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Campus Master Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

Ji Feng is in the economic management major, which is a relatively new major in the United University, and is only a decade old. The main reason for this is that it is too new compared to United University, which has a full ninety-year history. If the current United University is a wise old man who has experienced a long period of time and has a strong heritage, then Ji Feng’s major is like a young man who is still in his adolescence, a little too young to be true!

However, even so, this economic management major is quite good compared to the recently emerged super cold majors like nuclear engineering and archaeology.

The reason is that everyone knows that students who graduate from the economics and management program, especially from the United University, are highly sought after by companies and can be very successful in the company.

In addition, most of the people who come out of such majors will be white-collar workers, so they are popular with some girls and the number of applicants is quite high.

This year, for example, there are more than 1,000 students and more than 20 cla*ses in the economics and management programme at Union University. In fact, if there weren’t so many students in majors such as economics and foreign languages, it would be nice to have a few thousand students, not just tens of thousands, at the University.

This year, only 20 students chose the archaeology major, so you can imagine how cold it is.

It was also because the number of students in each major was extremely uneven, so this made it hard for Ji Feng.

You should know that there were 20 teaching buildings in the university alone, and this did not include the cla*srooms, multimedia cla*srooms, and various other auditoriums and cla*srooms for other purposes.

Under such circumstances, on the first day of cla*s, Ji Feng had to face an embarra*sing problem – he was lost!

In fact, with the reminder of the dormitory manager, he had bought a campus map early this morning and was prepared to follow it to find his cla*sroom. However, when he waited until he got under the teaching building, he realised that he couldn’t tell where the complex building was and where it was purely a teaching building.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but curse in his heart, he didn’t know which talented guy it was, how all the buildings were marked with numbers, for example, the building in front of him, it said it was sixteen, yet Ji Feng clearly remembered that there was also a sixteen building in the place he pa*sed by before.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but scratch his head and looked down at the map in his hand, shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

He really never thought that he would encounter such a low-level difficulty on his first day at university, and he really had no way to solve it. .com

“College of Economics and Finance!” Ji Feng looked at the map carefully and suddenly his eyes lit up, he then realized that these buildings like teaching buildings and complexes were actually divided according to the different colleges and majors!

Ji Feng immediately found the College of Economics and Finance on the map, his major was Economics and Management, and he belonged to this college. Following the map, Ji Feng immediately walked towards his own college.

At this time he couldn’t help but regret a little in his heart, he really should have had some breakfast!

Ji Feng regretted it, in fact, for a reason.

Because his family was poor, Ji Feng actually rarely ate breakfast in the morning before he went to college, especially because his mother had to get up early to sell vegetables.

Although his mother gave Ji Feng money to buy breakfast every time, he basically saved it all.

Although it was long ago that he was no longer living in the same kind of environment as before, Ji Feng had still developed the habit of skipping breakfast, and the same was true today. When Du Shaofeng and the others suggested going for breakfast, Ji Feng did not go along, but chose to come to the cla*sroom early to familiarise himself with the environment first.

One of the codes for agents was that the environment was always the first factor that an agent should master.

However, he did not expect to encounter such an awkward situation.

Thinking about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly as he quickly walked towards the location marked on the map.

After arriving at the cla*sroom with great difficulty, Ji Feng was shocked to find that there were already quite a few people sitting there, including Du Shaofeng and the three others.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be stunned and asked in amazement, “How did you three come so quickly?”

“Quick? We came right after breakfast, but it’s you, why are you just coming over now?” Du Shaofeng was quick to speak.

Ji Feng scratched his head, knowing that he had been delayed in finding the cla*sroom, he naturally wouldn’t talk about this embarra*sing matter, but laughed, “I was delayed some time on the way.”

As the four of them joked, Ji Feng couldn’t help but scan the students in the cla*sroom, these were the students who would spend the next four years together, it was still necessary to get to know each other.

I don’t know if it was because the major was more relaxed, but the cla*sroom was obviously feminine and masculine, with a total of about forty people, with girls taking up a large part of the cla*s and only a dozen or so boys.

In other cla*srooms, there were only four or five boys in a cla*s with the least number of boys, and the rest were girls, so it was like a country of daughters!

Because he had Tong Lei, a stunning girlfriend, Ji Feng didn’t really care about the other girls, so his gaze only swept over the girls in the cla*s and about remembered their faces.

