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Winner Takes All Chapter 71-73

Chapter 71

Chen Dong did not expect it at all.

Just a mere complaint from him had drawn such a great anger from his mother.

Even, a slap on the face!

It had been a long, long time since his mother had hit him ……

“I forbid you to slander him, he is your father and my husband, and he didn’t do anything wrong back then!” Tears streamed down from the corners of Leland’s eyes, her face full of anger.

“But he abandoned us and went off to enjoy his glory and wealth!”

Chen Dong’s heart was filled with resentment, “Does he know how much you have suffered all these years? Does he know that this son of mine grew up without a father and was called a B*****d?”

“Shut up, you shut up!”

Li Lan said angrily, her chest heaving violently, “Dong’er, you are still young, there are many things that you simply don’t understand, you used to blame your father, I would never say a few words, but now that you have grown up, what we have been going through all these years, mother and son, is not because of your father at all, you cannot blame him.”

Seeing Li Lan’s appearance, Chen Dong was instantly a little alarmed.

He had just been overcome with anger and resentment towards the father he had never met, and had only neglected his mother’s condition.

Chen Dong hurriedly said comfortingly, “Mom, please calm down, calm down ……”

Li Lan struggled to take a deep breath and gradually calmed down her emotions.

She looked at Chen Dong with tear-filled eyes, raised her hand and gently brushed the finger marks on Chen Dong’s face, saying heartily, “Did it hurt?”

Chen Dong shook his head, suppressing his anger, his voice trembling a little: “I just don’t understand why you have to defend that negative man!”


A very long silence.

Li Lan lowered her hand and lowered her head, seemingly remembering, and seemingly thinking.

Finally, nearly ten minutes pa*sed.

“Ugh ……”

Li Lan sighed heavily, “When you were little, you asked me why dad didn’t want you, you were small at the time, that’s why I didn’t tell you, now that you’ve grown up and he’s back, then I …… will tell you.”

After a pause, Leland raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes before he slowly said, “Because if your father hadn’t left back then, he would have had to die, and so would I and you ……”


An explosion went through Chen Dong’s head, incomparably shocked.

What his mother meant was that the negative man who had abandoned his family back then was saving his life and protecting their mother and son at the same time?

How was this possible?

But, in a flash, Li Lan’s words made Chen Dong snap out of it.

“Their family, they don’t take human lives as human lives!” Li Lan put her hands on her head and her tone was full of sadness.

Chen Dong’s lips mouthed, not knowing what to say.

Because, he had met Chen Tianyang.

Chen Tianyang did dare to kill!

If Kunlun had not appeared in time at the beginning, he would have died at Chen Tianyang’s hands.

In that case, then, his mother’s words made sense!

Suddenly, Li Lan hugged Chen Dong.

With a sobbing voice, as if pleading, she said, “Dong’er, don’t go blaming your father, your father was protecting us mother and son back then, and although we mother and son have been suffering for the past twenty years or so, although we are tired, at least we still have a life, if your father hadn’t left back then, our family would all have had to die.”

“He never abandoned us, he never loved you and mum, back then he came covered in wounds to say goodbye to mum and to you in his belly.”

“He was a man and a father, he was trying to do his duty, mummy never blamed your father for leaving, and you can’t blame him either.”

The sound of his mother’s cries seemed like a needle, stabbing Chen Dong in the heart.

He was filled with dismay and suddenly a little overwhelmed.

Ever since he was a child, he had only resented.

Never bothered to think about anything else.

But his mother’s crying and pleading now made him a little uncertain about his previous resentment.

“Then why, after all these years, did he not come to us? Why did he wait until you were about to die before he just sent Elder Long to come, instead of him coming in person?” Chen Dong’s voice trembled as he asked.

“He can’t help himself, mother knows, he is already the head of their family, but at home, he is not a one-word man!”

The mother’s sobs were getting louder and louder, as if she was exploding out the suppression that had been pent up in her heart, “At that time when he left, Elder Long was by his side, mother knew Elder Long, it was his limit to send Elder Long over when you were in your previous predicament, he had us in his heart, otherwise how would he have known that mother was dying? ”

Chen Dong was stunned.


Elder Long was able to rush to his mother’s critical moment and come to his rescue.

If it was just a coincidence, wasn’t that too much of a coincidence?

Perhaps it seemed too fantastical to come suddenly in time when he was penniless.

But before Wang Nan Nan took the last two hundred thousand, he was in an equally dire situation, already in a dilemma.

