Winner Takes All Chapter 81-83

Chapter 81

“Pay up, I’ll pay up …… stop, you F**king stop it ……”

Zhou Zunlong’s body was trembling, sweating like rain as he hissed in pain.

He was truly afraid.

Chen Dong’s ruthlessness and decisiveness had made his heart tremble.

He had no doubt that if he continued to talk tough, Chen Dong would do even more outrageous things.

This was a F**king madman!

“If you pay up earlier, won’t everything be fine?” Chen Dong sneered.


The small knife pulled out of Zhou Zun Long’s thigh.

Zhou Zun Long let out a miserable cry and roared in pain, “You, what the hell are you pulling it out for?”

“Oh, then I’ll stick it back in.”


Zhou Zun Long’s body tensed up violently as he stared dumbfounded at the small knife that had reverted back to the thigh wound.

This scene made all of Zhou Zun Long’s dozen or so fighters look dumbfounded.

Is this what people do?

Chen Dong calmly wiped the blood from his hands on Zhou Zun Long’s suit.

Only then did he slowly say, “Mr. Zhou, apart from asking you to pay for your suit, the other thing I came here today is to inform you that Fan Lu is one of my men, tell your cousin not to move her!”

The voice was cold, but resounding.

It made Zhou Zun Long’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker.

After taking a deep breath, Zhou Zun Long, however, suddenly smiled.

Originally, his features were all distorted due to the severe pain.

At this moment, he suddenly laughed, causing his smile to become hideous and terrifying.

Chen Dong frowned.

Suddenly, his pupils suddenly tightened.

He saw a blackened tube poking out from Zhou Zun Long’s waist.

“Can’t you F**king fight? Have the guts to continue!”

Zhou Zun Long slowly got up, and the blackened pipe was directly on Chen Dong’s head: “You have the guts, you have the guts to stab me and still call my bluff? Go out and ask around, who in the whole city dares to talk to me like that?”


A slap landed on Chen Dong’s face.

It was powerful.

Chen Dong’s face deflected for a moment, and five fingerprints quickly surfaced on the left side of his face.

He gritted his teeth and looked at Zhou Zun Long again.

“Aren’t you able to fight? Let’s see if your hands and feet are faster or Laozi’s peanuts are faster!” Zhou Zun Long’s face was fierce, he wanted to put the barrel of his gun directly into Chen Dong’s head.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “I hate people pointing guns at my head the most in my life!”

“Oh yo? Then you resist!”

Zhou Zunlong raised his eyebrows and laughed fiercely, “You’re still tough-mouthed at the end of your life?”

The words had not yet fallen.

Suddenly, Chen Dong raised his hand and grabbed the barrel of the gun, roaring in anger.

“Then F**king shoot! If I die here today, all of you won’t be able to walk out of this gate. Do you really think Zhou Yanqiu is supporting me because he values my ability?”

A roaring voice echoed through the Mountain and Sea Pavilion.

The smile on Zhou Zun Long’s face froze abruptly.

He was not stupid.

On the contrary, having made it to this point, he was smarter than normal people!

He regarded Zhou Yanqiu as his only rival in the city, and knew Zhou Yanqiu’s heritage and brains very well.

Chen Dong’s words woke him up with a start!

Indeed, with Zhou Yanqiu’s brains, even if he valued Chen Dong and wanted to support him, he would never do something like dumping his company and going against the whole city’s material merchants.

This was too big a gesture!

Seeing Zhou Zunlong pondering, a few drops of sweat slowly trickled down the side of Chen Dong’s temple.

He clenched his teeth and glared at Zhou Zun Long fiercely.

“You don’t even bother to ask around about me, so you put a gun to my head? If I dare to stab you, why don’t you shoot me?”

The voice was wild, even a hint of insanity.

Zhou Zunlong and Chen Dong looked at each other, their hearts beating wildly.

The blue veins at the corners of their eyes even stood out.