Ji Feng found that although a few of the girls in the cla*sroom were quite good looking, none of them could be compared to Tong Lei, and he couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. The clear and beautiful Tong Lei was like a fairy who had descended to earth, and such women could not be found everywhere?

So Ji Feng quickly turned his attention to the boys, and he found that the dozen or so boys in the cla*s were not still quite distinctive. For example, the three guys in his own dormitory, each one of them was very distinctive. The other boys, likewise, all looked energetic, their faces showing excitement, and, what made Ji Feng dumbfounded the most, was that although those boys were all chatting among themselves, their eyes fell on those girls from time to time.

They were all a bunch of stuffy people! Ji Feng thought of the word ‘sulky’ that Zhang Lei often said, and felt that it could not be more appropriate to apply to these people.

However, there was a boy in the cla*sroom that caught Ji Feng’s attention.

This boy had short hair and a tuft of hair on his forehead dyed in a dark red colour, which Ji Feng vaguely remembered seemed to be the look on a certain celebrity poster.

What caught Ji Feng’s attention the most was that this boy’s face was full of arrogance and he spoke with a smug expression, which reminded Ji Feng at first of that John Wu he had met on the train before. When it was Wu Junjie who introduced his cousin and Ji Shaoyun as buddies, it was such a disgusting expression.

“Really …… how come no matter where you go, there are always people like that?” Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and didn’t say anything.

Next to him, Han Zhong seemed to have seen Ji Feng’s thoughts and whispered, “This guy’s name is Wang Xiaowu, the son of the deputy director of the teaching office of his United University, originally with his family background, usually in that circle of ours, his kid couldn’t say anything at all. However, it’s different in this school, his old man is the deputy director of the teaching office, he still has a lot of real power, so some of the gentry who plan to go to school here will give him a little face, and he has only melted into that circle of ours.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “All sons of the family, ah, talents!”

Han Zhong couldn’t help but smile sarcastically, after all, before he met Zhang Lei, Han Zhong also always had a relatively good sense of superiority, but now, how could he dare to call himself a son of any family, in front of Zhang Lei, I’m afraid not many people would dare to say that, right?

The relationship between Ji Feng and Zhang Lei was also so good that it was obvious that Ji Feng was not to be underestimated. Han Zhong thought that Ji Feng was being sarcastic and could only give an awkward smile.

Seeing Han Zhong’s somewhat embarra*sed look, Ji Feng knew that Han Zhong had thought wrongly.

After thinking about it, Ji Feng finally did not explain. When they spent more time together later, they would know what kind of character they were, so it was useless to say anything now.

Ji Feng looked at the other boys, but there were no more conspicuous ones. It seemed that Wang Xiaowu was the only one in the whole cla*s who was a bit more prominent.

Ji Feng’s cla*s was the seventh cla*s of the economics and management major, and the tutor was a young man in his early thirties, wearing a pair of gla*ses, who looked very elegant and spoke gently.

After he said a few words from the podium, he started naming a few people to collect their textbooks, and at the same time announced that a military bus from the barracks would be coming in the afternoon to take all these new students to the barracks for a month-long military training.

“Hey, military training is good!” As soon as Du Shaofeng heard that the military training was starting so soon, he came to life, “I wonder if those instructors training us are all very good, maybe I can even have a couple of moves with them!”

Zhao Kai pushed his gla*ses and laughed, “Why do you need to go to an instructor if you want to have a couple of moves? Isn’t there a ready-made super chaperone in front of you!”

Du Shaofeng looked at Ji Feng and shook his head hurriedly, “This kid Ji Feng is not an accompanying trainer, his kung fu is all about killing people, I won’t fight with him, it’s too dangerous!”

Zhao Kai and Han Zhong burst out laughing, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, this old Du, was really straightforward and cute.

After receiving their textbooks, the military bus drove into the campus before noon.

Looking at the excited or nervous faces of those new students, Ji Feng also boarded the military bus and began his month-long military training.

In fact, to him, low-intensity training like university military training no longer played much of a role at all. You know, the kind of almost perverted training in the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng had already adapted to it, not to mention training like university student military training, which might be difficult for others, but for him, it was simply child’s play.

Yet he went anyway.

Blending in with life, that was the goal Ji Feng had set for himself.


Chapter 108

Over 10,000 new students, with either newness or apprehension, were taken to separate barracks for the month-long freshman military training. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m.