Half the time.

Chen Dong waited for his mother’s sobs to subside before he slowly let out a breath and calmly asked, “What exactly did he go through, at his house?”

Li Lan shook her head, her eyes red with tears, and said, “I don’t know, what I’ve told you is all I know.”

Chen Dong was frozen.

The light of his eyes flickered.

In a trance, he thought of what Elder Long had said when he first met him.

There was also Long Lao’s regret and intolerance when he had resented his father over and over again in front of him.

Just what was this deal that allowed him to grow enough to take over the position of family head?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong suppressed his jumbled thoughts and revealed a smile.

“Mom, I understand.”

Li Lan nodded, raising her hand to wipe her tears: “Don’t resent your father, or else I won’t be able to die in peace even if I die.”

Chen Dong immediately panicked, “Mom, I forbid you to say such things, you will definitely live a long life and have grandchildren.”

Li Lan smiled and gently patted Chen Dong’s head, “Then you have to do it as soon as possible.”

Was this a disguised attempt to rush the marriage?

Chen Dong was embarra*sed.

Mother and son looked at each other with a smile.

Gu Qingying sat in the living room watching TV, she didn’t know what Li Lan had told Chen Dong to go to the terrace, but she knew that this was the privacy of mother and son, so she could just wait quietly by herself.

Bored with idleness, she also got up and went into the kitchen, and joined Fan Lu in the kitchen to get busy.

Kunlun squatted in the corner, peeling potatoes in silence.

“Brother Kunlun, you should peel the skin thinner, it’s too wasteful to peel it so thick.” Fan Lu took a look at the potatoes Kun Lun was peeling and was a little distressed.

Kunlun looked up, glanced at Fan Lu, and then nodded helplessly.

Then he lowered his head and continued peeling, only muttering a sentence that only he could hear, “When I was hacking people in the battlefield, no one even said I was wasteful ah.”

Gu Qingying watched the scene, smiled, rolled up her sleeves and asked, “Sister Lulu, I’m here to help too, what will you let me do?”


Fan Lu was startled and said busily, “Miss Gu, you’re Mr. Chen’s girlfriend, you can’t do these rough jobs, Brother Kunlun and I will do it.”

“It’s alright, I help my mother cook at home too.”

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly as I picked up the paring knife and potatoes and squatted down beside Kunlun to peel them, “I’ll peel the potatoes with Brother Kunlun.”

Fan Lu sighed helplessly and stopped stopping.

A minute later.

Fan Lu looked at the fist-sized potato, which had been peeled to the size of a walnut, and was heartbroken.

She looked at Gu Qingying, “Miss Gu, have you really cooked?”

Looking at the walnut-sized potato, Gu Qingying was also a little embarra*sed, embarra*singly spitting out her tongue and smiling playfully, “I helped my mother boil boiling water.”

Fan Lu: “……”

Kunlun: “……”

At this moment, Chen Dong and Li Lan happened to walk down.

Seeing the scene in the kitchen, mother and son looked at each other and smiled.

This …… was a little bit like home.


Chapter 72

The meal was a joyous one, and the whole villa was filled with laughter.

It was late at night.

Chen Dong did not go to sleep.

Instead, he sat alone on the terrace, blowing the night breeze.

“Young master, something on your mind?”

Behind him, Kun Lun’s voice rang out.

Chen Dong looked into the distance, and from his position on the terrace, he could just look out over the night scene of the whole city below Tianmen Mountain.

He did not reply to Kunlun’s enquiry.

Kunlun walked to the side and sat down.

“Got a cigarette?” Chen Dong asked.

Kunlun nodded, took out a box of cigarettes and handed one to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong did not smoke, but he did, right now, want to try it.

Taking the lighter from Kunlun’s hand, he lit it slightly rustily and took a hard drag.

The pungent smoke immediately rushed into his lungs, choking him so violently that he coughed a few times and tears came out of his eyes.

After looking at the cigarette, Chen Dong threw it on the ground and smiled bitterly, “I’d better not smoke it.”

“It’s not really necessary, you can talk to me.” Kunlun shook his head, knowing that Chen Dong had something on his mind.

Chen Dong lay back on the recliner, his hands behind his head, looking at the stars in the sky, “It’s just that suddenly I don’t know how to position my father in my heart.”

Before, he had always thought that his father was a negative man who had abandoned his family and pursued glory and wealth.

Even Long Lao’s appearance, changing his situation and aiding him in his growth, was seen by him as a deal.