“Do you really F**king think I don’t dare to fight?”

The sound of gnashing teeth echoed within the deadly quiet Mountain and Sea Pavilion.

It was as if the atmosphere was about to freeze.

At that exact moment.

A bang!

The door of the Mountain and Sea Pavilion was kicked open.

In an instant, it attracted everyone’s attention.

When Chen Dong took a look, it was no other person, it was Lone Wolf!

“Mr. Chen!”

Upon seeing the scene within the Mountain and Sea Pavilion, Lone Wolf’s face changed drastically, but he did not immediately go forward, instead he scolded at Zhou Zun Long, “Zhou Zun Long, Zhou Yanqiu asked me to bring you a message, overrate the tree without measuring yourself and you will die!”


Zhou Zun Long was struck by lightning and the ferocity on his face instantly turned into horror.

Chen Dong’s words just now had already made him uncertain.

Now Lone Wolf’s appearance and one sentence even made all his anger seem to be completely doused by a pot of cold water.

D*mn it…… really kicked a steel plate?


Just when he was in a state of shock and uncertainty.

Chen Dong suddenly raised his hand to open the barrel of the gun on his head and smiled coldly, “I am now walking out of this gate, if you want to shoot, you are always waiting!”

After saying that, he walked out without looking back.

Zhou Zun Long froze in place, staring at the weapon in his hand with a sweaty face, his eyes flickering and eventually becoming obscure as he slowly put the weapon back.

Chen Dong’s calmness and composure had made him even more afraid to shoot!

He had made it this far, and was so well clothed and well fed that he was not so stupid as to do such a thing that could cost him a thousand years of daoism in one day.

Outside the Taishan Hotel.

Lone Wolf silently followed behind Chen Dong.

The scene inside the Mountain and Sea Pavilion just now had caused Lone Wolf’s face to turn a little white and his heart to palpitate.

However, Chen Dong’s reaction was surprisingly calm, which was what Lone Wolf had not expected.

“Do you have a car?”

Chen Dong suddenly asked.

“Yes, Mr Chen this way please.” Lone Wolf hurriedly stepped forward to lead the way.

After sitting in the car, Lone Wolf hurriedly started the car up.

After waiting for a short drive on the road, a heavy exhale suddenly rang out from the dead silent car.

Chen Dong slumped in his chair and took off his suit jacket with difficulty, the shirt inside having long since been completely drenched with sweat.

Then, with a self-deprecating smile, “I was scared to death just now.”

Lone Wolf was stunned, “I thought Mr. Chen had just been titanic without changing his face.”

“If you were pointed at your head instead, would you panic?”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth and said casually, before looking out of the car window.

He was just gambling.

Betting on the psychological game with Zhou Zun Long!

Luckily, he had won the bet!

Lone Wolf’s arrival, bringing with him Zhou Yanqiu’s words, had undoubtedly a*sisted him, completely breaking down Zhou Zunlong’s psychological defences.

Lone Wolf drove quietly, gazing ahead.

Chen Dong’s reaction had caught him somewhat unprepared.

But upon careful thought, Chen Dong’s current state seemed to be the most genuine reaction.

However, Chen Dong’s “calmness” in the Mountain and Sea Pavilion had left an indelible impression on him.

“By the way, did Zhou Yanqiu call you here?”

Chen Dong suddenly asked.

Lone Wolf nodded, “Yes.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and his gaze deepened, “So is he one of the tycoons who threw you an olive branch, or is he the boss of the underground boxing world?”

Lone Wolf smiled, “Actually, I only found out today that the owner behind the Underground Boxing Arena is Mr. Zhou.”


Chen Dong did not show too much surprise, Zhou Yanqiu’s industry was so big and he was in charge of his own business empire, it was normal for him to be overt and covert.

Rather, it was Lone Wolf who was willing to come.

It made him a little surprised.

“You knew it was dangerous, and you still dared to come?” Chen Dong asked.