Ji Feng contacted Zhang Lei and Tong Lei and was delighted to learn that the military training grounds of the Foreign Language College were actually together with the training grounds of the Economics College, which meant that there would still be the possibility of Ji Feng and Tong Lei meeting within the next month.

This meant that within the next month, Ji Feng and Tong Lei would still have the possibility to meet. Even, if the squads were lined up coincidentally, Ji Feng might even be able to train with Tong Lei. Of course, although this possibility was also there, it was too small after all. You know, just for Ji Feng’s economics and management major, there are more than 20 cla*ses and more than a thousand people, so even if they were to line up, no one could guarantee where they would be placed.

Ji Feng is not in a hurry, it’s only a month of military training, this intensity is just a blink of an eye for him.

“Ji Feng, these pawn soldiers don’t look very good either!”

When he came to the barracks and watched those soldiers in formation training, Du Shaofeng couldn’t help but be a little disappointed, “Although these people are in neat formation and their movements are extremely standardized, I don’t know how their single combat ability is!”

Ji Feng gave him a smirking look, and Du Shaofeng instantly had a rare blush on his old face as he scratched his head and said, “Well, I actually want to fight them and have a go at it.”

“I knew it!” Ji Feng shook his head and glared at him with a smile, “It’s not easy for these soldiers, they usually train very hard, you shouldn’t find trouble with them.”

Ji Feng knew better than anyone that these soldiers were not chivalrous or martial artists, what they relied on, was a tactic as well as a spirit of bravery.

Fighting a war and fighting, these were two completely different things. Especially after going through the training of the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng had a better understanding of this.

So it was said that these soldiers might be better than ordinary people in single combat, but if they ran into a real martial arts expert, they would definitely come down in defeat. However, if both sides were to fight precisely, I am afraid that ten martial arts experts may not be the opponent of one soldier, as the saying goes, there are specialties in the art, and this is the truth.

The physical training these soldiers underwent was actually to support them through the requirements of the war, not to make them martial arts masters.

“Yes, Old Du, your boy’s skills are good, but it’s not like these soldiers are your enemies, don’t look for trouble with them!” Zhao Kai also pushed up his eyes and said seriously, “When there’s a real war, or when there’s some kind of disaster, the only ones who can be counted on are these soldiers. The great flood more than ten years ago, and the great earthquake that happened not long ago, in these disasters, who else could really be relied on but these soldiers?”

“Holy Sh*t!”

Du Shaofeng’s old face was getting redder and redder, and finally he couldn’t help but shout, “What’s wrong with you guys, how come in a flash I’ve become a bad person with ten evils? I was just a little disappointed to see that these soldiers didn’t seem to be too good, I didn’t have any disrespectful thoughts towards soldiers.”

The others looked at each other and laughed loudly at the same time. Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, “Old Du, if you want to fight these soldiers, why don’t you follow the methods used in the army and compare yourself with them?”

“How can I compare?” Du Shaofeng instantly came to life and asked in a panic.

Ji Feng pointed at those military squads that were training and said, “Just like them, compare standing in military posture, line up in squares, compare physical fitness, all of these are fine, if you just compare physical strength, you are just promoting your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses, this is not good.”

“But, I haven’t learnt to stand in military posture and walk in square formation, what should I do?” Du Shaofeng was dumbfounded. .com

“Then you should accept the training of the instructors without fear, and when you have learned it, then you can compete with them!” Han Zhong laughed from the side.

Du Shaofeng thought deeply, nodded vigorously and said, “Well, this is a good way, we really can’t take what we are good at and compare it with what others are not good at, if we want to compare, we have to compare our weaknesses with others’ strengths, so that winning will be considered a real skill!”

Ji Feng looked at each other and could not help but laugh a little. This Du Shaofeng was really a martial arts nerd. However, it had to be said that although Du Shaofeng was straightforward, he was a decent man, at least he would not shamelessly speculate. It is rea*suring to make friends with such a person.

At this time, a student with a handful of yellow hair dyed on his head walked over, full of smiles as he came to a few people and laughed, “Young Han, it’s been a long time!”

Several people turned around and looked, but it was Wang Xiaowu, the one who gave the deepest impression in the cla*s.

Han Zhong smiled, “Yes, I never thought I would be in the same cla*s as Wang Xiaowu, what a pleasure to meet you!”