A deal that allowed him to take over the reins of the family.

He had no feelings for his father, whom he had never met, other than resentment.

But it was his mother’s words that began to shake him.

If it was really a matter of life and death, then his father’s departure was indeed the optimal solution.

So …… what had happened to the Chen family back then?

For that year, he was curious.

Unfortunately, the mother also only knows only a few words in terms of, want to look deeper, I’m afraid the only way to meet the father.

“Actually, Master, it’s very good.”

Kun Lun sighed, his eyes shining with a brilliant look, “He is the best person I have ever met, in the whole world, bar none!”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “By the way, you used to be a mercenary, how did you choose to follow him?”

Kunlun lit a cigarette to himself and smoked it, “Back then, I was actually in the mercenary market and had over a hundred men under me, straddling the battlefield like a fish in water.”

“Isn’t that quite good?” Chen Dong laughed.

“Good?” Kunlun shook his head, “Running around with my head tied to the waistband of my trousers every day, in a hail of bullets, I actually got tired of it a long time ago.”

“So, it was with my father?”

“It was your father who saved me.”

Kunlun shook his head, his eyes were deep and seemed to be remembering.

“Back then I was on a mission, commissioned by your father, to a desert warring country, to free a hostage.”

“Unfortunately that mission failed, over a hundred of my brothers, over ninety died, and I and the rest of my brothers were all captured.”

“On the day of the execution, I could never forget that scene.”

Speaking of this, Kun Lun looked at Chen Dong with a glow in his eyes, “Young Master, businessmen value profit over life, you know that, right?”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

“I remember the sun was very strong that day, and when we knelt on the execution platform, there must have been tens of thousands of people watching, right?”

Kunlun smiled spontaneously and continued the story, “To prevent us from being rescued, the other side also set up a dozen armored tanks to guard, and that’s when your father came.”

He raised his index finger, “Came alone, drove a jeep and stormed straight into the execution ground.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes danced a little, a little stunned.

Kun Lun’s words were spoken with ease.

However, the scene at that time was absolutely menacing.

The scene of execution in front of tens of thousands of people, that was simply not something that could be reversed by human power anymore.

For his father to dare to go would, in his opinion, be a death sentence.

“Isn’t that surprising?”

Kun Lun asked with a smile, and without waiting for Chen Dong’s response, he continued, “Actually, I was surprised too, but your father just came, one man and a car, rushed into the execution ground, rammed the car directly onto the execution platform, and then calmly and calmly got out of the car, greeting all those present with a smile in a fluent local native language.”

Speaking of this, even Kunlun could not help but praise: “To be reasonable, I have been on the battlefield for so many years, and some mercenary kings are usually as high and mighty as they can be, but when they are really faced with life and death, they are still nervous and apprehensive and scared to death.

I’ve never seen someone like your father, someone who is so calm and collected, as if it’s engraved into his bones.”

Saying that, he looked at Chen Dong and said, “You are very much like him, but you still have a long way to go from him.”

Chen Dong frowned and said, “And then what?”

Kunlun continued, “Then he gifted the local area ten billion straight away and bought my life.”

“Ten billion …… for your life? No wonder you’re dead set on following him.” Chen Dong teased a smile.

“It’s a kind of repayment for saving his life.” Kunlun smiled, the essence in his eyes grew brighter and brighter, “More than that, I was convinced by his calmness and calmness at that time, I was a mercenary, I was also brilliant, but in the end, I could not see the glory, but following your father is different.”

Chen Dong smiled, “The clouds from the dragon, the wind from the tiger, one day the wind and clouds will change, and the rock will rise to the nine heavens?”

“Hahahaha …… Young master understands me.” Kun Lun laughed bashfully and directly admitted it.

Chen Dong did not feel abrupt either.

If he were in Kunlun’s position, he would have made that same choice.

However,…… the father Kunlun spoke of did refresh his perception somewhat.

The scene of tens of thousands of people gathered around, surrounded by armored cars and tanks, a real and certain death.

The father even dared to rush in single-handedly, this boldness alone is not something an ordinary businessman can have.

“Young master, in fact, the old master is not what you think he is.”

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence, Kun Lun continued, “There are some things that we, as slaves, shouldn’t talk too much about, but for the master to let me come to your side, he does regard you as more important than even he does.”

“How so?” Chen Dong asked.

“I am his close bodyguard, and only close bodyguard.”

There was a faint surge of murderous intent in Kunlun’s eyes, “After following Master, on average, every year I have to help Master solve at least ten a*sa*sination crises.”