Lone Wolf was silent for a second and said, “Because I want to follow Mr. Chen.”

“I don’t mess around with that.” Chen Dong looked out of the window as if he was muttering, “You should work at my Dingtai tomorrow first, you can’t do it without working.”

Lone Wolf had originally all looked gloomy.

When he heard Chen Dong’s latter words, he was instantly overjoyed, “Thank you, Mr. Chen!”


Chapter 82

In one day, what happened was like a roller-coaster ride.

Even Chen Dong was exhausted.

In Lone Wolf’s car, he soon fell asleep.

When the car arrived at Tianmen Mountain Villa, it was Lone Wolf who woke Chen Dong up.

Back at home.

His mother was still watching TV in the living room and saw Chen Dong return.

Li Lan grumbled and went forward, taking the suit jacket in Chen Dong’s hand, “You make yourself so tired all day long, you don’t know to feel sorry for yourself.”

“It’s not that I’m busy with work?” Chen Dong said with a smile, rubbing his belly, “Mom, is there any left of the dinner Sister Fan Lu made for you, I haven’t eaten yet.”

“No, mum will make you tomato and egg noodles.”

Li Lan said with a smile.

Chen Dong did not stop, since he was a child, he had liked eating his mother’s tomato and egg noodles the most.

It had been a long, long time since his mother had been seriously ill.

This little amount of work would not hurt his mother in her current state.

Still, Chen Dong rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen with his mother.

“What are you doing in here? Go out and rest for a while, I’ll do it here.” Li Lan said heartily, knowing that Chen Dong was tired from his work.

Chen Dong smiled and said, “Mom, it’s okay, I’ll do it with you, it’s been a long time since I’ve cooked.”

Li Lan smiled and pointed to the garlic next to her, “Then you can help pick up a few pieces of garlic.”

“Okay.” Chen Dong smiled and responded.

“By the way, do you know what happened to Xiao Lu? That girl came back tonight and made dinner and waited for me to finish it, then she left in a hurry with a thermos bucket, and where’s that kid Kunlun? They’re both away, and I’m all alone in such a big house without even someone to talk to.”

Li Lan asked Chen Dong as she went about her work.

Not wanting to worry his mother, Chen Dong smiled and explained, “There must be their personal business to take care of.”

Li Lan nodded and suddenly raised her eyebrows and looked at Chen Dong mysteriously, “Dong’er, do you think these two kids, Kunlun and Xiao Lu, will fall in love?”

Chen Dong’s expression choked.

Mother this brain circuit, is it too ferocious?

Or …… is this a common problem of middle-aged people?

Seeing Li Lan’s eyes glowing, Chen Dong smiled awkwardly, “Mom, don’t gossip, if the two of them want to fall in love, that’s also their business.”

The two of them are really interested in each other, and Mom can talk about it among them.

“Mom …… I’m hungry.” Chen Dong had a black line on his head and said in a resigned manner.

Li Lan knew that Chen Dong did not want to continue this topic, rolled her eyes and continued to be busy.

Just the mouth still muttered, “You do not care I care, hurry up and wait for Xiaolu to return, I will ask Xiaolu’s meaning, Kunlun that child looks a little naive, but people are really good.”

Chen Dong deflated speechlessly, put down the garlic he had picked up and walked out of the kitchen.

He was afraid that if the conversation continued, his mother would have to talk about Kunlun and Fan Lu again.

Soon, the fragrant tomato and egg noodles were ready.

Smelling the aroma, Chen Dong’s fingers twitched and he wolfed down a large bowl.

Li Lan watched quietly from the side, smiling and reminding Chen Dong to eat slowly.

She had no intention of telling Chen Dong about what happened between Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De during the day.

When a mother’s heart aches for her son, she doesn’t want to make Chen Dong even more worried and tired.


The Wang family.

The sound of crying was piercing at this time.

