenly rang.

Old Li picked up the phone and saw that it was his brother-in-law calling.

His brother-in-law was coming to visit the company in the afternoon, so it was normal to call in advance.

Spitting blood again, Old Li viciously shook the phone at Chen Dong: “My brother-in-law is calling, don’t you F**king want to buy the company? Should I give you the phone, you and my brother-in-law discuss it?”

After saying that, he picked up the phone.

Chapter 8

Chen Dong sat indifferently in his chair, the corners of his mouth curled in a cold smile.

It was indeed not easy to acquire a company.

What’s more, under his management, Dingtai Real Estate had been maintaining an upward trend of profitability for the past two years.

But, as long as enough money was poured in, there was nothing that could not be acquired.

If there is, then keep on smashing the money!

He had a billion dollars in his pocket from his Bauhinia bank card alone, more than enough to acquire Din Tai.

However, it was obviously quicker to let Elder Long help with the acquisition than to negotiate the acquisition himself.

Old Li picked up the phone and smiled fawningly, “Hey, brother-in-law, when are you coming to the company? I can arrange to pick you up and give you a report on my work, I’ve helped the company get rid of a black sheep.”

Since he had already sacked Chen Dong, he was perfectly able to dump the high-priced contract on Chen Dong.

After all, the sacked Chen Dong was undoubtedly a “dead man” to Dingtai, so if he dumped the pot on the “dead man”, could the “dead man” still get up to defend himself?

However, in the next second, the smile on Old Li’s face suddenly turned into panic.

“What? The company is for sale?”

The screams echoed through the office, deafening.

The employees at the door were struck by lightning, all revealing their horror.

Dingtai had been making profits for the past two years, and as long as the big boss had a brain, there was no way he would sell this hen that only laid eggs!

Immediately afterwards, everyone woke up like a dream and thought of what Chen Dong had just said.

Could it be that ……

A pair of eyes of disbelief gazed at Chen Dong.

Old Li also reacted violently, his eyes looking at Chen Dong in horror, letting out an almost hoarse voice: “How the hell did you …… do that?”

“Now, the company is mine.”

Chen Dong slowly got up and smiled proudly, what surprised him a little was that Elder Long was really quite fast in his work efficiency.

However, he also knew the energy of Elder Long from the side.

He knew the big boss behind Din Tai only too well, to be able to finalise a company with a market value of 100 million and complete the acquisition in a few minutes’ time was not something that could be done with money.

“Impossible, it’s impossible.”

Old Li was red in the face and wailed into his mobile phone as if he had gone mad, “Brother-in-law, why did you suddenly sell the company? Why didn’t you talk to me about it? Our company has always been profitable, and it’s only a matter of time before it goes public. ……”


The phone hung up, crushing Old Li’s last vestiges of hope into oblivion.

Chen Dong laughed and said, “You’re unemployed, and even if the King of Heaven comes, he won’t be able to keep your job!”

The words were contemptuous, returning Old Li’s words to him intact.

Old Li’s body trembled and his eyes turned red with anger, as if Chen Dong’s words were a big hand that smacked him hard in the face.

But how could he have imagined that someone who could help him take the blame for money over and over again would suddenly have so much money to acquire the company?

Feeling the gloating eyes of his employees, Old Li had a feeling like a man on his back.

Shame, anger, resignation …… all kinds of emotions made him almost crazy.

Suddenly, he looked askance at the contract on his desk and suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hahahaha …… acquisition is it? Chen Dong you’re so F**king awesome! So awesome that I have the urge to be impressed!”

Old Li pointed to the contract on the table and laughed openly, but his eyes were raging with hostility: “But you shouldn’t have not read this contract, the shantytown renovation contract, I signed 30 million higher! You bought Din Tai and this contract was pa*sed to you, this hot potato is enough to put your company out of business!”

Earlier he was still annoyed that he had drunkenly misbehaved, but now that Chen Dong had slapped him in the face in public, this sky-high contract gave him a sense of gratitude, at least it would give him a sigh of relief.

The contract was inflated by $30 million, which would have been a disaster for Din Tai, a company with a volume of only $100 million.

By acquiring Din Tai at this time, Chen Dong was simply taking over his plate and playing hard to get with his life!

This renovation contract alone would be enough to make Chen Dong lose his family’s money.

“Thirty million?”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and his face turned gloomy to the extreme: “You are still stupid to the extreme!”

Wow ……

At the entrance of the office, all the employees also changed their faces at the same time, exclaiming like a tide.

Was Baldy Li crazy?

As the general manager of Din Tai, how stupid should he be to dare to sign such a sky-high contract?

Immediately afterwards, a complicated gaze of amazement and suspicion fell on Chen Dong.