“Ten a*sa*sinations?”

Chen Dong could not help but be moved and fell into contemplation.

Kun Lun got up, patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and said, “By sending me to your side, he is exposing himself to those ten a*sa*sinations.”

When Chen Dong came back to his senses, Kun Lun had already left.

Looking at the starry moon in the sky, Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance.


The Wang Family.

“It’s really in the Tianmen Mountain Villa area?” Zhang Xiuzhi was full of shock and hung up the phone with a smile, “Little Zhang, Big Aunt really didn’t love you for nothing.”

Wang De, who was at the side, was puzzled, “Are you really sure that Chen Dong lives in Tianmen Mountain Villa Area? It can’t be, the houses there are sky high!”

“My nephew is in the second-hand house sales business, he has a lot of eyes and ears, how can he be false in checking this?”

Zhang Xiuzhi crossed her eyes at Wang De and couldn’t help but marvel with her eyes glowing, “Oh my god, my good son-in-law is so rich, a 130 million dollar mid-level villa in Tianmen Mountain, if I lived in it ……”

“What do you want to do?” Wang De asked worriedly, “I can tell you, our family is now the joke of the whole city, you don’t want to mess around.”

“So you deserve to die poor for the rest of your life.”

Zhang Xiuzhi glared at Wang De, “My good son-in-law is so rich, of course I’m begging him to remarry Nan Nan, so that we can live in the mid-levels villa in the future, think how beautiful we’ll be then?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was cold as she complained, “It’s all Nan Nan’s fault, she doesn’t know her blessings when she’s not in one of them, now she has to beg her good son-in-law, it’s impossible, I have to do it myself.”


Chapter 73

Early the following morning.

It was slightly dawn.

Chen Dong got up early and went out for exercise with Kunlun.

Only because of the injuries on his body, the devil training could only be interrupted and basic physical training was carried out for the time being.

Even so, at the end of the workout.

Chen Dong’s body was also covered in beads of sweat.

After glancing at Kunlun who was bare-chested, Chen Dong wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Kunlun, you’re too hard on yourself, aren’t you?”

Although Kunlun’s workout was not as intense as his previous devil training.

But the horror was that Kunlun repeated it year after year, day after day.

This persistence was not as simple as talking about it.

If it wasn’t for the appearance of Chen Tianyang, who had personally felt the threat of death, he wouldn’t have been so harsh on himself.

Kunlun’s bronze muscles, now glistening with sweat, reflected a luminous glow in the rising sun, and every inch of his skin was as hard as cast bronze.

Kunlun wiped the sweat from his chest and laughed, “Martial arts is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will fall back, you dare not slacken off.”

The two of them talked and laughed as they returned home.

It so happened that Fan Lu was tidying up the living room.

As soon as she saw a bare-chested Kun Lun, she was so frightened that Fan Lu’s face flushed red and she let out a scream, lowering her head.

“What’s wrong?”

Kun Lun looked confused.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and slapped his backhand on Kun Lun’s chest, saying in a low voice, “She’s a girl, at least pay attention.”

Kunlun woke up like a dream and hurriedly covered his chest with his clothes, explaining, “Xiao Lu, I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to.”

Fan Lu’s breath was a little shortness, pretending to be calm and said, “No, it’s okay, brother Kunlun, you, your pecs are so big ……”

Kunlun raised an eyebrow and scratched his head with a naive smile, “Generally, I guess, so do you.”

Chen Dong looked speechless for a while.

Kunlun this iron naive, male and female pectoral muscles, can it be the same?

Seeing Fan Lu’s face oozing blood in shame, Chen Dong hurriedly kicked Kun Lun on the buttocks, “Still not going to take a shower and change your clothes?”

Kunlun was full of consternation and uncertainty, but still dared not disobey Chen Dong, and went back to his room in silence.

Chen Dong walked up to Fan Lu and said soothingly, “Xiao Lu, don’t be ordinary with Kun Lun, he’s just an iron simpleton, he doesn’t understand.”

“Mm, got it Mr. Chen.”

Fan Lu lowered her head, her voice as weak as a mosquito’s whisper.

Seeing Chen Dong about to leave, Fan Lu suddenly said, “That, Mr. Chen, can I take a day off today?”

“Take a day off? Is it very important?”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, he was somewhat reluctant to let Fan Lu take the day off, as his mother had just been discharged from the hospital now and had to be taken care of more.

Once Fan Lu left and he went to work, his mother would have no one to take care of her.