Wang De sat disheveled on the sofa, looking at Zhang Xiuzhi who was hiding her face and crying in front of her.

Ever since she was packed off the mountain by the security guards of the Tianmen Mountain villa area and returned home, Zhang Xiuzhi had been crying uncontrollably.

Wang De could not listen to this anymore and said in a deep voice, “Have you cried enough? I advised you, you were the one who didn’t listen and had to make a scene.”


Zhang Xiuzhi backhanded Wang De and slapped him across the face.

“You useless coward, I’ve lost so much face and suffered so much today, don’t you even know to help me out?”

Faced with Zhang Xiuzhi’s accusations, Wang De could only sigh and sigh, not daring to argue.

And the more Wang De backed off, the more Zhang Xiuzhi hated him.

At that very moment.

Wang Hao came back, and when he saw Zhang Xiuzhi crying, Wang Hao’s face changed dramatically.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Wang Hao, Zhang Xiuzhi instantly cried even more.

“Aiyo Xiao Hao, you’re finally back, your father and I were bullied ah ……”


Wang Hao was struck by lightning.

He became furious: “Who, who did this? I’ll go find them!”

Wang Hao’s reaction made Zhang Xiuzhi feel as if she had found her backbone.

While crying at the top of her lungs, she said, “Today, your father and I went to the Tianmen Mountain Villa ……”

“Chen Dong? That son of a B*tch, mum, I’m going to find him!”

Wang Hao looked hideous and turned around to leave.

“Come back!”

Wang De called out to Wang Hao and said, “It’s not Chen Dong, it’s me and your mother who didn’t even enter the villa area, we were directly driven down the mountain by the security guards.”

Wang Hao looked dumbfounded.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “When you guys went there, why didn’t you call me? If I was there, they definitely wouldn’t have dared to throw you guys out.”

The matter had nothing to do with Chen Dong, and Wang Hao had no place to vent the evil fire that had just risen.

He sat down on the sofa in dismay.

Zhang Xiuzhi still cried unforgivingly, “How do I know that those dog security guards are so bullying?”

While saying that, Zhang Xiuzhi also pounded her chest: “How can my life be so bitter, my daughter is a waste, my husband is a waste, and now my son is getting married, I don’t even have the bride price for my son ah ……”

Wang De blushed and lowered his head and stopped talking.

And when Wang Hao heard the bride price for the wedding, he instantly looked frozen.

He looked at Zhang Xiuzhi with resignation, “Mom, when can I …… get married to Xue’er?”

“Ouch …… my goodness!” Zhang Xiuzhi was asked by this as if a knife had been stuck in her heart, and let out another cry.

Wang Hao was in a bit of a trance.

He was not going to marry Lin Xue’er!

But now, the family could not get that much money at all.

Lin Xue’er was urging …… again and again

After gritting his teeth, Wang Hao’s expression was steeply determined: “Mom, why don’t …… I go find Chen Dong tomorrow? I know where his company is, if I can win back my brother-in-law, our family will be better off in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes, go to his company!” Zhang Xiuzhi wiped the tears off her face as soon as she could.

“Isn’t it too humiliating yet?” Wang De couldn’t help but speak up.

“Go to hell!”

Zhang Xiuzhi kicked Wang De in the stomach of his leg, then changed her smile and said to Wang Hao, “Xiao Hao, remember, when you go to your brother-in-law’s company tomorrow, you must pay attention to your tone, talk to your brother-in-law properly, apologize sincerely, and never make your brother-in-law angry.”

“Mom, don’t worry.” Wang Hao nodded his head, this was a matter of his marriage, he didn’t dare to be naughty yet.

“Good boy, Xiao Hao, you are really a good boy for mum.”

Zhang Xiuzhi smiled happily, “Your sister is indisputable, she climbed high and lost your brother-in-law, now you are the only one in the family who knows something, you must try your best to get your brother-in-law back tomorrow.”

Chapter 83

Early the next morning.