Looking at Chen Dong’s expression, Old Li laughed even more smugly, and even had a sense of unrestrained pleasure of turning the tide against the wind.

“Didn’t expect it, did you? If you bought Din Tai, I would have lost my position as general manager, but my brother-in-law has many companies anyway. But you’re different, not only do you have to wipe my a*s, you also have to lose all your money.

“Are you finished? When you’re done, please get out of the company immediately.”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath, rubbed his face and looked at Old Li sternly.

Old Li was dim-witted and incompetent, he was well aware of that, and signing a high priced contract was also within his expectation.

But the inflated 30 million, he really didn’t expect it.

“Go, I’ll go immediately.”

As if he was a victorious general, Old Li left with a big smile, and as he walked to the door, he swept his arrogant gaze over all the employees, “You have heard the things, I have at least been your boss for so long, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”

He held up two fingers, “Either you come with me, and from now on, if I eat meat, you will have soup, or stay and simmer with this trash Chen Dong until the company goes bankrupt.”

But, no one responded.

It was clear to the employees who was actually leading Din Tai.

Between Chen Dong and Old Li, everyone knew exactly what was going on on a regular basis, whether it was their character or their ability.

Chen Dong turned around and indifferently swept over the crowd, “My ability is clear to everyone, since I dare to take over Din Tai, what is there that can’t be leveled with a mere thirty million?”

The employees looked at Chen Dong with a glint in their eyes.

Then, the crowd moved to the left and right, making way for a path.

Old Li’s face was blue, he knew that he was unpopular in the company, but he did not expect that he would not be able to pry Chen Dong’s people away before he left, not a single person was willing to go with him.

“A bunch of rat-eyed losers, do they really think he is a god? Follow him and wait for death!”

Angrily cursing, Old Li left straight away.

Half a day later.

An employee asked, “Dong, Brother Dong, will thirty million really do?”

“Have I ever lied to you since I became your boss?”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and waved his hand, “Go down and do your work, now all the company’s focus is shifted to the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city.”

While Chen Dong was taking over Dingtai, the Wang family was already in an uproar.

“Mom and Dad, when exactly will you be able to get me the bride price?”

Wang Hao hissed with a red face and a thick neck, “Xue’er is pushing me again, do you still want me to marry her and pa*s on the family name to the old Wang family or not?”

Ever since he was a child, he had been used to the way his whole family had treated him in the palm of their hands.

His parents, who were still torn, became anxious as soon as they heard the words “pa*s on the family name”.

His mother, Zhang Xiuzhi, hurriedly said, “Xiao Hao, don’t be anxious, isn’t our family already raising money everywhere?”

“You want to marry Xue’er, Mom and Dad are even more anxious than you.” Father Wang De also persuaded.

“Urgent, then why don’t you bring out the money?”

Wang Hao slammed his cup on the ground in anger: “One week, just one week, I have to give the bride price to Xue’er next week, I want to get engaged to her!”

“Wang Hao!” Wang Nan Nan couldn’t stand it anymore and got up and scolded, “Are you talking to your parents like that? Who in our family is not anxious about you and Xue’er’s marriage? What are you shouting about when you drop the cup?”

“Nan Nan, shut up! You don’t have the right to speak here!”

Zhang Xiuzhi shouted, causing Wang Nan Nan’s face to be filled with dismay.

Wang De knew that Zhang Xiuzhi’s words had gone too far, so he hastily tugged at her, then sighed and said, “I advised you not to rush Nan Nan to divorce Chen Dong before, he is at least the vice president of Dingtai, he should still be able to pay out some more, but now it’s not good, in one breath, he has taken all the 200,000 yuan that her mother saved her life, and even made a divorce out of it.”

“You blame me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows, “Xiao Hao is in a hurry to marry Xue’er, so if we don’t take his money, should we still borrow it? Don’t you have to pay back what you borrowed?”

“But don’t we have to borrow money everywhere now? Five hundred thousand bride price, a suite and a car, Chen Dong’s two hundred thousand is not enough.” Wang De said helplessly.

Zhang Xiuzhi was on fire and suddenly walked up to Wang Nan Nan and raised her index finger to poke Wang Nan Nan’s temple fiercely, “It’s all your fault, you D*mn girl, for finding a loser like Chen Dong, and now you can’t even help your brother, what kind of sister are you?”

Wang Nan Nan’s body trembled and her eyes instantly turned red, tears welling up in her eyes.

After scolding her, Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly had a twinkle in her eye: “Right! You’re going to go on a blind date for me, Nan Nan, and your father and I will find a rich one for you, so that your brother will have a bride price!”

Wang Nan Nan was confused, she couldn’t stop the tears anymore and cried, “Mom, what do you take me for?”