Wang Xiaowu looked smug but somewhat arrogant, not even glancing at Ji Feng and the others, he just said, “Young Han, there’s something I want to discuss with you, can I borrow a step to talk?”

Han Zhong was stunned, then he nodded and followed Wang Xiaowu to the side, and the two of them muttered a few words.

“This kid is arrogant enough!” Du Shaofeng said with dissatisfaction, they were standing with Han Zhong and joking together, this Wang Xiaowu came here without even a greeting, he just called Han Zhong away, this was obviously not putting others in his eyes.

Zhao Kai laughed, “As the son of the deputy director of the teaching department, it’s normal to be arrogant!”

Ji Feng also laughed and didn’t say anything. He had known about the way these rich family’s sons behaved, so he did not care.

A moment later, Han Zhong came over and said with a bit of a frown, “Wang Xiaowu just approached me, asking us not to fight for the position of squad captain later, he promised to treat us to dinner when the military training is over!”

“He wants to be the captain?” Zhao Kai frowned.

“Does this captain have any privileges?” Although Du Shaofeng was straightforward, he wasn’t stupid, and he saw through the point of the matter at a glance.

Han Zhong shook his head slightly and said, “I don’t know about this, but since it’s a position, there must be some privileges!”

“That’s really a good calculation!” Zhao Kai shook his head and laughed, seeing the puzzled eyes of several people, he explained, “Because United University operates on a credit system, as long as you have completed the credits, you can graduate at any time. According to the past practice, the captain of the student squad that participated in the military training was allowed to add five credits.”

The crowd suddenly understood that this Wang Xiaowu was obviously here for the five credits.

Han Zhong asked, “How about it, do we want to fight for this captaincy? Wang Xiaowu is just the son of the deputy head of the teaching department, no need to give him face!”

Du Shaofeng was the first to shake his head, “I’m not interested, but if being a captain allows me to casually spar with the instructors, that’s something to consider.”

Han Zhong shook his head and laughed, “That won’t work, instructors don’t spar with others easily.”

“Then there’s no need to talk about it!” Du Shaofeng was the first to refuse.

Zhao Kai also shook his head and said, “If you want to earn credits, there are plenty of opportunities, when the military training is over, you can increase your credits by participating in any activities in school or joining clubs or something like that, there’s no need to fight for this captaincy.”

Han Zhong’s gaze looked at Ji Feng again, “Ji Feng, why don’t you be this captain, we all support you!”

Ji Feng thought about it for a moment and shook his head, “Better forget it, we’ll just train without worry.”

“That’s still a bargain for Wang Xiaowu!” Han Zhong shook his head, “This kid is a bit arrogant now, relying on the fact that his old man has some authority in the school, he doesn’t put anyone in his eyes now.”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, not saying anything. But in his heart, he was feeling that the university nowadays was not the pure ivory tower that it was, the school was actually a small society, or rather, a microcosm of the whole society, he still had a lot to learn.

Lunch was served in the barracks canteen. Before the military training, one paid 300 yuan for food, which was naturally far from enough compared to the actual food one would eat. In fact, this is only a symbolic charge, if we really calculate according to the price of meals in the market, this will cost at least a thousand dollars a month.

Ji Feng was satisfied with this, at least the school wasn’t too shady, the rest of the money must have been padded by the school.

After an hour’s lunch break, all the students began to a*semble, and Ji Feng also met his instructor for the first time, a soldier of about thirty years old, carrying a bar and a star on his shoulder, a second lieutenant.

The squad Ji Feng was in was three cla*ses and together, a total of more than one hundred and twenty people, and this one second lieutenant was in charge of the training.

“First, let me introduce myself, my surname is Hu, my name is Hu Tiejun, you can call me Instructor Hu.” The second lieutenant instructor said loudly after he had finished gathering.

“Hello Instructor Hu!” The students at the bottom greeted each other.

“Before we start training, there is one thing I hope you can bear in mind!”

Hu Tiejun, however, was expressionless as he said loudly, “From the moment you enter the barracks, you are no longer a student, but a soldier. Therefore, from today onwards, I will train you strictly according to the requirements of a soldier. If anyone fails to comply with discipline or disobeys orders, I will form a written opinion on your performance and give it to your school, and propose a treatment. If you deliberately break the discipline, and the circumstances are serious, I will kick you out of the barracks and cancel your military training results, understood?”