After completing his basic physical training, Chen Dong rushed to the company.

Lone Wolf was waiting outside the door of Dingtai early.

Chen Dong had asked Xiao Ma to arrange a position for Lone Wolf, but as for the issue of status, he had to help Lone Wolf arrange it himself.

Lone Wolf didn’t mind the specific position he was a*signed to, as his real purpose was to follow Chen Dong anyway, and his work was by no means real estate related.

After hesitating for a while, Lone Wolf himself proposed to Xiao Ma, “How about security?

Xiao Ma hesitated for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

But at least it was Chen Dong’s personal introduction, and he still placed Lone Wolf in the position of security team leader.

With the explosive city-wide sales of Long Ting Garden in front of him, it was only a matter of time before each subsequent property was developed for pre-sale one after another.

This has relieved Chen Dong of a lot of pressure.

The next step was to complete the pre-sales step by step, and the funds recovered would be enough to push Dingtai to the top of the city’s real estate industry in one fell swoop.

It was also when Chen Dong was busy that he received a WeChat.

It was from Lin Xue’er.

The content was simple.

“I want to see you!”

Chen Dong shook his head and ignored it.

But ten minutes later, Lin Xue’er sent a WeChat again.

This time, the content was clearly in the nature of a threat.

“Chen Dong! I know you’re with Gu Qingying, I’ve seen all the news about the pre-sale of Long Ting Garden, if you don’t see me, I don’t mind telling Gu Qingying about what we did that night.”

An undisguised threat!

Yet, it made Chen Dong dumbfounded.

This former sibling, really didn’t clean up enough!

It still had to be cleaned up!

Before he could reply to Lin Xue’er’s WeChat, Xiao Ma hurriedly ran into the office.

“Brother Dong, someone is causing trouble downstairs!”

“Who?” Chen Dong frowned.

Xiao Ma looked a bit odd and stammered, “Yes, it’s your brother-in-law, oh no, it’s your former brother-in-law.”

Wang Hao?

Chen Dong’s frown deepened and his heart felt depressed.

Wasn’t the Wang family …… going to stop yet?

He and the Wang family had long been cut off.

And he was also certain that every time he treated the Wang family people, it was clear enough to understand.

But this repeated messing up really irritated him.

Closing his eyes and rubbing the bridge of his nose, Chen Dong said, “Let Lone Wolf handle it.”

Xiao Ma nodded and turned to leave.

Downstairs of Din Tai Company.

In fact, with the volume of Din Tai, it was far from enough to have an office building that belonged to its own company alone.

This had led to the coexistence of several companies in the same building.

At this moment, there was a lot of talk at the entrance of the building.

Onlookers were watching with curious faces, and there was even no shortage of gossip-ridden do-gooders whispering.

“Stop me? Who are you to stop me? I’m Chen Dong’s brother-in-law, how dare you stinking security guards in dog’s clothing stop me?”

Wang Hao’s face was red and his neck was thick, pulling his voice and roaring angrily.

His arrogant and brutal appearance was just like Zhang Xiuzhi who was causing trouble in front of the gate of Tianmen Mountain Villa at that time!

Lone Wolf, who was wearing a security uniform, frowned and stared at Wang Hao who was shouting and cursing in front of him.

If it was before, he would have directly made his move.

But he was clear that if he wanted to get his identity and follow Chen Dong, he could not bring that underground boxing scene down to the sunlight.

There were no words, just holding back and waiting.

When Wang Hao saw that Lone Wolf was not moving, he thought he had the upper hand, so he immediately puffed out his chest and planned to go straight into the building.

Several people from Lone Wolf stepped forward at the same time, lined up side by side, and stopped Wang Hao once again.

“D*mn you, how dare you stop me?”

Wang Hao was furious and raised a fist and smashed it on Lone Wolf’s chest.

Lone Wolf let out a muffled grunt and staggered back two steps.

“Brother Wolf!”