As for Kunlun, to be able to say that both men and women were the same, he didn’t expect meticulous care for his mother at all.

“It’s very, very important.”

Fan Lu also knew the situation now, clenching her hands together nervously and biting her lip, “If it doesn’t work, I’m okay with it.”

This job was not easy to come by, even better treated than her peers, and Li Lan was also very good to her.

That was why Fan Lu treasured this job extraordinarily.

Chen Dong glanced at Fan Lu and swept his gaze over her hands, to be precise, her hands were full of calluses.

Smiling, Chen Dong said, “That’s fine, go early and return early, remember to call me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen.” Fan Lu was full of joy.


It was after ten o’clock at noon.

Outside the Tianmen Mountain villa area, a taxi pulled up.

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De got out of the car and took out a large pile of gifts from the trunk.

Wang De’s face burned a little, his eyes darted around and he whispered, “Can you stop? This is the Tianmen Mountain villa area, not our old neighbourhood, the security here is very strict, we can’t even get in the front door.”

“What the hell do you know?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s neck stretched, her face full of cross colour: “I am Chen Dong’s mother-in-law, he bought a mid-level villa, even in this villa area, he is still superior, those poor security guards, how dare they stop us?”

“You ……” Wang De knew he couldn’t persuade, and could only stomp his foot and sigh.

The two of them carried their things and strutted towards the gate of the villa area.

The two security guards standing guard at the gate glanced at each other, somewhat puzzled.

Those who could work as security guards at the Tianmen Mountain villa area were all carefully selected by the property company.

With the eyes of the two security guards, they could naturally tell at a glance that the two people walking up to them were not residents of the villa area.

Soon, Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De walked up to the door.

Zhang Xiuzhi pointed at one of the security guards and scolded, “You, that’s you, why don’t you come and open the door for us?”

The reprimanded security guard did not show any anger.

It was because there had been incidents in the villa area before of poor relatives coming to the rich.

If he was angry at a mere rebuke, then his professionalism was too low.

The security guard walked up to Zhang Xiuzhi and said with a smile, “Good day, sir and madam, I’m sorry, but our villa area stipulates that owners need to swipe their access cards to go home, and if you have relatives living inside, you also have to confirm through your relatives by calling the property before we can swipe the access card for you to enter.”

A statement that made Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De look at each other.

Wang De subconsciously tugged on Zhang Xiuzhi’s coat.

But Zhang Xiuzhi slapped his hand away and said to the security guard, “Don’t give me that nonsense, can’t you see we are carrying so much stuff? My son-in-law lives inside and I’m here to see him!”

The guard said, “Please ask for your son-in-law’s room number, we can contact him for you, or you can contact him.”


What the hell!

Zhang Xiuzhi was furious, she only knew that Chen Dong lived in those top cla*s villas in Mid-levels, she didn’t know the detailed address at all.

As for her personal contact, Chen Dong had already blacked out her phone number!

But if she couldn’t see Chen Dong and send him a gift, how else could she win back her good son-in-law?

Thinking of this, Zhang Xiuzhi threw the object in her hand onto the ground with force.

Then, surprisingly.


A slap on the face of the security guard and a sharp, stern whine, “What do you think you are? A mere watchdog, how dare you stop me? Open the door for me today, or don’t blame me for fixing you, the watchdog!”

The voice was harsh and unreasonable.

The sudden slap scared Wang De even more, causing him to shiver violently.

The guard was also dazed by the slap.

The other guard on guard duty hurriedly informed the property office through the communicator, and then quickly ran to the beaten guard.

He didn’t wait for him to speak.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly had a grimace on her face and raised a slap on the face of the security guard who had rushed in.

“Ouch crap! Does the watchdog have helpers? Do you want to beat me to death?”

The security guard who had rushed in covered his face in pain, and was incomparably annoyed at Zhang Xiuzhi’s angry shout of a thief.

But neither of them dared to make a real move, they had to wait for the response from the office.

But Zhang Xiuzhi did not relent, and the lack of response from the two guards fuelled her anger.

She crossed her arms and pointed at the two security guards with one hand and scolded, “I’m telling you, my good son-in-law’s name is Chen Dong, and he is the most honourable resident in your villa area.

The two guards were silent, not daring to say anything back.

But the security guard who had just rushed in had his communicator connected to the property office.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s shouting was clearly heard by the manager of the property company.

The property manager did not dare to be slow and hurriedly dialed Chen Dong’s number to confirm.