“Understood!” The students at the bottom replied sparsely.

“Speak louder, I can’t hear you!” Hu Tiejun roared.

“Understood!” Everyone roared loudly.

“Very well, here is the start of the count ……”

Ji Feng secretly nodded his head, a soldier is a soldier, the original simple and loose formation of these students was quickly organized into several straight rows by Hu Tiejun, which was considered to have a little spirit.

“In order to facilitate management, I will select one person from among you to take on the role of captain of this squad, and at the same time a*sist me in your training. Of course, this captain is also required to train, and must play a leading role as an example!”

Hu Tiejun said loudly, “Who is willing to take on this important task?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wang Xiaowu, who was standing in the front row, raised his hand, “Reporting to the instructor, I am willing to take the lead!”

Hu Tiejun immediately looked at him, but did not immediately agree, but turned his head and said, “Who else is willing?”

Perhaps because the new students had just enrolled, many of them were still somewhat introverted and not very open, while Ji Feng and the others were not interested, so apart from Wang Xiaowu, no one else raised their hands.

Han Zhong laughed lightly at the bottom, “It looks like this Wang Xiaowu is doing a pretty good job!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, he didn’t think everyone was not interested, obviously, even those who were interested were bribed by Wang Xiaowu not to compete with him for this position.

Hu Tiejun saw that no one else raised their hands before he nodded and said, “Well then, for the time being, this student will act as the captain, but only as an agent. From today onwards, I will choose the one who trains the most seriously to take up the official captaincy until tomorrow night before we are disbanded!”

Wang Xiaowu’s face suddenly turned a bit ugly, this was obviously because Instructor Hu was a bit dissatisfied with him, otherwise, he would have confirmed his captaincy on the spot.

Did Dad not get the job done? Wang Xiaowu glanced at Hu Tiejun with some dissatisfaction, thinking that he must call his father in the evening and ask him to make arrangements for him.

After tentatively determining the choice of the captain, the military training was officially started. Ji Feng raised his eyes to look for the figures of Tong Lei and Zhang Lei, but found that the entire training field was covered in camouflage uniforms, and it was too difficult to find a person if you didn’t look at them head-on.

An afternoon of military training finally showed these proud students what it means to be a soldier. The intensity of that kind of training, in which the body is tensed up and stands for an hour, may be a piece of cake for ordinary soldiers, but for most of these students, who have been pampered since childhood and have never suffered before, it is simply a kind of hellish torture, making them scream in agony.

Finally, someone couldn’t take it anymore and raised a protest, only to be completely dissuaded from resisting by Hu Tiejun’s simple words, “If you don’t want to train, you can also quit now, and I will cancel your military training grades.”

At this moment, no one dared to resist anymore, and could only grit their teeth and let the sweat flow down.

In the whole training ground, Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng were perhaps considered the other two, this kind of intensity of training was really nothing to Ji Feng, while Du Shaofeng was naturally able to hold on easily because he had been training martial arts since he was a child, therefore, when everyone else was tired and shaking, Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng didn’t even break a sweat.

Standing among these hard-faced students, the sturdy Du Shaofeng and the handsome Ji Feng became two dazzling stars.

Hu Tiejun had long noticed these two people, and he couldn’t help but secretly nod his head, remembering that when he joined the army for the first time to participate in training, he was trained to scream in agony, while these two students could persevere, indeed some ability.

Hu Tiejun slowly stepped in front of Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng and asked, “What are your two names?”

“Report instructor, my name is Du Shaofeng!” The big black man Du Shaofeng’s voice was ever so loud.

“Report instructor, Ji Feng!” Ji Feng’s voice was smooth.

Hu Tiejun instantly lit up, “Your name is Ji Feng? Well, very good!”

This kind of intense training might have been easy for Du Shaofeng to complete, but it was obvious that his movements were a bit substandard or a bit stiff, and Hu Tiejun could naturally see that.

On the other hand, Ji Feng was different, after having undergone the military training of the training system, once Ji Feng underwent military training again, that instinctive military quality was immediately revealed, the standard military posture, the serious look, and the gleaming eyes, all made Hu Tiejun couldn’t help but secretly nod his head, this was definitely a person who had undergone harsh military training.

“Ji Feng, are you willing to take up the position of captain?” Hu Tiejun suddenly asked.