Several security guards immediately stepped forward to help.

Although Lone Wolf was a captain who was directly parachuted down, the security guards all knew that Lone Wolf was personally a*signed by General Manager Chen, and could not talk about any complaints.

This punch instantly made the smell of gunpowder now thicken.

A cry of alarm also rang out from the onlookers at the same time.

“This man is too arrogant, does he really think this is his home?”

“Hey hey, didn’t you hear what he said, he is the brother-in-law of Dingtai Chen, hahaha …… I am also drunk, Chen’s divorce is known all over the city, Long Ting Garden pre-sale news on the high-profile show of love for his new girlfriend, their Wang family has lost all their faces, but actually have the nerve to come and embarra*s themselves. ”

“Not to mention, I also watched the news that night, this Wang family is also too shameless, this kid looks also more than 20 years old, really like a rash young man!”


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

Wang Hao’s face was red and his body was burning.

He didn’t want to be pointed at at the gate anymore, so he pointed at Lone Wolf’s nose and cursed, “Don’t think you can stop me just because you’re tough-looking, get out of my way if you know what’s good for you, or I’ll waste you today!”

Lone Wolf’s eyes narrowed and his fierce light flashed.

At that moment.

Xiao Ma hurriedly ran over and stood behind Lone Wolf, murmuring in a low voice, “You handle it yourself!”


A cold smile appeared at the corner of Lone Wolf’s mouth.


He took a step forward.

“What are you doing?” Wang Hao instantly became alert.

“Beating you up!”

There was no extra word.

Lone Wolf directly stepped forward again, grabbed Wang Hao’s shoulder, and directly dropped Wang Hao to the ground with an explosion.

The cold voice caused the crowd present to freeze in their tracks.

“If you don’t leave, I’ll waste you!”

“You think I’m scared, huh?”

Wang Hao forced himself to endure the severe pain and struggled to get up.

Lone Wolf smiled coldly, the fierce light in his eyes showing, “You try?”

Wang Hao looked choked, hesitated for a moment and fiercely gritted his teeth, “Okay, you, you wait for me, I am Chen Dong’s brother-in-law, I said I want to see him, I can’t this time, I will definitely see him next time, you will be finished by then!”

Looking at Wang Hao who turned around and left in disarray.

A roar of laughter erupted from the crowd.

Lone Wolf shook his head and turned around to walk towards the building.

The few security guards were all shocked by Lone Wolf’s explosive fall just now and hurriedly followed, looking at Lone Wolf with a little more respect.


Underneath Yingli Building Materials.

A taxi pulled up.

Lin Xue’er, who was wearing a white dress, stepped out of the taxi.

She looked at the building of Yingli Building Materials, and then glanced down at her mobile phone.

Her expression was somewhat hesitant, and on the screen of her mobile phone, it was the WeChat chat interface with Chen Dong that was displayed.


“Are you really that desperate?” Lin Xue’er’s shell teeth clenched her red lips, her beautiful eyes flushed red, and there were faint flashes of tears: “Chen Dong, I gave myself to you, and you just ignored me, I’m not willing to do that, you forced me to, you don’t see me, then I’ll tell Gu Qingying what happened!”

The more she said, the more intense the resentment in her chest became.

Lin Xue’er’s eyes were firm as she walked quickly towards the Yingli Building Materials Building.

“Chen Dong, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it yourself!”

“I, Lin Xue’er, am not someone who can let you sleep for nothing!”

“If you don’t give me an explanation, then you’ll go to Gu Qingying to give an explanation!”

A series of weibo messages were quickly sent to Chen Dong’s weibo as Lin Xue’er advanced.

When she walked to the entrance of the building, the WeChat still had not resumed.

This left Lin Xue’er without any further expectations.

Determinedly, she said to the security guard at the door, “Hello, I want to see the General Manager of your company, Mr. Gu, I was told to come by Mr. Chen of Dingtai!”